Answered Prayers from The Divine Mercy Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

Please do not give up on hope or on your faith if your prayers have not been answered. Jesus is with you, you are not alone, and He hears you! We will continue to pray for you!

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  1. Dear Lord, my son got his insurance I’ve been praying for. Now I need a
    MRI for myself. Lord thank you for Your blessings and unconditional love and forgiveness, Lord I’m lonely, I’m 73 woman, please send me a person of Your choice, Thank You Lord, Amen

  2. I haven’t gotten the official notice that my prayer is answered, but I haven’t got an official notice it hasn’t do please keep praying with me that God will Bless me with the paperwork that he has answered my prayer. I know he has I feel it in my body. Father God, please Bless me with your peace. In Jesus name I pray and believe! AMEN

  3. Jesus, I am so thankful for that you answered our prayers for our granddaughter. She very much wanted to teach kindergarteners in the Catholic school she is working for now. A new position opened up and in the next school year, she will have her class of “the Littles,” her kindergarten class! Thank you, Jesus!

  4. Thank you soo much for your prayers. My wife and I have praying for a child and last week she confirmed her pregnancy.

  5. Thank you sooo much for your prayers🙏

    I was successful at obtaining the position at the elections. I remain eternally grateful.

  6. My son went on a very dangerous drinking binge. He came to his senses and is no longer drinking.

    Thank you for all your prayers 🙏❤️

  7. I requested the prayer to be shortlisted in a job application. I was shortlisted and requested prayers for the interview. I attended the interview the Almighty God lead me through. I am awaiting feedback or outcome of the interview. Thank you for praying with me.

  8. Thanking God for successfully giving birth to my son.
    We are fine and healthy in Jesus name.
    Help me pray for financial breakthrough and a job opportunity Thanks all for praying with me 🙏

  9. Our prayers for a new home were answered. Our prayer for our children returning back to the Catholic church were answered for 1 of 4 of our children!!! Jesus I TRUST IN YOU!

  10. I ask for healing prayers for my daughter. She’s having some health issues and is having a major test done tomorrow. Please help me pray that all is well. Thank you
    I also ask for healing prayers for my brother and his daughter

  11. Please God heal your servant, Jim, in your way with what he needs most. Thank you for watching over him as he goes through these illnesses. Jesus I trust in you!

  12. I attended a retreat on Divine Mercy. I know Jesus loves us and will forgive all past sins. Thank you for loving me, those who attended, those who put it on and my family. Thank you Jesus for saving us and shedding your blood 🩸 for us. Have mercy on us and on the whole world. Jesus I trust in you ❤️🙏🏼

  13. I reall want to thank God for answering some of my intetions i mentioned through st.Jude novena. I prayed for my family to get a land now we are looking for a place to buy one. Also my brother was a drunkard but he has changed greatlt and he got a job. Im really blessed. Yhank you St. Jude for intervening for me

  14. I saw the image of the Devine mercy on Good Friday, I therefore truly believe that God answered my prayers.

    I therefore, thank Him and may God take back all the glory for my answered prayers and mercies,

    Amen 🙏

  15. Thank you God for the Divine assistance and graces you have bestowed upon me and my family, for the means and guidance to help us through difficult times. Please shower your divine assistance & grace upon us all, especially upon my son as he pursues his purpose in life. During this novena I pray for a remarkable lightening of the burdens and challenges he & I are facing, a complete healing of mind, body and soul and renewal of strength. I pray for a renewed focus on my ultimate goal to fulfill my purpose in life. I pray for everything from graces of Divine wisdom and understanding in my endeavours to inner peace and joy and a closer relationship with God. May Jesus teach me, the Holy Spirit instruct my path and God the Father encourage and reassure me of His promises. I pray that Russian attacks on Ukraine will stop immediately & for peace in Ukraine, Europe & the world. Please send the Russians out of Ukraine immediately, save the Ukrainian people & stop Putin & the oligarchs from harming others.

  16. Dear Jesus, Mary and St. Faustina, thank you for all of the Blessings you have bestowed upon my family, friends and I. Please continue, if it be Your Holy Will, to Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please continue to help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help our wonderful son and his friends continue to live God 🙏 loving lives.

    Thank you for sending a devout, Catholic girl into our son’s life. I have prayed for years that if it was Your Divine Will, he would find the right woman to share his life.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Please help and protect the people of Ukraine.

    Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Faustina.

  17. I prayed for whole world peace and will continue to pray for Ukraine.. I prayed for my husband’s lung health… he has stopped smoking after over 50 years-during this novena and no word on lung scan yet. My daughter is COVID free but, sadly, deeply exhausted… I will pray for her health to move forward. Thank you all who prayed and thank you GOD. An amazing 9 days with Jesus.

  18. Ten years ago, my life fell apart. It was always a mess yet I didn’t realize it. For five years I suffered not knowing what lay in store for me. I was sure my life was over. No job, no wife, no house, children, career, etc…and little to no faith. I came upon “pray more novenas” by accident. I started praying every novena. Some I felt specifically addressed what I was going through. Some not. It hasn’t been easy and a few times I unsubscribed, but I always came back. It took years, but my life has changed dramatically. I will not go into details, but the Lord God has heard my prayers and has saved me. Always pray and never give up. I hope this helps someone and I hope God blesses you as he has blessed me.

  19. Please pray for me to FORGIVE my sins and save me from temptations. Also pray for my family and Aqsa, AZLAN and Yumna for their health and protection.
    Thank you all in the name of JESUS.

  20. I have been jobless for almost two years.for those two years i never lacked anything coz i kept praying Novenas from this group.
    And just last week i got two job offers that are senior and very good. To God of mercy be the glory.

  21. Thank you Dear God for truly giving my sister the miracle of life! My sister coded eight times in the ER and was put on a ventilator. She suffered multiple embolisms to her lungs, heart and legs. My sister also had many small strokes to her brain. She was on dialysis for her kidneys and there was damage to her liver. Her right side of her body is non functioning. It has been three weeks now and she is slowly taking baby steps toward improvement. It will be a long journey to recovery but the doctors are hopeful. My sister is truly one of God’s miracles! Praise the Lord for He has done wonderus deeds!

  22. Lord God I Thank You For answering my prayers. My uncle was sickened of stroke and could barely talk because one side of his body was gradually going into paralysis. I got the news from my mum two days before The Novena. My prayer request is that Through This Novena, my uncle will be healed. To God be The Glory, my uncle is healed. THANKS BE TO GOD.

  23. I had an allergic reaction on my index finger and thumb from lifting piece paper from bottle glued on. Prayed to The Divine Mercy aND received healing right away. Truely a miracle. Thank you Jesus and St. Faustina through Immaculate Mary. Amen.
    Happened today on 9th day novena.

  24. During this novena i found myself having more mercy and compassion towards others and a forgiving attitude towards those who have ever offended me in the worst ways.

  25. Praise be to God for the wonderful Divine assistance and graces He is showering on me as i pursue my purpose in life. During this novena I noticed a remarkable lightening of the burdens and challenges i was facing, a complete healing of mind, body and soul and renewal of my strength. I experienced a renewed focus on my ultimate goal to fulfill my purpose in life. I experienced everything from graces of Divine wisdom and understanding in my endeavours to inner peace and joy and a closer relationship with God. Jesus literally teaching me, the Holy Spirit instructing my path and God the Father encouraging and reassuring me of His promises. To the point where i pray it may never end as it is the most beautiful experience. I am holding closely unto God in order to maintain this amazing state.

  26. My daughter’s surgery was more involved than Dr thought it would be but had the best possible outcome. She is home now and recovering. Thank you for your prayers

  27. I thank God for He has answered my prayers,my children have passed their exams and are going to the University,I give God all the glory

  28. I pray for my brother who is looking for a kidney donor, that the lord Jesus will provide one for him and the surgery will be successful. I also pray for my husband’s health and for our family that we shall always live in Joy and happiness.

  29. Dear Jesus,
    Please send your healing soon to my mind, body, and soul. I have been suffering and feel like giving up sometimes. Please help me. Thank you for your sacrifice so that we could be saved.

  30. Prayed for me and my boyfriends relationship and also my job almost 3 years ago. Just got a raise and we are celebrating 3 years in may. Am still praying for marriage next but am so thankful for this novena it’s changed my life . This man has helped me overcome so much he is a gift from God and pray that God blesses our relationship in the years t on come .

  31. My friend is a breast cancer surviver. Imagine her concern when during this novena her 24 year old daughter tells her about a lump! She had an ultrasound/mammo and also a biopsy done in one and the same visit because they saw irregular borders. Praise Jesus our Divine Mercy she got the call the next day that it was a benign mass.

  32. THANKYOU Divine Mercy for helping me feel better,please continue to pray for my complete healing and rid of my lightheadedness, vertigo, nausea! Please continue healing me& my 2 adult kids, & all who I pray for! THANKYOU for my son calling me and giving me the answer I needed about the lost Easter card! THANKYOU that it wasn’t stolen, please protect it and it’s contents and pray it will arrive before Friday! Please help my doctors& specialists help& heal me completely soon! THANKYOU also for the good news that my son will return for a family reunion with us this summer! Please protect him& us always(K,A,J&J,R,M)! I give You Jesus all my prayers, intentions as well as my 2 adult kids prayers too! JESUS I trust in YOU!

  33. For Mark R who has an aggressive cancer in his lymph nodes. He will be starting chemo next week and later radiation

  34. Please pray for the total healing of my fractured family. Emotionally, Psychologically, physically, spiritually and Financially. So much pain. Please pray all this in Our wonderful savior’s name Jesus. Thank you and Amen.

  35. My daughter had excruciating pain, Achilles region in right leg. I was going through tension in my work place. Almost every alternate day I would check with my daughter on her struggles with Pain…the answer was no relief. I prayed to our beloved Lord… let her come to and say Mom it is relieved and so likewise after 8th novena she came to me and said Mom it’s gone, we had planned to meet orthopaedist. She said it’s no more required.

    Miraculously at the my workplace I discussed my issues with my Manager and the person has readily accepted and offered to bail me out soon. I am in peace now.

    Praise be to our Lord our God king of kings and Lord of Lords whose kingdom last for ever and ever. Thank you for this opportunity.

  36. Please lord, have my son’s vocabulary explode and have him repeating every word we say and not just gestures. Have his expressive language skills catch-up with his receptive language skills. Also, continue to repair the relationship between my wife and my parents! Have my parents start making decisions that she feels that respects her. That would be the ultimate gift 🎁! Please deliver these prayers fast! I need a the help I can get! Amen

  37. Thank you sweet Lord for your gift of infinite Mercy, perfect Justice and unconditional Love. I love you Lord.

  38. My 38 yr old son, who lives with me, walked to Mass today! It has been countless years since he attended and we know & claim his healing on every level–mental, spiritual, emotional, etc–in the most holy and divine name of our beloved Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for hearing the prayers that are being offered for Ian. Thank you for your endless mercy & compassion. We love you, Jesus. Help us to love you more. Amen

  39. My cousin had a negative scan after cancer treatment; my neighbor is awake since Easter after he was shunted and was in a coma since Feb.My son in law is doing very well in successful ECT treatment. God is Great! Thank you for praying with me everyone.

  40. My cancer is back I’m going to radiation right now they found two small tumors in my spinal cord I have a rare cancer is called thymoma cancer I’m praying that my Lord and Jesus Shrink the tumors down so I’ll be able to function much better I thank you for all your novenas you sent me I say and pray every one of them you have sent me to me may God bless you all and I love you very much

  41. Our son had been working several states away from his wife and children for over a year. His absence a sacrifice for them all. Prayed for new opportunity for closer to home. Prayers answered today🙏🙏🙏 Thank you Lord❤

  42. Please Lord of Divine Mercy, please help my son. You know the deepest prayers of my heart.
    Please hear & answer me,

  43. During the Divine Mercy Novena, I received God’s Financial favor through some of my relations to sort out some pressing personal and family needs

  44. I am so happy to let you know that God is healing me of this Covid. I am on Day 5 and feel about 60-80%. I still have to rest and quarantine but I feel I am out of the woods and don’t have to go the hospital. Did phone line prayer requests as well which answered my prayer for a good night sleep and rest. Today able to work, Praise God.

  45. I prayed for a few request. One was answered.
    I prayed for our grandson to pass his driving test and
    he did so yesterday. Thank you my Divine Mercy.
    I am still praying for my other petitions. For our da in
    law to be cured of breast cancer and for our other son
    to find a good job.

  46. I lift up my husband and I to go. I pray for a holy union covered in the mercy, protection and grace of God. As a newly wedded couple we’ve seen how marriages go wrong. We don’t want to follow the example of the world. So I ask you to lift us up in prayer that our hearts may not turn from God and the things that please him, including our marital journey. I also offer up all married couples going through difficult or challenging times, May the lord heal the homes and all the people involved. Amen

  47. Divine Merciful Jesus has been merciful and just one of our prayers for a friend who was away from Church, went to Mass Easter Sunday and called yesterday thanking my daughter for giving him the little push to return to Church. Glory to God!!!
    Thank you, Jesus, Thank You Lord!!! His timing is always perfect.

  48. Im going to take mammogram fir the second time pls pray for me that it will be normal also in the future I will undergo eye cataracts surgery pls pray for a successful surgery. God bless!
    That my son can pass the interview for his application in Canada.

  49. I have received several things( necessities) in the last few months. Praying for my small family trying to let them see me in prayer and how it’s working for there Benifit. Thank you God! We love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. I really felt a bit heavy about a strained relationship with two close family members.
    Of note on the first day of the year I did present one with a divine mercy image on a medal , not knowing that I would eventually do a divine mercy novena the last nine days.
    Out of the blue and unplanned we were able to meet up today and I realized there was no issue of substance and I am Very thankful for that. Just amazes me and reinforces my belief as this is a very powerful novena.

  51. Dear Jesus,
    Thank you for all of your blessings.
    Please watch over and protect and bless my son.
    Please watch over my sisters/families, all those in my healing prayer, Annie and John-Paul, and all praying this novena.
    Thank you dear Savior.

  52. My husband left in 2019. We’ve tried many times to get back together but he has been so lost, cold and confused. I have difficulty now connecting with him as do our children. I prayed for 3 years for us to be a family again. I worry he is lost forever and my family will remain broken. I love him and this has been so difficult. I ask for prayers for him to wake up once and for all and for my family to be closer then it ever was!! Healthy, happy, loving, caring, kind, prayerful, thankful. I for prayers for my elderly mom, uncle, dad. I ask for prayers for my brother who struggles with alcohol & my nephew. I ask for prayers for my wonderful sister & her daughters as she is such a good person but is a single mom. I ask for prayers that she finds a GOD loving mate.

  53. Prayers were answered for our son n law with throat cancer and was advised to remove his voice box. Second opinion at MD Anderson in Texas advised different treatment. I did the St Perrigine novena with this group and our son in laws tumors are gone. He may have low dose treatments forever or a long time so it doesn’t return. Thanks to all of you praying with us. Maggie.

  54. I’ve been praying (for a couple of years now), that our daughters will find a holy, loving spouse and a life path after covid. She was accepted and is headed back to London to finish realizing her dream. We are so thankful to the dear Lord!

  55. I asked to be more sensitive and tender to my wife. To be more appreciative of her.
    I believe the Holy Spirit is moving me in that direction!
    Thanks, Lord!
    I pray that all of us have grown and received some of what we have asked of Our Lord’s Divine Mercy!!

  56. All i pray for me to get done my citizenship here in America for 32 yrs it’s been granted by the immigration and they give me a chance to take the oataking ceremony finally I’m clear to be American citizen and i will live here the rest of my life. Thank you lord we love you so much. Amen

  57. I’ve been praying for a very long time about my spinal column—have had many surgeries, diagnoses, etc. The neurologist finally got the correct diagnosis, had procedures done, and changed my medication specifically for the problem! I’ve never felt better in years! My pain and suffering is practically all gone! Tuesday, April 19, was the best day of my life free from pain! I’m continuing to feel better! God gave me a miracle!😇

  58. My son Viance Junior Madira has been suffering from evil spirits. I requested Mass through the novena. A priest came and the Mass was celebrated last Thursday 21st April 2022. He is fine now, but afraid to go back to the school where he was. Please, let us continue to pray for each other. The prayers are so nice. Thanks. God bless you all.

  59. I thank God for his mercy protection and gift of life Iam so grateful and humbled for da blessings and wonders he is doing in my life blessed b ur name king of glory

  60. I prayed for God to enable me pass my exams in order for me to be able to graduate with my bachelors and He did that, I just can’t stop thanking Our God .

  61. for family members who’ve turned away from faith or in need of prayers: Isobel, Dennis, Oliver, Mollie, Sara, Hannah, Eleanor, James, Card, Jade and Mary.

  62. I said the St. Joseph Novena with all of you for my son-in-law who works 3 jobs, is getting sick from it and never sees his wife and son…the end us was, the worst of the 3 jobs closed down with no warning but he got another job with less hours and more money….I know this all happened in thanks to St. Joseph…thank you all for doing this and praying with me..

  63. I thank God I have received a scholarship to continue with my education. Our last born has passed ksce very well .thanks be to God .

  64. Thank God first for good performance of my son.i sincerely thank God.
    I have seen a slight change in my husband who has not been talking to me. Today he has talked to me with clean heart.i pray God to open him up completely and take me ad his wife again. Pray God to completely separate him with that strange woman he is having an affair with. Thanks yo God.

  65. It’s been so so so helpful and nearly all my prayers with my family’s were answered thanks allot. I have been waiting for my salary for more than 2years and my wife unpaid dues by the state , thank God all came today. We have building plans and couldn’t move forward because of financial constraints,but thank God we will start the project this upcoming week. Thanks allot for your prayers and keep praying for I and my family for my mother doesn’t love my wife and her family. It’s not an easy battle for me and my lovely wife.

  66. The father of my daughter and I are in talking terms,I hope all things are going to work out well in line with God’s will.
    Thank you God.

  67. I’m asking for a smooth recovery for a upcoming surgery on my back, please lords here my prayer. You know Lord what is in my heart.

  68. Most merciful Jesus , I have been suffering with intractable back pain for 6 weeks, no relief with therapy , meds and doctors as I am a Physician myself, my suffering pales in comparison to your 3 hours on the Cross, but through your Divine mercy , I have been healed
    God is so good , I thank all of you who pray this Novena as it leads to healing of us all both physically and spiritually


  69. Was able to finish a term paper a day early to allow travel with husband to see son’s award ceremony. Jesus, I trust in you!

  70. Thank You, Jesus, Blessed Mother, and “helper” saints for answering my prayers.
    Jesus, I place my trust in You! Jesus, You take over!
    Pray for those affected with COVID!

  71. Thank You, Jesus, Blessed Mother, and “helper” saints for answering my prayers.
    Jesus, I place my trust in You! Jesus, You take over!

  72. I prayed for my sister that her tests would show she did not have cancer or even need a biopsy. My prayers to The Divine Mercy were answered! He answers prayer!

  73. I had blood work done this week and my tumor markers are unchanged staying in the normal range. I have not had chemo for 6 weeks so this was terrific news! Praise God!

  74. I found out that we won’t have to pay the $5000.00 this year for our real estate taxes. I was praying 🙏 for a miracle and we got that very miracle!!! GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST HEAVEN!!!

  75. I thank you Lord for we can finally go on a holiday for which we have been trying since Jan this year.

    Thank You Lord for my granddaughter’s safe return to her College Hostel in another state at midnight

    Thank You Lord for my good health and also that of my spouse.

    Thank You Lord for the big chunk of my medical insurance received quite fast. I pray I get more of the balance claimed.

    ThanK You Lord for so many blessings showered on us.

  76. Our granddaughter has begun dating a Catholic boy whom she met at college. This is an answer to a prayer. Now praying he becomes stronger in his faith and she someday chooses this beautiful Faith as her own. Her name actually is Faith!

  77. Thank you Lord for the medicine I got from my doctor and from my gynecologist. I hope I feel better soon.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  78. First I want to thank you for all the prayers and the mass offered on my behalf. I have been unemployed since covid hit and have been praying for guidance, grace and mercy. When Holy Week started I applied for a job and was interviewed when our novena begun on Good Friday. On Thursday of this week I was offered the job! First day of work is on May 02! Thank you Divine Mercy for the precious gift received on Easter octave. The Lord is risen hallelujah hallelujah! I offer my new job for the greater glory of Almighty Father!

  79. My religious exemption for the vaccine was approved at work! Thanks be to God and his divine mercy! We got approved for our new condo and are moving in next Thursday! Jesus I trust in you! Amen

  80. I thank you Jesus for giving me peace- in spite of continuing family difficulties, I can feel the peace as a result of this novena. I will also make an extra effort to go to confession today- I feel YOUR graces poured upon me and my family. I am grateful.

  81. I went from having no employment to having to choose between two different job offers. Now I need discernment on which job offer to accept!! Glory be to God!!! Thank you, Jesus! Jesus, I trust in You!!!

  82. My novena has answered my prayers for help with paying for my cancer treatments!! Thank you LORD for all my blessings. Also thank you for guiding my son in his moving process. Praise the LORD!!🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

  83. My younger is starting her new job Monday

    My older daughter’s health issues turned out to be nothing serious
    Thank you

  84. My sister Barbara died on April 18th. I prayed the divine mercy chaplet for her that morning. I finished the chaplet and sent an email to my niece who was with her at that time along with Barbs family. Within a minute my niece responded to my note that Barb had passed. I’m grateful that she is at peace. Prayers were answered that morning. That’s be to God.

  85. Dear Jesus, Mary and St. Faustina, thank you for answering my prayers that if it be God’s Will, to send a devout, Catholic woman to our son. God has sent a young women to our son. Please Jesus, help them continue to live a chaste and Holy life, according to Your Holy Will.🙏

    Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Faustina.

  86. I had been praying to St Cajetan on behalf of my daughter as she was looking for work, and she ended up with what could be called a dream job as a software engineer. I also had been praying for my son and daughter in law as they were struggling to get pregnant. On Easter Sunday, they gave us the blessed news that they are expecting. Praise the Lord! Prayers truly work.

  87. I owe it to our Precious Blood of Jesus and this Novena . My daughter was filed in the missing persons department this pass week . She has mental issues and not on her medications .
    And by the end of the week she was found !!
    Thank you Jesus for granting my request .