Answered Prayers from The Divine Mercy Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

Please do not give up on hope or on your faith if your prayers have not been answered. Jesus is with you, you are not alone, and He hears you! We will continue to pray for you!

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  1. Last April when my 8 year old grandson was diagnosed with cancer I began to fervently pray with every novena possible. This past March(2022) he received his final chemo treatment and has been deemed “Cancer Free”! Praise God and all his Saints! His father(my son) turned to alcohol during these stressful months and again prayer have gone heavenly two weeks ago he contacted a therapist and has totally stopped drinking, AND has asked to come back to the church this past week! I know I am unworthy, but all my prayers continue to be answered! God is Good!

  2. My prayers were answered 🙏 both my daughter in law and niece finally conceived and both mommy and babies are healthy and doing well. Thanks Saint Anthony

  3. I have been praying the novena.
    Some of my prayers answered, my husband and children got healing, still praying for my leg and back pain. Sure i will be healed by His wounded hands.
    My daughter got good result in exam.
    Still praying for other daughter to pass the licensing exam in August with good score..

  4. I’ve been praying for years and multiple novenas for a career change. My current job is emotionally draining and the workload continues to increase with no respite.

    I wrote down and prayed for a job that is fulfilling, offers flexibility and some remote work as I’m a single parent. Not only that I wanted a job where I could help heal others, get a pay increase with the potential for travel.

    I recently accepted an offer where I will be building a wellness program for employees. It meets all the criteria and more. This company truly believes in family first and puts its money where it’s mouth is.

    I’m so very thankful 🙏🏼
    Thank you for the prayers.

  5. I praise God for His goodness & mercy for my family. And I thank you for all the sisters and brothers who are always my prayer partners. Last month, my son, Luke, was accepted at the San Francisco State University for Electrical Engineering. It’s really a miracle as it was the only school that he applied for college. Although he was ready for the City College near us just in case he will not be accepted at SFSU. The family was at some point worried but I kept offering everything to God. He is always faithful, Halleluiah 😇😇😇💕💞

  6. Half way through praying the Divine Mercy Novena, my prayers was answered. The night before I dreamed of swimming in Blood which I now know was being the blood of Chirst. Thank you Jesus. I trust in You. 🙏 Amen

  7. Hello brethren,,my first time to pray novena was through influence from my wife. I used to attend because I didn’t like to kill my wifes Faith… Our prayer was to seek a white colour job , permanent en pensionable. To everyone surprise we received employment letter the fifth day from the time we commenced that novena. Right now am talking it’s my third month me en my wife working for the government in a public school…God is great

  8. First, I ask for prayers to Jesus and Mary for my Wife who has been sick with one issue or another for years. She is amazing to struggle but not give up. She truly deserves relief with God’s blessing for a life.
    Secondly, I ask for prayers to Jesus and Mary for my health that my digestive system is healed. I’ve had many operations that only gave some help. Man kind trys to help but is not always successful because all remains in the hands of God. He is the true fixer of the impossible, Amen!

    Thank YOU for All your prayers!!!

  9. I have prayed every Novena since I subscribed a few years ago. I have always prayed for Catholics to return to the Lord.

    We try to visit my father-in-law twice a year, and we always invite him to join us for Sunday Mass – he politely declines.

    Last year, we arrived a week early to make final arrangements for his grand 90th birthday party. As usual, we invited him to Sunday Mass and this time he consented!!! Other than graduations and funerals, this is the first Mass he has attended in 45 years when my mother-in-law went to Heaven – drunken driver accident.

    During our visit this year, he went with us to Palm Sunday Mass. Afterwards, my wife commented that he will be 91 this year, and asked whether he would like to go to Reconciliation and receive the Eucharist during Holy Week. He agreed!!!! He went to Reconciliation with the Pastor on Tuesday of Holy Week. The Pastor was a kind and gentle priest, and was perfect for the occasion.

    My father-in-law received Eucharist at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Thursday evening. We attended Stations of the Cross on Friday and Mass on Easter Sunday – he wanted to attend everything. It was Blessed Holy Week!!!

    The following weekend, we went to Mass on Saturday and attended Devine Mercy Sunday.

    This was God’s plan that has been in motion for 45 years. Please continue to pray, the Lord is listening and your persistence will yield results in God’s time.

    I continue to pray for Catholics to return to the Lord, especially for our children, nieces and nephews.

    He is Risen, Alleluia

  10. My fiancé and I prayed the novena for addiction and so far it’s been two weeks since he has stopped smoking after smoking for over 25 years!

  11. The Lord is Good.
    I have so many answered prayers that I do not know which one to start with. The most important one is my relationship with God which has improved a lot. My faith strengthened and most of all being able to practice the acts of mercy to the people I encounter.
    I still pray for good health and the gift of life. I want to live up to 90 years. I ask the Lord to give me the opportunity to take care of my kids.

  12. I have been praying these novena for some years now and feel closer to God, Jesus and Mary. My home is happier and peaceful. One thing I need is for my son to come back to the Catholic Church.

  13. Whether my specific request has not been answered, I still think my prayers are being answered, as I tell God He knows all my needs, wants, but also ask for what He thinks best for me and He has blessed me with so many unexpected things/gifts.
    I was expecting some funds to pay for my surgery, which was timely received.

    I thank God for His mercies

  14. My beautiful daughter in law found out yesterday she’s pregnant We all thank the goodness of Our Lord for this miracle.

  15. Thank God for answered prayers: my sister is out of the hands of her abusing husband and my hubby and I have received multiple offers on our properties. Mother Mary you are also an awesome mother.

  16. On Divine Mercy Sunday mass, I got healed from continuous bleeding which had lasted 2 months after suffering a miscarriage.

  17. For about 20 years I prayed that my husband would be released from his addiction of alcoholism. Many times I felt like my prayer wasn’t going to be answered. I hadn’t seen him sober in years but I never gave up. I started to pray my rosary every day as well as the novenas. Praise God it’s been 5 months since he’s had a drink of alcohol. We’re bonding as a family again.

  18. My spouse had registered our children to go to a local school in Italy that was sub standard at best. I prayed a 30 day novena with my sister and our specific intention was that the children would not go to that school. 2 days after we completed the novena there was a small fire at the school which delayed the school opening. The children then enrolled at a classical school that they love and is much better! Novenas work and God is great!

  19. Thank you Annie and John-Paul for your beautiful mission of sharing the novenas. May God bless you big time!!
    Been praying my sons and their wives return to the church. My agnostic daughter-in-law sent me a birthday present: a rosary blessed by Pope Francis!! Wow!! Also after months of knee pain and probable need for surgery, the pain is gone! Dear Children of God, I encourage you to lay all your troubles at Our Lord’s feet (and leave them there), ask the saints to pray with you and then wait…to see God work his miracles in your life and the lives of your lived ones!! God bless you all 🙏


  21. I have had serious health issues this year and the novenas have helped in healing with God in charge.
    Also my brother is in remission from his cancer.
    My niece who is bipolar has had answers to my prayers.

  22. I have been my husband’s 24×7 caregiver since his massive stroke for 64 months. All to Jesus, I surrendered all. During this time, God led me from a lifetime with Protestant denominations to the Catholic Faith which included your Novenas. Last month, my prayers to St Joseph to help the seller of our future home moved from my selfish desires and needs to one of deep compassion and empathy for the seller I don’t yet know. You see, they will probably be leaving their last home before moving in with family, assisted living or memory care. I know their journey. I have walked in their shoes.

    I thank God for you and ask Him to bless you as much as you have blessed me and so many others! God answers prayers and His saints lead our hearts to His heart’s desires!✝️🙏❤️

  23. I have been praying the novena, and I asked God to help me know and understand Him better, and for sure my relationship with God right now is the best

  24. I have been praying for a long time for conversion in my family. Especially my son’s family so far away from the catholic faith…During this novena I noticed my daughter-in-law showing signs of interest to my surprise…
    And we had a Mother’s Day celebration last night I gave her a book by Mathew Kelly …from Dynamic Catholic, candles and flowers ….she kept flipping through the book :) It’s a start…I feel it !

  25. Thank you for sharing those answered prayers. I have been thinking that none of my prayers have been answered, but realize the small and steady blessings that have been happening in our lives.
    We have been praying for a grandchild with mental issues – who does not seem to improve, and then another grandchild is hospitalized with an eating disorder and mental issues. Now I trust that God is helping them – just not as quickly as I would like.
    Thank you for telling us to never give up hope.

  26. I prayed for conversation of my daughter being away from church and specifically God. She had a nervous breakdown and turned to God and is back in church after 10 years.

  27. I had so many intentions when I pray these Novenas. God knows all these but He will answer only what is according to His will that we need most. One of the intentions was for my son and his wife’s troubled marriage. One issue in their marriage was my son got into a relationship with another woman who had a broken marriage. I prayed and prayed to Jesus to please break this relationship to save their souls and repair the broken marriages there are including my sons’s. Before the end of the ninth day, my son had told my daughter that he had broken up with the other woman. Praise God. My son and wife are working to mending their married situation. I also keep praying for the other women and her two very young sons. May they continue to find peace in their hearts. Pray, prsy and never give up. Jesus I trust in you.

  28. I found Divine Mercy novena when I got very stressful in my current job. I feel trap between want to quit and need money for living. Feeling no hope, no peace in life even on weekend I was feeling so stress when thinking I must face this person again on next Monday on the job. Suddenly I found the website and on top of it I saw Jesus picture with words “always pray and never give up”. Seems My Lord talking directly to me and I started Divine Mercy Novena everyday. Always ending with tears because I feel I have courage to face another day and keep looking new jobs although still hadn’t found one after months searching. And on the last day of Divine Mercy Novena, Jesus help me to get a new job! So amazing, He always knows what the best for us. He will help and lead the way! Praise the Lord!

  29. Now I know novenas are powerful, specially when they are done with a community. I asked God for my husband and my home to have more peace during weekends and it’s already happening!!!! I’m so happy and hopeful the our family life will continue to be more holy, more loving with Gods constant help!

  30. My son has VHL and the newly approved medication was given to him three months ago and the tumors are shrinking. Thank you, Jesus!
    Still praying for the job of his dreams and a good Christian woman to share married life with.

  31. We rescued a Chihuahua who was abused. She would always hide from my spouse and would not go near him. I prayed she would overcome her fears of him and my prayers were answered. She sleeps with us and will come up to the front of our bed for him to massage her and I can tell she loves him and is happy being in our family. Thank you, Jesus.

  32. I always pray for safe travels for my son his job takes him away from his family and God has always brought him home safely … Thank you God !!!

  33. I pray every day to stay close to Jesus. My prayers may not get answered overnight, but they are answered one way or another. I feel fulfilled and safe when I pray. Thank you, God, for always listening!

  34. Last week I was prepared to be homeless through no fault but my own. I was prepared but Jesus intervene in a big way. My sister who I have a rocky relationship came up with the money for the first month’s rent and people came through with help moving and with food. If someone does not believe, believe what I am telling them. The whole move had to be a God thing. It only strengthens my faith.

  35. I pray every novena with praymorenovenas and I say the Rosary daily. My prayers are for my family and for my son who is fighting addiction. My son is clean right now and is trying to stay sober. I know that God has heard my prayers and is leading my son towards sobriety and holiness.

  36. We were having financial problems and ending up having no food in the house. We are raising our grandsons so that stresses me having no food! I really try to trust the Lord that he will provide. The divine mercy is one of my favorite novena. Soon after I had prayed it…on a Sunday…a voice told me put in your walmart food order and it went through!! Now we were over drawn at the bank but thank you Lord he gave us food! I have been telling everyone of our miracle! The Lord does provide!

  37. When I pray each new Novena, I typically pray for the same things and add new/different as appropriate. I know that my many prayers have been answered in so many different ways over the years. I know God is listening to me no matter what and has blessed me and my family in so many ways. I try and give thanks to him as much as I can in each prayer, but I am not sure I do that enough. So that will be one of my new praying goals…to praise the Lord first, ask for forgiveness of my sins and then my intentions. I love these novenas…they give me peace…looking forward to Mary Undoer of Knots -it is one of my favorites and extremely powerful. Thank you and God Bless you always.

  38. A year past, our son was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer. After many surgeries, praying for good surgeon hands and for God to place his Loving, healing hands on him – the past 2 scans have been unremarkable. And yes, there are many uncertainties moving forward, God has gotten him to this point. Byron

  39. When i started praying Novenas I believed but my faith was not strong. Since i started all my prayers have been answered and more . My freind got strong enough and got on a list for a double lung transplant and it was successful. My mom’s health continues to be good since her battle with breast cancer. My concussion is getting better every day, still cant do alot but it is in the right direction. My faith has grown stronger to not only believe but trust in Jesus. Confirming all the work does pay off and God has a way of showing up when you need him. You not only need to believe you need to trust.

  40. My husband has agreed to go to church with me Mother’s Day. My daughter started texting me after a months silence after I sent her a letter telling her the truth of God about her gay relationship. Praise be to God for steps in the right direction!

  41. My son was cured of an inoperable brain tumor! Thanks be to God and all praying Novena prayers.

  42. Thank you Lord, Jesus for all you have blessed me with my salvation, my husband, my family and little Evie. We need your help Jesus, my husband has been in jail for 2 months now for alleged allegations of sexual abuse on a minor. We need a financial miracle to help pay his bail so he can come home. And a big miracle to help the truth come out so he won’t have to go to prison. And for 3 of our adult kids and family members to return to you and your teachings. We could use some more prayers. Thank you In Jesus name I ask and pray. Amen.

  43. My prayers for my granddaughter to be baptized were answered on Divine Mercy Sunday this year!!! Praise & glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!!! Thank you Jesus, praise You Lord❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. I have two daughters that had told me not expect any grandchildren. I’ve prayed for years and God has granted my prayer. I have one grandson!

  45. I have been praying for a good relationship between my mother in law and I because it was taking a toll on my marriage, she has started talking to me again. Thanks be to God!

  46. In 2019 my husband was diagnosed with neck/throat cancer (and then kidney cancer miraculously found when a PET scan was ordered by an ER doctor when he developed double pneumonia immediately following his chest port surgery). Then the following year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy Dec 2020. My husband and I have now been cancer-free since 2020, praise God! The Novenas helped bring me a deeper faith, hope, and a peace that guided me through it all. We are also very blessed to have the support from our friends and family who also prayed for us during our treatments and recoveries! God is good!

  47. My dad has cancer. He went to a healing Mass on Divine Mercy Tuesday. He had passed out and was laying on the floor! When he came to he was dazed and couldn’t talk for awhile. He recieved some kind of healing yet to be revealed.

  48. During this praying season our Lord Jesus has shown up in all the details of my life. In my morning prayer and meditation I reflect on this and I’m amazed how He has shown up in my life and the lives of those in my family and circle of people in my life. Specifically my son who struggles with depression and anxiety has become closer in his walk with God and through the Gifting of intercessory prayer, my wife and I see the Hands and Feet of God in His Life. As well, my daughter’s family had been clearly touched by the hand of God!!!

    Keep praying
    In Jesus Name

  49. One of my intention was for our Grandson Marcel to be healed from his addiction of alcohol and heavy drugs! He’s not completely healed yet but were gradually seeing a change. We will continue praying with everyone so that Marcel will be free of his addiction of alcohol and drugs and for him to begin a new chapter in his life filled with joy and happiness. Giving Thanks to the Divine Mercy and for reaching out to our intentions.

  50. When I prayed this novena, I asked for my permanent residency to be accepted and delivered before summer. Just on the third prayer, God answered my prayer with a letter from immigration saying my application accepted and my card will be delivered for permanent residency. It was all God. Amen and Amen

  51. I want to five praise my Lord God for answered prayers and for our Blessed Mother and all the saints and novenas for the answered prayer that my husband and I would get guardianship of our granddaughters. I’m still praying and believing that prayers will be answered that my daughter and her husband will have a conversion of heart to our Lord and their anger, malice, addiction and domestic violence will be removed from their life and they will turn their life over to the Lord so that they can provide a safe loving Christian home for their girls, but until then we will remain their guardians. Amen and thank you!

  52. I have been praying for several months, several different novenas on my own. Saints Gianna Beretta Molla, Gerard & Rita, for my daughter & husband to conceive a baby & they are expecting in November, another daughter is expecting in September, and a 3rd couple is also! Thank You Jesus & Saints!!

  53. We have been praying for a twin newborn that was critically ill for months on a ventilator. He had multiple problems. He is now home, breathing on his own, gaining weight rapidly and completely healthy with all medical concerns resolved. Thank you Jesus.

  54. I prayed for my husband’s peace and to find a job with good people. He did find a job and his boss seems to be very decent. He will travel and is not excited about that but we know that this is an answered prayer and that Jesus Christ’s plan includes travel. We are grateful and blessed!

  55. I am so grateful to God for His Love and mercy upon me, my family and mankind. I asked God to help me to be very Prayerful and Fearless, and the Holy Spirit my best friend is in control of that. Thank you Lord 🙏

  56. Last February, my nephew lost his overseas job and was back home. I was worried with him because he has a family to support with 2 young children. I prayed the novena to St. Joseph and he got a job starting this month. Thank you Lord and St. Joseph. GW

  57. I give all the glory to our Lord for He is All Knowing. I have not been consistent with the Divine Mercy Novena prayers, however, I have been praying the novena at 3am for a while. Strangely enough I am not a Catholic but a friend introduced me to the novenas and this happens to be my favorite novena. In a dream not too long ago, a praying hand gave me the rosary and I intensified my Divine Mercy Novena prayers and consistently The Holy Spirit wakes me up at about 3am to say the prayers. Now, I have received God’s amazing peace and some of the things that irritated me about the people around me has stopped and I am happier now. I give all thanks to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏🏾.

  58. I have been praying for a longer contract ,,,
    God finally answered my prayers during the Devine Mercy noverna
    I was given a contract up to end of Sept. With a possibility of newale

  59. My Mom was suffering from Alzheimers and it was painful to see her suffering as she couldn’t recognize me, her only daughter. Even could not remember her own name. Memory totally wiped off and totally dependent since last 1 and half year. I prayed the Divine Mercy Novena asking to end her sufferings, forgiveness for sins and to take her peacefully into His Kingdom. On 25th April in the evening she passed peacefully.

  60. Thank you very much Almighty Father for the answered prayer. I passed my licensure examination for teachers last April 29, and I took my examination last March 27. I heartily believe that novenas can make miracles. Thank you also for accepting me in these group. God bless us all.

  61. I have been bed ridden now for a year. To this day doctors don’t know why I can’t walk. But while in hospital they diagnosed me with cancer as it runs in my family. The tests were done and I prayed silently every novena that you put out. I finally got the results and I don’t have cancer. My prayer now is for me to walk again. I think I am getting there as I can now sit up and stand up holding on to my bed post. Thank you Jesus for every thing you have your reasons for me. Thanks.

  62. I have been praying for my daughter n son n law for over six years to be able to conceive , and my prayers have been answered , they are expecting a little boy . Now I pray for a healthy pregnancy n baby .

  63. I prayed novena for a new job because my previous job was very stress full my actually right after I started my new job I discovered that I had been let go without any communication they expected me to just go and find my replacement working but God placed me somewhere else earlier….. I thank God for his mercy and kindness.

  64. My brother who had been waiting for a heart for 4 months received a heart and had his transplant surgery. He had only
    10% heart function and much shortness of breath near the end so he would have died without the new heart. Truly a miracle!

    Also my sister stole my inheritance, lied and betrayed the family. She created lies. She did not work for over 45 years and took all the family’s valuables after being executive of the estates. I always thought she was lazy, greedy and wicked. I discovered through God’s word that she is mentally ill. Now I need God’s guidance on how to help her best. I have never dealt with this mental illness and haven’t a clue on how to proceed. God has given me insight so far. He will not abandon me on how to help her in her misery. I will continue the novenas.

  65. For years, I have prayed for our own house. It was granted on May 1 of this year. I am still praying fervently for conversion for my husband. Praying all the novena help me through difficult times. I will continually to do so, not only for myself but for my family as well and for the whole world.

  66. I’ve been in a very difficult situation two years ago and I’ve been jobless and now I’ve feeling awesome and I’ve been hired for a lovely job with children.
    Thank you Lord , thank you John-Paul and Annie, thank you everyone who pray for each other during years. Amen. I feel blessed

  67. A friend of mine and I had a falling out. I prayed that we would resolve the issue and regain our friendship. That has happened and our friendship is even stronger. Thank you!

  68. After two years of estrangement, my teen niece reunited with her mother at Christmas! Thank you all for your prayers!

  69. I opened up a shop early this year. My sales have been very low and i have been asking the Lord to give me more sales. End of April my sales doubled those of end of March. Glory be to God.

  70. I have been making novenas for years and have had what I call my miracles. I have been saying more Novenas for others when others have asked me to pray for them. So many have been telling me that they have been healed. Many of them don’t even know me. The words have spread around. Thank you Jesus,

  71. My husband was admitted to hospital with chest pain , he had a stroke that travelled to his brain , I prayed to our Lord and Saviour outside the Emergency room And though the Miracle of our Lord and Saviour the bleed stopped . The Doctors told us he would have been blind for life. I truly believe Our Lord answers Prayers, he has answer so many for me in my lifetime and I have witness such Miracles . I was a person going though life always in a rush never stopping to take that moment. But now I see that my time is the Lords time and I need to stop and give thanks and praise for everyday life. If you truly Believe , he is their to help guide you along this road of life and will always pick you up after you have fallen . I have Prayed many Novenas to Mother Mary as well as a Mother of a trouble Son and these also have been Answered . Thank You Heavenly Father for giving me the strength , wisdom and knowledge to go forward in my life with your Guidance and Blessing. Amen

  72. Please pray for me for untie knot of my documentation loan for I receive the loan early I been deal with 8 months now. and I been pay out a lot for made this loan but not come out right I plan. please pray for me a lot and in need peace in soul and family.
    Thank you

  73. For 14 years I’ve suffered from a rare disease . It was treated with a chemo drug that kept it at bay but did nothing for the symptoms. In July a new drug was put out that is specific to the disease I have. Anyway the new meds address all my symptoms and I’m in such a good place! Praise God!

  74. I have suffered with insomnia for may least 20 years. I would go days sleeping an hour or two in the early morning, but I was up all night. I kept telling my Dr. It was starting to and had become unbearable. When I sa my Dr. this week he finally adjusted my meds and have been going to sleep earlier , waking up 1-2 times a night but always able to go back to sleep. I have prayed for help so many times but this last novena answered my prayers! God has performed miracle’s multiple times with one of my granddaughters in the “last 9 years.. Through prayer and faith God bought her back to us multiple times! Thank you Lord for answered prayers.,

  75. My husband recently passed on from pancreatic cancer. We were blessed to have 35 wonderful years together. Along with hospice care, I was given an extra 1 1/2 with my husband , and we were able to say everything we wanted to express to each other. My belated husband passed on with the most beautiful smile on his face, just when the Lord was taking his to the pearly gates.
    Many Blessings, Stephanie

  76. Am grateful for this novena,they strengthen me spiritually when I feel down
    Also through this novenas I received the gift of piety

  77. For reconciliation and reconnecting with my adult Daughters. I pray every day for this. To lift my Spirits and heal my broken heart.

  78. We prayed to the Divine Mercy for my daughter to have a safe delivery of a healthy baby since she is an elderly primi and she had a beautiful baby boy last May 1st.My daughter will celebrate her first Mother’s Day with her family.
    Thank you Divine Mercy! Please continue to work on them ,Amen.

  79. I followed and pray all the novenas with you. I also prayed a rosary everyday for my family and friends but my main concern was my son who has a addition, he now lives in a sober house and is doing very well. He is working and helping others to stay sober.
    I think this is what God wants him to do, its another way for him to stay sober. THANK GOD!!!

  80. Prayed for a payment I have been waiting for 5 months to receive. We got received it through God’s infinite mercy!

  81. After Mercy Sunday Mass at the end of the novena I attended a family function and I was sooooooo merciful, kind and gracious to an individual that I didn’t even recognize myself! ( neither did my family)😅
    It felt sooooo good! TRULEY a heavenly intercession💕

  82. My brother was diagnosed with Stage 3B cancer of the lung, even though he stopped smoking over 40 years ago. After the first round of radiation and chemotherapy, there is no evidence of cancer! God is great; to Him be the glory.

  83. We have been looking for months with offers not accepted. Our offer was accepted and we are under contract – Jesus I trust in you!

  84. God had mercy on me and gave me a promotion at work effective April 2022. Glory be to God

  85. Am still praying that my twin sister will be blessed with a life partner hoping that Jesus will have mercy and grant her, her heart desire as she is no more growing younger

  86. I was involved in a dispute bound to end in family court. It had gone on for 7 years. At the end of praying this novena my oppo contacted me to say they were giving up the issue and wanted to put it all behind. This is really miraculous and I was not expecting such an amazing resolution. Thank you for the work you do in encouraging novena prayers.

  87. Giving thanks to God and his son Jesus for his unlimited favors towards us
    I have been praying many many novenas for us to find a buyer for our home God has answered
    For my mom to return home she is back home amen amen 🙏🏾
    Continue to pray God is faithful
    God be forever praise amen amen 🙏🏾

  88. I love saying the novenas. God is awesome. He has helped with my depression and my stomach issues. I pray every day and thank him for everything. He is with me every day. Thank you God for everything you do for me and my family. I can’t wait for the next novena.

  89. My daughter has been applying for a job that fitted her engineering profession, she got an offer during Holy Week. The process of elimination was tough, from interview with managers, test, panel interview, etc. she got accepted during the Divine Mercy novena week. She was so happy, and to God be all the glory.

  90. After praying this novena we were granted a positive turn in a very trying family situation. During all the novenas offered I always ask for a favorable outcome for this situation and I know that my prayers have been answered. God is good! Thank you for offering this site.

  91. My daughter had surgery recently and I was praying for a good outcome during the novena. It was a successful surgery . Thankfully. I will continue to pray for a full recovery which will take a while before we know. Thank you.

  92. help me Jesus to learn to trust you for all esp in area of food thank you I believe today is going to be another Great day 101.5 thank you

  93. I have prayed many novenas for many desires among them – to see my son whom I’ve not seen for four years. He flew in as a surprise birthday present for me on Divine Mercy Sunday which also happened to be my birthday. I wept with joy and gratitude. Great indeed is our Lord’s love and mercy. Thank you, Mother Mary. Thank you, Pray More Novenas.

  94. For my own health Lord , this mystery illness in my gut.
    Please let there be an answer and a plan of healing. InNesus name, Amen.

  95. I pray everyday for my children and grandchildren to start going to Church and to stay away from drugs. All of them have suffered with drug addiction. They continue to battle off and on with drugs and have even endangered their lives at times. My son died from a drug overdose and his friend children sutter greatly from this. I want to thank The Scared Heart of Jesus and Saint Jude Thaddeus for answering my prayers to keep them safe and healthy. Amen

  96. Personal PEACE in MIND & HEART. GREATLY Reduced anxiety within myself and toward others.