Answered Prayers from the Immaculate Conception Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much in joining us in praying the Immaculate Conception Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, you can share those with us all here.

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  1. My daughter passed her first final yesterday! She has another one tomorrow morning, so I will be praying for her to pass that one as well. I actually started praying the rosary right before she started the test and finished praying it at about the same time she finished the test! I do believe Mary interceded for my daughter and the Holy Spirit gave her the knowledge and confidence she needed to pass! Thank you!!

  2. Through some suffering and depression, a dearly loved daughter may be stepping closer to coming back to the Faith. It has been my prayer for her through these novenas for years. Please continue to pray for her. Thank you for your ministry.

  3. My younger brother has suffered unemployment off and on for 2 yrs. ; living day to day, sleeping in his car at times; he recently was offered a wonderful job and this answered my prayers to our most Holy Virgin.

  4. Very shortly after starting the novena, I was diagnosed with Covid and brought by ambulance to the hospital where I have been ever since. I have been doing the novena and giving lots of prayers. It is overwhelming and so beautiful to see the prayers being offered by others. It seems like things are getting better and I will be out in three or four days. Thank you Lord Jesus for your healing power

  5. Our daughter, the mother of 3 of our 5 grandchildren and a single parent, has been very very chronically ill, physically and emotionally. Because of both of theses, her spiritual well being is suffering too. We offered her up For healing in this Novena. It is a work in progress, she has been able to keep some nutrition in her thin body. Thank you Dear Blessed Mother!

  6. For the last several years my eyesight has been failing. I n October I could not pass the eye exam for my driver’s license renewal. After my eye doctor said she would not sign the exemption certificate I thought my driving days were over. She did set me up with an eye specialist doctor. I have been praying these novenas for several years now, but I never really asked anything for myself. Last week I asked the Blessed Mother to pray for me prior to the special eye doctor visit. She did, and he signed the exemption waiver. Tomorrow I go the get my new driver’s license! PRAYERS WORK.

  7. Yesterday, towards end of the day, GOD blessed Felix and granted him the job post he had struggled to get.
    I thank MOTHER MARY for her intercession and all of you who prayed with me for Felix.
    Also, I feel alleviated of my physical pains.
    Kindly keep us both in your prayers of gratitude.

  8. Lord I thank you for making visible to me some baby steps made toward renewal of faith by members of my family. Please continue pouring your grace upon them, making them aware of your presence in every moment of their lives. Jesus I trust in you.

  9. I’d like to thank you for bringing novenas closer to me and my faith and life as a whole have improved. I was to start my end of semester examinations on the 3rd of December but I hadn’t paid even a penny of my tuition but glory to God, I received the entire sum on the 2nd of December.
    Glory goes back to God 🙏

  10. Thank you for your intercession, dear Mother Mary. Prayers to your beloved Son Jesus have been answered. My doctor appointment this morning went very well and all of my concerns were relieved. Thank you for your miraculous blessings and your love. Thank you, sweet Jesus! Praise the Lord!

  11. My husband passed on December 8 2019. Since that time I haven’t been able to see his face in my dreams. I asked the Blessed Mother to be able to see my husbands face in a dream and that night I saw him so clearly like he was still with me. I remembered it so vividly the next morning and it’s still staying with me. Thank you Holy Mother of God for your intercession.

  12. Thank YOU so much your powerful intercession Our MOTHER, MARY!
    I asked your support to see whether the community I was visiting where GOD is calling me or not. Probably IT IS! Thank YOU that I had a safe journey to another country middle of this pandamic and had an incredible 5 weeks with them. I also received spiritual guidance in this vocation journey. GOD is showing me the way! Praise God and thank YOU, MARY!

  13. My mom recently passed away suddenly . Need prayers . Their is mold in under my home . Hopefully it’s going to be paid under insurance

  14. I had been praying for Christmas day music in our parish, problem due to peolpe relocating out of London during Covid .God has provided some skilled peolpe to do this.

  15. In March of 2021 I was diagnosed with Non-smokers non-small cell lung cancer. I had surgery to remove my lung. Treatment was so harsh as a result of side effects I was unable to take my last round of chemo.

    Since March my family and I have prayed numerous novenas. Then on Dec. 3rd I underwent a CT scan and it came back cancer free!!! All praise and glory to Our Dearly Beloved Lord Jesus Christ for answering our prayers and to Our Blessed Virgin Mary for her intercession!

  16. Prayed the novena on the eighth day asking for healing for my son who had a fever and was not his usual active self. He woke up this morning feeling much better and acting more like himself. Thank you Blessed Mother for your intercession.

  17. Thank you dear Blessed Mother Mary for the safe and healthy delivery of our granddaughter, and good health for our daughter-in-law.

  18. I’ve had several health issues overwhelmed at this time I lost my job of 14 years do to Covid… the anxieties I feel, stress and financial burdens I face daily.. All of these that have stopped me from going back to work please hear my prayer pray for me that God will restore my health enough that I can take care of myself again mind body and soul… I humbly ask this in Jesus Christ HOLY name, amen..


  19. I’ve prayed that by the end of this novena my drop foot would return to its normal state prior to surgery. There is some slow movement/progress. Please pray for with me for quick recovery that I may continue doing God’s work in church n work. Thank you n God Bless🙏💕

  20. Thank you for this Novena! My preayers for the lesions in my husband’s pancreas to be non-cancerous were answered. Holy Mother, I thank you for your prayers and all praise and glory to God, who is always good in the worst of times as well as the best!

  21. Thank God, one of my prayer has been answered, one of my daughters, who have been sleeping out at nights, and comes home on mornings to change and pick up her lunch to head out to work, has for the past two nights started coming home, this I thank Almighty God, and pray it remain so. Amen

  22. Thru the prayers of all, my husband’s cancer is in remission. I see improvements in his other health conditions as well. I humbly pray and thank each and every person who has extended their prayers to us. Grateful to the Blessed Mother and Jesus for granting this request

  23. I prayed for SA’s court case to be closed and it was. Thanks be to God and Mother Mary for your intercession. Now we need a financial miracle urgently. Thank you God I’m advance for answering our prayers. Amen

  24. Prayed for a new job for my wife and i. Yesterday, our prayers were answered. Got a new job and believing God to grant my wife a new job too.

  25. Oh mighty God, through the Immaculate Conception novena I have been praying for my three sons. They are not going to church or work to increase their faith every day. They are living around, addictions, temptation, and they are lost, especially my older son. Please, almighty God cover them with your hands 🙌 and lead them not into temptation, but deliver them from evil. Also my marriage is living for a fragile moment. Amen Thank you 🙏

  26. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers! I trust that, in your time, we will all have our prayers answered. Give us patience and help us to see your way of answering prayers!

  27. I prayed and asked for the intercession of St Peregrine, Our Lady, and my beloved son who passed away at the age of 35 on Dec 16, 2019, at the Mayo Clinic, that I wouldn’t have cancer……and I don’t!!!! Praise be to Our Lord, Jesus Christ!

  28. I have been praying that I would find my special person and I think I may have found him. I am so thankful to you Jesus and Mother Mary for this new relationship. It is truly a miracle.

  29. My sister received notice the her health insurance was canceled retroactively with no explanation. My niece, her daughter, is on life support. As I began to pray the novena on the 3rd day, she received notice that her insurance had been reinstated! Thank you Mother Mary, Thank You Jesus! Amen

  30. My son is doing much better. I pray and ask for your prayers that he stays positive and makes good and holy choices.

  31. My husband thought he was dying. A Dr. called us and urged him to go to the hospital again. He went and things are turning around. God bless all in the hospital!

  32. I pray daily for my children to come back to the church. This weekend a daughter was visiting and came to mass before heading home. I told her it was my week to lead the Holy Rosary before mass. I used a little pamphlet for the decades (which I don’t usually use). She knelt the whole rosary and even asked for the pamphlet. It’s a beginning!! God is good, All the time!

  33. I prayed for quick resolution for sale of our small business and there is a deal in the works. Also, for the return of my son to the church and I’m see signs of openness. I prayed for my son With autism, for the Lord to help him connect with people and open his understanding of the faith. I’m seeing progress. God is good all the time.

  34. Thank Mama Mary for your prayers, my husband was cleared medically. Please continue to pray that he will be granted visa so he will join me here soon. Jesus, Your love is amazing! Thank you.

  35. In the last novena I prayed for my tests to come back negative of any cancer and they did. My prayers were answered. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

  36. Our Lord and heavenly mother heard our prayers. My husband had some tests done and after having an MRI everything came out negative. Thank you Lord for you healing hands and watching over us.

  37. Hi all, yes this is silly & very minor, but nonetheless, I know it was an answered petition in this novena…
    I have a few hobby items of mine (midlife crisis dad guitar player stuff) that are gathering dust that I needed to sell- I use the cash to pay off bills or invest in other things. I have several items I was having difficulty letting go of & finding a buyer- by day three, I had sold half of them (particularly some of the ones I had the most trouble letting go of) after months of just sitting there doing nothing. The timing was perfect and fortuitous with bills that came due.
    I know that Mary is looking out for her silly son, and that she will see me through the rest of my stuff that needs sending on when the timing is perfect. Thanks, Blessed Mother!

  38. I had been praying for a miracle in 9 days but at 7 days in this prayers had been answered.
    A person close to my heart needed a place to stay to avoid been on the st with his 2 pets, now he got a room in a friends house, is temporal but will give him time to keep looking for his own place.please keep him in your prayers everyone.
    Thank you Virgen Mary,mother of God
    Glory be to our Lord

  39. Though i missed some days of this novena, it is a comfort to me. I have Covid and I connected my pain with Jesus dying on the cross for me. I love His Mother who protects me always . Thank you for this

  40. My Granddaughter was transported by EMS to 2 separate hospitals, with viral pneumonia. My novena that morning was to pray for those suffering. We prayed, family prayed….her health turned around by morning!! Prayers are powerful!! Thank you Lord🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  41. My husband has continued to heal after almost four months in hospitals. Last night he was moved to rehab. God is so great!

  42. My nephew by name Richard Oteh who was critically ill and was on dialysis is recovering very well. I thank our Mother Mary for the intervention. I beg Mother Mary to continue to intervene for him to recover fully so that he can go back to work
    Thank you Mother

  43. Blessed Virgin,
    Thank you for your intercession. 🙏🏼
    My granddaughter is standing up.
    My son is getting a job offer tomorrow
    My other son did not get the job. I trust in your intercession for having done this.
    My family is moving forward towards an end in the closing of the estate
    My daughter and son in law are being flown for a job interview
    My health is getting much better
    My friends situation getting much better
    More love in our family
    Hope to see everyone of us conversion. 🙏🏼Please continue interceding

  44. Please pray for a cure for Brian J. who is seriously ill with sepsis in several organs. God bless you,

  45. After having a lesion removed from my upper chest the biopsy came back as cancerous. My family began praying and I asked God for mercy. The doctor called two days later for what I thought was to discuss treatment options. He instead told me when he removed the lesion he got all the cancer cells. No cancer left! God is amazing and does answer prayers. One just has to believe!

  46. During this novena I wasn’t feeling well, filled with anxiety, fear and dread. I asked Blessed mother to help me with healing, I needed peace in my heart and healing in my body. After I finished the prayers and asking for Blessed mothers intercession for me, I opened my eyes and looked up, and there I saw a green sparkling light! I’ve felt peace and calmness since.

    Thank you blessed mother for your love, I pray all others can see your devotion to our saviour and our God, bless you all!

  47. My prayers for the assault charge against my son was answered. The judge dropped the charges because it was all a lie in the first place.

    My Situation at work with my manager and lead is coming to past.

    My marriage is still on the rocks but I have faith if we are still supposed to be together we will, if not we will go our separate ways in good faith.

    My son is back in school, although he’s taking only one class that’s a start. I know it shall be well.

    Im still praying for a peace of mind in all aspects of my life and in getting closer to God.


  48. I’m struggling financially, and it’s been a heavy cross to bear for quite some time, barely making my ends meet. Among other intentions, I was asking Mama Mary to help me find a solution, big or small, to my problem. On the 8th day of this novena to the Immaculate Conception, I received a student help fund from my college for a significant amount of money!

  49. Glory be to God!!! KL passed his test for a new job! I pray that God will grant him favor with a new position! And keep him safe from all hurt and harm!!!

  50. I was struggling with a series of unfortunate events at work, which led to the termination of my position. My husband and I could not afford for me to be jobless, but he supported my decision 100%. I prayed and prayed, especially after reading this novena each day – along with my daily rosary. I was offered a job, only being out of work one week – and they want me to start immediately. Praise God!!!

  51. I have prayed for my children to return to the faith and I am seeing subtle signs that this might be starting! Thanks to our Blessed Mother and our so loving God!!

  52. I have been praying to the Blessed Mother and all the saints to relieve me of the noise in my ears. The noise is starting to subside. I am no longer afraid and I can be at peace with myself. I will continue to pray even after answered prayers. My nephew also is on his road to recovery after contracting Covid and Pneumonia our Mother and Jesus and all the saints do hear our prayers. We must be patient when pray our Novena. Thank You🙏🕯❤


  54. Thank you to all my faithful prayer partners. Yesterday was my brother’s birthday and he got the wonderful news that the chemo and radiation for his cancer had worked and there were NO cancer cells in either the tissue or lymph nodes they removed. An absolute miracle! Thank you Jesus and Mary! We are truly blessed.

  55. My neighbor is fighting colon cancer and recently had anyerism surgery. I saw her the other day and she said her doctors are very pleased with her progress!

  56. My sister got good test results from her cancer screening….thank you, Jesus!
    My niece is still carrying her baby boy; BP is normal…praise God!

  57. I prayed that a new person would be offended a job at my daughter’s work instead of one that was very negative and wanted to return.
    Thank you Mother Mary

  58. During this novena, I have prayed for a few people, including my brother. My brother has a camper parked in our driveway that he is looking to sell. My coworker mentioned his concern about having a place to live, and I suggested my brother’s camper. My coworker came out, and my brother came from his apartment to meet Norman (my coworker) and look at the camper in our driveway. My brother stayed after and visited my parents too. Thank you, Immaculate Conception, for my brother’s visit – and for bringing our family together. Thank you for helping Norman too. Thank you for all the graces that you have obtained through this Novena. Amen.

  59. My brother was admitted in ICU with covid19 and was very serious. Today he will be shifted from ICU. We had only 50-50 chance, he has come out of that, but still difficult times continue. I believe it is God’s grace, Mother Mary’s intersession that made this possible. From tears to relief and on the path of joy.

  60. I prayed to find a job. Two weeks ago I went on an interview and felt I nailed it. Unfortunately I did not get the job. I felt dismayed but upped my prayers. Yesterday I got a call from the hiring manager telling me they like me so much in the interview that they found another role for me. This is clearly divine providence in action! Jesus- I trust in you.

  61. I prayed for my debtor to pay me, after several months of silence. He called me on Friday and paid on Saturday. Thank You, Lord.
    I also prayed for my tenants to pay their overdue rent. One has done so. Thank You, Lord.
    I also prayed to get viable tenants for two properties. God has brought them. Hallelujah !
    So many other requests. But I am waiting on the Lord. He is working on them and with the intercession of His Blessed Mum, He will do them. Amen.
    Thank you, PrayMoreNovenas.

  62. I am praying for my friend who was in danger of losing her eye due to a rare disease. She was told that her eye was getting better, no longer “ melting”. God is good. He has answered these prayers.

  63. I passed the bar exam on my first try. It took a lot of work, and I credit God with how it turned out. I started with a Novena to St. Joseph Cupertino and have done all I could since.

  64. I prayed for my son to be cured of his addiction to video gaming so he can focus on studying and on the first night of the novena he came to us in tears asking for help to do better with his studies. It’s still a struggle but at least he listens to us now.

  65. Please pray for my sons MRI that he does not have a sports hernia and that there is no internal problems.
    Please pray for me, that God gives me clarity and direction as to what procedures I should do for the beginning stages of breast cancer and that he helps me through this very emotional time. In Jesus name, Amen.

  66. Our blessed Virgin Mary has answered my prayers twice recently, for which I am so deeply grateful. Once prior to this novena, I prayed even nine times daily for nine days that my son in law would change his idea of getting the dangerous CV injection encouraged by his parents (!) to “please clients” (and the devil!), and Mary heard my prayers. The more recent challenge was their plan to leave the country to vacation with his parents, naive of the dangerous requirements to reenter the country which could change at any time. Mary again answered my prayers, as my daughter told me last night they won’t go. I am so grateful.

  67. While praying this novena, I have observed and experienced some change in my son. He asked about the Bible and the basis or purpose of the old and new testament; he participated as we said grace before meals (so, he hasn’t forgotten our traditional prayers); he’s been more open to conversations and more cooperative/collaborative; he’s found a job. He’s still a work in progress, but aren’t we all? Through this novena, I have been more prayerful, considerate of the meaning of this Advent season, more faithful – reminding myself to trust in God (Thy will be done), and I’ve been more thoughtful of our Mother Mary, her life, her character, her faith. I want to emulate her in so very many ways. Thank you for this novena and helping me to contemplate so many things over the past few days.

  68. Today I pray in thanksgiving for answered prayers. On behalf of my daughter, Andrea. I asked that God grace her with a heart of courage and confidence in all that she does. She had a very positive and accomplished day yesterday. Thank you blessed Mother for presenting my petition to the Lord. Thanks you Father for answered prayers. I pray that this positive and courageous attitude continues in her life. In Jesus name I pray! All glory and honor to God!

  69. I prayed for my daughter’s success in school and my prayers were answered. Thank you Jesus and Mary for this blessing and all my blessings.
    I am so grateful.

  70. Thank you for prayers for Justin. He is coming through with consequences that are impactful but not ruinous. Grateful

  71. Thanks for your prayers. I have also been praying for others during this Novena and I pray that God will answer of our prayers.

    Our most Mighty Maker continues to make a way for me where there seem to be no way. I give Him all the glory.

  72. Annulment papers submitted for son in law. Thank you Jesus. I pray he is granted an annulment and Eucharist is possible for my daughter.


  74. I thank our Blessed Mother for interceding for our needs and the blessings her intercession has brought us. We desperately needed work to pay our bills on time and we have now everything paid but one. I trust that the money for the last bill will come as well.
    And I also give thanks for the healing of one of our cow and her newborn calf and for the healing of my foot.
    Thanksgiving and praise to our God from whom all blessings flow! Amen.

  75. Through the many novenas I’ve participated in with the help of Pray More Novenas, our family has had healing of relationships, my son has matured tremendously, my daughter gained entrance to nursing school and is doing well, my father has had great improvement in his relationships with our whole family, my younger daughter has had a turnaround in her mindset, and the Saints have been assisting us in so many ways. God’s schedule is his own, so I can’t discern which Novena to attribute each grace and blessing to, but I believe when we entrust our needs, hopes, and dreams to The Trinity, the Lord ministers to us through His Saints and angels. Thank-you all, I hope I get to know each of you and can thank you in Heaven.

  76. I was asked by a good and very special friend, who is a priest, to pray for one of his parishioners. The young mom was in critical condition, in the hospital, with Covid. I and many others were praying for her, she was about to be intubated on Saturday but to the doctors shock, she began to improve. There was no explanation for the sudden improvement, except prayer. Her oxygen levels continue to improve. I asked Mother Mary if she could ask her Son, if this mom could be home with her family for Christmas and I trust that she will. Praise our Lord and His Mother!🙏

  77. I prayed the Novena prayers and good things did happen in my life during this period if the Novena. I was able to stay alone in my house even though it had been broken into a year ago ..I at times feel very uncomfortable there especially at night but in the past month I was able to relax and remain there with all the prayers and Our Lady’s Novena encouraging me all was safe and well
    I also got good workmen to check out the house for subsidence. This has been a big concern for me as I’m intending to sell it next year and need it maintained to a reasonable standard.
    My sister remains in Social Care and has very challenging behaviour which I prayed would settle down during the Novena. I thank Our Lady for helping the Staff involved in my sister’s care to cope with her behavioural outbursts and thus enable myself and my family to get on with our lives without feeling ongoing guilt when unable to visit her.
    I would like to thank you for forwarding this special Our Lady’s Novena which has helped me deal with and in some way achieve all of above matters. Thanking you MQ.Ireland