Answered Prayers from the Holy Spirit Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Holy Spirit Novena this year! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We will continue to pray for you and your intentions!

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  1. I would like to thank God the Almighty for all those who prayed the Holy Spirit Novenawith me and for Answering my prayer.
    I prayed for the Lord’s favor on an insurance claim that was submitted after lalmost two years later. The claim should have been submitted after 90 days. After much deliberation the claim was approved after 2 months.
    To God be the glory!

  2. My son dropped off the university during his first year. Became homeless for close to 5 years. I relocated my city to.look for him in a city lager than France. Everyone told me that my efforts were beyond reality. After 2 years I found him. I brought him home. It has been a long journey and still more left to be done. I place the intention to find a psychiatrist. Over 2 years no luck. I got a call on Friday May 26 that a psychiatrist will be call him on Pentecost Sunday. We got the call, but he was not engaged so not much was done. I am still praying for another chance that he will be engaged. Thank you and God bless

  3. I thank God and the power of the Holy Spirit. On the last day of the Novena my daughter showed up from the streets.

  4. I earnestly prayed for job interview and I managed one during the period. As I wait I believe it will go through

  5. Thank you John and Annie, praying this Novena gave me strength to leave my daughter who was expected but was delaying, I left for the WACOM in Western Samoa and seven days later I received the message from my daughter that baby girl was delivered normally and they are both in good health. thank a lot for your prayers for me and my children.👏👏👏❤️

  6. Prayer answered for my daughter going to move to a new country for work that her cousin offered her a place to stay. Praise The Lord. Amen.

  7. God has answered a multitude of a multitude of Novenas and prayers and sacrifices and letters to save St Gianna Parishes in the St Louis Diocese from merger/closure. It is a miracle announced by the bishop on Pentecost!

  8. Hi please accept my testimony
    I have been praying the novena prayers for a year now and it seemed like my prayers were not being answered. After praying the novena for the Holy Spirit, it has been answered.
    So pls
    Don’t stop praying and don’t stop believing in the healing power of God and the power of prayer.

    Praise be to God
    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit amen

  9. I I’ve been praying for the past year and a half for my daughter who has been diagnosed with lymphoma. She had to undergo both chemotherapy and radiation. This week at the appointment with her oncologist, she was told there is no cancer at this time. Thank you for the novenas and for the continued prayers from all. God bless you!

  10. I am thankful for the answered prayer for my son’s health. An MRI scan came back normal, no cancer.

  11. I’m a doctoral student and I had to write a final paper that counted for 60% of my grade. Before I started writing, I prayed to the Holy Spirit to guide me, illuminate my mind, and help me express my thoughts accurately. I received a perfect score on my paper. Thank you Holy Spirit for hearing and answering my prayers.

  12. My two grandchildren are finding some success this year in school. They are the 2 I have focused on during my recent Novenas. My son is the center of my prayers now. Prayers for him to find the best carrer possible .

  13. We were at high risk of pre-term birth. I’ve been at the hospital since mid of May, praying novena for safe delivery and a healthy boy. Praise be to God who graciously heard our prayer. The doctors managed to keep my pregnancy for another two weeks and our son although born a month earlier than expected, is healthy and full of life. Thank you Lord.

  14. I thank God for answering my prayers, I applied for Visa application to UK and we were told to wait for 15days but within 5 days decision was made and it was successful. I should not take it for granted because other people wait for days for them to be answered.

  15. I was praying the Holy Spirit Novena for myself and my daughter. She had been having monthly issues with women cycles and had been on her menstrual for 19 days as I would be praying I kept including her daily and before I finished it her cycle had stopped and I Thank God and the Holy Sporit for giving me peace now🙏

  16. Greetings
    I have been praying for a new vehicle and my husband and I successfully purchased a brand new car for me.
    I have also prayed for my son to get a more permanent and better paying job. He is currently inundated with offers from promising componies.Even the one in which he is currently working,albeit on a short contract are contemplating to make a counter offer to keep him lo ger.
    Glory be to God.

  17. 1)For a friend for a home loan which is now been approved by two banks.

    2) For the health of a friend. After a scan, she is Cancer Free.

  18. My sister in law has turned the corner in her post bone marrow transplant complications in her courageous fight against bone marrow cancer… praise God

  19. I have prayed the novena for my daughter’s acceptance in the College of Nursing. There were challenges like delayed receipt of transcripts but thankfully the school has received all her requirements and she passed the Entrance Exam. Come Monday, the school council will deliberate on the candidates and my prayer remains for her to be accepted. I claim the Holy Spirit’s answer to my novena prayers and I am truly grateful to God through thr Holy Spirit for answered prayers. Amen.

  20. During this novena I received a peace that I have not felt in sometime. I care for my mother who is well into her late 90’s and each day presents new challenges. I truly believe the Holy Spirit gives me the strength each day to be able to care for her, work and be. Wife and mother. I am thankful.

  21. Good news to share with you is that I got a Visa which is not easy to get these days. I am so grateful to God for this, through the Novena to the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much.

  22. I know The Holy Spirit is with us and will hear our prayers. All in God’s time. All in God’s hands.🙏
    Thank you Lord for all prayers answered.

  23. Thank you for my prayers were answered and my daughter gave birth to a beautiful hand healthy little girl. They are both doing well and recovering. Thank you Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother.

  24. God bless your team for always promoting us to do these novenas. Looking at it now, a number of my prayer points have been answered whilst doing the Holy Spirit novena… 1. Better relationship between my husband and siblings. 2. Peace restored between my siblings and myself. 3. Courage in my heart in searching for gainful employment that the best one will be mine soon.
    God bless you all. Keep up the good work. I will be back for more testimonies.

  25. I am now more aware of the Holy Spirit my helper and comforter. I feel close to the holy spirit and I feel useful. Thank you God, Thank you holy spirit.

  26. My son was just told that he had a new job 5 months after he was fired from his last job. I have been praying all the novenas since he was fired. Thanks be to God he again has a job.

  27. I prayed for successful surgery for breast cancer and peace of mind. I felt at peace on Pentecost Sunday. The procedure went well and I am healing nicely. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  28. Dear Holy Spirit,

    Thanks for your majesty and awesome answered prayer for our family and whole world, may continue be with us. We love you so much. And thanks for giving us an instrument of prayermorenovena staff.
    God bless us all. Continue pray for us.

  29. I am happy to announce that my daughter got herself a job a good job and her life is about to take the turn for the better
    Thanks everyone for praying with me and I continue to praise Our Almighty Father for answering me and guiding my daughter in the correct direction
    Thank you all.

  30. It was difficult getting school fees and reqirement,
    During the Holy Spirit novena, the way was made on the 4th day,we thank God

  31. I have been praying for someone to help us fix our house after hurricane Ian. My husband only has one foot and sores on the other one. The good Lord brought us a man to get started so we can move back into our home. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  32. A number of challenges causing me ditress are in the process of being solved. and I am grateful to the almighty God that so far challenges related to property are being solved.

  33. I prayed to the holy spirit for guidance for my husbands and my career path and on the last day of the novena , we received a much larger tent than expected when ordering and we are now going to set it up as a business along with my husbands boxing club getting started back up again . We are so grateful and thankful 🙏

  34. I give thanks to God the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. I prayed for a job by end of May. During the novena I was called for an interview and I passed. To start my new job on 15th June. Glory to God.

  35. Thank You Lord!
    My son got a interview for a new job. He has been unployed for a long time. I am now praying he gets the job and that he will be happy with it and that it will be permanent. Holy Spirit, please guide him when he drives and give him self confidence with his job and the new people around him. Mary our Mother, protect him and keep him safe. St Joseph, pray for him and help him with his job. Guide him like You did take care and protect Jesus. Thank You Lord! Jesus I trust in You ❤️

  36. Thanking God Almighty for an answered prayer for passing my practical driving exams. He changed everything within seconds to for it to be successful, thank you Jesus

  37. I give thanks to Jesus Christ for answering my prayers through the intersession of several Novenas I have prayed. I am so grateful and humble because my needs were dire. I live in faith and believe in God The Father, Jesus Christ, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and all the Angels and Saints. Amen!

  38. I have been praying for a friend of mine for a very long time that she receives her dream job. She’s going on several interviews and they all failed to come to light. She found out the other day that she has a fourth interview with her dream company next week Thursday Hundred dollars a month. Thank you Jesus I have been praying for my daughter Allyson that she received somebody in her life and I love her and take care of her. 🙏🏻❤️

  39. I prayed the holy spirit novena for the saving of our parish, our diocese is closing and merging many churches, and the last day of the novena, we found out that our church will remain as is. Truly a miracle 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  40. Thank you Lord for making my spouse and me able to move about with less pain. Thank you for giving us a little more energy. Thank you for helping my grandchildren, my children, children in law, siblings and their families.

  41. The Holy Spirit answered my prayers that my nephew would find a job and feel good about himself. He did and I am so grateful❤️❤️

  42. Dear John Paul and Annie,
    All the novenas I have prayed with you have been for long term solutions and I know my prayers will be answered at some point ; however the last one to the Holy Spirit was for a personal healing of a knee problem so as I can go on a pilgrimage to Fatima in July
    and I am so grateful that I am healing and the trip is on the horizon once again. Thank you. Keep praying, it works!

  43. I prayed for the truth to be revealed to me and it was!Thank you Jesus and all of you prayer warriors!

  44. I want to thank God for answered prayers. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to direct my husband back to the family. There is a great improvement he is now communicating and he is providing family support something that he had stopped.

  45. I just started my food business and an my first outdoor event coming up and my request through this novena was for God to grant me success all through, turn at the event favored me and I made great sales, sustained an injury that could have have being worse if it cut through my vein, but God kept me safe and it ended as just a surface scratch that’s healing speedily. I had also added as my requests success in the examinations of my sisters and God made a way like always

  46. I prayed for my sisters son to have a job – and now hes got one! Ive prayed to overcome fear- and I do overcome fear. Praise the lord. Amen.

  47. Thanks and Glory to Lord Jesus for answering my prayers. Thank you to the Holy Spirit for listening to all the Angels and Saints and to everyone that has prayed for my son CJ. He has been substance free for 7 weeks, attends all his meetings and may the blessing of the Lord with him with his life long journey.

  48. I have been asking for answers to two separate relationships that I have been so confused about. The Holy Spirit answered all my questions bringing perfect clarity to the whole situation for me! I have perfect peace now replacing all the anxiety and confusion and it happened on Sunday following the last prayer of the Novena!

  49. I had to take a CT Cardiac Calcium Screening. I was nervous about how it would turn out, but Thank God it came out fine. I did a lot of praying and this novena helped me so much.

  50. my husband has lost his interest in attending mass. please pray for a renewal of desire in him again.
    thank you so much.

  51. I thank God for answered prayers,I prayed for peace and promotion, God granted!!!I prayed for God’s favors and He granted,He has continued to provide all our needs,I am grateful Father 🙏🙏🙏

  52. I thank the Lord for the answered prayer. During the Novena to the Holy Spirit i asked God’s blessing for my son who was seeking for a permanent job in Canada (he is currently working par time) and this morning he got a mail informing him that he passed the last interview and that he was hired for the position he applied for. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

  53. Thanking The Holy Spirit for answered prayers:
    My son got a full time job after a long while of anxiety and he is very happy in himself and is enjoying his new job. I have received such Peace over a stressful situation and am very grateful to The Holy Trinity and to you my prayer family.
    God bless you all.

  54. I pray for my daughter rash to clear up from her face and body and it did. Praise God. I’m still praying for her healing. Amen I’m still believing for the other 2 things I prayed about, I have faith my prayers will be answered.

  55. I was praying this novena in hopes that my husband could stop smoking! During the novena he threw his cigarettes away! While it still a little early to celebrate his victory I know God is always with us & wants to answer our fervent prayers!😁❤️🙏🏻✝️

  56. Everyday is an answered prayer for me. I’m grateful that God keeps fighting my battles, especially the unknown and invisible ones. I thank the Holy Spirit for the continuous support, inspiration and confidence. God is good all the time.

  57. I prayed for my sister Barbara who has diabetes type 1. She had surgery to remove fibroids that had bothered her for years. I prayed that the surgery will go well and that she will also heal well. I am so grateful because everything went so well, she’s already up and about and slowly getting back to normal routine. God is faithful.

  58. I still believe in the Novenas, though never saw results but remember some things that could have happened did not. Unnoticed blessings we get can’t always be seen. He works behind the scenes.

    God bless all because as the world happenings we need it more and more. Let’s pray for whole world. Not just family and friends.

    I have to always try to find comfort things could be worse but it so hard. I pray the Lord is not looking down at us sadly and Mother Mary with tears. Breaks my heart to think so.

    Thank you Lord for the blessings of the Holy Spirit, Saints and Angels.

  59. My son is in rehab! He didn’t go on his own but he went and will be there for at least 3months. I have prayed for this since 1997! Thank you to our Lord!

  60. I prayed the Holy Spirit Novena together with the Novena to our Lady of Perpetual Help and I want to give praise to God for prayers answered.
    My daughter got the entire amount of her Student Loan application approved by the first bank she contacted. My son just graduated from University and got a job offer. I am currently not working and someone unexpected requested for my CV. I am confident that all my petitions have been granted. I give glory to God. 🙏

  61. I have been chronically ill and unable to sleep AT ALL. Test results have just indicated that there is mold toxin in my body in very high levels. A doctor was also able to find something to finally help with sleep. So grateful ! Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of your faithful! Amen

  62. I was praying for churches in our Region to accept the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of our Lady of Fatima in October… had an appointment with the Pastor of the Holy Trinity Church and he granted permission for the Statue of our Blesses Mother, our Lady of Fatima to visit the parish on October. Also we have a devotion to out Holy and Triune God, The Most Holy Trinity whose feast day is this Sunday… we were granted permission to do the Novena in His honor in one of the churches here in our Region too… May our Holy Trinity our Triune God be praised now and for eternity.🙏

  63. My husband and I received an miracle regarding a financial matter that I know it was because we surrender this situation to Jesus and the Holy Spirit moved others to do what was right. I know it was a true gift from our Heavenly Father. True blessings come from surrendering! Praise and Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

  64. I’ve been praying for the institution of family prayers at home. At the end of the novena we started bible reading and discussion with the kids. This takes place every evening before we go to bed. Thank you Jesus.

  65. My blood test came back showing a cancer tumor marker quite elevated.
    I had a pet scan done and it came out clean….no evidence of cancer anywhere. God is great! Thank you Holy Spirit!

  66. I prayed for my fibroids to be healed and they are:)

    They are healing and I am no longer feeling the pains I used to.

    Thank you so much and God bless!

  67. After this last novena my granddaughter found a job after months of being laid off and she is managing her anxiety and depression a lot better. Thank you for all the prayers and the wonderful people that have had prayers answered and have had blessings due to these novenas.

  68. I thank you my sweet Lord for my Sister finding another job. Also, thank you that Carson came through surgery. I am so grateful!

  69. My husband and I have been praying the novenas from all the Pray More Novenas for a couple of years now. During the novena to the Holy Spirit a decades long prayer finally started coming to pass, my brother, long away from his faith, and very angry at God, started going to daily Mass after attending a few Sunday Masses with us, recently. I’m a convert of 20 years. I’ve been praying that not only my brother’s faith would be restored but that he would come all the way home to the Catholic Church. He called the other day and said he met with the RCIA director at our parish to inquire about becoming Catholic. THIS IS HUGE! He is also battling an addiction and has let God into his struggles. Even though he can’t receive the Eucharist yet he says he gains tremendous peace and calm. Now, we just need my son and daughter in law to come back to the faith and reconcile with our family. But we have faith and trust that will happen someday because of the amazing transformation I’m seeing in my brother. Glory to Jesus Christ!! Thank you, Pray More Novena’s for this beautiful amazing apostolate. God bless y’all.

  70. Through many rosaries and novenas my prayer’s were answered for my son to stop drinking and he has been sober about 2 weeks now. Only through the Glory of God

  71. I prayed I asked God to provide the income/resources I need to pay my mortgage and people have been blessing me to make ends meet I am very thankful and grateful

  72. Prayer to the Holy Spirit Novena was quite breathtaking! I prayed for my unborn child, to obtain a visa to further my studies in Masaryk University and job openings. I wish to testify I have been blessed with all my wishes – my baby is doing quite fine, I obtained a visa on Day 8 of the novena and last night, my employer in Dubai contacted me on LinkedIn to work with her in her newly opened school. I’m kind of soaked in so much blessings by the Holy Spirit. I feel fulfilled and will continue giving all my praises to the most High🙏🙏🙏

  73. Praise God, during this novena to the Holy spirit I was praying for few things, one of the request was I’m in a foreign country of course with foreign language and there was this certificate that it is a must to have it, so I had to pass the exam, and through the help of the Holy spirit, I met Divine helpers who helped me through and at the end I passed my exams, now waiting for the certificate. And for this I say God is good all the time.

  74. I make Novenas about every 3 months for continuing clean MRIs for my son in law, who is 38 and had a Glioblastoma removed in 2021.
    Although. the Drs say they almost always come back…I believe God has answered my fervent prayers and will not Allow Satan to win!!

  75. I prayed this novena for my son who had a bone transplant we learned that the bone marrow has begun to graft and he is coming home today. We will know more about remission as time goes on

  76. I want to thank the holy spirit for answering my prayer for Mt daughter who passed her board exam

  77. I am truly grateful for this novena, I am feeling much better from my depression and anxiety. Thanks be to God 🙏

  78. I didn’t get my request answered but here is to taping from the blessing of those theirs has been answered. May the sacred heart of Jesus bring his kingdom to us. Amen.

  79. On the day of praying for the gift of Gentleness, my prayer was answered. I became more gentle and empathetic to people who worked under pressure. By being gentle and patient, the issue was finally resolved in a very peaceful manner instead of shouting matches.

  80. I have been praying for my improvements to my daughter’s health including clearing of a skin condition that has had a devastating affect on her. My prayers were answered. Thanks and Praise to God!

  81. My prayers were answered and also, I learned that I haven’t given the Holy Spirit what I should have…Some how most all of my prayers and thanks have been to Jesus and God. I know God includes all 3 but my brain never gave the Spirit just due. So thanks you Holy Spirit!!

  82. My 96 year old Mother was put into the hospital with heart failure and UT infection & two fractured bones in her angle from a fall, the week I started the novena. She came home from the hospital on Friday, 5/26/23, and although she is still bedridden, her ankle is healing, she is free from the infection and fluid issues and seems to be more alert and improving.

  83. My daughter had several miscarriages last year, and I prayed that she would conceive again and that the baby would be healthy. She is not in her 14th week, and so far the baby is developing normally. Continued prayers that she carries the baby to term.

  84. All Praise and Glory to God…He is so faithful and Good. I just received notification from Congressman Kean’s office that my minor son, Cole’s Passport has shipped. It is scheduled to arrive on Day 9 of this Novena! We travel to Israel the next day! I was told that it was impossible with the backlog at the Department of State…but I know that what is impossible for men…is NOT impossible for GOD! Thank you so much for praying with me!

    In His Grace,

  85. Thank You O Holly Spirit, my brother’s kidneys improved and functioning well. His abdominal aneurysm is stable, from head to toe and bottom of his feet improved.
    Thank You O Holy Spirit.Amen

  86. I prayed the novena to the Holy Spirit. I feel calm and i strongly feel that the Spirit of God is around me and control me. I thank God for inner peace that I received during this Novena.

  87. I asked the Holy Spirit’s help for my grandson to call his mother, my daughter. This request was on the 2nd or 3rd day of this Novena, it was the day of Joy. I asked the Holy Spirit to fill my daughter’s heart to hear from her son. About 2 hours later, my daughter called and told me her son, my grandson reached out to her. They had a meeting a few days later and talked things over. While he is still living away from home, he did make contact and I pray they will be able to work things out. In Jesus’ name, I pray.
    I am also asking the Holy Spirit to heal my ex-husband and that we will reunited the family once again through marriage in the Catholic Church. Again, I ask this in Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

  88. My daughter hasn’t found her way back yet, but I know that GOD is working behind the scenes for me to answer my prayers and it will happen when it’s the right time in HIS schedule. I will continue to pray for her heart to soften and her to find her way back to me. I have the faith that this is a big problem but MY GOD IS BIGGER. Amen.

  89. I prayed for a health problem not to be anything sinister (it’s looking good ) and for my son to pass his driving test- he did! Thank you , thank you, thank you