Answered Prayers from The Divine Mercy Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

Please do not give up on hope or on your faith if your prayers have not been answered. Jesus is with you, you are not alone, and He hears you! We will continue to pray for you!

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  1. My son has been sober and on the way towards recovery since May 2. It was his choice (by the outpouring of grace and mercy of God). Now the hard work begins. I am amazed at the timing and speed by which God worked. Keep us in your prayers.

  2. I give thanks and praise to God.
    I suffered with tendonitis in both feet and joint pains and to date all my pains are gone.
    My son has ranked overall top agent in the entire company.
    To God be the glory, great things he has done.

  3. I am very grateful to God for all His gifts and blessings, including one answered prayer this March: my son was accepted into medical school. Thank you God! You are so good to us!

  4. It has not been easy. I will not go into details. God is showing mercy. l faced alot of opposition at my place of work, but now things are unfolding. I can see a light at the end of a tunnel. TO THE GOD OF MERCY BE ALL THE GLORY.

  5. For years my son was over 300 pounds, and I had prayed for a long time he would also quit smoking. First the smoking went, then he started cutting back on calories and walking everyday now that he has one son and another on the way. I was floored. Also now I am praying his wife will convert to Catholicism, and last December she agreed to have my grandson baptized in the Catholic faith. Last night was the first time he and I and the baby went to church together. Answered prayers for sure. Convert with love, love, love, and do not harp. Usually children will figure it out on their own if you set a good example. Praise helps too.

    Now I need a back miracle, as I have scoliosis and it is quite painful, along with hip, knee, feet and shoulder pain. I choose to offer it for the reversal of Roe vs . Wade, peace in the world, and for all suffering people of any type. Trust and choose joy. Thanks John and Annie and all of you who pray.

  6. I Thank God for gracing me wit a healthy baby boy. His mercy led me thru the delivery even wen the doctors had suggested that I was going to be operated on bt I gave birth normally few hours later.. Lord I’m forever grateful for this miracle.. Our miracle bby Gianni. Mother Mary, I thank u too for your divine intervention, it made me be strong all thru out.. Happy mother’s day to all

  7. My husband has a strong family history of bowel cancer in his family. Hd hS never as yet develiped cancer of the bowel but has had a few very near escapes. On Eastef Sunday morning he came tome and saidhe had just passed a lot of blood and would have to contact his consultant about this. He had a colonoscopy a little over a week and a largish pollop was removed and his consultant said all was clear no more worries for another 3 yesrs. I had been praying the divine mercy novena and on the feast of the Divine Mercy I was so delighted because my husband went to confession for the first time in a long time and just a few days before his colonoscopy. The mercy of Jesus works in so many ways. I have had so many blessings and prayers answered since I did thid Novena it would take too long to publish them all here. All I say is never give up on prayer, trust in Jesus and his mother Mary.

  8. I’m grateful to you for all your published Novenas, and I praise and thank God for people like you for your apostolate.
    I always gain something from them that brings positive life-changing effects on me.
    May your blessings continue to multiply, and may countless more people benefit from the blessings that your apostolate brings to your followers and supporters.

  9. So my wife and I have been trying for a couple years now to have a baby. She miscarried in the fall of 2020. So here we are in May 2022, on Mother’s Day, and guess what? SHE’S STILL NOT PREGNANT! I have to go on social media and see all these Mother’s Day wishes and women having babies and multiple babies and belly bumps and all this other bullshit and everybody is saying how they’re praying for us and we pray every day and we don’t have a fucking thing the show for it. Seriously, these people should use their knees for something else. Add on top of that my mother passed away in July. If my wife was at least pregnant, it would take at least a little bit of the sting away. But no, that would be too easy. I mean I have my mother-in-law, who I love to absolute death, but that only goes so far. So here’s why I’m giving you guys this rant. If you, John-Paul and Annie, really give a shit, if you really mean what you say, if you’re the real thing and not these bullshit televangelists who just want our money, you will personally reply to this. Needles to say, I’m not holding my breath. God Bless.

  10. Okay so …I’ve not been too good with these novenas but God really came through for me …then I’ll feel like giving up, but the spirit always says… Hope in him … I’ll keep on hoping on him on more of my petitions

  11. Police Chief was continuing his corrupt ways and through my prayers wasn’t able to do more disparagement last week that would affect much more–I am so thankful for his protection ! I will continue to pray I win my lawsuit and internal fight and that he is exposed!

  12. My daughter had a boyfriend for 4 years and over the past year she confronted him many times about getting married. He kept saying he will propose but never did. He never even asked for her ring size. So I prayed for this and also to the Holy Spirit along with my daily rosary and I asked that God’s will be done. Through Divine Mercy and the Holy Spirit if he is sincere let him propose but if he is not then let him go his own way so my daughter can go on with her life and accept all this. Well we got our answer he broke up with her. God knows the hearts of everyone and he was not the right person for her. Now I will be praying that the right person cross her path and she will find happiness.

  13. An acquaintance who does not have access to the Internet asked me to write out a prayer for her and for others. For her, she asks that God try to help cure her ailing leg that has long pained her and which makes it increasingly difficult to move about and to attend church. She also prays for the people of Ukraine who are suffering terribly. If there were ever a moment for God to intervene and show us a sign, it would be to stop Putin’s deadly violence against innocent men, women and children. Thank you all for reading and sharing in the novena prayer.

  14. Last July my husband had a very aggressive lymphoma that chemo was not able to kill so they did the car T cell transplant as a last chance to stop the cancer and my husbands lymphoma is now gone with a clean pet scan
    God is faithful

  15. My daughter was not working in a couple or more years and she was called by a former employer who asked if she would come back and work for her.

    My friends husband was told he was cleared for not having cancer flare up.

    My health is improving after a bad fall while back.

    A friends son who has a mental illness is going through a grace period of feeling better.

  16. For my past jobs I have had terrible supervisors which made me keep job hopping in search for a better work environment. Ever since I committed to Pray More Novenas family, I am now doing two jobs with 2 very supportive supervisors. I have never wished for a better position in my career life. I ask God to keep me happy and supported as he blesses all of you who pray with us.

  17. My daughter has been jobless for seven years and has been very discouraged. Through pray my novena prayers our prayers were answered. She got a permanent job. We are grateful to God for the answered prayer.

  18. I was praying for my son to come back to the church.
    One Tuesday during adoration I felt somebody touching me. Looking back I saw him and he asked me where we go for confession. Though he never made for confession because the priest had already left, I believe he will make to the confession one of this fine days. He is also mowing the yard and finished all his assignments. I thank God. Thanks all for praying with me.

  19. The Novenas have been a journey with the Lord, for me, my family yet to understand and say this Novena. I trust Lord will bring my family to this point where they will truly understand his Love n Mercy. Prayers continue. But im glad this Novena praying has brought them close to God. Amen.

  20. My daughter is in rehab after a year and one half of using prescription drugs and losing everything.

  21. I would like to tell of God’s answer to my prayers through the Divine Mercy Novena and also the ‘Jesus, I trust in You’ prayer.

    About a year ago, I had serious trouble. It arose out of my misunderstanding a serious requirement—my fault. I was detained. In a waiting room, I prayed and asked God for mercy, “Jesus, I trust in You!”. I gave my honest account of what I understood, what I did and why, and was honest about all of the facts and details. I was told “It will be alright, everything’s okay”, and I was told I only needed to keep in regular contact by e-mail until it was confirmed that the matter was resolved. I praised God for this great mercy.

    Well, I did keep in communication for some weeks, but last year was a difficult one. There was a lot of international travel, one long visit to help care for my parents with serious health issues, then moving to temporary housing and then moving again, then returning to care for my parents again, and then, the focus was on my parents’ final days and I saw them pass away. I forgot about my situation and I fell off from the e-mail communication that was required of me.

    A couple of months ago, I realized that upcoming plans made it necessary to have confirmation that the serious business was resolved. I realized that I had left off from communicating. I wrote, explaining that I failed to keep it up, but received no answer for a time. My husband and I waited and waited, and we became anxious. I wrote again, and still no answer. We were really concerned as this could affect our future.

    Then, realizing that I was in the middle of praying the Divine Mercy novena in anticipation of Divine Mercy Sunday, instead of waiting for that day, the next day, at the 3:00 hour, I prayed, first meditating on Christ’s passion, then asking on the merits of His passion and in adoration of Jesus’ Divine Mercy, for the favor, if it be God’s Will, that Jesus grant me a good resolution to this business, and with complete trust, I even asked if He would do it on a particular day. I told my husband not to worry, that we should wait until the specified day, and that I was praying for God’s Divine Mercy. On the morning of that day, at the top of my in-box, there was the answer with a good resolution to my trouble. Alleluia! God, in His mercy, graciously answered my prayer! God is good and faithful to His promises.

  22. Our daughter-in-law just told us that she will be starting RCIA in the Fall. We are rejoicing!

  23. Pray – Hope and Don’t Worry
    All prayers answered in Our Lords Time
    Don’t leave before the Miracle Happens.
    Love you all and Praying for you.
    Don’t Fear – the Lord is Near.

  24. I asked a totally healing, and this and more I have received, for Lord had mercy on my household.
    There are still more, but I trust he would do it. Amen!!

  25. Despite having fertility issue ,I got baby on 2014, Thankyou god I am very happy to received my Answer.Now I want one little Angle girl,waiting to be pregent again from last 8 years,I know you will answer my wish (Amen).

  26. My son and I have reconciled after 2 years of barely speaking. Amen to my answered prayer in restoring our relationship! God is amazing!

  27. My prayers were answered my som finally find a home and he is happy.
    All glory and praises to jesus..
    Thsnk you both for praying for me

  28. I was very successful at my job. I loved what I did and would spend many hours overtime with no pay for the enjoyment of my efforts and success all the while receiving excellent ratings for 16 years. After having an episode and having to go to the hospital for two weeks I was diagnosed with Bipolar and ADHD Disorder. Upon returning home, my employers told me not to show up for work and wanted to release me. With the threat of losing my livelihood and the ability to support my wife and three children, I prayed to God for some help. After three months they offered an undesirable job with the company. I was not trained for this task and suffered much difficulty making it hard to cope with my illness and the new tasks. They probably thought I would leave.
    After a difficult year I heard a guest speaker at our Church who talked about Divine Mercy. I started praying this Chaplet and have continued praying it for 30 years. I constantly improved at the job over the next 19 years. During that time, I have been healed three times for different health reasons. I suggest to everyone to use this Chaplet. It saved my soul and sanity.

  29. My daughter continues to struggle with addiction to cocaine and heroin. She is in and out of rehab and has even relapsed in rehab. Yet every time she leaves rehab, she returns. I know the Lord hears my prayers and has her in m HIS hands.

    As I write this, she was kicked out of a rehab in Miami because she tested positive for cocaine. And another rehab in Pompano said they would accept her and gave her a 90 days scholarship. I pray she stays and accepts treatment.

  30. prayer is the key to open any door, to god be the glory great things he has done in my life. I prayed the divine mercy novenas and all others.
    God has given me a spirit of braveness. Took off the spirit of fear from me.

  31. My young friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, after praying several novenas with you, on April 20 she was told by her doctor that she is cancer free.
    Thank you Jesus, the Lord heard our prayers and answered them.

  32. I prayed the novena during Easter. Our lawyer had walked out on us yet we had paid her full fees. The judge wanted the amended plaints by 4th May. We had no money and no lawyer. I prayed to Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots and she answered me. On 4th May the judge didn’t come to court so there was an adjournment. The same day, a family Friend lent us the money for paying the new lawyer’s fees. It was a blessing !!!

  33. I had breast cancer for the second time on Chemo for 8 months and finally had a mastectomy in
    February of 2021 three months ago my tumor markers were normal and other blood work OK
    Going on March 23 for rerun on blood work and
    Mammogram and will be praying this novena for the outcome to remain good I have so my to Thank God for I am 88 years old and have prayed all novenas since I signed up

  34. Following others on answered prayers, Im also thankful to God in advance,.. lord give me a virtuous husband… have suffered for long, show mercy on me.. give me a husband.. thanks and am humbled

  35. I thank God for my daughter has now got the job I wished her to have. To Go be all glory. I have learnt to be patient and always wait upon the Lord. God has no dustbin for prayers. Thank you John Paul and Anne and everyone else who prayed for me.please continue doing so and may Almighty Father bless us all.

  36. For several months I have been having trouble with my dentures fitting right. My insurance would not cover new ones for 3 more years. I asked Our Blessed Lord in Divine Mercy to help. The insurance company said I had no history of previous dentures so I qualified! I am now getting new ones thanks to a miracle from Our Lord! Alleluia!

  37. I have been praying and crying to the Lord and dear Mary for the conversion and healing of my grown son for SO long. [He knows I pray for him all the time.]
    He’s far away but we keep up with frequent messenger chats. He had begun looking for another job and told me today he just applied for a position as a major gifts manager at a Catholic hospital! He doesn’t think he’ll get it..but St. Monica and St. Augustine..and so many others ..[I end up praying, “All you holy Saints and Angels, pray for him!”] ..are ON THE CASE!😊 He doesn’t stand a chance!😆

    Concurrent with this, he has been more open to [tolerant of??🤷🏼] my sharing how God is working in my life in smaller and larger I am encouraged. Glory to God. Glory forever.

  38. I was praying to make a good confession/ holy Communion for the extraordinary grace of Divine Mercy Sunday, and by the mediation of the Divine Mercy, I believe He made it happen! :)

  39. I have been suffering for months after a terrible sinus infection left me dizzy or lightheaded every day but continued praying my novena and daily rosary I believe after Easter vigil mass I received a miracle of healing I have not been dizzy since then. Praise be to God and Blessed mother Mary thank you for all your prayers

  40. I have been suffering for months after a terrible sinus infection left me dizzy or lightheaded every day but continued praying my novena and daily rosary I believe after Easter vigil mass I received a miracle of healing I have not been dizzy since then. Praise be to God and Blessed mother Mary thank you for all your prayers

  41. i was scammed by some group from London they have this power of convincing you they our legit.. thank God i didnt give my whole hard earned money to buy air ticket so i can go home to see my family…i prayed so hard increased my faith to Jesus i finish all our novena then one day God return the money stole from me 3x the amount..Jesus kept his promises he will never leave us Jesus is Good

  42. My daughter was swiftly led to two pregnancy centers and they both prayed with her. She received an ultrasound at her first appointment. All this DIVINE intervention has changed her view in favor of keeping her baby. THANK YOU GRACIOUS God❤AMEN

  43. My novena prayers have been answered. My children have settled into their career choice jobs. It was hopeless for a while for one of them and then an offer arrived. God is so good and answers our prayers when it is the right time. Now I have to pray for peace in the world. God has blessed me in many ways and I am eternally grateful.

  44. I had knee surgery, 2 years ago. Right before pandemic. My back hurt so bad after the surgery, could hardly move around. Doctor after doctor. Therapy , massages.
    Well my PCP, said Shirley let’s try, a different therapist ( medical) back ground . Praying daily, even while waiting on my first visit. Told Paul, I have been praying. He said. We will fix it. He asked tons of questions, and he sent me back to my knee doctor. Then after looking at X-rays. Let’s do this.
    It’s called Dry Needling…… It worked. Along with different excerises. Amen.

  45. For 5 years our lives were in turmoil (I won’t go into details) but in March our lives changed completely, we got a Miracle! There were many times in those 5 years I felt so alone and felt no one was listening but I will never ever underestimate the power of prayer because it was truly God that changed our lives and for that I will be eternally grateful and if I thank him everyday for the rest of my life it will never be enough.

  46. I have been praying for a sick baby in the hospital and she was discharged home today.To God be the glory .

  47. About two weeks ago I had severe stomach pain that started at night till the next night, my family doctor insisted I did a scan and we found it was fibroids that was causing the pain, they were big and multiple so he said I had to go for surgery. I have always been scared of going for surgery, so I sought other doctors opinion they said the same thing. So the surgery was scheduled for 3 week from that day. Anyway I had engaged in St. Dymphna, our lady of perpetual help and Divine Mercy novena Prior to all this, and hoped for a miracle, but last week the pain started again and more severe and I was rushed to the hospital, the doctors had to move the surgery to the next day. I Thank God it was successful and am getting better. The doctors had said I was lucky to have done the surgery at that time that the fibroid had twisted round one of my organ and that assuming the surgery wasn’t moved backward, I might have died. God’s Grace and Mercy is overwhelming. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.

  48. I am being treated for lymphoma while praying the novena. This week, I received my PET Scan results and the oncologist believes I am in “complete remission” and so will finish my 1 remaining chemotherapy treatment with great gratitude to the Lord Jesus for my healing.

  49. During the Novena, God blessed with an international job. The position is far much better than i have been praying for. Amen- Eric

  50. Be Blessed. I do all your Posted Novena’s and have for years and many others on my own. This not an answer to prayer note as I get answers every day….I’d keep you VERY Busy. This is a request for info & a suggestion. We Pray almost always asking GOD for HIS Blessings in our situations. We may often forget to say Thank you. So I’m asking if there is a Saint and a Novena as a Thank You. And then I’d like to suggest that you Post it right after the Supreme Court releases the Overturn of Roe/Wade in June/July. We have been praying for 50 years for this to happen and Mary & Jesus will be Very Happy and should be thanked. I am Praying that you can find the correct Novena and will post this suggestion.
    Thank you Both and BE BLESSED Rick

  51. I was told that I probably had ovarian cancer. The CTSCAN showed tumors on my ovary. I was convinced that this was the end. I was sent to a cancer specialist for help. He performed surgery to remove the tumors (there were two) and after praying numerous novenas I was told that there was no cancer. Thank you to all the saints and to God for allowing me to continue his work here on earth.

  52. Thank God and all the people praying during this Novena. My eyes have been feeling so much better after all my surgeries. Thank you Jesus…

  53. I have been praying all my Novenas for a long good 2 years or more that my cancer in my lungs would disappear and I had a biopsy and thank the lord there was no cancer cells to be found. Thank you Jesus!

  54. During the divine mercy novena, I prayed to God so that I could find a soulmate. I would like to testify that a true miracle happened, right now I’m in a serious relationship. I thank God because He’s faithful.

  55. I prayed for safe delivery and God answered. Gave birth to a handsome bouncing baby boy 1 and 1/2 months ago. We are thankful for good health and the gift of life everyday.

  56. I thank God for His mercy.
    My son was able to go back to school.
    The Lord provided all requirements and half tuition.
    I give God the glory.

  57. Our prayers have been answered. It’s been three yrs with our court case. Our little grandson was 2 yrs old at the time he was beaten by parents. We went through many dark valleys , but hope and peace was with us. We’re happy to say April 2022 we received news we will have full custody of Athinos and will get to adopt him. Thank you , Divine Mercy. Texas

  58. I have been praying various Novena prayers for many, many months – not for anything specific at first, but then I lost my job last summer, my best friend who was palliative passed on, then I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of skin cancer on my nose/face which needed aggressive surgery. To top it off, I had a bizarre accident that left me with broken ankle/leg bones & immobility.

    My plastic surgery was a success with no cancer now; I am finally walking again after ortho sugery to repair my limbs; & on Easter Monday, I received a job offer after having prayed to the Almighty Lord for so many weeks & months, always trusting in His will. I am ever grateful for the miracles Lord Jesus has bestowed upon me & am filled with Thanksgiving and praise. Thank you God the Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Blessed Mary & Joseph & all the angels & saints who have been with me throughout my journey. Praise be to God. Amen.

  59. My first baby was through Ceaserian sectional, I prayed to give birth through vaginal delivery for the second and God did it. Thank you Lord

  60. Prayers for better relationships with children and for daughter to meet a future spouse, at this time she is in a relationship with a very nice man. Relationships with daughter-in-law and son seems to be improving.

  61. My prayer intension during the Divine Mercy novena was to get a job since it is almost 2 years now without getting a job. I am really greatful to the Lord that l found a good job now. No interview but just received a phone call to say please can you come for work and to start work this mon 10 May.

  62. I have been praying my daughter would find a good man & she has. Prayers were answered. Thank you, s

  63. I prayed for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby,i did pray for either a boy or girl just a healthy baby God doubled mi happiness by giving me a baby boy as I had a baby girl already and I prayed also for a safe delivery and Healing from Caesarean section I am gradually Healing…
    Prayer works wonders let us all PRAY WITH DEDICATION

  64. I have intestinal problems I have a bloated abdomen. gas and blood in my stool. in the toilet, on paper and is uncontrollable
    I have prayed to my Dear Blessed Mother, to Jesus, to God, to Therese of the Little Flower, Padre Pio, St John Paul and more
    I have not had a diagnosis because of the pandemic and doctors are not healers only God and HIS Holy Will
    please I want Divine Intervention I don’t want to rely on medicine and doctors PLEASE HELP ME

  65. I was actually able to visit the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Vilnius, Lithuania after watching the Divine Mercy Sunday mass! I booked my flight on Tuesday; left my house on Thursday and found myself at the Shrine on Friday. A special grace and blessing from God. Thanks be to God for everything!

  66. Although my specific prayers have not yet been answered just reading the ones that have gives me hope to keep praying and not give up!! Jesus I trust in You!!!

  67. Thank the Lord! Our house sold after almost 3 years on the market and for a very good price. After 60 days of looking in our new state, we have had an offer accepted! We are awaiting resolution period of some issues found during inspection, but we think this is where we will be calling home soon. We are still praying for family members who have lost their way to return to God, but one step at a time. For right now we are so grateful for our blessings.

  68. I have had so many prayers answered that I can’t even count them. My prayer for protection on my job, that my daughter in law could spend time with family and so much more. Prayers always work!

  69. My teenage granddaughter has been rescued from the brink of despair, and she is starting to see light in her future!

  70. I asked to be joined in prayers for our daughter Taylor and her husband. Prayers that they would be able to convince again soon. They’ve suffered previous miscarriage. Last week she called to let me know they were told they suffered yet another miscarriage. She was scheduled the next day for an ultrasound. The person doing the ultrasound informed them she determined the baby has a strong heartbeat!!! Although the baby is still at risk for the next few weeks. Thanks everyone for joining me on praying. Please continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy. ❤️

  71. My son has been sick for a few years with many Dr’s trying to figure out what is wrong. Finally,Dr’s guided by God, know what the disease is and are treating him. Still a long road to healing and becoming a father and husband again but God is with us.

  72. My husband has been fighting cancer, and thru the Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ..he is now remission..His last test showed no signs of Cancer..he will be on chemo for the rest of his life, he will need to be monitored but the cancer is under control..Thank you Jesus..for answering my prayer. Amen

  73. It was in January,2021, I was demoted at my work place without reasonable explanation, I put my hope on Jesus , continued with novenas , today I testify God restored me, I have a new Job and happy.
    Martha Gasten

  74. Thank you Saint Anthony for Prayer Answered.
    After 3 long years we didn’t see our son finally with Gods help st Anthony prayers
    We rejoice together
    And I am looking forward to see both my sons this Mother’s Day In Jesus Name I pray Amen

  75. I have being praying to God to help me come out successfully in my first semester of nursing school while I maintain a full time job. God didn’t only see me through, I ace my most difficult exam and came out successfully in all my classes. God also brought back my elder sister who was estranged from the family few months ago. She finally called the family and peace is gradually coming into the family. Glory be to God.

  76. I’m a strong believer of Isaiah 60:22 “When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen”. My prayer intentions haven’t been answered yet. But I know it’s cooking in God’s hands and when it’s His appropriate time He will make it happen for me and my family.
    I got emotional reading those answered prayers, it’s just an assurance that Yes, God answers prayers and there’s nothing he cannot do/fix.
    For anyone losing faith or hope please hang in there….. It won’t be too long until God gets you❤️

  77. I’ve told you before (i’m the one with the 40 year old son back in my life after his relinquishment and adoption & that is going VERY WELL THANK GOD) AND I’d like to share our daughter and her new husband have very much made a big turn back to the faith… they were married by a lutheran pastor and have joined a lutheran church in their city. They both left the Catholic church over 10 years ago and we can see God and faith working in them. Our youngest and his girlfriend are also much more interested in faith and God… so I sense a shift there too. Our 4th and 3rd child has gotten his dream job in Hawaii and moving soon… he’s still luke warm on faith, but I continue to pray. xoxo and thx for this ministry!

  78. My daughters father very weak from cancer had surgery to repair a tear in the stomach doctor said it was in a good place easily repairable after surgery he had beef broth. First meal after six months of nothing but ice and water. Thank God and this community for prayers.

  79. Answered Prayer from Saint Peregrine.

    David, my husband has skin cancer since March, he went for many biopsies and surgeries, and even Freezes some red spots . And the oncologists noticed that one spot on his back, then he explained to me that it’s Melanoma that After and he surgery he will go for Chemotherapy for months its part of the medications. While I was waiting for his Surgery I was searching and was watching some prayers , and I saw the Novena prayers for Saint Peregrine The Patron Saint for Cancers… And after saying this Nine Days Novena , after few days David and I went back for his Oncologist check up and said that David has no Melanoma,,and I want to Thank You Saint Peregrine for the answers of my Prayers and My Novenas ,, and my brothers and sisters in Christ who also say the Saint Peregrine Novena,,, and I would love to say any Novenas since then ,

    Thank You, to my Divine Mercy Novena

    Just two days before our departure for Vacation, we went for Covid Testing as a part of the requirements Travel requirements and Thank you 🙏 my Divine Mercy Novena David and I came out both our results were Negative and the Divine Mercy guide and gave us a safe travel . Thank You my Novena Prayers and the people who always say a Novena .David/Carol

  80. I prayed for my brother who had dementia and was not being treated well. God took him on Easter Sunday.
    His family did not have the priest in for him to have the last rites so please pray for him.
    However, I believe the gates of heaven were wide open Easter Sunday.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  81. My son Darrin has been suffering with colitis since he was 21 years old he is now 29 he’s been back-and-forth to different doctors also suffering with not being able to afford insurance last week he had a full-time job and had to be hospitalized because of his weakness and had lost a lot of blood thank God he was admitted to the hospital and received medication for his colitis things are looking better he’s feeling better thank God and to everyone that’s been praying, this novena and thank you Jesus thanks for looking out for him..

  82. I have been praying your novenas. My son is an alcoholic and his disease was killing him. He has gone to several rehabs. He recently got out of another rehab. He has been going to meetings. All things are possible with God!!

  83. One can purchase Divine Mercy Prayer Cards and insert one into a Christmas Card or Birthday card or Easter Card etc.

  84. One out of 4 kids have return to the Catholic Church n has been attending every Sunday,he’s staying out of trouble, he has quit smoking n has slow dwn on his drinking habits n I thank God for this cuz I couldn’t do it alone ….I have hope n faith my other kids n grand will do the same on God’s time

  85. Praise! Honor and Glory be to God!!!!
    My cousins was accosted and kidnapped on his way back from work in my country! We all intensified our prayers, novenas, rosary, you name it. Yesterday I got a notification that he is back home safe and sound! I say thank You to JESUS! Thank YOU my LORD & SAVIOR!

  86. I had a terrible horrible few days.. I prayed from the depths of my heart I was not well so very upset….. and to top it off my little companion Monet my little dog was also sick.. I spent quite a few sleepless nights crying .praying and not too well at all…..
    Never forgetting to say my prayers ..that is all I did was pray askinG God to save my dog she is all I have to take care of and to help me feel better i n able to care for her..
    Well my sincere prayers were answered Monet passed all tests she is happy again and so am I.. I feel better just knowing she will still be here with me through my illness.. Thanks be to God and His endless Mercy….

  87. I had a terrible horrible few days.. I prayed from the depths of my heart I was not well so very upset….. and to top it off my little companion Monet my little dog was also sick.. I spent quite a few sleepless nights crying .praying and not too well at all…..
    Never forgetting to say my prayers ..that is all I did was pray askinG God to save my dog she is all I have to take care of and to help me feel better i n able to care for her..
    Well my sincere prayers were answered Monet passed all tests she is happy again and so am I.. I feel better just knowing she will still be here with me through my illness.. Thanks be to God and His endless Mercy….

  88. My son was diagnosed with cancer last March (Lymphoma) near his liver all he was doing was trying to eat a lot of greens and cut out red meat and eat well. He didn’t want chemo or anything else. I kept praying the Novenas and the Divine Mercy prayers and he is now cancer free
    Thank you everyone for Prayers and never give up hope. Thank you Jesus.

  89. I have been praying for my grown children’s intentions to get good jobs and to meet good Catholic people to date. One of them is now dating a nice Catholic boy and the others have been getting good job offers. Thank you for praying with me! Praise be to God.

  90. June of 2020, my world started falling apart, I lost a very good job due to Covid, began having health issues and didn’t realize that it was due to depression and anxiety. I have always believed in god but lost my faith. After 12 months of looking for health reasons for not feeling well, my wife and I started going back to church and even adoration regularly. I saw the right doctor and with my renewed faith in practice, I slowly started feeling better. we both practiced novenas’ and last week I was offered an amazing job! There’s no doubt in my mind that my renewed faith and the loving grace of our lord, helped me through this.

  91. I have been praying about passing the CPA exams.. I first sat for the CPA exams 6 years ago but couldn’t pass any and gave up when I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter. During the pandemic, I started studying again for my daughter. After failing seven exams, I finally passed one.. and then the next one, and the next one. 3 down, 1 more to go! To God be the glory!!! I know He was always there with me in every exam. I just needed to believe in Him! Don’t ever lose hope because God is always at work!! I am very thankful for all these novenas. God bless all of you❤️

  92. I prayed for my younger son to find a girlfriend and a job- he has the sweetest girlfriend now!!! God will bless him with a job soon !! I have faith !! I prayed and prayed for my older son to get married and he did in April. God will find both my boys jobs!! I believe in Gods plan and timing!!
    Thank you Jesus!!

  93. I suddenly had trouble praying. A bad word would fill my mind and I rarely swear. I worried about the unpardonable sin. I continued to pray the Divine Mercy Novena and went to confession. After Divine Mercy Sunday it went away and now I can pray again.

    I also asked for my fallen away son not to split from his dear Japanese non Christian wife and to save their marriage. She is devastated and so far from home. It’s his idea. PLEASE would you all pray for this couple. Thank you.

  94. I prayed for my son to received a promotion with benefits, yesterday he called with great news. One other problem my son also is experiencing is drugs, but yesterday on his own he told me he is going to change. God is Great