Answered Prayers from the Divine Mercy Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you!

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    This testimony is worth sharing to the world. I am here to tell the world of the good works of Dr BALBOSA. My name is Olivia Bolton and I am from the UK.. My man left me and my kids for another older woman. It was not so easy for me…I love my husband so much and I did not lose hope and I kept praying and believing. Finally, my prayers were answered…i searched online for a spell caster to help me unite me and my lover back forever and I saw so many testimonies of how DR BALBOSA has helped so many people online and I decided to give him a trial…I contacted him and explained to him. He told me not to worry that he will bring back my man within 24 hours. He consulted his powers and assured me not to worry. He did his work and cast the natural spell and to my greatest surprise, my husband came back the same day begging and crying just as Dr BALBOSA said. He begged me for forgiveness and he promised never to leave me for any reason. We are happy and we live together as one. Contact Dr BALBOSA now and be happy forever. dont lose hope and good luck…you can also contact dr balbosa from any part of the world…
    EMAIL: balbosasolutionhome@gmail. com

    I prayed this Novena offering prayers for a dear friend with a bad medical problem. Received word today the mass they detected is completely gone.
    I also prayed these Novenas:
    Mary Undoer of Knots
    Novena to Holy Spirit
    Sacred Heart of Jesus (currently)
    Don’t know which one was the one, but I like to think they all worked together. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO. DONATION COMING YOUR WAY.

  3. My marriage was go apart, I and my wife was like a cat and a mouse. I prayed this Novena, and now we are planning to renew our vows come September.

  4. It will amaze you to know that everything so many people have been testifying about DR EHIS is nothing but the truth. My husband left me and my kids because we had so many fights and arguments. His people were also against my marriage with him. I loved him so much and had great hope that we would build a bright future together. I waited for 6 months and he never returned back to me. So I had to contact DR EHIS who did everything in his power to reunite us by casting a great love spell and restoring the love and happiness we once shared. He returned back home to us after 7 hours just as DR EHIS assured me. You too can get this great help and live to be grateful to him because he never disappoints anyone. contact Him email: [email protected]

  5. My son is communicating better, his behavior has improved, and I can see the changes in his development. Thank you Mother Mary

  6. Just want to testify regarding the power this Chaplet of Divine Mercy holds. My mom sent a kinda huge amount of money to my brother via app transfer. She already had the confirmation stating the money has been transferred but my brother still haven’t received it. Mom was worried and I fount out online that there’s an on going issue with the app and people who encounter problems should call helpline to file a ticket. Some people got the problem resolved after 2 days and some waited more than that. I began to ask Saint Faustina’s intercession to pray the Chaplet with me because after all, it was her whom Jesus Himself taught the chaplet and said the promise that “we can obtain everything”.

    After praying earnestly,I confidently believe that the issue will be solved by maybe after a day or calling helpline but I didn’t expect that not even 10 minutes had passed after praying, my mom sent me a message saying that my brother already received the money just suddenly. Now that kind freaked me out a bit. I trusted the promise of Jesus but an instant miracle is something I did not expect. I really thought it would also take 2 days talking with help center to resolve the issue. Thank you Jesus, King of Mercy and thank you Saint Sister Faustina! You were always my patron saint.

  7. My daughter was finally able to see a Specialist out of town as we have no Dr here. The visit went well and she has gotten different medication to help with her pain and wellness.
    Thank you God, St. Jude and everyone who has been praying for her. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. I said all,but still praying on income for my daughter JorDan & myself as well🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  9. All that I spoke even though I received a letter saying water will be shut off on21st.Trusting & believing 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. Thank you, Jesus for blessings received. Still praying for my daughter and her husband to get jobs and reunite to take care of their little children. Every curse is broken through the divine mercy of Jesus.

  11. I prayed for my husband’s conversion and that my husband would open his heart to the Catholic Church. Instead, God has opened my heart and inspired me to dig deeper into my Catholic faith.

  12. First, thank you for the opportunity to prayer with community; this is so very special and has deepened my prayer life.
    Second, the St. Peregrine Novena for Cancer Patients is helping Steven, a young man in his 30’s with a he family, battling for a long time and losing, he had a 2nd transplant recently and the last test several days ago, came back with no trace of the cancer. Third, my father was admitted to the hospital via emergency room and after many tests were ruled out, the thought was he has cancer. He does, but it is the type of cancer that all he has to do is take a pill.
    I am currently praying for my siblings and myself to forgive each other and reunite. Prayers take time and it is so joyful to see and hear good outcomes when we are afforded this information.

  13. Dear Divine Mercy,
    Thank you for all the blessings you give us.
    Forgive our sins and cleanse us. Please help my siblings to have peace and love with one
    another. Thank you for this novena. I love you all. Thank you Jesus and let us have All our TRUST in you. In Jesus Name Amen🙏🏼❤️

  14. Praise God for his faithfulness. My son who never replied my husband’s messages for 5 years replied thank you Jesus. My grandson’s birthday and Christening was a success. Thank you Jesus.

  15. Thank you for praying with me. Prayers have been answered through these novenas and the most recent, I have finally secured a job I have been looking forward to. I pray each of us receive their prayer items through these novenas. Again, Thank you!

  16. I prayed for my husband’s conversion and that my husband would open his heart to the Catholic Church. God instead has opened my heart and has inspired me to dig deeper into my Catholic faith.

    I also prayed to get pregnant, and unfortunately that did not happen. God did grant me the strength to handle the sadness I felt and to remain hopeful.

  17. I was praying for my cousin healing from amputation & his healing has been next to miraculous! Thank you for all the prayers!

  18. Thank God, my mom is doing much better. Thank you for answered prayer! Thank you Maria for praying with me.


  19. I have been praying for healing in the relationship between my boyfriend and my parents. On Saturday (after attending the Divine Mercy Vigil Mass, meaning it was in fact the Feast of Divine Mercy) my boyfriend told me he had forgiven my parents. He didn’t know I was praying for this. All glory be to God!

  20. I prayed that my granddaughter who worked very hard to make a college dance team would make the team and she did.

  21. God has answered my prayer for my sons families to reunite in forgiveness and love after a very difficult situation three years ago. God is so good. Thank you God, I am forever grateful. Thank you and God Bless All!

  22. My son’s friend contacted him after a fallout which means so much as he is such a good and caring friend

  23. Thank you for continuing praying for us our prayers was answered I have been praying for my sister who was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer she has undergone 4 chemotherapy,then in that fourth chemo the doctor suggest that she stop to just used different medicine then after another three month she undergone a full check which turn out that there was no traces of cancer we thank God for healing our sister.

  24. I prayed for financial help for my parents and today they received an unexpected financial gift. Thank you Lord Jesus for everything 🙏🏻

  25. God in his mercy knows best. I was so worked up about my husband illness and my daughter’s hurting marriage. I never saw this experience as a gift from God until I was told yesterday. God answered not what I wanted to hear but what was best for me. I now have to embrace my dufficulties and unwrap my gift.

  26. We are financially struggling and I asked God for assistance during this novena and my husband got offered a job that will double the income that he was getting which now will help us get back on track.

  27. Thank you Lord for keeping my family happy healthy, safe and employed. I continue to pray for World Peace especially the Ukraine, Syria & other present wars. Pray that the demons be driven out of ALL world leaders that continue to threaten Dominance & promote Aristocracy, & with Nuclear World Wars. Please join me in in asking the Lord to rid us if these demons….Amen. 🙏🙏🙏

  28. My middle son has been estranged from us for several years. Occasionally he will make contact, then quit again. On Easter Sunday he opened a door to a new beginning of communication. This is only a beginning, and not one I trust, but it is a start. One of the conditions he has set is that I am not allowed to speak about God and the Church in any way to my 6-yr-old grandson. A work in progress, not a complete miracle.

  29. Have been praying for 4 of my 6 children to come back to the faith. My third son has returned thanks be to God! Prayers answered, just 3 more to go! Thank you to everyone who has been praying this Novena. It is working. X x x with a grateful heart.

  30. I’m making progress on my recovery. I found a new doctor that I hope can help my knee problem. My cat is doing better from his illness.

  31. I have prayed the Divine Mery Novena with many intentions regarding my family members. I have faith that miracles will happen in our lives as a family. For my husband , my children, my grandchild, my sister and her family. my two brothers and my nieces and their families.

  32. My prayers were answered. I was praying for Gods divine mercy for negative skin biopsy report and God answered. My results said , the skin spot was benign
    Glory to God!!!

  33. When Jesus says yes, nobody can say,no. Christ bought soldiers to guard us as we worked on our Land, confirming our total possession. Amen All Power belong To the Risen Lord. Amen

  34. To God be the glory,we prayed for Gods mercies on our new job and Truthful to God we are making some quotes for business… We hope for the best and more to come in handy. Never doubt the power of divine mercy

  35. My daughter is in the process of finalizing her housing! She found a beautiful home and I am so thankful for all your prayers and support. God is good! My heart is overflowing and I can’t stop smiling!

  36. Mt son was unjustly accused at his work place. I prayed for God to intervene and yesterday I heard he was cleared by the Divine mercy of Jesus.


  37. Dear Jesus and Mary, please help to heal our wonderful son of his anxiety.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help Jack continue to heal from his pancreatitis.

    Please heal me from my COVID fatigue.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  38. Our dear friend that has been suffering with stage 4 cancer was told no traces of cancer. Jesus has answered our prayers. Thank you God

  39. I prayed for my daughter to be enlightened concerning her new position of three months. On Friday she had a meeting with her supervisor who has been a problem. I was amazed at how well my daughter handled herself and at a change of heart on the part of her supervisor for which I also prayed! Thank you Jesus, for your Divine Mercy always poured out upon us!! And thank you, John Paul and Annie, for your support and inspiration; may Gid continue to bless you and your ministry!

  40. I was praying to God for my daughters new school.

    By God’s mercy,i received funds and secured a chance for her.

    Thank you God.

  41. The novena just before this last one, my intentions for Milton Ruiz had hemorrhaging on his brain and a heart attack. Thank you Lord and all my prayers and novenas with everyone else six weeks later he is back home with his family working on his physical therapy. Thank you all.🙏

  42. Thank you for your imfinite and never ending love and mercy sweet Jesus. I praise and thank you. My brother had open heart surgery and the needed to do a triple bypass in a hospital. It was urgent surgery because he had more than a 95% blockage on one side of his heart and a 75% on the other side. He had the surgery and got up the next day and walked. He is being discharged 4 days post surgery. I am so grateful for God’s infinite mercy. I praise you Jesus. Thank you Lord, I am so very grateful for blessing and for blessing and saving my brother. Amen.

  43. I hopelessly needed financial assistance for a business venture. When all seemed lost at last minute i got a partner to rescue me. Thanks to the Almighty

  44. My nephew died last month in his sleep. He was 20 years old. I have seen the miracle of Peace which surpasses all understanding in my family. Thank you for giving us Felix and thank you God for those 20 years we were with him. Please keep him well, happy with you in Heaven. Thanks St Faustina, all the angels and Saints for Peace. Thank you Jesus.

  45. I was able to Share the reasons as to why I pulled away from my cousin. The results were not as I expected but I am still praying for understanding. I would like all of us to heal, learn from this experience and emerge stronger as a family. I love my uncle, auntie and children and I’m fervently praying for the issue to be resolved calmly and amicably. St Faustina intercede that this issue will be resolved. In Jesus’s Name.

  46. I have been praying about bitternes and forgiveness. A catholic priest appeared in my dream 3 days ago and just told me to forgive and forgive. I think i have been helped as i was finding it hard to forgive someone very close to me for what they did to me.

  47. I have been praying for a new job contract for my son, (he works by contracts like a temp) and he got one during this novena with the same company after 2 months since the last contract ended.
    Thanks be to God. 🙏

  48. When I started the novena, I was praying for normal blood results (test for liver cancer), on the 4th day of the novena I got my blood results and everything was normal. Thank you Divine Mercy for answered prayers.

  49. I have been very sick with stage 4 severe renal disease… this is the second novena I have done since I found out out..I got so sick and didn’t realize what could be wrong and was taken to st Joseph’s hospital where I almost died … I’m home now an feeling better than I have felt in a long time.. I still have the disease , but I’m praying that it will stay stable and I can raise my children and continue teaching confirmation class…my youngest gets confirmed in September and I want to be there to walk him down the aisle…many blessings and love to everyone ..

  50. I am humbly grateful for God answering my prayers. My faith is always within my heart. Even when times get rough and fear tries to overcome me, I turn to my faith for protection. Merci to God The Father Almighty for hearing and answering my prayers! I am also grateful to all the Saints who have received my prayers and through their intercession my prayers have been granted. Merci!

  51. Thank God for open doors into a new living I have continually seek. Jesus I love you, All I have is Yours, Yours I am, Yours I want to be, do with me whatever You will. Amen.

  52. Thank you Devine Mercy…my offer for a house was accepted…now praying for the bank to approve my bond!🙏

  53. I have been praying for my son to find work and on Friday he received a job offer. Thank you all for your prayers

  54. Thanks to the Divine Mercy. Even though it has been a rainy season and even 14th April was wet whole day, on the 15th April we were granted a beautiful weather for our function. Thank you Lord for your Mercy.
    Thank You Lord too for answering my other personal intention on the same day.
    Jesus I trust in you

  55. My husband lost his job last week Thursday, by Monday a day after Easter, the merciful heart of Jesus gave him another job. Thank you Jesus for not putting my husband to shame.

    I got more job shifts

    I feel better in my health

    Thank you Jesus

  56. Thank you for helping my son’s lungs. Please keep my son health, happy, and safe. Please pray that he gets a good internship this summer. Please pray for husband to travel safely and be healthy. Please pray for my health and safety. Please pray for my mom’s health and safety.

  57. I applied to rent a property in March. I paid a holding fee to take the property off the market. The Letting aganecy refused to refund my holding fee of 219 because i did not pass referencing to rent. I have been fighting for over a month to get a refund but they declined. Until last Thursday when they wrote to say after consultations they have agreed to refund my money!! I was so amazzed how God’s miracles happen so fast!

  58. I prayed that we rent out our house after doing the last Novena to St. Joseph and we now have someone interested. Praying that St. Joseph has sent us the right tenant and if so that we rent it this week!

  59. My daughter that I haven’t seen in over 2 years has contacted me. She is in a bad way because her husband is divorcing her. So we have become mother and daughter again. We went out to eat today and I saw my youngest grandson today, Jake. It was so wonderful. Please pray that we stay close as a family and please let the Lord Bless my daughter Jessica with peace while she struggles thru her divorce. I have my son, Ryan, lives at home with his son and my grandson Rhiley. Bless them with happiness and peace. We are close as well thanks to these novenas. And my husband cancer test results came out good. Thanks to these novena prayers as well.

  60. My 14 yr. old grandson’s miracle has been granted!! He was diagnosed 4 months ago with a rare inoperable brain cavernoma (benign lesion). It brought a brain hemorrhage, mini strokes and numbness. Two days ago he was told by his neurologist that his brain is returning to normal as the cavernoma has significantly decreased, the blood from his brain bleed has been reabsorbed and he is no longer showing symptoms. I have prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet since the beginning of his terrifying health crisis but this novena has brought his miracle! Thank you precious Divine Mercy! Thanks to all who have stormed Heaven with their prayers as well! May God answer your prayers, too!

  61. My relationship with my daughter has improved a lot. My daughter is enjoying her nursing career after many years in Marketing & Administration. Thank you so much for your prayers. May God’s Blessings be upon you all especially John Paul and Anne.

  62. I was granted the opportunity to seat for my RCPCH clinical exam.
    i am grateful for the rare opportunity and i pray for a successful outcome. Amen
    i also pray for God to grant all others in need of a seat, to get their desired opportunity and success. Amen

  63. Thank you for answered prayers.

    My son who was very ill got healed on Friday after I started the Divine Mercy Novena.

    I also prayed for my grandma’s burial to proceed smoothly. She was buried yesterday (Friday) in a beautiful ceremony that proceeded smoothly. Praying for her soul to be received in Heaven.

    I am thanking God for His goodness and trustung Him for a new job in Jesus’ Name.

    Be blessed John Paul and Annie for your ministry!

  64. I thank all people in this group with whom I was to start and finish 2 Novenas, 1st was the St. Peregrine Novena and then the Divine Mercy Novena. I was really hopeless since I have no job and I got sick and no enough financials to have a check up and medicine maintenance. Then, I got my supplemental Health Card and was finally checked. Given medication to address what is wrong with me. I am getting help to buy medicines and hopefully on my way to recovery. Thank you very much because I was given the confidence and assurance that no matter who you are, what you are, GOD will always be with you. I am now offering my life, works and everything to serve our Lord God until I finally go back home to Him. 🙏🙏🙏

  65. I believe in the power of prayer and especially the novena of Saint I call upon all my praying partners to remember me in their prayers as am looking for a new job as housekeeping assistant.i will be back with testimony this am sure.

  66. I had been praying for a solution in my relationship and today it came to an was toxic and l am happy coz everything happens for a reason my heart is broken but at peace.

  67. I am very thankful after a long battle with fibroids for 10 years now, I had a successful long 12 hour surgery last year in July and last Saturday I went for a scan and found that Iam completely healed! I thank Jesus and Mother Mary for healing me through these Novenas that I have always joined in through the years to pray for my healing! Amen and thanks alot, for praying for me too!

  68. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for answering my prayers.
    I was praying for a good confession for my daughters

    Thank you, they both came out so happy.

  69. I prayed that my Grandson would get a place doing his Masters degree and Thank God he has got it and a teaching post also. Please God bless him and all my family and friends and my self. Keep us all safe Amen 🙏

  70. Thank you for prayers answered. Chris and Maddy are both in Rehab. Continuing to pray that this will lead them to a better place in their lives. Amen.

  71. I was praying for 2 things, my greencard and for an opening to come up with my company closer to home. About midway through the novena, I got a letter extending my expired greencard and something a job opening close to work came up yesterday😭
    I could have cried yesterday but I held my composure and I’m now just praying for this job to be mine. I am so glad I did this novena and so grateful to God🙏🏿

  72. I prayed for a faithful woman who, unjustly, lost her job 6months ago and was really desperate, being unable to pay her bills. She got a new job on Monday after our intentions were offered up, thanks to this powerful novena. Her faith in Jesus is now restored. I pledge to make an offering of thanks to the praymorenovenas organization on her behalf💯🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  73. My son got a job opportunity this week. I am full of gratitude to God for his mercy. Thank for praying with me.

  74. My son go a job opportunity this week. I am full of gratitude God for his mercy. Thank for praying with me.

  75. Been praying for a little premmie She weighed 1 lb 6 oz. She has been through alot of ups and downs……but through many prayers and God’s will she is still here…continued prayers are needed still……Theadora is about 6 weeks old now

  76. I have been praying for my son to get a better job- he was just offered a promotion with his current employer

  77. My hip replacement surgery was a success! Still in pain, but better and getting better each day.
    Thanks to all especially Divine Mercy.

  78. Been praying that my son who has a form of leukemia will be able to have his stem cell transplant and his sister who is a 100% match is scheduled to start the process right before Memorial Day.

  79. I was praying for a young lady in the final stages of cancer. She’d been a practicing Catholic all her life-but was so distraught she decided she would be euthanized – but that she would wait til after the Easter w/e.
    She died a normal death on Holy Thursday.
    Thank be to God

  80. Dear John Paul and Annie,
    Through praying the Divine Mercy Novena this past nine days, things have become clearer in my life and my confidence has been renewed. The things I had seen as insurmountable have been made to be just tasks that I am confident to complete. My tasks always involve doing good for others as a lifelong volunteer.
    Thank you for inviting me to pray this beautiful and powerful novena with you. May your days be filled with the same clarity and unconditional love that mine is. God’s blessings!

  81. One of my prayer request was for my granddaughter to be accepted in the same school as her sister and my prayer was answered.

  82. Thank you so much John-Paul and Annie for continuing to send me novenas and retreats. God has answered my prayer my son got a visa after a long struggle. When I surrendered to God he answered my prayer. May you kindly continue the good work you started . Words of appreciation fail me. May God bless you abundantly. Thank you thank you so much 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾