Answered Prayers from The Divine Mercy Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Divine Mercy Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

Please do not give up on hope or on your faith if your prayers have not been answered. Jesus is with you, you are not alone, and He hears you! We will continue to pray for you!

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  1. I asked God almighty to show us mercy and approve our application for immigration to Canada. I have been praying for years and it was answered. I am so grateful and thankful to God for His mercy. Amen

  2. I just finished the St. Anne novena and i found out my daughter in law is finally pregnant . They have been trying and finally after all the prayers all the novenas we get the good news she is 6 weeks and I will continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I’m a true believer and thank God everyday for our blessings. So grateful!

  3. I really thank God his mercy upon. I didn’t know anything about divine mercy but since they consecrated our family to mercy. I have received many grace’s through that. I thank God for that.Joseph

  4. The Lord has answered lots of my prayers especially my relationship with my daughter is excellent now. She has a good job and she is helping me financially. I have just been blessed with a very good job. Thank you for your prayers. I pray for you too my brothers and sisters in our our Beloved Devine Mercy. Amene

  5. Thank you Divine Mercy. We have a big and to me an insurmountable financial problem for our rural bank. We are afraid, we might not be able to address it in the proper time but lo and behold, at the blink of an eye, we have an investor willing to put in money to answer our depleting capitalization.

    Thank you Divine Mercy. Thank you Blessed Mother.

  6. St. Therese and St. Padre PIO,

    Please grant them to realize the reality and shame and repent their guilts. Thank you for making me end this hell.

    Please allow me to meet better people in your mercy. Please grant us to have a wonderful party tomorrow and husband to get the glory in your mercy.

    Please allow them to feel ashamed. Amen.

  7. Thank you Divine Mercy & Mary Mother of Mercy! My 92 yr old charge slept soundly every night for the last 3 months of her life in my care. No more “night owl”. My employers were amazed. I know Lord Jesus that Your Divine Mercy image & that of Your Mother with the rosary under her pillow did the trick! Also thank you for the quiet peaceful death granted to ELD.

  8. Thank you Divine Mercy. Live-in Caregiver job began end of Jan. Elderlady died 5 4. I feel like I’m now being cared for. I’m invited to stay & can pay the rent. More job prospects. Thank you also for giving me the strength & grace to forgive those with ill brain & mental health who harm me with gossip,rumor, seek to kill my name & reputation. Se even in my family-living & deceased. I say the Divine Mercy chaplet on EWTN every day. Do the Divine Mercy rosary online & sorrowful mysteries for the souls in purgatory. One Hail Mary specifically for those who gossip & slander. Thank you. Please convince my BFF to return to try friendship with me. No longer believe the lies

  9. I thank God for my answered prayers the just completed Mary undoer of knot was a blessing to me n i believe n wait for more knots to be untied in my life thru Chrust who strengthen me..Thank you for the power Novena. Be blessed

  10. I feel better of my back and left hip pain & my grandchil is better now he can talk properly now. The difference still come slowly, slowly I notice every change.
    Thanks my God & Thanks the team

  11. For over 20 years, diabetes, significant heart disease, congestive heart failure, atrial fib, coronary artery disease, ruptured gallbladder and finally a diagnosis 3 years ago of Alzheimers were what my husband lived with. I’ve been his 24/7 care giver promising him I’d keep him at home as long as I could. With COVID there was no way I’d admit him to skilled nursing facility. His last ER visit on Good Friday found me worn out. I figured my past prayers for guidance were answered and he was admitted for 10 days rehab. This gave me a rest. Because of the emergency, I was not following the Novena. Instead I began it after he settled into rehab. Throughout the Devine Mercy Novena along with my prayers for continued strength and guidance, I prayed God take him before he no longer recognized us and to not let him suffer. He was discharged the day after completing the novena. He was so happy to be going home ! We enjoyed dinner and a wonderful evening together. At bedtime he gave me a kiss goodnight; I asked if he needed any help – he said no. As he climbed into bed he went into cardiac arrest and died peacefully as he always wanted at home in his own bed. He left me beautiful memories of a happy last evening together. I miss him terribly but God does answer prayers.

  12. I man back from vacation to Nigeria; I want to thank God for His Divine protection throughout my stay there. I never encountered any problems; I came back safe and sound. To God be the glory. Amen 🙏

    I also prayed for financial assistance through Divine Mercy Novena; for my greatest surprise, I never lack financially. I had enough money to spent and opportunities to assist others financially. To God be the glory! Amen! 🙏

    Thank you Lord.

  13. I thank God first for always answering my prayers whether it is yes or no. My mom finally out of hospital and recovering and got a car.

  14. After 25 years of unending suffering , 8 back surgeries to no avail, our son’s mental, spiritual, emotional healing has taken place, even though his back is still as it was long ago. Praise God!! Now we pray for his physical healing, if God wills it.🙏

  15. I had several prayer intentions on my Divine Mercy Novena, but I wanted you to know that the 4 people I prayed for who were searching for jobs found what they needed. Praise God!

  16. I prayed the novena for financial breakthrough and my husband got numerous job offers he couldn’t even decide which one to choose.. he eventually landed a huge contract.. I’m so grateful to God for listening to my prayers and sending His Word

  17. I’ve been praying novenas for the past years since Covid hit and incredibly some of the intentions have been answered. My brother has been doing good with his mental illness and taking his proper medication. My son & his wife just bought a house this past month. And my 11 year old granddaughter’s eye surgery went well this past December. I thank the Lord for blessing me & everyone else for not giving up on hope & faith & for continuing praying more novenas. All praise and honor to God Almighty, the Father, the son, our Lord Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  18. My grandson age;26 was diagnosed with a Brain tumor last year he had the tumor removed 24/01 at a State hospital I give thanks and praise to God Almighty and I pray for the dedicated surgeons and nurses in all the state hospitals as they do they work

  19. My elder daughter got her benefits and an upgrade in her job . Praise God .
    My husband has started to take less drinks and I have faith that he will eventually give it up . Praise the lord
    My younger daughter has met her soul mate and they are happy in their lives . Praise God .
    I continue to pray for my elder daughter to make the right decision about her soul mate. And find a home and become permanent .

    For my younger daughter to get a home and be stable in her jobs. Thank you Jesus .

  20. Last year I was going through a really bad work situation. I needed a new job and had applied to so many (at least 2 applications every night for more than 3 weeks). I had two interviews for jobs that seemed perfect, but I didn’t get an offer. I came across Pray more Novenas on Facebook and saw the Mary Undoer of Knots. I felt like this was a huge knot in my life that I couldn’t fix no matter how hard I tries! I prayed this Novena and received and amazing job offer! I accepted and will celebrate my 1 year anniversary at my job on May 24th! The most amazing thing is that I don’t have any record of applying for this job! I know it was a miracle through the intercession of Mary!
    With this job we were able to complete our journey of becoming dept free and even paid off our house!
    8 weeks ago my husband had to have surgery and will be out of work for at least 6 months. With the blessing of my job and being debt free we have no financial issues even with him not working. If this would have happened a year ago, it would have bankrupted us! To God be the glory!!!!

  21. After consistently praying these novenas for more than a year, with the intention that my daughter, who is under tremendous stress as a Healthcare Administrator because she has not been able to fill (at least 8) positions with qualified, dedicated employees who share her vision and exhibit moral integrity, would be able to recuit some candidates.
    When speaking with her few days ago, she told me she was able to hire two people! She is currently training them, and is very hopeful they will be excellent employees!
    Thanks be to God that through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, and by placing trust in His Divine Mercy, the intention has been heard, and is being answered in God’s perfect time and way!

  22. Ever since I started participating in the Novenas, only good things have happened in my family. My children are employed, my husband and I were working after retirement and all of us are spiritually closer to Jesus, the blessed mother and saints. We are so grateful to the almighty for keeping the family together and our fervent prayer now is for our two children to find good life partners and blessed with children. God is great.

  23. Am so so grateful to God for all he has done. I have been praying for God’s intervention in my family’s finances as I have been out of job for some months now. Sonos been just my husband working and I know the struggles. God has been blessing us with several opportunities and we are surviving. True am yet to get another job but we are thankful to God for the journey. Jesus, I trust in you!!

  24. My daughter is again speaking to me. And I have met a good Catholic man to date. Thank you Merciful Jesus! Praise God

  25. I have prayed several novenas with this community and have had many prayers answered. My eldest son and daughter have passed their exams at different stages and especially for my son who has had many challenges in his educational life.
    Also, God has healed me from an entanglement with unhealthy/abusive relationship which was threatening to ruin my life. He has also healed me from alcohol dependency.

    I have also grown more prayerful I’m the last few years, and I hope to mature in my faith and truly surrender my life to our Lord Jesus.

  26. I have a very serious family issue for little over 18 months.I have bee praying the Devine Mercy Novena. I must say am grateful and thankful everything is not resolved but a critical part of it was
    Resolved. I know my prayer was answered.
    Thank you and all the participants who prayed with me. God is good.

  27. I prayed to get a Car somehow, since I am unable to buy one at a fixed income. A Family Member is going to give me his car in excellent condition when he gets his new car this Summer. Thank you Jesus. What a Miracle!
    May you all get prayers answered as God so Wills.

  28. My Niece Alyssa age 31 was told she had stage 4 breast cancer, liver cancer, lymph node cancer. With prayer constantly she beat it all! She took chemotherapy for many weeks! Pet scan showed No Cancer any where! Free of Cancer! Miracle! Believe in Miracles from GOD!✝️

  29. Good Day my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

    I want to thank God Almighty for restoring my relationship with my spouse and for restoring peace toy home.

    I want to thank God for granting my prayer requests especially my request for settled status ( indefinite leave to remain) which was granted through this Novena.
    I pray that God would perfect everything that concerns me and grant my other prayer requests in Jesus Mighty name Amen 🙏

    Glory be to God Almighty for everything 🙏
    I am indeed grateful to God for answered prayer requests 🙏

  30. I prayed the novena and asked for an “Easter Miracle” for peace in my family. My prayers were answered, and I am overjoyed.

  31. My prayers for my sister, Loretta have been answered. Even before she left the operating room, her heartbeat was back to normal and has remained this way for 2 weeks.
    Thank you Jesus and Mary for your intercession. I will continue the Divine Mercy prayers hour every Friday as recommended.

  32. Dearest Mama Maria please Bless my family as they each have problems. I pray 🙏🏻 they put all their Faith into God Almighty🙏🏻. He is the answer to everything.
    Bless me as I continue my tests and I accept what my Father has written my story and I will follow.,I pray I can save to visit the Holy Land.
    Thank you Mama Maria

  33. God made for me wonders on 19th April 2022 and provided for me when I heard a sick person to take care we are still praying that God heals him forever.

  34. My daughter and myself have been estranged since last Christmas. I have been praying since as l feel the wicked one is trying to create a conflict between us. As we all know the right thing to do is to meet up and talk but ofyen we fail to reacj so.e sort of agreement.
    We have finally agreed to meet up in a few days time and try and reconcile our differences.
    I am still praying thst the holy spirit will leads us in this talk so that we can go back to the loving relationship we always had before.

  35. I had serious health concerns and my tests all came back negative. The enlarged lymph node is now normal and not ab normal and ct scans all clear from cancers. Thank you all for your prayers especially to the Divine Mercy of the lord. Praise to Jesus! This really is one of gods miracles.

  36. While it wasn’t this novena exclusively, I had prayed multiple novenas for my boyfriend and I to find jobs that suited our needs. I looked at my vision board the other day and realized that my prayers were answered. He has a top-notch, high-paying tech job despite his average performance in college. I got a job that suits my academic interests and gives me the freedom to pursue more creative side projects and also spend time in nature when I please.

  37. I have been praying for my son to get closer to GOG. He has begun to go to church with his son. He has also started participating by singing in the choir. I have a casual job which is helping my husband and me to sustain ourselves. Our relationship with our children is getting better. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

  38. Hello everybody mine is a testimony that never give up however hopeless a situation is , last year 2021 around August I started praying for a job in a specific company very prestigious , I did over 10 novenas and never gave on on Dec 27th 2021 I received an offer letter in very same institution I had been eyeing, mine is to encourage someone however how much you’ve been praying , keep praying keep pushing never give they is a God in heavens who listens and answers prayers, we have Mary the mother God our intercessor lets not give up he will show up when we least expected. I remember at some point the boss in that institution said that the organization was stretched and could not take any more employee’s at that time , but God broke this chain and created a position for me , fresh from the university zero experience zero connection, Glory be to God.

  39. I thank God that my brother’s life has improved so much from the depressing moments, now his life is moving in a positive direction. He is seeing the hand of God in his life. We have so much peace in the family. He is thinking more clearly, taking good care of himself. Praise God.

    I thank God my daughter passed her O level and is doing A level Science subjects, following her passion.

    I thank God that my niece who failed O level a couple of times finally passed. She qualified and is doing her National certificate in Purchasing and Supply management. Applications were closed for NCs, but God made a way for us, someone we know managed to get a place for her to start studying.

    I thank God that April was a tough month for me to pay fees for all the children, buy food and pay all bills but God came through for me, i miraculously paid everything and had something left over.

    God is faithful

  40. I was praying for a new job opportunity after been made redundant and God answered my prayers I give all Glory and praise to him . He has been faithful always

  41. Thank you for some break through for my prayers for my significant other to pray the rosary. He was baptised a Catholic but not raised a Catholic when his father raised him from 8 or 9 yrs. old after his parents divorced. After his own divorce, he changed to Protestant only to get communion but does not go to church. He prays everyday and is slowly starting to try to memorize the Hail Mary and Our Father prayers so he can pray the rosary. Thank you for the prayers for him. My understanding is that Protestants do not pray to our Blessed Mother so this is an example of prayers answered. He always thought only women pray the rosary, that it was not for a man to do. Thank-you for the prayers being answered.

  42. I had a surgery April 1st to remove my ivy and three large growths. All went great. Five days into my recovery, I received a call they found a lump in my breast. I’m having test done but I have to say, that praying novenas for years, I know God has a plan for me so I’ve just have decided to carry my cross and let God lead the way. Sure, some days I’m about emotional but honestly I feel I’m getting stronger spiritually. Trusting in my Lord and Saviour Also, my husband has started reading my daily prayer book and he’s now doing a chapter of revelation daily. Thank you Sweet Jesus. I’m so blessed. Now, I have to pray harder for my daughter and her husband to go back to church. Jesus has a plan. I will pray for his guidance and patience to help my daughter and her husband find their way back to church. Praise the Lord, for he is patient, loving, kind and guiding the way to our salvation. Amen

  43. I’m asking for continued prayers for my son who is trying to get into grad school to become a physician’s assistant. It’s been a tough road, and he’s only had one interview out of nine applications. He was waitlisted so there is still a little hope for this round, but not much. I’m thankful he’s decided to apply again even though it means another year of his life waiting to get into grad school. He has been working to improve test scores, and he is also going to retake a class or two so I feel like some prayers have been answered to get him to this point. I’m praying that he can reach his goal because he has a lot to offer in this area and would be happy to serve others in this field. Thank you for your many prayers and blessings already bestowed.

  44. I’ve been praying for help in a stressful job situation, and so far, my prayers have been answered. I’m asking for continued prayers during my final three weeks of school (I’m a teacher). I’m praying that I can be looked upon fairly by my principal, who can be very difficult to please at times. I know I’m making a difference in the lives of my students, and I want to be able to continue to do that. I’m thankful for the blessings received and the help of this wonderful prayer community!

  45. I have been praying for help with my financial situation. God and Our Blessed Mother has blessed me many times. I have trust in them and am at peace. My prayers are answered daily.
    These novenas are so powerful.
    Thank you.

    Y B

  46. I been praying for my Husband. He has lung problems and things going on. He’s been a lot better. My prayers were answered. Amen

  47. Thank you Lord,.. on the first day of beginning the Divine Mercy Novena, i had intentions which i was praying for which i believed that, before the end of Novena or after,…God will answer my prayers.
    I thank God cause my prayer was answered. I prayed for my son, the devilish powers that were used to make him separated from me to be broken. I thank God because he was a lost sheep and he was back home. Will continue to pray for him and i believe God will bless him with a good family.

  48. Thank you Lord,.. on the first day of beginning the Divine Mercy Novena, i had intentions which i was praying for which i believed that, before the end of Novena or after,…God will answer my prayers.
    I thank God cause my prayer was answered. I prayed for my son, the devilish powers that were used to make him separated from me to be broken. I thank God because he was a lost sheep and he was back home. Will continue to pray for him and i believe God will bless him with a good family.

  49. Since my sister passed away in 2014 I’ve been praying so hard to get her Will discovered and her final expressed wishes disclosed. I’m happy that after praying one novena after another my prayers were finally answered. The people who had hidden the Will were exposed. The sad part is that my mother, who was one of the beneficiaries, died before enjoying her rightful benefits. I can feel that both my sister and mom are at peace at last because our merciful God answered my prayers in so many ways, which I can’t go into in this forum. Im the official executrix of my sister’s Estate and I’m administering her estate. It is still a challenge to legally claim back what is due to the estate as most was wrongfully distributed to deceitful people.

    Thank you for sharing these novenas and all those who pray with me. These Novena are powerful With God everything is possible. AMEN 🙏 🙏

  50. I’ve prayed for my son to stop drinking and I noticed he has cut down, because of a workout program he’s doing. That’s a start. I take it as my prayer have been answered. I will always pray for my children.

  51. My family had covid except my son two weeks before senior prom. He stayed healthy and was able to go last night. Thank you to our dear Lord!