Answered Prayers from the Holy Spirit Novena for Pentecost, 2021

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the Holy Spirit Novena for Pentecost!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

We’re praying for you!

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  1. Thank you Holy Spirit! On the first day my petition for a full-time position was offered! I begin my new position on Monday the 31st! ( The Visitation)

  2. I pray for my families healing from all of the trauma in our lives . I pray with find the love of God to fill our hearts with joy and peace.

    In Jesus name I pray.

  3. Thank you Holy Spirit for answering my prayer that my son who is ill and was tested for Covid 19, got negative results. Amen

  4. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, through your assistance we received a much need donation of funds to assist us in helping to support 27 needy families.

  5. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy on us, and for sending us the Holy spirit/helper as He promised.
    Holy Spirit has really helped me a lot in my needs as I prayed.
    I asked Holy Spirit to help be calm and get back my Wife who was separated with me almost two years since she went. Am so so grateful for that. Praise the Lord now and forever… And God is good all the time.

  6. My prayers for financial security have been answered. I worked hard studying about the company and how my experience fit with the company, then convincing interviewers in seven interviews that I was right for the job. I prayed the Novena to the Mother Mary, several times during the last months. I pray now for health, healing, financial security, courage, kindness, patience, and goodness for everyone in the world and that evil is turned to good. God bless you.

  7. Thank you Holy Spirit for coming into my life and I pray you stay forever. I have prayed for presence of God in my life for as long as I can remember . I have done everything I could possibly do but nothing was good enough. I have been struggling with mind porn for a long time and the guilt has been killing me but guess what 😊 I started this novena on the second day and since then I have not thought of immoral pictures. My mind is free and happy . The holy Spirit sure has taken over and will continue been in charge . Amen

  8. At the beginning of the Novena I prayed to the Holy Spirit to lead me in my first day in court where I was cross-examined. The opposing team fumbled allowing me the opportunity to demonstrate to the court the facts as it has been. They lost an initial request to the court to strike out my evidence in-chief. My lawyer called it a double win for the day. I could feel the Holy Spirit guiding me and my lawyer with His Wisdom and Calmness and guidance all the way through. I believe the Holy Spirit has already won this battle. I look forward to the manifestation of it at the end of the proceedings in a battle pundits have told me that the odds are against me. I believe with the Holy Spirit the odds favor me.

  9. The Holy Spirit heard my prayer concerning my son. He has just been accepted into the Salesians of St. Don Bosco. Thank you, Holy Spirt! Please fly with him always!

  10. We prayed for our son’s healing from addiction. On Pentecost Sunday, he finally agreed to undergo the Treatment Program after strongly resisting it on Friday. We believe that it is the start of his permanent healing made possible by our prayers to the Holy Spirit. We will continue to pray for him, knowing that this is a process. God’s infinite love and mercy will carry us through.
    Thank you Holy Spirit!

  11. When I started the prayer to the Holy Spirit I experienced every day in the morning a bird on my window trying to enter. I always stayed there for a while and talked to. It’s a minute and he go away. Now the prayer is finished and the bird is gone. I did not connect this to the prayer at first but now I have red the meaning of a bird who comes to the window and it is described as the guardian angel visit in angent times. Anyway I was happy to see the bird and his intention to see me every day.

  12. I was praying for reconciliation and unity in my family; on the 6 day of the novena, a family member with whom a had long terms broken relationships ,confessed to me that the night before he had a long dream and we finally reconciled so he is opened to walk with me toward that Gaul. I believe it is the work of the Holy Spirit, alleluia 🙏
    Thanks to all for praying for me and please continue praying for my family

  13. Thanking the Holy Spirit for all His gifts and blessings. Especially granting my novena intention of removing the bead my 5 yrs old son got stuck in his ear without any major surgery as the doctor was suggesting. Thank you Lord!

  14. The Holy Spirit heard my Prayers n I had a great n peaceful day at mass without the hurtful pain of light or aircondition interference. It felt like human n normal again. Thanks Holy Spirit. Please complete the healing.. Amen

  15. I am thanking God that through this novena I have been granted peace of mind, strength and wisdom, and I am thanking God that through this novena I believe that I will have an excellent and a wonderful result in my upcoming exam

  16. I prayed this Novena for peace in the Middle East. At least they are part way there with the ceasefire. I have Also had some relief for my eye problems. Thanks be to God.

  17. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies,favours,good health,guardiance and protection in the family and praying for same Amen.
    Thanking the holy spirit for answering our prayers and praying that he answers us more.
    In the course of the novena my son attended interview and holy spirit interceded for him as the required documents has been sent we are hoping for the best in the coming days Amen.
    Thanking for our our health and praying that you guide and choose a good husband for my daughter soon Amen.
    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers and thank you holy spirit for your intercessions and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen

  18. My mum`s complicated cancer surgery went fine and she is on a good way to healing and getting better.
    Thank you, Hl. Spirit. Thank you, Mother Mary.

  19. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers and listening to each small detail in our lives. Thank you God for our great heavenly family and blessed Mother. Train us as we try to be open to these heavenly virtues of this novena! All praise be to you Lord God on high!

  20. My Daughter’s & Son-in-law travel is finalized. I praise and Thank the Holy Spirit for HIS blessings.

  21. Thank you Holy Spirit. I Pray for my Brother who had Aneurysm and my Sister in law who had Covid19. She applied for Senior Housing 7years ago. This week she finally got one. Thank you.🙏

  22. My son has had his health improve this week. Feeling very grateful for this Novena to help guide my prayers.

  23. I prayed this novena together with my husband.
    Our intensions were renewal in our vocation as a married couple and in our Community (Shalom), and a successful finishing of a really long project to have our own home.
    To the end of this novena, both of these became OK!
    Very happy and really feel blessed. :)

  24. The Holy Spirit Novena answered my prayer request. My speech, fear of the crowd, lack of confidence has all be restored, thank you Jesus.
    I appreciate and thank God for this and the opportunity to be part of praymorenovena group.

  25. I started the novena for my brothers health and I spoke to him today and he is feeling much better and said he is in peace and ready for whatever God has for him. Thanks

  26. Dear Pray More Novena Team, thank you for your tireless work in the vineyard of Our Lord !!! As I am typing this a connection is being made with of Australia, Charbel Raish and Donald Nohs, President of The Society of The Holy Face of Jesus in America and expert on the Holy Shroud of Turin… In praying this novena we were trying to button down all the information for the second zoom show presentation of the Holy Shroud, Holy Face and Divine Mercy… This week’s show which will be live on zoom Tuesday at 6:00p.m. Don will also be speaking about the Holy Grail and it’s relationship to Our Lord’s Holy Face… Everything came together as I spoke to Don 15 minutes ago 12:05 Monday a.m. and e-mailed Charbel in Australia… Thank you Dear Holy Spirit for your Love and guidance in this journey… In Christ’s Love, Peter Lepre… Envoy For Mercy(MIC)

  27. My daughter is in hospital and been diagnosed with Long Covid. Please pray she recovers well and discernment for me please.

  28. Am thanking God through this novena my daughter has been delivered from drug addiction. THANK YOU JESUS.


  29. Before I started the novena to the Holy spirit. I was on the verge of loosing my accommodation
    I had no money
    In summary my financial situation was really bad.
    I just want to thank God for answered prayers
    I put all my worries into his hands and trusting God he didn’t disappoint.
    Before the novena was done I had settled my accommodation problem.
    Slowly but surely my finances are getting back on track.
    God is faithful.
    I just want to add that whatever you are going through just trust God. He is too faithful to fail or disappoint you.

  30. I ve been praying for my son but in this novena I prayed for the Holy Spirit to help me and give me words of wisdom when speaking to my children and especially to my son he says his not catholic any more but he believes in God
    He has a big heart so today I spoke to him and word of a morhers wisdom through the Holy Spirit my son and I had a great conversation and he opened up to me we both were so happy and he got closer to me gave him a kiss and he waited for his blessing🥰 so grateful 🙏 💕

  31. I have been praying for my brother Arnold and Jim who have been sick. Yesterday I talked with Arnold and he said he is fine and not feeling any pain or weariness and he has gone back to work. He had not worked for the last 3 months. Jim is also feeling much better and strong.
    I also prayed for my daughter MaryJoyce Ruth to pass her exams, and indeed God blessed her with flying colours. Thank you Holy spirit and all the novenas that I have prayed that brought me good answers.

  32. Thank you for healing for a family member blood pressure to stabilise and it did. It went down. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  33. On day six of the novena my son called to say that his work permit was in the mail and that he would be resuming his job shortly….thank you Holy Spirit for such a quick response. I’m still awaiting part 2 but I feel so happy and grateful for this great favour given to me. Oh Holy Spirit I thank you from the bottom of my heart as I await my second favourable response. Praise and thank You.

  34. My blood workwork numbers were way off. I prayed to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. With Divine Intervention my blood work numbers very much improved and I believe with my whole heart that is the only way i had such improvement. Thank u Dear Jesus and my friend the Holy Spirit with such power and love they have for us.

  35. I did pray that my nephew has a miraculous healing from his addiction. Today he went to the ER for health issues and is starting to talk about getting help. I feel strongly since it happened today in Gods intervention. It’s a start and I will continue to pray since I know he has a long way to go. With God everything is possible and I will continue to pray that he has a miraculous healing for this horrible alcohol addiction.

    Thank God!🙏

  36. I have been asking for the gift of self-control. Thank you Father. I have experienced a shift that began with a desire to fast. God is good, all the time.✨

  37. God answered my prayers🙏🏻 The doctors found a reason for my grandson’s emotional problems. Now there appears to be treatment for him. Thanks and praise to our Lord🙏🏻

  38. I prayed for my adult children, for love and and support. My son graduated from college this week and to be honest, doing family with covid was complicated. There was such deep
    joy with prayers answered. The Holy Spirit filled the hearts of us all.

  39. Thank you most gracious Holy Spirit for
    the healing of my intestinal problems. I have seen a dramatic improvement in that area.
    I look forward to and will keep praying for answers to all of my family and friends’ needs. May you be honored and praised by all forever.

  40. I had three friends who just endured major surgeries. I prayed the Novena asking for God to watch over them and the doctors who were performing the surgeries for an outcome that was successful. In all three friends, they survived their surgeries. However, one of them will still have to have another major surgery a month from the one he just had. This too will be a life threatening surgery. I pray that God will pull him through once again. Thank you for the Novena and all the prayers.

  41. Thank you Lord. Praying this novena has made me realize your presence in my life. I may not be where I want to be yet but I’m most grateful for making me feel your presence in my life. Thank you Paul and Annie. May God bless you two.

  42. Thank you God! The Holy Spirit has answered all of my prayers! The 1st day we received a payment we didn’t expect.
    I am able to retire and our son in law sold his truck.
    So very thankful!

  43. My prayer has been answered. The Holy Spirit helped me in weaning of some medication that I was on for many years and that was not good for me anymore. It’s my second attempt. I gave up the first time because of bad side effects. I ended up taking this meds again. This time I had the same side affects as well until I started praying the Novena. I am not done yet but it’s much easier this time. I know that Holy Spirit is with me. Thank you!

  44. I got a raise at work and I am grateful it’s a dollar more an hour and I so pleased. My friend has a 2nd interview this week for a a job she really wants and would be great at. She hasn’t had a regular job since she lost her June 2019. This wonderful new opportunity would
    be a God send. I give God all the Glory and praise. AMEN thank you God!

  45. To God be the glory. Thank you Lord God for the succesful heart surgery of my friend who is now recuperating. I am still continuing praying for her complete healing and recovery. In Jesus name. Amen🛐🙏

  46. We have been praying for peace for Israel. Now a peace accord has been brokered by Egypt. Thank you Holy Spirit. We will pray for continued peace.

  47. I praise the lord for his love and mercy .For he has answered my prayers through this novena .Since Covid my husband lost his job and he has been working here and there to be able to provide for us ,his family but the Almighty father has opened another door for a better job .we are most grateful
    I have also renewed my vêlage to remain which was granted however still receive back my residence card since January though we have been chasing but the Lord in his glory has made that happen .
    I give our mighty Father thanks and praise .
    Amen Thank you God .

  48. I prayed for the virtue of patience and for the gift of fortitude from grieving for years. To finally be at peace with my circumstances
    Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ 🙏🙌❤💖

  49. Thank you Holy Spirit for your Love and Faithfulness! I want to praise You for You have heard my prayer and has shown me Your Loving Kindness and Healing Power. Praise be to You always.

  50. I just want to say thank you to the Mary undoer of knots that my prayers were answered for my daughter’s boyfriend who got a job as a Teaching Asst. and also that he has got his placement to do his teacher’s training next year. Thank you all for your prayers.
    God bless.

  51. I was blessed on Tuesday, sixth of our novena. I was dping a tough test and found it difficult but when I cried to the Holy Spirit, He came through for me , I passed the test and got my license. Thank you Holy Ghost for granting me knowledge and wisdom.

  52. Thank you Blessed Holy Spirit for helping is so many areas:
    My brother who is in ICU because of a cardiac arrest with complications is showing good signs of improvement with intact mental function. Blessed is your influence on his caregivers and doctors. He is on the road to recovery!
    Also, my constant prayers for my husband are showing your influence: he has had bitterness and anger in his heart for years, but he is becoming gentler, and is seeking avenues to help him to resolve this bitterness. I know that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our Blessed Mother, and all the Angels and Saints are moving him in this direction.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that prayers work!

  53. Too many prayers answered God has been faithful to me ..There is a loan I have been waiting for and it just got approved

  54. Thanks be to God, my son, Marky, seems to be on the right track with his life and especially his belief in our Lord!

  55. Thank you all for your prayers, my son-in-law has been granted a visa. He will be flying on Tuesday 25may.Praying fir journey mercies.

    Our God is able and is full of wonders

  56. Happy Solemnity of Pentecost, the birthday of the Church.
    I strongly feel my prayers have been answered as I’m at peace ,my family is at peace and I know I have received Financial breakthrough to pay off a huge loan for my house amounting to ksh 5.3 Million which was due for foreclosure.Thank you Lord Jesus Christ through the Power of the Holy Spirit my prayer have been answered.Thank you.
    Be Blessed

  57. Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for giving me a little joy and peace. My son is now living in a sober house. And he is in process of obtaining a good job. If it is your Will Lord let it be that he stays sober for the rest of his life, and will get that job so he can sustain his life and become independent form once in his life. Thank you Holy Spirit for your grace

  58. Thank you Holy Spirit for answering my deepest heart desire to know your will of the husband you have chosen for me. Thank you for confirming on the 9th day. Please now complete the work of your Hands. I trust you will answer me in all areas of my life. Amen. Thank you❤❤

  59. Dear Holy Spirit, thank you for answering my prayers! My son called yesterday, and he is coming for a visit in three weeks. I also feel that my health is improving and my GI problems are getting better. I believe that my other prayers will be answered in due course with your help. Please stay with me always!

  60. I’ve been praying this novena for my sister-in-law to be able to have a natural birth as she desires and health delivery. She went into the hospital last night and my niece was born within 2 hours! All are healthy and recovering well!

  61. My husband received good medical tests results. My grown children are getting along better. Thank you dearest Jesus for all of your blessings now and in the past, espcially thank you for your peace.

  62. Dear God,

    Thank you for my Husband’s new job, which I prayed with all my love, through the St Joseph’s Novena. And Thank you for all of our lives blessings. Thank you for the good health of our Family. Thank you for my Children.

    This Novena I prayer with all my love, trust and hope that myself, alongside other friends who are also trying, to get pregnant with healthy Babies in mind, body and soul. I will continue to prayer for miracles.

    Amen. 🙏🏼

  63. A concern at work has been improved after requesting help from the Holy Spirit. Thank you and praise to the Holy Trinity!

  64. I asked that my surgery would be a success! Even though it’s only been four weeks, I can tell I’m doing and getting better! Thanks Be to God and the Blessings of the Holy Spirit through this Novena! 🙏😇☝️❤️

  65. Thanking the Lord for restoring my marriage. We are now in good talking terms with my husband. I continue thanking God for all things and blessings.

  66. I can not put my finger on what’s changed in my life, however I have this serene feeling of peace and innermost contentment that I can only put down to my prayer for peace and harmony with my nearest and dearest; who are my children, grandchildren, colleagues at work and the children God has entrusted me with in my career as a primary school teacher.
    Piety was one of the gifts I prayed very hard for, that I am able to accept and follow the directions of my superiors for the common good and harmony in all my encounters. I have just realized what I need to do in order to avoid being drawn into gossipy behavior.
    As Our :Lord answered Peter when he enquired about Our Lord’s favorite disciple. Our Lord replied ” and how does that concern you?” I now know how to develop my attitude towards matter that do not concern me. Come Holy spirit and shower us with your your and compassion.

  67. I was so worried I would not pass my credentialing exam. I took it during the Pentecost Novena and passed! I have been approached about a potential new position in my organization based on this. Praise God!

  68. This novena has both calmed and inspired me. I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit within me and it has given me a new strength and a new direction to help me deal with my worries.
    O Holy Spirit I thank you. Stay with me always.

  69. Dear Lord thank you for everything you have done for me. You answered my prayer, I got the loan I have been praying for deat Lord. Amen.May I never doubt your mercies towards me and my son! Through all trials I know you are with me! I pray for my sister in law who is not well, please be with her oh dear Lord! Its towards increases at work please be with dear Lord, you know my finances dear Lord. I pray and thank you Lord amen

  70. I began the Holy Spirit Novena for a family member who has a serious addiction. Though he
    still has his struggles, I have seen some improvement! I can attribute this novena you the improvement I have seen and for that I am grateful. I will continue prayers for this individual. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  71. John-Paul & Annie – Peace be with you!

    First and foremost I thank God for being with us all through the journey of this year Holy Spirit Novena.

    I had many requests however am so happy one of them was answered, Our Living God is good.
    Jesus left us with two great commandants and the second one was about to “love your neighbor as yourself”
    The ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was a big breakthrough for me and the world. We already have more than enough in our baskets like the COVID-19 pandemic and technology pandemic (Challenges) which are feeding our kids with too much information just by a click. God has our back and let us remain positive and never cease to pray even when there seems to be no answer!
    God is love
    God is merciful
    God is promise.

  72. I thank the Lord for answering my prayers granting my daughter Rita success in her interview for a permanent job Senior Nurse research. Please pray for her to be a great lead Nurse in her company IJMN .
    Thanksgiving for my health of mind and body and continue to take care of all my Medical conditions.

  73. @Eileen, my heart breaks for you. I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband, and am sorry that he was unfaithful to you. I found out about my mother’s affair the day after she died. Like your husband, she presented as a faithful, practicing Catholic. Please seek out the healing God will grant you. I’ll remember you in my prayers.

    My novena was for increased business, and that God leads us to the house He wants us to buy.

    So far, my business has increased a little from where it was, and we’ve put things in motion to hopefully increase it a bit more soon. Praise God for providing for all our needs. We are expecting to hear about an offer we made on a house tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s likely we’re going to receive bad news, as other people likely have more money than we do. But I have also started a novena to St Rita of Cascia to intercede for us!

    Praise God in everything!

  74. Thanks and praise be to the Holy Spirit, Michael,
    whom I and many others have been praying for
    many months, finally got the job the Lord wanted him to have, Amen! Alleluia!

    Thanks to all who made this Novena, Blessings on you and your families!

  75. Glory be to God,I have been invited for an amazing job interview.Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray with me that everything goes well,Amen!!

  76. Thank you so much, we were helped with the Holy Spirtit with our Financial problems, thank you Jesus, and thank you. God Bless you.

  77. Thank you Holy Spirit for coming into my heart. I prayed for personal encounter with the Holy Spirit and I feel His presence in my heart.

    I still believe God for answers and testimonies to my other prayer requests. I will definitely come back to testify to the glory of God.

  78. Praise thy LORD.
    I want to return all glory to God,the healing God.
    I have two testimonies
    I) For some weeks now I have been experiencing stomach upsets and running stomach. At times I purge.
    On the first day of May devotion while i was praying my rosary. I presented this issue before my God and my Mother Mary, before I could finish my rosary, everything disappeared , no purging, no upsets. Everything became normal. Help me thank my master Jesus.
    2) I told God about my Visa, just within this Novena alot has been achieved towards the success. I pray HE perfects all that concerns this Visa.
    In Jesus name, Amen

  79. I give GOD thanks and praise for answering my prayers during this Novena. My spiritual life and relationship with GOD is being strengthened daily. I believe that GOD has removed obstacles preventing me from getting the job I applied for. I was contacted and background checks are being done. GOD continues to protect me, my family and friends from the coronavirus and from any other serious illnesses. HE has healed my family and GOD has revealed to me what I need to do to keep myself in overall good health and to get rid of my own sinus issues and other concerns. My daughters remain healthy and are focused on their school work. My older daughter is preparing for exams and although there is some uncertainty with the dates now, I believe that GOD is working it out and she will be successful. GOD has given me a financial blessing that I need urgently!! HE worked it out in HIS own way. I prayed for a financial blessing and GOD made a way when there seemed to be no way!!! I give thanks! HE continues to keep my family and me healthy, safe, protected, a roof over our head, food on the table, and for all this and more I give GOD thanks! GOD has shown my husband HIS works and this has given him a deeper faith so he can develop a relationship with GOD. I prayed for my niece and her family to be healed of the coronavirus, she and her husband are recovering at home and her children have tested negative. Praise GOD!! GOD continues to bless WE and family and keep them protected and all the other persons I prayed for. I believe that GOD is showing us what needs to be done at this time, so we can heed HIS word. I pray that we all take precautions to stop the spread of the virus, reduce positive cases and deaths in our country and worldwide. I continue to pray for an end to Covid-19 world wide and healing for all those families already affected. I give thanks and praise along with those who prayed this Novena. AMEN and AMEN.

  80. Prayed for our catholic church to open to 100% capacity and we would not have to wear masks anymore. My prayers were answered

  81. Dear Jesus, Mary and Holy Spirit, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma and colon problems.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help our son find God 🙏 loving friends and co-workers at his new job.

    Please also help our son find a devout, Catholic woman to marry.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please Bless 🙏 my beloved Mom on the anniversary of her passing.

    Thank you Jesus, Mary and Holy Spirit.

  82. Thank u Holy Trinity for this overwhelming peace u restored to me, thank u for divine Providence and protection upon my family, these were my prayer request I believe it will remain permanent.

  83. The Holy Spirit has renewed my heart to be good and kind to all I meet. I’ve done things I wouldn’t normally do. Kindness and gentleness has replaced my way of thinking and actions and I’m so DELIGHTED!! And when I fail & I do …. the Holy Spirit has given me a conscience to make amends or ask for forgiveness almost spontaneously. Thank you everyone for your prayers. I’ll continue to pray for everyone too! Thank you JESUS‼️ Also, I had a successful Mother’s Day in my floral Dept that I was so worried about!

  84. After a really hard year, losing two people I was really close to, my family and I needed a vacation. My prayer was answered for a safe and enjoyable vacation for my family and I.

  85. Thank you to the Holy Spirit for working wondrous miracles. Our church has put holy water back in the fonts and containers praise be to God. And masks are no longer required in the church. Thanks be to God. Next week Sunday there will be a Eucharistic procession outside of the church with benediction in honor of the Precious Body and Blood of Jesus. My friend’s dog’s operation was a success with minimal cost. They received half of their deposit back
    This was Lord’s providence. I will continue to pray for healing of world repentance and reparation in this time of purification. That all restrictions be lifted. 🙏🙏🙏

  86. I prayed to the Holy Spirit for my daughter’s job interviewed for a position in her medical field. She was interviewed on Tuesday and Friday , she was offered the position . Amen 🙏. Thank you for your prayers as well . May the Holy Spirit remain among all of us forever . 🙏