Answered Prayers from the Immaculate Conception Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much in joining us in praying the Immaculate Conception Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, you can share those with us all here.

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  1. Blessed Mary , Thank you for showering your blessings on me . With lot of difficulties finally I am pregnant. All Glory and honour to our Lord.

  2. prayed for Restoration of health on my family from Covid 19…Thanks be to God, everyone has been healed.and restored to good health

  3. Good morning my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

    I just needed to share my recent testimony which I received through my email yesterday.
    The loan that I took few years ago to pay for my outstanding school fees when I was a student was cleared by the loan company just like that! I still can’t believe it. I am still in shock!
    I just graduated this year and I have been wondering how to go about paying back this loan. The constant email reminders which I received from the loan company in the past didn’t help. This was one of my prayer requests for the recent Novena of the Immaculate Conception.
    However, the good news is that they just made a U-turn now and decided to close the company and clear any outstanding balance of anyone still owing the company. Indeed, I have benefited from this recent development.
    I have come to return all the glory and adoration to God Almighty for granting my prayer requests. I also want to thank God for granting me peace in my home and restoring my relationship with my spouse.

    Thank you Jesus for Everything. I give you all the glory, honour and majesty. You are a Great God!

    Thank you and the members of your team for your Support and feedback. I truly appreciate it.
    May God bless you all and empower you for His glory in Jesus name,Amen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    Best Regards,
    Lydia. D.

  4. I want to Thank John-Paul and Annie and all of the others on here who Pray with us for all you do and all your Prayers , Yes these Prayers Have Helped me in so Many way!!
    May God Bless Everyone!
    Merry Christmas to All <3

  5. Please pray for for everyone, I have covid with pneumonia’. Need oxygen levels to go up and stay up! Thank you Father God , thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit thank Mama Mary! God bless you all

  6. The prayer that was answered in my life with the Immaculate Conception Novena was patience above all and what could be called self-respect. It sounds easy but when confronted with it it sounds like passive spirit. Why? My life is hectic without and seemingly chaotic at times but what does pull me through is the fact that my patience reflects my attitude and my attitude reflects my feelings. So, when, a week later a prayer is still in mind and it still works it makes you feel good. He replenishes. How good is my God? Don’t know; I’m still on the numbers. Haha!

  7. I missed starting the Immaculate Conception Novena on Day 1, so I decided on Day 9, I will pray the Novena for 9 consecutive hours, which I did. I was waiting to hear back from an important application I submitted which I needed to get returned to me before the Holidays. The following day, I did not expect it at all, but when I opened my email, there it was – an email from the government telling me to move forward with the next step of the process. I can say it’s “a coincidence,” but I believe with my whole heart, it was God granting a request knowing I needed to hear some positive news. The timing (getting a response the day after) was Him telling me, “I know it you needed proof that I am listening and this time, you need that evidence to be very clear, so here it is. ” Thank You God. Thank you Dear Mother and Thank you for sending these novena prayers. God bless you all!

  8. Thank you for walking me through this beautiful Novena. Yes, several of my prayers were answered.

    My husband has been stricken with alchol and nicotine addiction. Yesterday he was able to say he knows he has a problem. Thank you Lord. Please pray for him and for me.

    My son is in medical school and is struggling in many ways. God gives him many graces. He is filled with many blessings from our Lord. He attends Mass without exception. His dedication to our Lord through the graces of Latin Mass and volunteer work helps keep him grounded. God is merciful and all loving.

    Prayers for my loving daughter πŸ™ are needed. She attends Boston College for her Doctorate Nurse Practioner. I have sent your loving prayers to her to help her to attend Mass weekly and to go to Confession. She is a beautiful loving and caring young woman. She loves Jesus. She needs prayers to help her to live the sacramental life our Lord has given. I pray she and her boyfriend get engaged and attend Mass together. He is a wonderful loving Jewish boy. I pray for his conversion. God is all knowing and merciful.

    Thank you for your guidance with this Novena. This has helped me relinquish some of my fears and anxiety about our financial situation my husband’s addictions and my children’s struggles with life. We are a working class family and do not have material wealth but are blessed to know and love our Lord. Great blessings have been bestowed upon me through the beauty of my children and the daily gifts God has given to us; Our love for one another, the ability to pay for food and housing each month, caring friends and loving parents. God is merciful. God bless you all. Merry Christmas.

  9. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies,favours,good health,guardiance and protection in the family and praying for same Amen.
    Thanking our mother Mary undoer of knots for her intercessions in our various needs and petitions and praying for same Amen.
    Asking for forgiveness of sins and praying we continue to strive to stay out of sin Amen.
    Asking for God’s blessings on my daughter for a good and Godly husband to locate her soon Amen. It has been our prayer O’Lord that she will be blessed soon Amen. I present my sons before you that they will be blessed with good spouses, jobs,Investments and every good thing they may require. May my first son settle down soon.
    May they buy house in a good and safe neighbourhood near a catholic church Amen.
    I hand over my journey to you that I will go and come back safely Amen. May the burial be peaceful Amen.
    May we all recover from cold and catarrh this season Amen.
    I pray that our tenants pay their rents and those that cannot pay vacate the property Amen.
    Help the sick, poor, religious, relatives and workers Amen.
    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers and thank you our mother Mary for your intercessions and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen

  10. O Dearest Mama Mary, I thank you for saving me and my family and our home on 09.12.21 when there was an electrical problem in the house, which also could have caused the fire. I thank you for covering each one with the Precious Blood of JESUS, and by your Power Mantle. Please continue to watch upon us and protect us. Amen

  11. I am so grateful to God, I made a novena to our immaculate conception on the 4th December for my sister to win her debate at the nysc camp, and God, together with our blessed mother Mary answered my prayers. She came first together with her platoon she was representing. Indeed it can only be God.

  12. Dear Mother of God, thank you for all Your blessings, Today I ask You to help me get rid of the bitterness and anger in my soul and cleanse it out and make it peaceful. Blessed Mother I sinned so much lately I ask You to please ask Our Lord Jesus to forgive me. I ask Your help in finding a new Pain Management doctor. My left arm is numbing at times. I ask that You help my wonderful son who loves me unconditionally to find a better job. They keep cutting his hours. I pray for the homeless, and the people who help the homeless. Blessed Mother our Country is in a lot of trouble because of greed. Could You please help this country, I hope You are happy with me I am trying. Praise to You Blessed Mother of God.

  13. During the course of the novena, I obtained my professional certificate after 23 years of graduating from the University. Now I can practice my profession full time.

    I was also able to register my company as a vendor/contractor/consultant in reputable government ministry, agency and parastatal.

    We thank Mother Mary for her prayers and intercession.

    We give GOD all the glory.

  14. My prayers were answered on December 9! Our daughter is going through a divorce and has to sell her house. She accepted a contract on it and we learned that the appraisal came through, inspection done and buyers want to move in before Christmas. So our daughter will be moving from MD to PA to be near us and can start moving her things into the townhouse she’s purchasing as soon as this weekend! Thank you Blesses Mother Mary and all who prayed along with us during this novena. God bless you all!

  15. This particular prayer on suffering and becoming holy where love is a sacrifice is a game changer! I’m in a relationship where this prayer and mindset will help me throughout my coming days God willing! Bless this ministry and its people.

  16. My daughter and son in law have been married for over three years. They have both always felt the calling of having a large family together but have had fertility challenges. I am so very grateful for the grace God has given them both in these trying times. They have never waiver in there hope and always remained confident that things would happen in God’s time. I have prayed a solemn novena and asked that Mary intercede, and grant them their hearts desire for a happy pregnancy and safe delivery. During the time I was attending the novena, I received a call from my daughter and she confided in me that she was pregnant-) It is very early on but she had her first ultrasound and heard the heartbeat! When she told me my first response to her was, ” Praise be to God”! My heart is swollen with gratitude for the Lord’s kindness and Goodness. Mary’s intercession is never failing and powerful. I encourage you to pray for her intercession in your daily needs. We must have faith that God’s timing and plan are always better than ours. Praying and believing in the power of our lady’s intersession and the intersession of all saints has lead to a life filled with love and happiness. And although my life has its challenges, I never carry them alone.
    Please say a little prayer for my daughter that she continues to have a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy and a safe delivery, and that the life within her womb will be protected by Our Lord who has formed it.
    Thank You and May God bless You and your family this Christmas Season!

  17. Thank you my sweet Mary Mother of Jesus our Lord, for your Intercession, my daughter was offered the promotion at her company I pray that everything continues to go well. I’ll continue to pray that she’ll return to her Catholic faith πŸ™ thank you, thank you and thank you God is good amen πŸ™.

  18. I started this novena with the intention of an end to epilepsy in my life. The first day, I received notice from my neurologist that the treatment is going well and I will not have to be put on any other medications. This allows me to continue breastfeeding and also to be able to have more children. Two of the best things in the world. I want to thank everyone who has prayed this novena with me for their spiritual support. It is so beautiful that the request was answered on the day the novena started. Thank you Blessed Mother for your love and prayerful requests for us all!! We Love You πŸ’™

  19. Blessed Mother thank you, Tannah is in flight to the Convent right now for their week of decerning together God’s Loving will. Jesus, I Trust in You.

  20. Praise God! And thank you everyone for praying together. On yesterday’s Feast of Mary’s Immaculate Conception my wife and mom started texting each other again and exchanging photos. It had been 7 months of estrangement between the two. That is absolutely not a coincidence! Glory be to God through the intercession of our Blessed Mother!

  21. My daughter has been healed from an alcohol addiction. All test done on are stomach were negative.
    Praise to you Lord Jesus for answering our prayers & Our Blessed Mother for interceding on my behalfπŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»

  22. Our son & daughter-in-law we’re given hope after losing their first baby. The drs have said they can try again. The baby’s chromosome problems were not inherited. Praise God for this renewed hope after such a loss.

  23. Yes! God has been answering our prayers in for a specific situation concerning our granddaughter and court. He has shown us what to do and say just as we have asked Him. He has shown us this week how very close He is to each of us and how He works in all of our lives in so so many ways. Praise God! Thank you, Mother Mary and St. Joseph.

  24. Many thanks Mother Mary for the Intercession, although this is not particularly what i had requested for in this novena it was one of the general novena requests. We got a board approval from a bank for a loan to finance our firm’s operations. Thank you Mother Mary, Thank You Jesu

  25. Although my husband is still sick, in Skilled Nursing after three weeks in the hospital, there have been many blessings (such as the abscess in his liver being caught just in time) not the least of which seems to be an increase in his interior life. I continue to pray that this trial create a deeper faith life in him, healings in his mind, as well as complete healing of the medical problems.

  26. I have been praying for by grand daughter and her husband to find a home. They are expecting a baby and were sharing a house since they recently moved out of state for work. Today she sent her mother pictures of a small place they can rent. Thank you Mary for your intercession and thank you St Joseph for helping them in their search for a place to bring their child home to. I know Jesus was with them and answered our prayers. Amen.

  27. Prayers answered , an estranged family member to come to visit family at Christmas. Many many thanks, Mother Mary.

  28. My father-in-law 98 year old deacon of our church died peacefully yesterday. I never read the novena until tonight and how bad I needed it yesterday. It was a crazy day and my daughter who is the POA of her grandfather is making division and life unbearable I keep bringing it to the cross of Jesus. Pray I suffer this fir the live of Jesus please. Our hearts are so hurt by the hurt assaulting us by her behavior. Please help me to turn the other cheek and love her through it and Not alliw anything that’s not of Jesus to enter our hearts. Please pray for us in Jesus precious name and Mary our mother pray for us

  29. My Daughter and her husband were going through a bad time and he had left her and their two sons one of whom has Asperger’s but thanks to all our Novena’s and our Blessed Mother Jesus has answered my prayers and they are back together and are a very happy family again.Thank YOU JESUS and all the people praying and thank you both for doing this May God Bless you both.Have a wonderful Christmas celebrating our Saviours Birth

  30. I have been praying my mother would improve. She has so many I’ll eases and was getting worse quickly. I started praying this novena abs on day 8 we determined her medication was the cause but of course I know our lady pointed us in that direction. She is improving by the hour. Praise God and mother Mary!

  31. My husband was diagnosed with Colon cancer Oct. 20, he had surgery in December and lymph node biopsies came back Dec.4, no cancer. Thank you Blessed Mother for your intervention with Jesus to heal him.

  32. Inhale been unemployed since September; I asked the blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception, for assistance to land a job. On the fifth day of the novena, Friday, after visiting and praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, just right after I got out of the church, my recruiter called me to offer me the job position I had applied for. What a miracle indeed! Thank you, O Blessed Mary, Mother of the Immaculate Conception. Amen.

  33. This is my testimony, God has blessed my brother with a bouncing baby boy today the feast of Our Lady the Immaculate conceptions. I’m so happy and pray that God will give you a living and new testimony before the end of this year! Amen…Immaculate mother of pray for us!

  34. This is testimony, God has blessed my brother with a bouncing baby boy today the feast of Our Lady the Immaculate conceptions. I’m so happy and pray that God will give a new living and new testimony before the end of this year! Amen…Immaculate mother of pray for us!

  35. Although it was not expressly submitted as a petition, I believe the Blessed Mother knows and reads my heart well and is ever so kind to intercede, however big or small the problem is. I was facing a difficult few days at work and went to bed exhausted every day, constantly thinking of how to resolve these issues. Sometimes I remind myself to stop… just let Christ take the wheel, and to stop figuring everything out on my own. Midway through this novena I was taken by surprise and amazement, as to how creative His solutions are and how quickly the work issue resolved itself. All that worrying was for nothing after all. God’s timing is PERFECT. As I did not submit that as a petition directly, I guess I can really say that our Mother knows best! :)

  36. I want to thank God for prayers answered. I and my family are planning to migrate and I placed this intention when the novena began. On 4th November 2021, we received a big booster with regards to our plans. Thank you Mother Mary for interceding for us and I pray that the remaining process/stages will be in our favor.

    O Mary conceived without sin! Pray for us who have recourse to thee. Amen πŸ™πŸΎ

  37. I thank God for my elder daughter’s exams results. I prayed for her not fall sick and come home when she was writing her exams and for success. God has been faithful

  38. Our mom passed peacefully in her sleep on today’s beautiful Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. Praise GOD.

  39. Praise be to our God.. My God has granted me my petition, He has once again blessed me with the fruit of the womb.. I praise His most Holy name and I thank our mother Mary for Her intervention. Amen

  40. The cyst under my newborn’son disappeared.I thank God wholeheartedly and everyone who prayed with me and for me.

  41. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer from a growth in her mouth. I prayed that surgery would take care of it and she would need no additional treatment. Our Lady answered my prayers. The tumor was removed and no additional cancer was found in the lymph nodes or surrounding tissue. She was told she came through this surgery better than 95% of other patients. Her recovery is going great, again, she was told her recovery is one of the best they’ve seen, and this is at a large cancer hospital. Thank you God and thank you Mother Mary.
    And all who prayed for her.

  42. I have been praying that my son Matthew would find a job he would like and be in the field that he studied in college. Yesterday December 7th he got a job that he is so excited about and will start next week. This is the best Christmas gift he could have received. My prayers have been answered. Thank you Lord. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  43. I had put many prayer petitions and cannot see any answered. Still, I say thank you Mamma Mary for protecting us and our children who are far away.
    Last week I paid follow up visits with the General Physician with blood reports and the Opthalmologist.
    The GP was happy with the parameters in my report and has reduced the dosage of medicine for diabetes.
    Whereas the Opth’gist confirmed that my eyes are perfect and I can return to him after a year. This has filled me with a lot of peace

  44. Praise and thank you lord Jesus through the intercession of Mother Mary for good health for all of you family.
    My prayers is not have been answered but continue praying for all of my petitions, I know our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary is blessing us every day of our lives.πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  45. It’s really an answered prayer on my journey of this novena.. I received the amazing news whuch I’ve been waiting for months now and the financial assistance by my friend ..God’s perfect timing is so amazing! With tge intercession of the blessed mother whom I am a devotee since my teenage years..
    Thank you Mama Mary & God for everything..!

    To John-Paul & Annie, thank you for including me in your list to received prayer novena from you..Your heaven sent!
    I cannot forget you on my new journey & I am hopeful that one day I can help your organization..


  46. Praise be to God and thanks to our blessed mother’s intercession! My two intentions were answered through this novena! My son and daughter- in- law’s baby came early to assist with family holiday visits and my other son was made aware of the toxicity in a relationship and is making plans to withdraw from it.

  47. Our blessed mother has granted me the grace of my son Michael, to do good in his new job.
    Thank you blessed mother, keep him safe.

  48. Good morning!
    I was praying for a job and my friend told me about this job that I am applying.Now I am praying so that I can get haired in Jesus name πŸ™πŸ½

  49. Our daughter underwent a serious surgery to remove an ovarian cyst while pregnant and everything went very well. She had the cyst removed dec. 7th.

  50. Thanks to the goodness of God we received blessings from this Novena. Found peace with a situation prayed for many times.
    Also received strength and some healing for a cancer patient L.
    Thank you Mother Mary for your intercession to Jesus. πŸ™πŸ™

  51. Thank you Lord for a tremendous prayer that has been answered! My nephew who is 35 years old diagnosed with schizophrenia has been missing from his family for over a year. Prayers were answered today when his parents have found him. He may be homeless in the street of LA, but he is alive and now in the arms of his loved ones. God is good!

  52. My brother Reynaldo suffered a stoke on 11/12/2021. He lost use of his right arm, right hand and right leg. He was admitted to a Skilled Nursing facility after being hospitalized and is going through therapy. On 12/02/2021 he is now able to lift his arm a little bit, move his hand and lift and move his leg!!! Thank you Mama Mary for interceding for my brother πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’™

  53. Thanks Our Lady, a distant friend has come back into my life. Please remind her why she distanced herself and remind her to make restitution of funds.

    Thank you AMEN

  54. My 27 year old son works for a federal contractor. December 8th was the deadline to provide proof of vaccination. He didn’t want to get vaccinated. Yesterday a federal court blocked the vaccine mandate for federal contract workers. So he now doesn’t have to look for a new job! Praise and thanks to God, and thank you to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception!

  55. Peace be with you all and blessings to everyone who is praying with us I have been praying for years for my granddaughter t get healed fro her weakness with drugs and she has finally made a step by herself to help herself through the grace of our lord she is in a rehab facility where she went by herself I know it’s a baby step but I have faith in our lord and by all of our prayers thank you Jesus and thank you all Peace and love Janue B

  56. I prayed for my reexam results to be published as soon as possible and God heard my prayer. I failed 3 times in my driving test and I passed the driving test.I prayed for better relationships and I got it.I prayed for reducing my tensions and other ailment all have been answered.Glory to God alone. May everyones prayer be heard. Thankyou the Holy Trinity for hearing all our prayers.

  57. Thank you Blessed Mother for interceding with your Son for my Son. During this Novena he went through detox and has place to live.
    Thank you.