Answered Prayers from the Divine Mercy Novena, 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We’re praying for you!

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  1. My husband’s trip was successful, and God was with him throughout the trip. His going, duration there, and coming back home to us was blessed and safe as prayed for. Thank you, Lord, amen 🙏🏾!

    I got my participants, glory and thanks be to God Almighty, amen 🙏🏾!

  2. Thank you Lord God! I passed the Philippine Bar Examination. Thank you for praying with me through this novena.
    Thank you Mama Mary!

    Thank you Jesus!

    Thank you Abba Father!

    To God be all the Glory!!

  3. I was a horrible mother when it came to teaching my children about the Lord and to love Jesus. I pray every day for them to no avail. Please help me to save them.

  4. My prayer that my husband would find another job and that my son with autism had his therapies approved have been answered.

  5. Cancer receding thanks to God’s grace through immunotherapy infusion.
    Peace in the family is growing thanks to the power of prayer through God’s grace again.🙏

  6. Thank you for your ministry. You have increased my faith with the novenas . I want to share the Divine Mercy with my evangelical family. Can you give me some scripture references to support the 3 Days of Darkness?

  7. I moved to a new city in blind faith in God, to pursue my dreams, having been assured of my accommodation. However, the very accommodation became threatened and I was on the verge of abandoning my dreams, but God had mercy on me and heard my cries to him. A wonderful family without ties to me, let God perform his miracle through them, by providing me with accommodation in their home, free of charge. They are proof that God answers our prayers through our fellow man, when we least expect it. May all Glory be to God! Amen!

  8. Please pray with me that God would open the doors he wants me to walk through and close the ones that he doesn’t want me to walk through. In Jesus name I pray and I believe, Amen 🙏❤️

  9. We were praying for my husband Rick who had been in the hospital with a strep infection in his groin and a blood clot in his leg. And we were going to the Holy Land this Monday April 17th with our church group.
    Praise God with all of the many 🙏🙏🙏
    a miracle the infection cleared up and the blood clot dissolved. He is still on a serious blood thinner due to our long flight to the Holy Land and the company who we went through moved us up to First Class so my husband could lay down at times and have more room to walk. It was the company’s way of thanking me since I was the organizer of our large group going and knowing this would help my husband immensely.
    MIRACLES do happen with lots of 🙏🙏🙏

  10. I prayed for my niece’s child custody case, that’s been going on for almost 3 years, and finally the judge ruled in her favor. Her ex husband lied through his teeth and wanted to get 50/50 custody plus equity from her house which she bought Many years before marrying him. He didn’t get any of it, just 40/60 custody, and mandatory drug testing. God is good! Thank you Jesus for all that you do. I worship and praise you always no matter what.
    I’m still waiting for my prayers to be answered for my son. They have been partially answered. Amen to that 🙏🙏🙏

  11. For those who do not know God, especially for one of my friends who is an atheist, that they see and are grateful for God’s love working in their lives.

  12. Praise you, Lord Jesus for answered prayers. My breast ultrasound result came out normal and everything looks good. Indeed, you are the Divine healer! Thank you so much for your divine mercy and daily miracles! Also, thank you for The Divine Mercy Novena Prayer Group for praying with me!

  13. Our son was facing the strong possibility of being tried for a felony with a 15 year prison term almost the last minute he was offered a plea deal for a lesser charge with no prison time. This was something the prosecutor never does on these cases. PRAISE GOD!!
    We continue to place our son in God’s hands as he faces miry challenges. Housing be one.

  14. Thank You Lord that I was able to celebrate safely and solemnly Easter Sunday Mass in Yafo . Thank You that the crisis in Israel has eased up.

  15. DJ was in the intensive care for several days with pneumonia and sepsis. His vital signs had dwindled to barely alive, lots of interventions to keep him stable. In April 7th his mom informed us that arrangements were being made to transfer to another hospital to harvest his organs. On April 8 his mom said a miracle had taken place, he opened his eyes and responded by gripping her hand. He remains hospitalized and is improving daily. Praise God

  16. After 13 years of prayers, novenas, pleads my husband finally told me 2 days ago that he is ready to convert to Catholicism!! This has been
    my number 1 prayer request on every novena I’ve ever prayed. God is Good!

  17. Just the assurance that I know that the Mercy of God is at work in my life and in the lives of my children, my husband and siblings. I am at peace with the fact that Jesus is Lord over all that concerns me.

    His banner of me is Love!
    Glory to God in the highest Hallelujah!

  18. Lord thank you for the answer of my prayer yesterday that I could see Carol and she worked something out.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  19. The pet scan my 10 yr old grandson had on Wednesday did not show his cancer as being worse. Still praying for a miracle.

  20. For God to have Mercy, and save my marriage and family. Who is in pain. For complete conversation of my husband. So he can ask for forgiveness . Be open to all of us . In truth and honesty. For complete healing. Jesus I trust in God. Thank you Jesus. V

  21. My husband underwent a training recently and wasn’t paid, while all others got their pay. I have been following this novena and pleading for mercy upon my entire family. Just two days ago, his pay came in.

  22. Prayers were answered that my wife’s stress test came back all normal. Continued prayers for a successful cardioversion procedure to restore a normal heart rhythm and eliminate her A-FIB.

  23. Mom is slowly adjusting to new home.
    Nephews are completing their higher education.
    Sisters are healing nicely.
    I am healing & becoming stronger & feeling less pain.

  24. These novenas are bringing some of my “lost” family members back to the church. I am so grateful to God for saving them!

  25. Thank u Divine Mercy for praying for me & my family-for our visa approval & all d exciting travel plans for d family. Thanu u, that my husband’s seizures have stopped. Praise be to God🙏

  26. Our son has been hired at the place he applied at. It’s a better pay than he even anticipated. He has also seen the light on a woman he has been in contact with and realizes this will never work out. That is huge as he figured it out himself. I continue to pray he finds a Catholic woman to make him stronger in his faith.
    Thank you Jesus for each and every blessing. Amen

  27. Jesus and Mary answered my prayers again for the fourth time in a few years. Jesus is truly the way as he has shown to me his mercy and help. I have had a couple of surgeries on my stomach (gall blader removed, hernia repair and removal of scar tissue). More issues with digestion but this Novena with everyones prayers have rescued me from issues/pains. Thank You!

  28. My spouse of 33yrs passed away March 24th . God’s presence in my grieving has been awesome. The daily Rosary with Bishop Barron on podcast is the anchor of my day together with the Novena of Divine Mercy. I rejoice in the Holy Spirits presence each day.

  29. My adult daughter was severely in life threatening ketoacidosis. We prayed the chaplet while traveling to her, and also with her. Although the cause was unclear, doctors were able to reverse the condition 2.5 days.

  30. Praise God My Desire to Serve And Listen to the Word of God Has Increased.
    Thank God For His Mercy In Me.

  31. My Grandson was born on Palm Sunday 4/2/23 he was born 1 month premature he had to be put in NICU because he wasn’t getting enough Oxygen. He had a feeding tube in his belly,IVs and oxygen tubes in his little nostrils. I started praying the Novena and every day my Grandson was showing signs of improving thanks to GOD today is the 9th day of the Novena and my Grandson will be going home! Thank you GOD and
    St Joseph for all your Blessings and many Miracles I love you with all my Heart!!!

  32. Thank you for the answered prayer regarding health concerns. You have never failed me and I continue to pray for the best of health for myself and the family . With gratitude

  33. Thank you for answering all my prayers. Please I ask you to please continue to watch over my family friends and those I have not met yet. I trust in you Jesus

  34. Another prayer answered on the first day of this novena. I have prayed for my daughter to return to her faith and especially to trust in God. On Easter Sunday she told me she attended a Good Friday service with my granddaughter, where she nailed her sins onto a cross. I feel our merciful God will eventually return her to himself. Praise & thanks to God!

  35. I had a number of requests, especially for my children, my son David has eye problems, my daughter Angel has Graves disease and my daughter Melinda has peptic ulcers and basically she is not getting her monthly periods.
    So I took Angel for blood tests on her TSH and T4 and they came back showing she was within the normal range. We give God the glory.

  36. My husband had a successful hip replacement on April 12th. His blood pressure was stable. Our travel to Green Bay was safe and sound. My son Nicholas drove us and stayed with me during the surgery. Thank you God!

  37. I have been praying for an increase in faith and for an improvement in my memory. I am finding that I have been able to focus more during my prayer time and I keep praying that my memory will improve. I just turned 80, so it is probably normal to have some memory loss. Thank you, Jesus.

  38. I was praying for my elderly neighbor Ed, a decent and wonderful man, good husband, father of 5, who was suffering for the past six months in a nursing home after heart surgery, for a peaceful and happy passing. I was told he passed peacefully at 3pm on Wednesday of this Novena. Praise and thanks to God for His merciful love.

  39. After 6 years and 2 months, a trial finally happened! It was scheduled for 2 days, but wrapped up in one. The offending party showed his TRUE COLORS, FINALLY. The ruling is pending, but the judge saw it all clearly and THAT is the answer to many prayers and novenas!! Thank you for helping me focus my prayers and share the power of shared prayers! PEACE BE WITH US ALL!! May God have mercy.

  40. Our daughter was waiting for results of biopsies of two nodules on her thyroid. Received word yesterday both are benign. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  41. The Lord Jesus opened my eyes, mind, and soul. When my oldest (adult) son again lied about me to all/most of his friends, the pain was unbelievable. God opened my eyes to know that his lies cannot hurt me. And Jesus led me to forgiveness and a peace in me like I never experienced before.
    God is Love,….and I know He loves me.

  42. I had prayed and prayed that the sale of our rental property would go through. God came through with a buyer and the closing was very smooth!! Thank You Jesus !!

  43. My brother in law is recovering from his surgery….slow but steady finally. His depression is lifting thanks to so many prayers!

  44. I had a rough day yesterday with several issues. I thought I had broken a borrowed piece of equipment. But, a dear sweet friend stopped by (through the grace of this Divine Mercy Novena) and told me I had not. That was one part of my day that turned out to be a blessing when it wasn’t looking so great. There were two others also. But I just want to say thank you to God and for this Novena, for all who had a hand in it as well.

  45. A friend who is Catholic and goes to church weekly. Prays daily admitted that she has not gone to confession for over 50 years.

    I just matter of factly said your missing out on a spiritual cleansing that you is a grace from Jesus. Your speaking to Jesus and the Priest is your intermediary.

    She went! And was amazed how great she felt and she thanked me and said she will be going regularly

  46. please Lord Jesus Help me Rid self of this food Obsession and fat un attractive Radiate thrtu me Know my heart I wanna be tiny compact fit HUMBLE Qiet and show in actions MAke me Better I beg! 101.5 thank you jesus I LOVE YOU I trsut 101.4 thank you Jesus MOM nicole danielle mark tommie brad sean tanner everyone nicole dianne marg scott sean brad thank you Gene mary

  47. I had a successful Ablation operation and my wife and I are growing closer! Wow, Thank You Lord!! I hope everyone else has the prayers answered as well!

  48. I prayed this novena mostly for my dad who is sick and has been in the hospital for a little bit over a week. I thank God for his mercy on him and my family. While my dad is still in hospital, he is doing much better. I am hopeful that he will have a full recovery and will be discharged soon. Thank you Divine Mercy.

  49. Thank You Lord,
    My grandson loves his dream job that he worked so hard to attain.
    That another grandson passed his very hard and important exam.
    That my legs are getting stronger and that I have much less pain when
    That my family has come together in a caring way.
    Thank You Lord!

  50. I prayed for a reconciliation with my son with whom I’ve had a very bad argument. He still hates me, but is allowing me to see my grandson today. That is huge! Thank you for the prayers

  51. A financial burden was lifted by the Lord. Something that had been weighing on my mind for quite some time.

  52. I’m just grateful to God for the successful eye surgery on mum. It was agreed by family members to embark on nine days novena to divine Mercy. After the prayer, the hospital called my mum and brought her surgery date forward ,as well ,reduced her surgery fee. We were left dumbfounded upon hearing such great news. My people God answers prayer. Just believe in him.

  53. I have been quite sick this winter including 2 small strokes, diverticulitis, colitis and as a result I have developed expressive pain aphasia and severe degenerative arthritis in the lumbar spine. I now may need a back procedure and removal of part of my colon. The miraculous part is that all this medical is available within 40 minutes from home and with excellent doctors. I don’t like surgery but if it makes me stronger and reduces the pain I put it in God’s hands and trust Him.

  54. Dear all in Christ.
    The Lord has answered my almost impossible petition with ease. Today is my most wonderful day. Please continue to share more of these novenas as we continue to pray together. CZK.

  55. Health scare for myself and my husband but everything seems to be getting better.
    I always turn to Novena’s as my mom did over the years and she lived to be 96 yrs
    and she never missed a day of her Rosary.Thanking God and all the saints everyday .

  56. Dearest Jesus and Mary, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, connective tissue disease, COVID, diabetes and cancer.

    Please help our wonderful son overcome his anxiety.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please heal me of my COVID fatigue.

    Please heal Jack of his pancreatitis.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please help the good people of Ukraine against Putin and the good people of Taiwan against Xi.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  57. I feel my job life, health, and service better
    My beloved husband also will come home the day after tomorrow
    Hope he need not work in another ialand anymore 🙏

  58. Thank you merciful Jesus for helping me know what to do with my problem. I didn’t think there was a way but Jesus showed me a way. Thank you.

  59. 1. I was healed of endometriosis r/o haemorrhagic cyst.
    2. I got a great job.

    I’m extremely grateful for God’s love and mercy towards me.

  60. I thank God for his faithfulness upon my life and my family. God restored my mum’s life from accident. Yesterday she was rushed to the hospital because she was stooling for over a week plus now. Praise God she can talk now.

    Secondly, I have been praying for admission for my pdg program in a cheapest school in Canada,after praying Divine Mercy and asking God to answer my request,God did it to the glory of God. Amen.

  61. I thank GOD for His Mercy, grace and kindness. I thank JESUS CHRIST for His Mercy and Light not only in my life but in my family. I am thankful for how far LORD GOD has brought me. I am also thankful for all whom we prayed the Divine Mercy Novena with.

  62. My cousin was admitted into the hospital the day I started this novena from chemo complications. She was discharged yesterday and on the road to recovery. Thank God!

  63. Praying for Unity within my family members.

    I am praying for employment for my sister.

    Healing of Artritis in me

    Justice between myself and my tenants who left the house unrepairable.

    For restoration of my God given gifts

  64. Praise be to Jesus Christ

    On Monday 10th April, i prayed the divine mercy chaplet and Novena at 3p.m. I was praying for a financial breakthrough to pay school fees for a boy i sponsored. I am currently jobless and i did not have any cash to assist him. His school, fees balance was Kes 12,000. By 6pm on the same day a friend of mine sent me Kes 4,000 and on Tuesday 11th April i received Kes 13,000 and at the end of Tuesday i had received Kes 20,200. The boy was able to register for his exams and sat for the exam on Wednesday 12th April.

    To me this a miracle and i thank God .

  65. Sweet Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart Mary We put all our Trust in You❤️🙏❤️Sweet Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart We Love You All Amen Amen and Amen Thank you so must Heart of MERCY for all You Have Done and all You intend to Do Amen Amen and Amen

  66. Second prayer Answered ,my family is coming together for peace this means alot to us, the mercy of God is working for my whole life and family thank u Jesus

    Out of mercy , The Lord has blessed my womb again with multiple pregnancy that I have been praying for .we are so grateful to our merciful Jesus

    Thank u Jesus for the peace and love you have brought into my home and my family , thank you for all the revelations and for saving my father inlaw from enemies of our property.

    I have so many orayer already answered ..
    This mercy novena is so powerful ..

    Thank u Jesus

  67. On Day 7th of this Novena, the mercy of God saved me and my 2 children from motor accident , the Lord showed me mercy, how God averted this accident was a miracle because I have already given up but His mercy prevailed , both my car and the other person were saved ..
    Thank you, my merciful Jesus

  68. Open the eyes of my in-laws to see the lies paddled against me and loved me back , and accept my proposal to their daughter

    That God should step in

  69. That the L.KO and family will accept my proposal and love me as a son , that God should return A.J.O M heart to me, and make mrs nwafor hatred for me to change and let her be the one fight for me .

  70. Pray with me so my prayers to be answered I have made and ask forgiveness between my daughter and husband so they can see their children grow in one home Help me Lord

  71. Amen.
    I am a business lady and at some point last month the business went from 90% to 20%.
    I was so worried and stressed since I had lots of bills to pay.
    I remember about the Novena and I started praying it daily;4 days later the business went upto 95% and it was a great miracle for me.
    The Novena is real and very good and brings you close to God if you have faith in God.
    Thank you so much 🙏

  72. I need prayers on the following:
    – God to open doors of favors for me to get a good job, with awesome salary and great working environment.
    – I pray for new business ideas and ways to expand my business.
    – I pray for a husband and be able to have my own children
    – I pray for good health of myself and my family .
    -God restore what I lost over 3years and be able to achieve my life dreams.

  73. God help me buy a flight ticket as low twice the price of what I was supposed to pay. I prayed to God in this novena and he heard me and answered me

  74. I was praying for my Friend Regina Wanjiko who was admitted at Taxes Cancer center Kenya with cancer, after Chem she was very weak,her blood and immune was very low,I prayed this novenal for her and today she is discharged from hospital, let continue praying together for completely healing,I give thanks to God for Regina healing and his mercy towards her

  75. Pray for me. Am still waiting for God’s mercy to answer my prayers. I have been making losses and my family and my children are feeling the impact. My debtor are not paying me back. I have huge debts. I don’t have peace of mind. Pray for me to the Lord our God.

  76. Thank you Lord my file is moving very fast and my nephew completed his Boot Camp training successfully.
    To GOD be the Glory.

  77. i thank god for helping me to find my lost wallet. even i lost the wallet in the public place but god recovered it for me . thank you lord amen

  78. please pray for me… I have permanent Afib.. a heart disease.. an irregular heart beat.. May our great healler Lord Jesus, heal and restore my heart just to return back into normal heart Rhythm.. and also my 3 sisters, Eva, (Stroke), Sonia (Stroke) and Vicky (Diabetic) thanks you and more power! with God Loves….

  79. Hi ,
    I was praying for a unknown person named Mirko who was bedridden since few years due to stomach cancer and he was not ready to confess and take final blessings from the priest due to his hardened heart. His mother was is having dimentia was taking care of his son. One of my friend who is a legionary met me 2 weeks before good Friday and asked me to pray for him.I put him in prayers during these novena and on the seventh day he asked for the priest blessing, confessed and expired in peace. Thanks to divine mercy ark for giving rest to his soul.