Answered Prayers from The Divine Mercy Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

Please do not give up on hope or on your faith if your prayers have not been answered. Jesus is with you, you are not alone, and He hears you! We will continue to pray for you!

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  1. Thank You Lord! For answering my prayers I prayed so much so that my husband could be more involved in The Catholic Church, so nothing is impossible for the Lord now he participates in the “Church Offering” and he loves it!!!! The Lord has answered my prayers!!! The Divine Mercy Novena, was for me and my husband a blessing and I will always be thankful for the Lord all my life! Also Thank You! John Paul & Annie for introducing me to this beautiful & inspiring Pray More Novenas it has changed our life completely!!! MV

  2. I have been praying these novenas for over a year and praying my son to be exonerated and released from prison. But instead, my answers came as a reveal from my son that he had joined a prison prayer group, and trying get more involved in the prison music ministry. My prayers are being answered “not my will” but God’s will be done. I believe he is working with my son and others. Thank you my most devine Lord and Savior.

  3. I sent the mother undoer of knots prayer to my daughter who has been struggling to get for two years to get her tenant to pay. She received some of the rent,which is a big blessing . Thank you dear mother .

  4. I prayed for my son and daughter in law to get their Citizenship and they received. Thank You Divine Mercy of Jesus.
    Thank You John Paul and Annie and Team for praying for us, constantly.
    God bless everyone!!

  5. I prayed for my son to stay on his medication. He has been rather sporadic in taking. He is now on daily meds. Praise God🙏

  6. I have been praying for my dad,who has been sick and at the same time drinking too much alcohol….but currently he has recovered and reduced the amount he takes.i was also trusting God for my children school fees,I have seen the hand of God in it ..I have grown high in my faith..and I trust God will answer others soon

  7. Thank you to Our Merciful Jesus and His Blessed Mother. I have prayed for several years that if it be God’s Will, to send a devout, Catholic woman into our son’s life.

    Praise be to God. Our son has been seeing a lovely, young Catholic woman for several months now. They sometimes attend church together, even though they currently live over and hour apart.

    Please God, 🙏 help them to continue to grow in their faith and devotion in You.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  8. Greeting!
    I’m a 64 year old widow, disabled and on full time oxygen. My 2 adult children live with me: a 28 year old daughter who is autistic and a 27 year old son who is my part-time caregiver. It is their choice to stay home and care for me. Their dad ( my husband) died in our living room 13 years ago at age 45 of a sudden death heart attack witnessed by the 13 year old son. Since we’ve been hit with crisis and hardships one after another I decided to pray Novenas from this site. Due to my complicated medical history, I’m at increased risk. Currently, I was treated for a viral Supra infection that caused my heart to go into an arrhythmia. I ended up needing cardio version. Once home, Praise the Lord for healing, I was scheduled for a cardiac Mems procedure the following week. It’s done via heart catherization and place a little tiny device in one of my pulmonary vessels. Again, I prayed one of your Novenas and the whole procedure went amazingly well. I haven’t felt this good in years! The power of prayer and God’s timing. Sorry, for the long explanation, however, due to these Novena, my little family’s faith has increased exponentially. I will again pray more Novenas especially for this turbulent world we live.
    God bless all,
    Mary Ann Dever
    Belding, Michigan

  9. I prayed the Divine Mercy 9 hour novena on Divine Mercy Sunday for an aged friend’s aged brother who has been in an old age home with no proper care or nutrition for 22 years. He had developed a prostrate problem and was in great difficulty and pain. He had no one to care for or take him to a doctor for medicines or treatment. He had also become embittered and had lost faith in God. He has now successfully undergone surgery and is recovering very well. He is more cheerful and there’s reason to believe he will start praying once again. Thank you Jesus. We trust in You.

  10. My nephew survives terrible car accident on 24th of March. He is still in hospital but has started stepping out of bed. I recited the Devine Mercy Chaplet and he has survived all the surgeries!! Glory be to God and His Devine Mercy!!🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️

  11. I was in tears for a while due to lack of peace but the Lord did it.
    I’m grateful that through praying The Divine Mercy Novena, I am well with good progress with my life and our family.

  12. I prayed for my sister to get a stable job and strength in God to be back on her feet after she lost her job to Covid. My prayers were answered, after 1. 5years she now has a back. Amen.

    I prayed for financial strength to be able to fulfil God’s will and purpose for me, I prayed for a job that would pay me better to accomplish His will. I got one 1 month ago after 1.5years. Amen.

    I prayed for my mother’s health with back problems, finally the doctors have a diagnosis that can help us work towards her recovery. Amen.

  13. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 8 years. Tried different fertility options, nothing worked. Stopped everything and focused on prayer. We are having our first baby due June 22nd! God answered our prayers!

  14. We lost almost all my customers including friends and Family members. We deal in consumable goods. Those still buying from us are on credit basis and they take long to pay . Our Bank account was closed due to different allogation . I joined St. Joseph novana and at the end of it . Some customers settled their debts and our bank account was opened .
    I trust the Lord to accomplish what he start .
    We give all the honour and glory to the living God .

  15. We have been considering closing our Business for sometimes
    We lost almost all my customers including friends and Family members. We deal in consumable goods. Those still buying from us are on credit basis and they take long to pay . Our Bank account was closed due to different allogation . I joined St. Joseph novana and at the end of it . Some customers settled their bills and our bank account was opened .

  16. Manny of my prayers have been answered …yesterday my son ,who has been unemployed for two years ,started back to work thanks to our Lord JesusChrist and the Devine Merced Novena

  17. I have been blessed with much compassion, financial support, academic progress and successes since I started the praymore novena. Many uncommon miracles in my life and my family and I say thank you to the most high God Amen.

  18. My prayers for Francis’s job has been answered. My daughter’s marriage has improved greatly. And my attitude towards my husband has improved greatly after finding it so difficult to forgive him. I’m eternally grateful to God. God bless us all 🙏

  19. 7-05-2022
    To glory be our Good God.
    The year 2020 and 2022 has been
    trying years for me and my family.
    But we thank God for answering our prayers now my two sisters are back at work and most of the burdens that we were expriencing
    have lessened.
    Thank you too for your prayers.

  20. Was waiting on test results while praying the Divine Mercy prayers & was blessed with great results. Amen 🙏🏻

  21. I got into my dream university during the holy week after applying last minute. Afew people told me that I am not good enough to be accepted but the Lord prevailed. I am now waiting for a scholarship and I am very optimistic about the whole situation! God is good, thank you God!
    Keep the faith.

  22. The Lord has answered our prayers for my family member diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Plan: Chemo treatments to shrink the tumor prior to a difficult surgery.
    After the chemo, the MRI revealed the tumor was gone. He no longer needs surgery! Hallelujah- thank you Lord!

  23. I have been praying for years for my husband to give me audience as a wife and lm finally given ,by His grace. I’m so so thankful to the Lord for his mercies. He exceeded my expectations.

  24. I prayed that my sister’s heart would be restored. She no longer needs a life vest and medication is being tried for her leaky heart. There was a possibility that her heart would not return to its former strength. Good is good all the time!

  25. Praise God,
    I’ve been praying to God to bless me with a better job. On the last day of Divine Mercy Novena, I got a call from for an interview and on same day I was given the job. I just want to glorify the name of God

  26. My son, after a spell of unemployment, got a job offer which he has accepted. I thank God for this and pray that he does well at the new job. I also pray that he finds a good accommodation close to the job before he starts. Amen.

  27. I want to use this opportunity to testify to the goodness of God , for saving my life when I was kidnapped and robbed of everything I had two weeks ago in my home country ( Nigeria).
    On The ninth day of the divine Mercy novena, I was kidnapped and was almost killed in the hands of my captors. I was extremely terrified! I kept praying the Eternal father prayer, and the litany of divine mercy. And to his glory, I was freed same day.
    Jesus, I trust in you!👏🏽

  28. I started the divine mercy novena praying that my big sister’s child gets a better school after suspension from her former school. Am more than grateful it has come to pass and I live to testify.

    The mercy of the Lord is real

  29. I have been praying for a job and last month i was able to attend three interviews. Am awaiting for feedback from the process, though I have received a negative outcome from one. To all I give glory to God. Christ I have mercy, Jesus I trust in you.

  30. I had been doing IVF for 2 years and it wasn’t successful. I prayed to the lord everyday and nonetheless accepted it was his will that I would not have another baby. I remained grateful for what I have but still prayed that I would become pregnant as we wished for a sibling for our son. Against all odds I got pregnant naturally at 45- I have one Fallopian tube and given my age it’s a miracle from heaven. I cite everyday Jesus I trust in You while praying the novenas and my own prayers. I will always accept how the lord defines my path/destiny and will remain v grateful for my physical presence on earth. Knock and the door shall be opened for you, seek and you find. The Lord will answer you. Thank you Lord Jesus from the bottom of my heart.

  31. During the Divine Mercy Novena Sunday which happens to be Mothering Sunday in Nigeria, I decided to forgive, have mercy and also send goodwill messages to all my sisters, sisters inlaws, and mothers that offended me so that God will have mercy on me. God also opened my eyes to an online business that I know will take off my financial issues.

  32. Prayers for divine financial upliftment towards my son’s onward travelling to college in the US in July a also for the one in high school and God’s continuous protection and blessings to all my family members

  33. Dear Colleagues in prayers,

    I want thank you and say my prayers have been answered. I was have task of helping my mum host visitors numbering to 500 plus that made me acquire debts but thank God the function went well and I have managed to clear the debts in time. I say thank you to all of you.

    I am still praying for my children to be focused in education/studies and get better jobs. Am already seeing progress.

    To God be the glory.

  34. Glory to God! I came across the novena prayers through a friend. Since then, I haven’t looked back. The Novena prayers have become part of me, I prayed for God to help my boyfriend and I get some cash to sort our bills and miraculously He answered us. I am praying for other requests that am waiting to be answered.Thank you God!

  35. I am retiring next month and was so scared, but God has heard my prayer and answered some prayers l was worried about concerning this. I am now looking forward with a lot more optomism regarding this. I also prayed that my family feel more together because of my divorce and out of the blue l received a text from my ex husbands sister in law instantly making me feel part of the family again.a .and recognising me as the mother of my children. Thanks be to God. Also when my my brother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer I felt in despair not just for him but for my sister who is caring for him. Today l have a new perspective of the whole situation and God has raised my spirits. I hope to visit them next month. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior.

  36. I am retiring next month and was so scared, but God has heard my prayer and answered some prayers l was worried about concerning this. I am now looking forward with a lot more optomism regarding this. I also prayed that my family feel more together because of my divorce and out of the blue l received a text from my ex husbands sister in law instantly making me feel part of the family again.a .and recognising me as the mother of my children. Thanks be to God.

  37. I was in Medjugorje last Christmas, and I saw beautiful Pictures: Jezus in the Light of Divine Mercy, S. P. Pio, S. John Paul 2, and certainly Mary, Queen of Peace. Jezus is going On The Earth…I saw this Pictures 24 August 2016…Novena of Divine Mercy is very important for all World. Holly Spirit Come to us and give us your Consolation. Chrystus Ressurexit (the Statuę of Medjugorje). Regina Caeli laetare, Alleluja.

  38. After 10 years of prayers and novenas my beautiful daughter and her partner now have a miracle son who is such a delight and loved by all. I thank and Praise Almighty God for bestowing this beautiful child on us. Ann C

  39. I want to thank God for answering my prayers for being able to get finances for acquiring a passport. Thanks to pray more novenas.

  40. I prayed for my son to be offered a university place and he got the offer a few weeks ago. Thank you God for answering my prayers.
    I also pray that my knee procedure today will go well and I will feel less pain!! Please pray for me..

  41. Please join me hand to thank the Lord! I have been commiting one serious sin continuously for several years. I have always been willing to be freed from this but I could not. I confessed the same sin many times but in vain. I was becoming disappointed and it was always not easy to state the same sin during confessions. On the last day of the Divine Mercy novena I had one very good confession and after that I am totally freed from the deadly sin! I sincerely thank the Lord for healing me!
    Jesus I trust in you!

  42. Me and my husband was in financial crisis. Im on maternity leave and only him working. We need to renew our visa with huge amount of money. It feels like impossible to get the amount that we need. I prayed the novena of financial help, miraculously we we’re able to achieve the certain amount and now our visa was lodged 🙏🏻 My heart is crying out to God as he always help us, helped me in so many ways. I’m so grateful with this novena and forever thankful to God almighty. Amen

  43. I got healing to my thyroid illness and healing of other illnesses in my body. Thank you Lord Jesus

  44. I thank God for all the Novenas I receive from this platform I subscribed, I have seen alot happening in my life gradually.
    And from this Devine mercy Novena I have seen miracles happen in my life .
    I have had several job applications and all being rejected but last week I received two offers from different companies and all need me, which put me at a state of confusion but I thank the almighty God for always guiding me through.
    Am now employed by grace of God after afull year of several application and disappoints.
    I trust in God for my life

  45. I prayed that my son and daughter could iron out their differences and after 2 years of not speaking, God answered my prayers. God is good.

  46. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my God,have been praying for my husband to get a job and God answered my prayer by giving him a job.

  47. No prayers have been answered,I apply for jobs they don’t call me am financially down,please pray for me and the false accusations that are put on me ,truth one day should come out,please pray for me

  48. I have been working as a part-time staff receiving next to nothing for more than ten years, during the novena prayers to saint Joseph, I prayed for the regularization of my employment to my surprise a friend of my who promised to help, called me after more than one year of not speaking with her and asked for my particulars, and also promised to forward it to the right places, I was so happy and hopeful, though I have not received the final miracle, that gesture, for me, was a huge miracle, I am still praying for my job regularization or a new job and believing God for a perfect answer, I thank God for everything.🙏

  49. Please my Eddie suffers from acne he’s very embarrassed I know it gets him down he’s as tried everything still not clearing up please pray that we can find a cure for this

  50. I have been following this pray more novenas for about 6years, sometimes strictly sometimes not. I have asking God for healing & restoration of my son who went astray & to bring him back to God & to the family. To the glory of God my prayer was answered. This goes to show me that no prayer goes unanswered. May God answer all those in desperate need. Amen. Thank you Jesus.

  51. I’ve been praying since Covid that I will be able to go back to Australia to visit family and only last week I arrived there to spend quality time with family. Thank You Jesus. Jesus I trust in You.
    I have many more requests especially for family to return to the Faith but I leave them all in God’s Hands and he will sort it I know.

  52. For years my husband was in and out of jobs and as a family we were struggling financially. I have been praying the Devine Mercy prayers and the Pray More novenas . With the grace of God my husband changed his carrier and studied and started a new carrier . Thank you Devine Mercy for all the guidance, knowledge , and all the clients that you send his way!!!!
    “Jesus, I trust in you”

  53. I have been jobless for almost four years now but God answered my prayer through this Novena, He gave me a job. Our God is faithful.

  54. I’ve prayed the divine mercy novena and fir me I was having tests done to see if I had breast cancer but thank you divine Jesus it was a cyst a miracle thank you so much

  55. My sister had a strong setup case in the last few months. I prayed that the case wouldn’t go to the court and thanks to God it ended in a DCI’s Office. Answered prayer.

  56. God has answered my prayers by letting me to be more accommodative to those who try to bring me down.I have been very forgiving to all those who hurt me.
    These novenas has brought me peace in my family.

  57. I prayed for a family dispute and I got a break through after a few years thank you so very much

  58. Greetings, I have been struggling to secure a Job from last year November. In 2015 I lost a very lucrative job where I had just been promoted to a Manager. I kept praying the Novenas and in 2017 I got a new job. I did my wok excellently and got several promotions to the position of a Manager. Its at this position I lost the job again. I have been praying and asking God why can’t I keep the Managerial jobs? I have kept in faith and after the Devine Mercy I was invited for an interview which I did well. They are now doing background checks and I believe that God will give me this job and permanently. Thank you and Glory be to God.

  59. I have finally found someone he wants to marry me he is so serious how he spoils me with showers of love every morning and every night this intensified during the Divine Mercy Novena Jesus am so grateful I truly trust in you. This man loves me he really loves me

  60. I have been suffering from hyper acidity, tonsillitis and low blood pressure for more than ten years. Actually I couldn’t stand because of the low blood pressure by the time we began the novena of divine mercy.On Easter today, 19/4/22, I just woke up very energized and I have not felt any challenges on my health since then. I thank God for the Easter gift of healing me. That was very special to me. Let’s keep praying for one another. Amen.

  61. I have been suffering from hyper acidity, tonsillitis and low blood pressure for more than ten years. Actually I couldn’t stand because of the low blood pressure by the time we began the novena of divine mercy.On Easter today, 19/4/22, I just woke up very energized and I have not felt any challenges on my health since then. I thank God for the Easter gift of healing me. That was very special to me. Let’s keep praying for one another. Amen.

  62. For years, we always had Novena Divine Mercy with Indonesian Catholic family (KKI) in Melbourne. I devoted to Divine Mercy more than 10 years. Since 4-5 years ago, I always cooked for 30-40 people who came to the Novena. This year I really got GOD Grace’s. 1. My hubby can pray KORONKA now. 2. After fighting for years with him about his ears, end up he put the hearing aids. It’s like a new life for him. This year we sit together in the church, both of us prayed in English, but the rest prayed with Indonesian language. I can cooked for people arround 35 with knowledge & blessing from HIM for 10 days, included celebrating DIVINE MERCY. I’m 70 years old, but with HIM I had my strength. Praise, Worship & thank HIM for HIS abundant ❤❤❤. Amen.

  63. Praying the Divine Mercy Novena gave me the Grace of renewal in my spiritual life. Am in control of my life again.Tgankyou for all your prayers.

  64. Please pray for me to get a job,for my small business to grow,to get a loving husband who is also a believer in God and for my child to complete his studies and graduate.

  65. Last year we lost our baby
    I prayed that we be blessed and my wife is pregnant again
    Glory to God

  66. Dad is improving and has made huge progress in his recovery and rehabilitation after major back surgery. He has a positive outlook and enthusiastic to do his exercises. Thank you dear Jesus for hearing my prayer looking after my dad. I love you Jesus Amen

  67. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I was praying for my daughter who was in an abusive relationship. Something happened that I would have never imagined and the man is out of my daughter’s home. Praise God 🙏

  68. I have been suffering from biases, tribalism and being ignored. My responsibilities were given out to my juniors without being briefed. I faced insult from those given my duties. I was stressed to the limit and I could not help. I prayed St. Jude Novena repeatedly from then, 2018. Come twenty 2020 I applied and attended job interview. I continued praying persistently. On 7/1/2022 I was offered a job, a better one. It may seem long a times but God knows what we go through. Amen.

  69. To God be the glory, I had a job offer after almost 6years of joblessness and I believe sharing this God will bless another person reading this, continue praying the almighty God will deliver you at your own time,stay blessed, Amen and Amen

  70. I’ve see the grsce of God since I started praying the divine mercy novena. After many times applying for other jobs st work n was getting declined but in April before I joined the prayer I went for an interview and four days into the novena I got the response that I’m promoted to another position…..prayer changes things I’m grateful

  71. 1.)My parents had separated 10years ago and they had a very pathetic relationship that it even forced my mum to raise us as a single mother but after the novena prayers my dad reached out to my mum requesting for forgiveness and reconciliation.I testify that St Jude novena has shown me that God is a miracle worker

  72. I have prayed on this platform for over 1year now and everytime we pray together, prayers are heard just like they say where two or more prayers said The God hears. I thank this platform every time I pray I feel a relief and my prayers are always answered. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  73. I was looking for a scholarship from 2018. I would apply and get regrets. I joined the prayer group last year and started praying novenas. April this year I got a confirmation for one. And interviewed for two more scholarships.

  74. In 2017 I wrote my story about my property that was on mortgage and i was served a notice of auction.
    I thank God through pray more novena my property has never been sold out.
    Last year when i lost my job,i decided to go to Saudi Arabia to work as a house help,to my surprise i got hold up at the airport that my covid-19cert. Was not updated,i missed the flight and the next day Iwas called for an interview,I thank God because some accidents comes to save us.the pain of not receiving Christ for 2years in arab country was overwhelming me,and just by thinking about it i would shed some tears.Jesus sees the heart, I got the job am now working.
    I received an email for Mary undoer of knode,am very hopeful a miracle will happen because the auctioneers are back.
    Thank you Paul and Annie for walking with me through this journey and the entire fraternity for praying with me God bless you and may His Will be done.Amen

  75. Before I prayed, I could tell that I am the same as many people in the world. I lost my job during the pandemic. I was very suffering as I am the one who takes care of my family. I was confused that what I did wrong and could not understand why I got this suffering. Once, I am known John Pual & Annie. I was not thinking too and joined the Divine Mercy Novena. Day after day I prayed. I got more trust. My suffering sliced less each day.
    And “Yes” I got the new job while I still pray Novena. Thank to be God for my new journey. I still have some issues with my finances but I am fixing them and I believe that I will be fine soon. (Because I know that I am not alone)

  76. Prayed for my brothers to be united and help me support my mother they ve atleast done something.
    Also prayed for my baby daddy who had dumped us for 10 years he has now responded positively.l thank God.

  77. I’ve just received God’s mercy, i got a job offer After two years of graduating. I am starting a new job in two days. God answers when the time is right.

  78. Praise God, before I started the Novena prayer I had been jobless since the beginning of the year and by the time of completing the prayers I was called for a job interview that went well and I thank God that my prayer was answered still trusting God for more.. Shalom

  79. Thanks so much for the Divine Mercy Novena. I lost my only brother in March 2022. The Novena helped me pray for his soul and it relieved me of the pain I’ve been going through due to his passing.

    I always feel at Peace and fully protected when I pray the Divine Mercy Novena which I pray throughout the year.

    Thanks for your continued support in prayer.

    Yours in Christ


  80. My daughter and husband left for Honolulu on the first week of April for an operation on his back and they came back last night. He is well, he is walking without crutches. Glory to our Lord Jesus and your prayers John-Paul and your lovely wife Annie. Divine Mercy of Jesus, I trust in You.

  81. I have been praying for years for my family to be united for my siblings and my mum. There’s a light that whatever we have been praying for is going to be fulfilled soon.

  82. Starting prayers novena was very blessed for me.. There’s a lot of miracle that happened in my life specifically in terms of relationship with my current partner, answered prayers..just pray pray pray.. Continue praying.

  83. I have asked to pray the Divine Mercy Movena for My sister who suddenly felt very unwell. She couldn’t walk, one eye closed tongue heavy, very bad headache. It was not a stroke. Drs did so many tests on her Couldn’t find the cause. Her immune system was closing down.and she was getting worst I have asked and prayed the Divine Mercy novena. Before the end of the Novena She started to walk again with help. Her face back to normal. And today she is a lot better. Even went back to work. It was a miracle. We all thought we were loosing her. Praise the Lord. God is good. Thank you

  84. My mum and I prayed Novena for years for me to get life partner. And God answer it after few years giving me loving and hardworking husband. To God be glory always

  85. Thank you dear Lord for my answered prayer.Many unknown people/ friends are helping/praying wholeheartedly for my sister’s sucessfull breast operation and its benign.The Lord is w/ the doctors,nurses etc that are so heartwarmingly caring& smart.🙏

  86. We waited for a long time but God answered our prayers on his on time. April 18th we received our visa approval and same moth I passed all my test required for my program here in the USA. God is good and he knows when to give our hearts desires.

  87. I moved to another state and had a very trying start. I also needed a job but couldn’t apply right away because I had no one to help with repairs & deliveries. I held onto my faith and my daily Divine Mercy Chaplet. After the novena and Mercy Sunday I was offered a job with a salary in excess of what I asked. I continue to pray the Chaplet for assistance with this position. Jesus never fails me. My faith in Him will never stop. Heartfelt thanks to Jesus for answered prayer.

  88. I have a very small spot on my lung, they believe it is CA, it came back negative! Dr. and another who are familiar with results of Pet Scan believe the Dr of Radiology missed it on the Biopsy because of size (end of finger) it may have slipped ! I don’t believe it, so I have agreed to do another Pet scan & Biopsy! I believe prayers were answered!

  89. I thank you for your continued prayers and your blessings showered upon us. Thanks you, thank you, thank you.
    I am elated to share this news with you . My son has ranked overall top agent in the entire company.

  90. I saw God answer my payers in the first 2 days I believe its a process but He will see it to completion.

  91. Please help me pray for my business, to be free from debts, to meet a faithful and loving marriage partner and blessings on my children. God has been so faithful and I just don’t know how to thank Him enough.

  92. I received a phone call, the miracle we have been praying for is happening. The case is being settled without going to court. Our home is safe. Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful news. Thank you everyone who prayed, I will continue praying for others. I am praying the St. Jude novena and will offer this up for thanksgiving and also for the intentions of all who prayed with me.

  93. My intentions for the Divine Mercy Novena were for my grandson; so that his disability benefit would be approved and continue until he has recovered from his shoulder surgery and able to go back to work. It has been approved for now but he has not received any payment from the plan as yet. I continue to pray he will receive some money this week.

  94. I thank God because I now have a good relationship with my parents. I am feeling motivated to work on my writing hustle and a good relationship with my husband. I cannot mention them all but am grateful even for those He is going to answer in due time. I am blessed and grateful. Thank you, God

  95. My intentions for the Divine Mercy Novena were: Spiritual conversion and for my husband to go to confession.
    During Mercy Sunday celebration, I asked my husband if he’s going to confession. He flatly said “no”. Kind of disappointed! In front of the Blessed Eucharist, I spoke to Jesus telling Him that I did my part and that He would do the rest. I asked him again if he would like to go to confession because the priest who’s hearing confession is very good. And the answer was “OKAY”. He did go, prayers answered. TO GOD BE THE GLORY🙏🙏🙏