Answered Prayers from The Immaculate Conception Novena, 2019

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Immaculate Conception Novena

Thank you for joining us in praying The Immaculate Conception Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. O Holy Apostle St Jude,
    Thank you for answering my prayers and providing me with the finances to arrive in time to pay for my living & travel expenses. I’m forever grateful for this honour.

    Please intercede for me on my behalf and petition my case to God for the following:
    – a job as an Office Manager at the Department of HS (to start on Mar 2020)
    – a 2bed 2bath apartment to move into in Feb 2020
    – a car in Mar 2020.
    – financial assistance to pay for my study program
    I would be forever grateful for your assistance in this great need. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Thank You God for hearing & answering my prayers.

  2. O Holy Apostle St Jude,
    I am afflicted and don’t know what to do.
    Please intercede for me on my behalf and petition my case to God for the following:
    – financial assistance to pay outstanding expenses this month, for accommodation /food/travel
    – a job as a Branch Coordinator: Corporate Management at the Department of Tourism (to start on 3 Feb 2020)
    – a place to live: 2bed 2bath apartment in The Hills (to move into in Feb 2020)
    – a car (Volvo XC90) – in Feb/Mar 2020.
    – financial assistance to pay for my MBA program (& other associated expenses) as well as for knowledge & wisdom to excel in my course
    I would be forever grateful for your assistance in this great need. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Thank You God for hearing & answering my prayers.

  3. Finally I have been blessed with a job. I prayed for myself and a friend called J. Both of us have jobs now.

    I have prayed for a whole year of 2019.

    I said all novenas.

    Thanks so much our mother for your prayers for us.

  4. Dear Mother Mary thank you so much for your powerful intercession. Heavenly Father has granted my prayer request. My husband has been delivered from his drug addict. Thank you again Mother Mary Queen of heaven and earth. Thank you to all the saints in heaven for your intercession.

  5. I prayed to have my Apt. All clean and empty and my Land Lord would return my Deposit in full.
    I am moving. My prayer was answered.
    Thanks to the Holy Family for Christmas.

  6. I want to say a big thanks to Lucy for his recommendation I have also got my result from Dr gboco at [email protected] we finally found my mother who has been missing for 6years this Dr gboco result is so unbelievable.

  7. Praise God, I wish to God and mother Mary for granting me success in my examination. I participated in the immaculate conception novena and Mother Mary really interceded for me. Thank you mother Mary.

  8. I pray to our Lady to touch my partner heart to be honest and for us to have a healthy relationship. I also pray for us to conceive during the this time we are about to celebrate the birth of christ. May our lady and her son continue to bless my family and friends as we are approaching the end of the year. May we also enter the new year in good faith Amen.

  9. Mother Mary, thank you so much for your powerful Intercession. The Almighty Father granted my request. My daughter gave birth to a healthy, adorable and beautiful baby girl. The delivery was smooth and both of them were safe and sound during the entire process.
    Truly the best gift from Jesus your son to our family this Christmas.

    Than you so much Mother Mary !
    Queen of Peace, Holy Mother of All !



  10. Dear Mother Mary, thank you so much for answering my prayers, thank you for my Christmas gifts and thank you for always praying for me to the Lord. I love you Mummy and I will always love you.

  11. I prayed while In the Emergency Room the other day to not have Blood clots in my legs. Blood clots was ruled out by all the ER testing that was done.
    It seems that lately, about a year now, almost everything I pray for is being granted. Also some really good things have been happening in my life too. I truly believe my prayers are making the difference.

  12. I have prayed this novena for funds, favor and guidance in making a move without finances. My prayers were answered with funds to rent the truck, helpers to load the truck and unload at the storage unit, etc. I prayed that I was making the right decision to move at this time and my prayers have been answered! Praise Our Father, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, all Patron Saints and all those who prayed this novena with and for me! Truly Blessed!!

  13. Thank you to all who prayed the Immaculate Conception Novena with me. Thank you to our Mother Mary for her intercession. My eldest son received a most amazing job offer this week, after being out of work for almost 3 years. We are truly blessed.

    Thank you Lord for your blessings.💗

  14. Mother Mary has been a comfort to most of us who ask of her help during trials in this life. Particularly for me she has eased my stress in dealing with a family member with dementia, patience especially and love is what I have gained more so now than in the past.
    I ask our Lady to bless you both and all who prayed to her.


  15. I want to thank those who helped me in prayer. After the final prayer of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Novena and asking for a miracle, our granddaughter started eating solid foods again after three months. Praise God! We couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this wonderful miracle! Thank you Mother Mary through your intercession!

  16. Answered prayers for having a smooth CT scan procedure and for a normal results last December 7, 2019. Thank You Blessed Mother for Your continuous love, care and Intercession. I love You Mama Mary, please continue to pray for my continuous healing and restoration. Amen🙏🙏🙏

  17. In the month of September, during the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena, my brother was preparing for his promotion interview for the position of an Architect in Software Development field which was a tough one. And since then my family and I started praying for this intention. And I decided to post the testimony if my brother received the promotion. By Gods grace he was able to perform well during the interview. However
    he was unsure of receiving the promotion. We continued to pray during all the subsequent novenas received by email from praymorenovenas…St Jude, Christ The King, and the recent one Immaculate Conception Novena.
    Exactly on the feast day of Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary, my brother received the promotion letter. All thanks and praise to God and thanks to Blessed Mother and all the Angles and Saints for their intercession.

  18. I prayed that Sierra would have a safe Baby Delivery and the Mother and Baby would be well for a C Section Surgery. Thank you Mother Mary The Immaculate Conception. All went very well.
    Her Husband is well too with their first child.

  19. Please pray for my son Zach. His grades is school are not good and his act test scores are low. Our family has been torn apart by addiction and divorce.

  20. I have been so wonderfully blessed. My prayers were answered. I had an important Dr.’s appt and it could not have gone better. I had been worried and anxious but Our Lord was with the the whole time. Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you Holy Mother for your prayers and intercessions.

  21. I was praying for my self and my friend J for each one of us to get a job. Today J has secured a job in the organization he applied.

    Still waiting for my turn.


  22. Dear John-Paul & Anne,
    I thank you and all of you behind these Novenas ever since I started following you. It has been great praying with you whenever a Novena comes up on my screen in my email address I use there and then I start praying by touching my screen. God is good all the time and all the time God is good and that is his nature. Thank you once again.

    I have had a lot of challenges this year 2019, but praying Novenas Mother Mary, Jesus Christ and the Almighty God they have been there for me and my Family. I have debts which are still clinging on me, kindly PRAY for me that I can sort them out through Mother Mary and Jesus Christ my personal saviour. I have sleepless nights because of these debts. May the Lord Jesus Christ open up for me in 2019 and 2020 especially 2020 that I can get money to finish my Rentals as part of my Retirement benefit. I thank God that some of my children have got jobs and the others like, Derrick Baguma, Faith Namono, Christine Nabutiti, Alinda Benjamin, Nusura Nakkazi and Rachel Mutenyo have not yet got Jobs. Kindly hold them into Prayers that they also succeed to get good jobs.

    I thank Mother Mary the most wonderful woman on earth and heaven for having got a job for Eve Namwanje a job with Uganda Bureau of Statistics and she is based like 80 kms from the Capital City of Kampala, Uganda. Kindly put her in your Prayers for protection in harm or danger. She has a brother called Emmanuel Mugalula born on 24th December 2019 and named in hospital the name of Emmanuel. He is doing training for a job at the Entebbe International Airport, Uganda. Kindly also put him in your Prayers to get favours on the job and good salary. I thank Mother Mary for these children’s jobs and may Mother Mary pour on them all luck that they can have in this world on all their endeavours.

    Lastly as the birth of Jesus Christ is coming may he be in our homes with protection as well as casting out poverty in our homes, our business e.g. I have a Shop I have just put up, may Mother Mary be in the Shop throughout and get as many Customers and Working Capital and may 2020 be a success in my life in all my endeavours more so to give us a healthy and good life to live a many years together with my Family and my Relatives. All this is said in Jesus mighty name, AMEN.

    Wish you the best in 2020 and we shall keep on Praying to Mother Mary the mother of all Mothers, AMEN.

    Best regards

    Judith Namusisi
    Entebbe, Uganda

  23. My name is Chinwe,I am African of Nigerian origin.i was trying to download the saint Rita Novena book online that was how I got to know about this group and I signed up for the novenas.
    I made two requests One for my friend diagnosed of stage four cancer and for my NCLEX RN exam which was on November 21.this was my second attempt.i committed everything to the intercessory power of saint Rita.i came in from work yesterday and saw a mail with my RN license in it ,glory be to God who made it all possible through St.Rita.i love this group ,thanks to john-paul and Annie who is using this group to bring people closer to God.God bless you all for your prayers I am also praying for you.

  24. My husband had. Remarkable recovery after his surgery. He has been so I’ll and bedridden that we were an a very stressful situation.
    Today, he was able to get up and start working totally lo y independent. Thank you so much Virgen Mary for listening to our prayers.

  25. My knee has been paining for over 5 months. Yesterday i was still limping. But today Monday. A day in which the zuniversal Church celebrate The Immaculate Conception of Our Holy Mother. I can kick with my left leg. I can kneel down on my left knee in adoration. I am so grateful to God and for the intercession of Our Blessed Mothe, The Refuge our sinners like me. Alleluia.

  26. We have been praying for our Fathers intervention for my daughter who has liver disease. She is waiting for liver transplant and through all the prayers from many churches and people her blood is getting better and therefore may not need an entire liver. We are praying for Gods Christmas miracle for her liver and Dana to be healed both spiritually through God’s love and complete physical and emotional healing.

  27. Mother Mary,
    Thank you for always interceding to my prayers.I thank God for giving me another birthday, keeping me and our family safe and in good health.thank you
    In Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s name

  28. Thank you all for your prayers. I thank the virgin Mary mother for her intercessions for me. I experienced an amazing dream of the face of Jesus,his sacred heart and the mystic rose. I may not know exactly what the lord wants for me, but I believe it’s all for good. Our lord Jesus his mercy and love is unlimited for me and my family. Thank you Paul and Annie for the wonderful work of christ you are doing. May God’s spirit continue to anoint you more and more.

  29. I am thanking God for watching over our 3 week old grandson. He was in the hospital running a fever and it’s very dangerous for a baby so young. It turned out to be just a cold and he is doing fine and growing like a little weed. Thank you God and Amen!

  30. Praised be Jesus and Mary❤️❤️ My daughter who has been yearning to be a mother since she was just a little girl and who got married in June announced she just found out she is expecting. Especially a blessing as we are celebrating our first Christmas without my dad who just died in September. Such great sorrow turned to great joy! Thank you for the prayers…..thank you for these beautiful novenas! A very blessed Advent to all!

  31. Blessed Mother I want to thank you for your intercession during this novena. During this novena we gave received major breakthroughs in our fertilty journey. We had a great week last week and this week on the 7th day of the novena we had a strong ovulation test followed by a positive dr appt on Saturday. I have also found greater peace of heart as nd mind and my body has relaxed enough. Stress is gone. Thank you God and mother Mary. I believe with all my heart our prayers will be answered soon!! Praying for a positive pregnancy test t try his month. Thank you to all who have been praying for our little family to grow. We ask for continued prayers we receive a positive report this month In Jesus name Amen

  32. I would like to Thank all of you to pray for me
    My son has pass and his now going to grade 11, 2020 and my daughter has a safe trip she back home safe
    my financial and I manage to Thank God, as yesterday we were doing thanks giving at Church

    I know that God will answer all my request could please keep praying for me and me family



  33. My granddaughter has been on a mission trip to Asia for 3 months. She was always safe with our prayers there and now safe back at in states. My brother had to have a third procedure on one of his ankles. Prayers answered that surgery went well. Now prayers for healing. God is good.

  34. My husband needs a kidney and although my prayer to find a live donor has not been answered yet, God put it upon my heart while I was praying this novena that I should share his need here with you all. Therefore, I am asking everyone who reads this to share his need with all their friends and acquaintances by reading, liking and sharing his story on If you don’t have Facebook then it can also view and share on The more people who know and share, the greater the likelihood that someone, who is intrinsically inclined, will offer to donate and share one of their kidneys.

    Thank you all for any help you feel like giving. May the peace of the Lord be upon you. Mimi Stout

  35. Thank you Dear Jesus for the offer put on our house. I pray for Your will to be done in selling our house and in our lives. Thank You. Amen.

  36. I have been praying for someone closer to me to grow closer to God. After years of trying to teach faith to this person and be a good role model, he told me this weekend, on his own initiative, that he wants to go to church more! Thank you Mother Mary and Lord Jesus, and our Father on High for this transformation and this wonderful prayer community

  37. I have been praying the Immaculate Conception novena for a little child of two. He was recently diagnosed with cancer. Wasn’t looking good at all. He’s from Holland visiting family in Australia. They stopped over in NZ first and this is where they found out the bad news. The child in my niece’s husband’s nephew. So my niece and I both prayed the novena for him – Ayden Bezzina and all the little ones with illnesses and their family. Here’s her reply to me this morning:
    “Just want to say thank-you so much for your thoughts and prayers especially think one as I think it has been so wonderfully powerful – I just heard some wonderful news that little Ayden chest is clear of fluid and his tumour has shrunk with his white blood cells on the rise so first round of chemo was very successful so that such great news xxxo”
    So I asked her to spread the news and to teach her children of our wonderful faith and esp. our blessed Mother Mary :)

  38. I asked for help taking care of loved one and home and for wisdom in what to do next regarding work and though it is too soon and I did not expect an immediate answer I believe deep inside one will come to me in the near future and I feel closer to The Lord through his Blessed Mother in this time. It is so good to feel this close again, to feel it is possible to turn from sin toward God again. So very grateful thank you all!

  39. “I asked Mother Mary to pray for me that my employer and my supervisor will treat me fairly and with understanding”
    Now, they both are starting to treat me fairly and with understanding.

    “I asked the Blessed Mother to pray for me that there will be smooth transition from the old account that I was handling to the new account because there were conflicting priorities. That I will be successful in the training of tasks”
    And The Lord God has made the transition smooth now and I am performing well in the training. The complications have started to be resolved.

    Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion, thank you so much.
    Lord Jesus Christ, thank you so much.

  40. Through this novena God answered my prayer request of many years…. God Almighty bless me with a good job. Praise the Lord with me in Jesus Name…. Amen

  41. I thank God, through this novena, reflection ministries, Catholic moment, Catholic exchange and meditation and prayers, I have received helping knowledge, powerful grace and divine inspiration to become the Catehist hopefully next year, so I more of your prayers for intervene in my job challenge, financial difficult and family effect. Glory to Jesus, honor to Mary.

  42. My daughter recently graduated and has been looking for a job and I have been praying for the right job to come that fits her and her needs. She was notified of a job that she really wanted. Thank you Mary Mother Queen of Angels for your assistance in getting my prayer answered.

  43. Frado please know I am praying with you, for your daughter, her safety, her return to the faith and for her boyfriend’s conversion.

    Please do not dismay, you are not alone in this quest. May God continue blessing you for your faith and prayers. The Blessed Mother has you and your beloved daughter covered with her mantle.

    Loving you with the love of Christ,

  44. I always pray for the same things on all the novenas. During the Immaculate Conception Novena, on friday Dec 6 the most incredible miracle has happened!!! The Lord answered my prayers in a different way than what I had been praying for. Our daughter and son in law finally found and bought a beautiful home after looking for houses for the last 6 years! I am sure that Our heavenly mother interceded for me and our daughter and son in law. And also some very good things have been happening in the relationship with my son in laws mother and siblings. Relationships are healing! Thank you my Dearest blessed Mother! !!!

  45. My friend, Michael, successfully took his high risk surgery this past week. He is now on his way to recovery. I continue to pray for him.

  46. I prayed for healing for my niece, Amanda who had surgery on 11/29/19. Since then, she has been laying flat in bed, in constant, severe pain and was in the ER the night of 12/2. Friday morning, 12/6/19, she was sitting up in bed, doing ankle exercises, got to the bathroom with assistance and took a little sponge bath. She still has a way to go but through our Blessed Mother’s intercession, I know she will be completely healed. Thank you Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit and Mary our Mother.

  47. Praise Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother for diagnosis for daughter in law condition. Been suffering since February. Through a friend a message from heaven was delivered that enlightened others to determine a diagnosis. Thank you for such a great gift. Js

  48. My dad who we thought was losing mobility . Just picked up a walker and started walking normal again . Please keep your healing hand on him and others Lord.
    Praise God! Thank you most Blessed Mother.

  49. I’ve been praying for healing in a special friendship for almost a year, and quite honestly I’d been struggling with the urge to just give up. On the day with the intention of healing for relationships, there was a breakthrough in my situation directly guided by Mary! There is still a ways to go in restoring the friendship, but the healing process has finally begun, and it is through the Blessed Mother’s intercession. I am still in awe and so full of gratitude that my prayers have been heard and are now being answered. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Momma Mary!

  50. I immigrated 6 years ago to Australia. I prayed the Lord God to give me a job in my medical profession since I arrived. This month I got a job offer as a medical officer. I’m thankful for this and invite all this community of prayers, to join me for thingsgiving.

  51. I’ve been praying for a permanent job for almost one year, and my prayers were answered better than I could’ve imagined. I start a new job in one week. Thank you blessed mother for your intercession and looking out for me and my family!

  52. Some of the land my father in law left us when he passed away 11 years ago sold on the last day of this novena. I have been praying for our future. Praise Jesus and his Blessed Mother.
    Another answer came in the form of new work for me. Thank you for praying with me and for me. This is a very scary and ominous time for me. Your prayers are so needed. Thank you.

  53. I am so blessed have a beautiful family of 5 adult children and 9 of the most wonderful grandchildren.. this Christmas our oldest son wanted to host Christmas again. While I was happy of his willingness a lot of our other children and grandchildren didn’t care to go there again. Reason being that last year his beautiful girlfriend invited 25 of her extended family making it a total of 50 people. It was hectic and we didn’t get to enjoy all the traditions we normally do didn’t feel like our one wanted to hurt their brother so we kept quiet. As I prayed my novena for a solution thru Mary. On the 7 th day I receive a call from our youngest daughter that they all worked it out to go to their oldest brothers again and we will not have any extra people except our family and his girlfriends 8 immediate family members. They all agreed that the most important thing is we are all together as a family. They said they love their brother and wouldn’t want to hurt his generous offer again to host Christmas. They agreed that they would rotate the holiday. All settled. I know my prayer for a harmonious solution thru my novena was truly answered. Prayer is power! Thank you Blessed Mary for your inter session. I am grateful🙏🏻

  54. Thank you, dearest Mother, for all your blessings provided to us during this novena. Thank you for blessing our family is closer to each other. Thank you for your help in our financial concerns. Thank you for your protection during the sessions and above all for peace in our family. We love you and ask for your continued guidance and especially for complete surrender to your son, Jesus Christ.

  55. On the 5th day of the novena God granted me my request. A family member gifted us some needed financial help. Mary our mother, thank you.
    God our father, thank you.
    Jesus our brother, thank you.

  56. I prayed so hard that my CT scan would be normal— and my prayers were answered!! I am now 5 years cancer free from a very deadly cancer . Our Lord Jesus healed me- I have not enough words to describe how blessed I am. I have made Him promises, which I shall keep as I follow him and do His work everyday of my life.
    Thank you all for your prayers and Thank you my Lord and my God.

  57. Mother Mary fixed my car. She brought money and the permanent solution to the problematic car. The problem has really caused my family and I a lot of emotional stress.

    Thank you Mother Mary!

  58. Hello to all. I can’t confirm if any of my prayers were answered during this novena, but that doesn’t mean God didn’t answer my prayers. He could have released a million souls from Purgatory!
    All I know is my dear 18 year old daughter Rita was stolen from our Precious Catholic faith by her boyfriend. Please, all of you, pray for both their conversions.

    Through Mary,
    Frado Lopiccolo

  59. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary for interceding. I finally got the job offer. Thank you Holy Spirit 🙏🏽

  60. I am feeling as the spirit , like never before . I had my Grandson Josh in my intentions & this past month & a half, my prayers have been answered . He has been clean& sober for 60 + days , lives in a half way home . working a program , has found a job & his health & appearance is amazing. This is all due to the grace of our savior , friends , family & prayer thru novenas . Thanking everyone . I BELIEVE .
    Julia G.

  61. Mama Mary, thank you for your Love. What I have asked in this novena may be partially answered but I thank you that through this novena I am brought closer to Jesus. Thank you Lord for everything especially for the challenges you have given me for through them I feel closer to You. AMEN!

  62. I want to thank our heavenly mother for her interception . My husband has been struggling with his stay for years now and his leave to remain has finally been granted. This was one of my prayer topics for this Novena. I am so grateful!!!Thank you Jesus because this is all your doing. Thank mother Mary .🙏🙏🙏

  63. I want to thank Our Blessed Mother in this Novena to her Immaculate Conception because she answered my Prayer. I asked that she remove a Person from my life whom I was sinning with and offending Jesus Christ. She gave me the courage to tell this Person that I no longer wanted to be with her because I did not want to be in state of Mortal Sin.

    Thank You Our Lady for your intercession and prayers for me.

    Thank You Mother Mary for Your intercession in prayers for my marriage and family.

    Thank YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST for answered prayers

    Glory be to THE FATHER and to THE SON and to THE HOLY SPIRIT as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end,Amen


  65. By the intercession of Immaculate Mary, our Mother, my mother in law had a successful hip surgery on the 6th Dec. My sister is improving steadily from her complications after undergoing surgery for kidney stones. thank you all for your prayers. May God Bless all of us!

  66. Thank you my Blessed Virgin Mary beciase my son is doing well in college and he will finish his degree next May. Thank you cause I’ve seen him in a good path.
    Thank you also beciase my daughter and her husband and baby are doing well and they were blessed to get a very good medical program for him.
    Thank you beciase my husband and I are doing well with our jobs.

    Thank you for interceding for us!!

  67. I prayed to settle a love matter I had for three years and the way it’s being solved has hurt but then I am beginning to see the Virgin Mary interceding for me and my marriage.
    I also have slowly seen more healing with my siblings.
    My dad’s estate is slowly making more progress.
    I am still very hopeful for our Lady’s intercession with other favors I have asked.
    I feel more faith.
    Thank you my blessed Virgin Mary!!

  68. Through Immaculate conception intersection, my laboratory experiments yielded great results on day 8 of the Novena.
    Glory be to God in the highest 🙏


  69. I have been praying for over a year for my husband and I to conceive a healthy child and last Thursday I found out that I am pregnant. God is wonderful. Praise be to the Lord.

  70. Actually during this Novena a prayer I had prayed during the St Jude Novena was answered in the most surprisingly, amazing way. God is so very, very good. Thank you for guiding me through each of these Novenas. With much gratitude 💕

  71. Thank you Blessed Mother for all your blessings.
    I continue to pray for my younger daughter and my nephew to get back home safe and sound, for my both daughters to be healthy and blessed with healthy children soon and successful careers. I continue to pray for my nephews to be healthy, to have good jobs and good wives. I pray for G to heal completely from all his addictions and to have a bright future. I pray for my sister, my husband and me to be healthy, to keep our jobs and to be blessed with healthy grandchildren soon. I pray for my mom to be healthy and pain free. I also pray for all who are praying this novena. Amen.

  72. My husband and I were blessed with answered prayer to grow our family and have a positive pregnancy test. Praying for a healthy pregnancy.

  73. Thank you for your intercession, Mother Mary. God has granted me the grace of finishing my project smoothly and more than meeting the deadline.

  74. One of the things I prayed for, was for Bob. He is totally cancer free. He had a successful prostrate removal surgery and cat scan showed the shadow in his chest is not cancerous. Thank you dear God so much and thank you mother Mary for interceding. God is good.

  75. I wont to thank God I need a van for my hub he had a stroke and I received one so I said thank u Lord Jesus and I all ways said went God gave u something don’t worry how u going to pay for it just thank God my time been hard since may 19 /2019 I think God from bring Me through this with out Gpd I don’t no wear I wood bee thank u Jesus I lost my job because I had to help my hub never miss a day from work
    I wonder something how am I going to pay my bill God have this think u jesus

  76. My 10 year old son Juan Pablo has been suffering with severe eczema all of his body since he was 2years old.this past November was the worst of his life.on Thanksgiving Day he was in a lot of pain even with his medications.a day after his skin started getting infected .we took him to the emergencies,they told us he has an staph infección on his eyes,legs and face.We stay 3 days at the children’s hospital.Iwas begging to Our Blessing Mother for his healing .Also with St.Andrew’s Novena.Yesterday son was looking himself in the mirror,touching his face.saying that he had a brand new skin.BLESSED BE GOOD.Thank you.Our Lord Bless you and Our Most Blessed Mother smiled at You.