Answered Prayers from the Holy Spirit Novena for Pentecost, 2021

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the Holy Spirit Novena for Pentecost!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

We’re praying for you!

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  1. Please pray to Saint Rita, she is the Saint of impossible cases, she has answered many favors for me, she has never let me down. I also pray to the Sacred Heart and Padre Pio. Anyone who needs favours that seem impossible please pray to Saint Rita, she will help you, I know she will.

  2. Can you pray that my uncle Henry doesn’t force me to do what i don’t want to do and that he accepts my stance on what I said to him and that I will not go to his house for the Fourth of July

  3. Praise you God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit for answering my prayers. During the 2020 Novena to the Holy Spirit,
    I asked that the Holy Spirit grant my brother successful kidney transplant surgery and also post transplant healing. To the glory of God, he had a successful transplant in March,2021; doing well and we will be having his thanksgiving mass this July.

    He is a Faithful God and all glory, adoration and blessed be his holy name throughout all ages

    Thank you John Paul & Annie

  4. Praise you God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit for answering my prayers. During the 2020 Novena to the Holy Spirit,
    I asked that the Holy Spirit grant my brother successful kidney transplant surgery and also post transplant healing. To the glory of God, he had the a successful transplant in March,2021; doing well and we will be having his thanksgiving mass this July.
    He is a Faithful God and all glory, adoration and blessed be his holy name throughout all ages

    Thank you John Paul & Annie

  5. Thank you Holy Spirit. I am so excited!! Thank you for freeing my girl’s (maid) parents from a bondage. She is finally back at her marital home and her husband that had abandoned her also returned home, and both have started living a productive life. We continue to place them in thy hands. Amen

  6. Thank you Holy Spirit for answered prayers.
    My daughter got a new job that is paying her double
    My son is having outstanding extraordinary grades at university in medical school
    My other son is healing from his depression
    I am very very thankful

  7. Thanks be to the lord;

    God is good all the time

    All the time God is good

    Ive an answered prayer i was praying for my brother swearing in ceremony to the role of a judge which had taken him two years but finally he was sworn in on Friday 4/6/2021 it was a blessing to the family and the country at large. i prayed this during the novena of the holy spirit.

  8. Thank you all for the wonderful prayers. I was able to get a job with Plan International, after having gone through agonizing moments due to the loss of my job during the Covid 19 period. The Almighty God worked miracles for me through these prayers. Blessings from God be upon you and everyone who prayed for and stood with me throughout this period.

  9. Thank you to The Father,The Son and The Holy Spirit. Thank you for giving me the strength to pursue my healing through You. I know You are on this journey with me and that together, with Your mercy, grace and love, I shall be whole. I thank You and beg You with a humble heart of a beggar to please see me through the rest of this journey because without You, I cannot go on.

  10. Hi, honestly this novena was filled with testimonies and alot of financial blessings. As soon as i started the novena my prayer request was for payment of debt and God should help me never to owe anyone again ,though it has not been easy. I had the peace I have never had in my life as soon as I started, even though i was broke and indebted to my kid school and to others. Then on the second day of the novena the father of my kid send me some money which he finds difficult to do. Before I finished the novena, I started receiving credit alerts from people including people I have never met. Which has enabled me to pay off most of my debt. And lastly i want to thank the holy spirit for making things more easier for me now,i and the kids don’t stay without a meal again for he has been meeting me at the point of my need during and after the novena. God is always faithful.

  11. Pray for Bobby , my children B and N , give them peace and forgiveness in their hard hearts. Husband give him peace and health always. T and A pls help them in their new and difficult way of living give them strength,peace and health and happiness . Pray for me so I stay strong, and go on loving and living with God, and forgiveness for my children I will always pray for them to have peace in their decisions they have made. May God be with us all.Thank You

  12. I asked the Holy Spirit bring my niece back home to her family. On Pentecost Sunday, I learned of her return home! Thanks be to the Holy Spirit, our Advocate and Comforter!

  13. I’ve had plans of relocating to a new country for end of June and have been looking for a job but I had no job offers yet. Getting a job offer was my major intention while praying this novena. Before the end of the Novena I had advanced in a job recruitment process and was already asked for references. A week after we finished the novena, I got a job offer from the company and have series of other interviews lined up. There’s nothing God cannot do.

  14. Praise God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and answering my prayers, I got my call for a job offer that I have prayed for during this Novena. Thank you so much God for sending the Holy Spirit, thanks to everyone praying the Novena and thanks to John-Paul and Annie for providing our Novenas. 🙌🙌🙌

  15. I had a number of prayer requests during the Novena. One was specifically for a quick approval of our mortgage application. We received news the Friday before Pentecost Sunday that we should expect a commitment letter from the bank on Tuesday. During the weekend there was a slight hiccup which threatened to be a setback, however Tuesday came and we received the bank sent us the commitment letter. My prayers were answered! I am still also expectant for other miracles that I was praying for but with total submission to God’s perfect will.

    Thank you for the Novena prayers

  16. Please pray for my son-in-law, who is having an interview right now for a great church and position. Thank you!

  17. Hie
    I had my grand child who was naught and he couldn’t listen. I had to beat him up every evening until I had surrender him to God through the intervention of the holy spirit novena. I just wanted to thank God that he answered my prayers.

  18. Our Grandson Anniston’s digestive disorder continues to improve. Thanks everyone for your prayers.

  19. I asked during this novena for a renewal of the thirst for the word of God. I found during my prayer time I didn’t want to read my Bible. By the end of this novena, I’ve been able to sit down and meditate with my Bible. I want to study it and understand it. God has given me a renewed desire for the word.
    I also asked for the gift of Holy Spirit in other people I know.

  20. Started the Novena late.I have been putting my Trust on this novena ( normally called in my language the fires that leaves us shining)I was asking for an intervention with my interview as I always wanted a permanent job ; Sure all has been very productive, we did the interview 7 people and I was so surprised to hear I was the only one selected,who will then say God is not Faithful.This Novena has been very helpful and I am still doing it once more .thanks am on day 8.Be encouraged even if the favour has not shined its on your way.
    Thanks a lot
    Blessings to the co founder of praymorenovenas
    Amen 🙏

  21. Holy spirt,

    Please be with us on our journey to become parents. Let our treatments be fruitful and successful. Let this be the one.


  22. Thank you so much Lord I feel your Holy Spirit abiding us. Thank you Lord especially for the gift of wisdom, understanding,fear of the Lord for all of the gifts Lord that lead us embrace your overflowing of fruits esp. the gentleness, self-control,kindness that help us have a peaceful family.

    Everytime I seek for answers , I really feel your presence.You never left us alone Lord. Amen. Thank you for everything when we are in trouble and in doubts you are there. Thank you for letting us see/ feel how blessed we are despite the challenges esp. during this covid pandemic.You are our strong defender and protector. I love you Lord and Mother Mary!

  23. My prayer has been answered i prayed for paypoint change from my former work place and it has been done thank God i give God all the glory

  24. Praise the name of the living God.

    I am so thankful that the Lord has answered my prayers after praying the Novena. My son’s father whom we are separated with has been providing for him for two years now after being gone for 8 years when he suddenly stopped communicating and we were two weeks late in paying school fees and i thought, here we go again but after praying and completing the Novena, I contacted him again and he was able to send the boy’s school fees within a few hours. To God be the most Glory

  25. Instead of having a healthy pregnancy journey i have lost it. I know it is Gods will and not mine. Help me in prayers to heal

  26. Praying for a new job. Done several interviews but no success so far but I am believing God for a miracle soon

  27. All of my prayers were answered in this novena and I am so grateful!.
    My oldest son was offered a software engineering job after a year of applying
    My middle son who is a junior in college and didn’t want to be at school and talked about quitting, is now doing great, happy and sounds so good on the phone. Praise God!
    My youngest son received his MRI results and does not have any tears or damage in his knee. He seems to have had a fire lit under him this week, is motivated, and confident. He even finished his second semester of college with a 4.0! Thank you Jesus for knowing my heart and for answering my prayers. Thank you!

  28. For quite a long time now we had been struggling in our marriage and I have been praying a lot for a reconciliation in our couple but despite several conversations we were still struggling. At the beginning of the novena I asked the holy spirit to help us with a miracle of reconciliation in our marriage but most specifically to have my husband initiate the conversation and I had a feeling that the Holy Spirit was present and that my prayer would be answered. And just on the second night or third night of the novena my husband sat me down to talk and since then it s been great again. Thank you Holy Spirit and thank you God!

  29. Thank you for prayers answered- my son passed all classes this semester and also found internship. Thanks be to the Lord!

  30. My son is struggling with employment and a job opened up for him to apply. Please ask the Holy Family to pray for him and guide him through the process. He is struggling these days.

  31. My son got a Sumner job before he finished his college exams, just came out of on where. Praying for my brother’s bowel surgery in next month approx. Please protect him.

  32. I prayed that our alumni association will recover the money that was held by a member for safekeeping and the person was estranged for a while and I prayed for it everyday and we got the money 2 weeks ago. I did not doubt and I did not lost hope. Initially, the person would not respond to the phone calls or emails. Thank you for praying for me and with me.

  33. I thank the Most Holy Spirit for bringing some light towards my perpetual profession. Thank you Holy Spirit, I love you so much. The pray more novenas family loves you Holy Spirit.

  34. My husband, Andrew, has been working towards a promotion for nearly 6 months. He’s been through several rounds of interviews for multiple different positions. After missing out on two promotions to seemingly less-qualified candidates, he was discouraged and lacked purpose in his career. Then, on the first day of the Pentecost Novena, he received an offer letter for a supervisor promotion! Thank you for your prayers and intercession for our growing family, our financial stewardship, and God’s provision. Amen.

  35. The Holy Spirit sent the gift of discernment to me regarding an opportunity for a position. I am still praying for guidance, but am confident I shall receive it. Thank you Holy Spirit!

  36. I ask that God will bring our son peace at his job. I ask that God will walk with my sister and give her strength to deal with her very troubled son, and God please protect her health.

  37. For the reversion of faith for my 4 adult sons. And for one son who experiences same sex attraction that he be called to live a chaste life.

    For continued healing for my brother JP after his brain tumor surgery Dec. 31st. Specifically that he no longer has double vision, that he can walk without the aid of a walker and that his tumor never returns.

    Healing for my sister-in-Christ Lyn who has stage 4 ovarian cancer. For my cousin Mitch who has prostrate cancer.

    For the sale of my house THIS YEAR after 31/2 yrs on the market.

  38. I am humbled at God’s amazing greatness and the power of prayers made with faith and one voice.
    I asked for success on the travel plans of my nephew. The agent hadn’t shown up for a while and my nephew was getting worried because he used all his little savings to pay for this plans.
    On the seventh day of the Novena, the agent sent a message reassuring him the plans are still well on the way that it was Covid that has slowed down plans. I am grateful to God the Holy Spirit, though the project hasn’t yet completely come true but with the sign from above, we are hopeful the Holy Spirit will bring it to completion to his own greater glory.

  39. Thanks to all who joined in prayers Giving thanks for prayers answered especially for someone I know who had been subjected to verbal abuse that they were able to get mostly out of that situation and with continued prayers for all who find themselves at the hands of those who are so cruel and cause mental anguish and pain that should be illegal but often is not in so many places or hard to prove. May the Holy Spirit come and abide them in their most darkest hour and protect them in their need. Amen

  40. My 23 year old son has been wavering in his faith for a while. He still attends mass (most of the time), and knows in his heart what is true, but hasn’t been to confession in a long time, and so hasn’t been receiving holy communion. I boldly asked the Holy Spirit for a radical conversion, a profound encounter with the love God has for him. I’m not sure what transpired during the week, and don’t know if he’d had a profound encounter with Christ, but he received holy communion on Pentecost Sunday, the first time in a long time. I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t have received if he had not gone to confession some time during the week. Praise God!

  41. Thank you Holy Spirit!! Our prayers are answered, and our daughter received the job offer she wanted. You knew the big picture, and guided her to this position. We have been taught patience and faith! We love you! And we BELIEVE! Amen!

  42. The very last day of the novena to the Holy Spirit I received my most important intention. My daughter hadn’t had communication with me since Christmas & she texted me! We have a long way to go but this was a HUGE breakthrough! Thank you Holy Spirit & thank you John-Paul & Annie for these wonderful novena opportunities.

  43. Mother Mary, thank you for interceding for my husband, he passed his training exams. For my friend that got a permanent job, for my sister that is progressing with her job application. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I believe that you will do much more for us. Amen!

  44. I have been praying for months for my son to find a job. So many applications, so many novenas including this one, and no replies even. But on the Friday before Pentecost Sunday, my son has been invited for an interview for a job the coming Wednesday, following a persistent application to a suitable company. He is also still in the running for a temporary position in another company. I pray he passes this interview, but God’s Will be done. But I’m so thankful to God for this sudden progress. It has given me back my faith and is very encouraging. Thank You Holy Spirit

  45. I asked the Holy Spirit to let a check I mailed to the IRS last year in June, to be at their hands and cashed soon, because I was worry that I would end up paying so much more interest. And thank God, it was cashed on Saturday!!! Thank you God, Thank you Holy Spirit!

  46. Dear Holy Sprit Lord Jesus and our God The Father,
    Thank you very much the Holy Sprit Holy Trinity and mother Mary granting you Holy Powers and Blessings upon my friend Lakmini to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic within the short period of time after I started to pray this novena Thank You Lord thank You Jesus Thank You Holy Sprit and mother Mary.
    Thank you and God Bless you Paul and Annie too to give us this opportunity to pray with the universe.

  47. I prayed that my daughter would get a negative covid result and that her partner will make a full recovery
    Thanks be to God her first result was negative and will continue that way as she is awaiting a second test..with the help of the Holy Spirit she will be covid free. Awaiting answered prayer for other request on her behalf. Thank you Spirit for bringing all my requests to God the father and healing in Jesus name

  48. Praise you Holy Spirit for answering my prayers. I asked that you grant me the gentleness to anger, to have self-control over difficult situations. Two days ago, even before this novena ended, I have become calm and not easily irritated & annoyed by a love one, that due to aging , has become paranoid , selfish and overly thrifty even on basic daily commodities. Praise you that I now ignore those irrational behaviors of people I love for the glory of God and for the salvation of my soul.

    Thank you John Paul & Annie

  49. I prayed for peace in Israel and Palestine. The following day it was announced that there was ceased fire between the two countries. Thanks be to God.
    I continue to pray for India to control Covid 19 in the badly affected areas. Amen

  50. I prayed for several months that my husband would get a job. I am so thankful that my prayers were answered. And i pray that all those that lost there jobs during the pandemic will return to work.

  51. Prayers answered ! Thank you everyone and especially to the Holy Trinity. I asked for prayers for peace in my family when we started this novena and about the fourth day, my spouse reached out to me and now we are doing okay and the kids are fine too. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and I do pray that each one of us will have positive outcomes really soon. Thank you Holy Spirit !

  52. My intention was not for myself but it was answered the day after Pentecost and I am so grateful. I enjoy your novenas and share them from time to time

  53. My teenage son has strayed away from God for sometime but on Pentecost Sunday he called me and said he was sorry he had rejected God and that he realized this world needs God. Praised be Jesus.

  54. I am grateful for the Holy Spirit Novena as through its prayers and intercession it is lovingly guiding us in repairing our marriage. It has helped us in solidifying the deep and genuine bond we once shared, one day at a time. Each day bringing us closer to each other, to the family we created and to the home we built together by the Lord’s union. I am grateful for the sanctity of marriage, family and home.
    Thank you to all who prayed this novena. May you have found comfort in prayer. Many blessings.

  55. The Lord has answered prayers for my sister Jody whose life has been spared from suffering with Cirrhosis of the liver & Neuropathy. She is slowly recovering. The Lord also took my brother-in-law Randy to heaven, as he’d been suffering lung cancer. He is now in God’s arms and will suffer no more.
    Thank you for all of the prayers!!

  56. Prayers of gratitude for the power of prayer! I once again offered this novena for my niece Ashley who been has been seeking employment during the past 12 months. After much time, energy, rejection, and persistence she got a job offer on the final day of the novena. Thank you fellow prayer warriors for your assistance. Praise God!

  57. Lord Jesus God Father, Virgen Mary, Virgen de Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima, Ven. Matt Talbott, St. Jude, St. Joseph, St. Francis, St. Therese, St. Dymphna, St. Max Kolbe, St. Augustine, St. Lucy, St. Martha, St. Lorenzo Ruiz, Guardian Angels, Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Uriel, Zadkiel Uriel Chamuel and Jofiel, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GRACE MERCY PROTECTION AND GRANTING OUR PRAYERS, We will never give us on hope, faith perserverence and prayers for all.
    We love you immensely

  58. thank you for enabling Chris, her mother, and son to move out of their gang infested neighborhood to a safe place. Finally, her son can also attend IN person learning at his new school! They can be outside without fear of being shot. Huge prayers answered, hallelujah!

  59. Thank you Jesus; my prayer was answered!! My son was offered and accepted his dream job. He will be starting 06/01/21! He had been working for a low hourly wage. Thank you holy spirit for being with him during the interview process!

  60. I prayed for employment for my son. Not only did he receive a job offer but also my son in law as well. Thank you, Lord. I am so grateful.

  61. My daughter and I prayed the Holy Spirit Novena together after she applied for a position that was posted at her workplace. This past Friday she was interviewed and she was offered the job. Thank you dear Holy Spirit for your wonderful gifts.

  62. My meth addicted son who has been out of contact with the family since last June 30 texted me on mother’s day. I am assuming he is still using meth, but at least I know he is alive despite his lifestyle during this pandemic! Praising God from whom all blessings flow!

  63. Please pray for my brothers healing my parents Paige and Tony’s healthy and safety . I pray for my nerves to heal from tingling and burning in my feet Andy surgery is successful !!


  64. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Holy Spirit, for watching over us and taking care of us.

    God is good.🙏

  65. Thank you Holy spirit for your intercession We were able to get our financial breakthrough and was able to move to a better house. Glory to Jesus

  66. Please pray for love, joy, peace, unity and forgiveness in our family among us siblings.>>that we are set free from all ancestral curses, family curses + curses put on ourselves by our own actions and wrong living + curses put on us by others/outsiders.>>>that Christopher and Errol are filled with courage, to do the right things.>>>>that all my brothers come close to the Lord and pray the Holy Rosary daily, that they live godly lives, especially Ivan>>>>>that we are all stripped of our idol worship, pride, anger, jealousy. laziness, negative attitudes, have right priorities>>>>>>that all who have left the Holy Catholic Church come back, esp. Errol and Paul’s whole progeny>>>>>>>that we get all our outstanding monies back.>>>>>>>>that we get good firm buyers for our kalina property and Errol gets good buyers for his US properties and Christopher buys his own home.>>>>>>>>that all who want life partners find good God-fearing life partners, and are blessed with children esp. Ivan, Christopher, Errol, Tom Aurelia, Basil,>>>>>>>>>Lord please give everyone very good health esp. Teresa nee Marino.Thank U Lord.

  67. Thank you Holy Spirit for lead, guiding and directing me. Many prayers have been answered, even ones that I didn’t ask for. Thank you, thank you, in Jesus Name Amen