Answered Prayers from the Christmas Novena, 2021

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Christmas Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We are praying for you and your intentions every day. Please do not give up on hope — the Lord is near!

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  1. My daughter and her fiancé have finally set a wedding date. Glory to God. Sadly they won’t be getting married in the church however everything in God’s time. We shall continue to pray for their conversions. Amen!

  2. I want to share with you that it was always difficult for me to pray novenas and finish them. Thank you for your emails to remind me and others to continue praying and finishing the novenas.
    Also I started this novena for an intention for my daughter and her husband to have a healthy pregnancy since they have been trying for years. And today is the last day of the Christmas novena , which I dedicated for both of them only, I was given the beautiful Wes that they are pregnant with TWINS. so blessed and so happy I went to Jesus and thanked Him for His wonderful and gracious presents. And thank you for your prayers. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to finish or even know about this novena. Thank you and God bless you

  3. Merry Christmas to Annie and John-Paul and all praying this novena.

    Dear Father Son and Holy Spirit
    Please watch over bless and protect my son.
    I pray for him and his son as they are traveling, please watch over and protect them.
    Thank you for all of your many blessings.

    Thank you for the glorious birth of our Savior.

  4. Praying constantly for healing for my children and for my husband and me who are going through divorce and separated for a year already. I had prayers answered when I got to have a very nice dinner with my adult daughters this week, they came home after a long time of being away from home because of their hurting hearts for our family situation. I keep praying for my beautiful family who is so divided and in so much pain right now. Being reunited with my daughters was a clear Christmas miracle and answered prayers to Baby Jesus through this novena. PLEASE ALL PRAY FOR MARRIAGE AND FOR FAMILIES, PLEASE!!

  5. My family had a peaceful, non-political Christmas for the first time in recent years. Also we are all so blessed with all the food, clothing, shelter, et al, and we need no temporal things at all – very grateful during these difficult times. May all Spiritual Intentions – the Conversion of all poor sinners – be the blessing granted in 2022!

  6. My prayers for continued faith and perseverance in difficult situations have brought me peace of mind. I have become less anxious and more trusting in allowing Jesus to resolve those matters for me. I am confident to let go and let God. I have seen that when I pray sincerely even in despair, the problems don’t seem impossible anymore. I am learning to trust God with a renewed confidence in his providence.

  7. I pray for my health a better vision og my eyes and to be free iof a cancer for which I was opperated last year and not yet an answer to this year´scan I pray that all my friends and collaborators in work qill be well and happy and peaceful aND FORGIVE EACH OTHER FOR WHAT EVBER WE ALL NEED TO FORGIVE AND BE FORGIVEN FOR

  8. Thank you God for having brought our family closer together 🙏🏼 For my husband’s patience and forgiving ❤️
    Thank you Baby Jésus and Mary, St Joseph for saying YES ❤️‍🔥
    A very Blessed Christmas to everyone.
    May God continue to Bless you in your ministry.

  9. We have prayed a lot of novenas. This Christmas novena, Lord Jesus granted our petition. We recently received our green card. To God be all the glory! Pray without ceasing.

  10. During this novena, our first grandchild was born to our oldest son & his wife, who are away from the Church. He invited us to travel out to spend Christmas with his new little family, made a lovely Christmas Eve meal for all of us (including 7 of his younger siblings), and looked to my husband to lead “Bless us, O Lord…” before we ate. We are immeasurably blessed and will pray for the baptism of our little Penelope Joan.

  11. I had a patient hat came last Saturday for obstetrics scan. After which she went for a D&C
    She later had a change of heart and wanted to keep d baby ( even though they have started d procedures on her)

    She came back on Monday and d baby was untouched.

    That’s d second person am having like dat in ds Ember month.

    Our prayers are working, let’s not relent

  12. Thank You Lord Jesus for opening my eyes to everyday blessings .
    Specifically for keeping my sons safe and in their own way, re-embracing their Faith in God at difficult moments in their Life’s journey..
    I pray their Faith will carry them forward and they will always know, You are with Them.


  13. The Lord has bestowed great blessings on me and my family in our need of health and psychological well-being.
    The Lord has opened the door for reconciliation in a troubled family relationship.
    May my family find their way to Jesus and may the Lord continue to to heal wounds and bless all during the wondrous season of His birth! ❤️

  14. While I was praying the novena my sister who is 11 weeks pregnant began bleeding heavily. She has miscarried before and has been trying for over a year to get pregnant again. I made her my intention in this novena and she has stopped bleeding and the baby is fine. Praise God!

  15. My son went to church with me on Christmas Eve. He hasn’t been to church in close to 5 years. I hope and pray that the Truth will open his mind. Thanks be to God!

  16. After many tests over 8 days, we learned that my husband’s cancer has not metastasized. Praising our Triune God, our Holy Mother, and allthe Saints!

  17. Dear Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph, thank you for the Blessing of my wonderful family.

    Please continue to heal all of them, my friends and I.

    Merry Christmas to all of you and your families!🎄🙏

  18. My intention this Novena was for my sister and brother-in-law to get pregnant following a miscarriage. They announced the good news that they are pregnant on Christmas Eve to my whole family. God is good! All the time!

  19. Praise Be to Our Lord, Jesus is born! Merry Christmas! I have the answer and swift pain relief for my back pain and no dizziness anymore! Quick hospital visits, an appointment already with a surgeon who said it’s possible to manage without surgery and “just so happened” strangers I met who shared with me, without me asking, their experiences regarding my new back condition, which answered all the questions I had! Also received just last night on Christmas Eve an award letter for financial assistance with my continuing education…RN to MSN! This was a huge blessing I had prayed for! Merry Christmas to All!

  20. My daughter Rachel seems happier and she and I are loving toward each other. I have begu to forgive my husband John who changed to live as a woman. I pray I may forgive a bit each day as I learn ti be comfortable living alone
    For Mark to find out who he is.
    For him to love himself and care about his choices.
    For Andrew and Ange and franklin and Elliott tgat they have considered babtizing their children and getting married

  21. Praise be to God!!
    I was redeployed to my state of choice
    A benefactor also promised to help me out with more than half of the funds I need for my USMLE exams
    I’m also trusting that God will complete my request by clearing out my confusion about choosing my marital partner
    Merry Christmas everyone!!🎄🎁

  22. I just want to thank God Almighty for His faithfulness and love towards my families. My son who left the Catholic church 2 years ago but still a firm Christian and lover of God in other denomination. Who through praying for him in various Novena prayers and this Christmas Novena voluntarily followed us to Mass. I thank God for bringing him back and I prayed that this re-union with the Church will not be just a one off but lasting one. Thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit and you Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints for their intercessions.
    I pray that 2022 will be a blessed and fruitful one for all that I have praying for and that myself and my households will continue to serve the Lord in truth and Spirit.

    Thank you John-Paul & Anne. May God continue to strengthen you both in His Vineyard

  23. Was able to spend Christmas eve with the whole family and everyone healthy happy holy and faithful. So grateful for a negative Covid test for all of us so that we could be together. I think the baby Jesus his beautiful mother Mary all the angels and saints for praying for us thank you for this novena and Merry Christmas!

  24. Merry Christmas novena family!
    My heartfelt gratitude to you all, and especially to Annie and Paul for your continuous prayers I had requested for my dota Sandra.
    There was the issue of her alarming weight-loss due to a medical condition. I cried unto the Lord to reverse her situation and add more flesh on her bones, with healthy and strong marrow.
    Indeed, with your prayers and common agreement, it has come to pass. She has progressed very well, gained weight and goes about her activities like before😊 and, believing in the God of miracles like we do, she’ll be completely healed. It has been a long journey of hope!
    Merry Christmas to all, and may God answer your prayers!
    #AllGloryToJesus! 🙏🎁🎄🙏

  25. Glory to Jesus! Honour to Mary! My testimonies are endless. I am grateful to God for the gift of life to be part of this Pray More Novena Group, and to experience this 2021 Christmas in good health, divine grace, good job, excellent, holy and one united family, God’s protection, guidance and divine breakthrough. The living and non living should forever praise the Lord.

    My mother got ill in 2018, the doctor said it was heart failure, and we started treating her and praying. Early 2021, it got so worse that we started spending huge sum in the hospital almost everyday with referral at one of the best reputable hospitals in the country, being handled by cardio vascular and cardio thoracic surgeons we kept praying for her as she herself was a member of the Purgatorian Society and other more societies in the Church. On August 1, she died, and was buried on November 11. I beseech you brothers and sisters to always remember her in your prayers for the happy repose of her soul, and souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God they all rest in peace.

    I give God all the glory for everything is according to His holy and divine will. I have to express my gratitude to the organisers of this Pray More Novena. God shall show you mercy as nothing good done for the Lord shall be left unrewarded. God will give you more strength and wisdom to do more.

    I pray for all our intentions that God Almighty shall meet us materially, spiritually and physically at all points of our needs. Amen.

  26. My brother-in-law Jon fainted yesterday and spent the night in the hospital for observation and tests. He was able to go home today with some new meds and devices to monitor his ❤️ I shared todays novena with mt husband, Jon’s older brother and we & all our family prayed through the day. We will continue to do so, in the name of the Father and of the so and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  27. Thank you for the beautiful novenas,

    Where I held hurt abs pain in my heart from two of my sisters, I have prayed, I have gone for reconciliation and I finally was able to feel the peace of Christ the King,

    Amen and thank you for helping me find comfort and peace
    Merry Joyous Christmas

  28. I added a friend whose husband was hospitalized with covid, and she was told to prepare for the worst. They have six children, the youngest about 10. Today, they received their Christmas miracle–he feels better, and numbers and x-rays are better. Still needs prayer but God is answering.

  29. During this novena, I prayed for my mother to be healed from covid! She was not doing good and we really thought we were going to lose her! She’s at home and is still on O2 but getting better each day! Talking more, eating a little more and SMILING again! But most of all, she’s alive and with us today! I truly believe because of everyone’s prayers!

  30. Thank you Jesus for the good news of my husband’s test results. His polyps were benign. It was the absolute best Christmas gift ever! Please keep us safe and away from this virus and all illnesses as we continue through this Christmas season. God Bless everyone that prayed this Novena with me.

  31. Thank You, Amazing Lord Jesus…. You have shown us something so basic to our faith. Forgiveness!! Visit in memory all those who have hurt you in any way & ask for the grace to forgive them from your heart❤️. This will begin her healing of insomnia & anxiety. Praise our precious God thru our dear Lord & saviour. Amen. Follow also advice of the counselor. Listen to Dr and pharmacist.

  32. Thank you Jesus for providing protection for my family and I. We have been praying for a fence around our house for protection and it was just completed on Christmas Eve. Thank you Lord your grace is sufficient for us. We will continue to pray for all those who have been praying for us. Thank you.

  33. My wife pet scan came out clear, no evidence of disease. Cancer marker is zero. Praise God for hearing our prayers and request thru the intercessions of the saints novena. Continue recovery to serve all for your glory.

  34. I thank God for his blessings. The abnormal cells from my pap smear are bot cancerous and can be frozen. I also send up gratitude for being redeemed from two people E and T.

  35. Thank you God, after two years being unemployed, I have finally found employment. I had many ups and downs during that period and God never gave up on me. I praise you God for your mercy, love and blessings, for indeed I know that the blessings received is from you, Amen.

  36. Thank you Jesus for a smooth eye surgery (vitrectomy) for Julia. She is recovering well and hopefully she will be able to use her left eye after 8 weeks. Grateful for everyone who were praying for this intention. God bless.

  37. Thank you God for bringing improvement to my niece Margaret. She is responding to her 2nd treatment. She was discharged and now home.She regained mobility. We continue to pray for full recovery. Praise and glory to the Lord.

  38. So grateful that my sons are beginning to communicate with each other! It’s a small step but a beginning!
    Thank you Lord.

  39. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you for everything.

    I pray that You will finally send healing and restoration for Del and me. Just like how You turned water into wine, may You also do great miracles for me and Del, may You continue to mold us as Boaz and Ruth for each other in this season. Knowing You’re the God of acceleration and second chances, Jesus, I pray for our second chance and new beautiful beginnings together in Your perfect time and be able to Glorify You and thank You about our relationship and our future. Jesus, I also pray that 2022 will be my year of getting married and starting to have a family.

    I pray my sister Vanessa will finally have a Visa and she’ll be able to work in NY this 2022.

    May God finally put an end to Covid19 and we will all have our lives to normal.
    That we are all protected & evil will not reign on earth.

    Please heal me and my family. Heal my father & mother and they will have peace at home. I pray my parents would be able to reflect, repent and have forgiveness for each other.
    I pray I would be able to forgive my father and vice versa.

    I pray that the generational curse is already broken within me and my siblings and we will be able to go from Glory to glory, blessings upon blessings. And create a blessed family line.

    Please also bless my friends, family and future family (and in laws) always.

    I pray for safety, good health, financial abundance.

    I pray that You will surprise me this Christmas with the Miracles that I’ve been praying for. And may my travel to California for Christmas be one of the best & happiest Christmas I ever had that I will cherish forever.

    In Jesus Name , Amen.

  40. Hello everyone an Merry Christmas to all I have a herniated disc an it was causing me lots of pain an discomfort an I want to let you all know that after praying for a healing an I just want you all to know that have a healing on my back. Praise God he’s so magnificent!!

  41. I prayed mostly for 5 of my friends with cancer. One is terminal, but, he is still in great spirits. One is recovered totally. Three of us have undergone surgeries, some more in-depth than others. However, we have all come through the valley of tears successfully and I thank the Good Lord for his compassion and mercy. Thank you for your prayers as well!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  42. Family has opened it’s arms to having a family celebration for Christmas. Thank you Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

  43. I had major surgery on Monday and I seem to be doing pretty good. I am very thankful.
    Now I having to deal with a developer who is very bullying it’s very very upsetting it makes me sad.
    I asked him why he butchered my pine tree in my yard and he charged me. Then his partner buddy said he hoped I ended back in the hospital. What’s wrong with people? I am so tired from the surgery I just don’t have the strength or will to deal with them.
    I hate to ask but I could really use some prayers my way.
    Thank You and Merry Christmas

  44. Help me get through my recent health issues I was trying to handle it myself and I prayed the novena to help me to turn it over for God to handle it and trust him. During praying the novena he took over and relieved my stress.

  45. Thanksgiving for 5 year old Samantha who received a heart transplant a few weeks ago she went home on Monday from Children’s Hospital. Please continue to pray for her continued healing and for the family who are mourning the loss of their child whose heart she received. Blessed Christmas to all.

  46. Thank you God Almighty for your miracle. 🙏
    Marie had a safe delivery 🙏
    Baby and Mom are alright by God’s grace and mercy 🙏

    Ever grateful God 🙏

  47. That my dad got miraculously healed of his malady!
    I met the mist amazing godly, successful child of God with whom I share my entire life with.

  48. My daugjter delivered her baby girl safely and through normal procedure. The baby girl is healthy and beautiful. Thank you Lord, Mama Mary and Papa Joseph for this great blessing this Christmas.

  49. Thank you for praying for my granddaughter Jessica she is a lot better. And will be coming home next week from the hospital thank you so very much for praying for her.

  50. Thank you Lord Jesus for using uncle Ifeanyi to bring back the spirit of Christmas among my Children through his Christmas gift to them. May Your blessings for this season remain forever with him. It was a prayer for Christmas miracle that was answered on 23rd. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  51. Thank you so much for praying withme. Pètes contract was extended and we keep praying for a permanent role. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  52. I pray Lord for all those suffering from mental illness and all who care for them that they may see the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Grant them peace of mind and serenity

  53. My breast ultrasound showed benign cyst! I am forever grateful for our Mother’s holy intercession to her son Jesus Christ! Thank you Lord!

  54. A small 5 year old boy was diagnosed with ATRT in 2020. It was a rare and hard to cure cancer. He has been on my list all year and he is now cancer free. I will continue to add his name to my list of intentions and hopefully he will stay cancer free.

  55. I asked the Lord to grant my sister a safe delivery.
    She delivered a healthy baby girl on 22nd of this month..the 7th day of the Novena.
    May God’s name be praised always.
    Merry Christmas to everyone

  56. Received the funds to by the food I wanted to complete Christmas Dinner. THANKS BE TO GOD. My son was able to come home for Christmas 🎄. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

  57. Prayed for COVID negative tests and they were negative. Now we can celebrate our Lords birth at church. It was a Christmas miracle

  58. My granddaughter … my daughters adopted daughter from Guatemala who has mental illness came back home. She is 18. We all love her very much. She has many issues but none of the family gives up on her. We never will.

  59. I am in charge of the Environment committee at my church. In other words, make and keep the church beautiful for our parishioners. Last year, we lost 5 members, and even though we tried to recruit new member, we had little success, so Sunday night I told Our Blessed Mother “If you want me to get this jo done, please send some help” and I went to bed, knowing that everything would be fine…sure enough, the next morning, I had all these people show up to help and they stay with the program for the whole 3 days , We had to decorate the Church and the Hall . Even though our church holds 1000 people, one of the masses is always over full, so we decorate the hall so we can have a real mass there, instead of Big Screen TV. A lot of work for 1 Mass, but well worth the efforts.

  60. I pray for my son Sean who is baptized Catholic. I pray that he returns to the Catholic faith, attends mass and serves our Lord in the Catholic Church. Amen

  61. Please pray for Newborn Baby Benjamin
    He is 2weeks old and is still in the hospital.
    We pray for him to get well enough to come home for Christmas 🙏🏼

  62. I had requested prayers for what my company owes me to be paid and today a part of it was paid and I want to say thanks for your prayers.Amen.Merry Xmas to all of you

  63. My husband is doing all he can do to unblock artery in neck. Surgery is not possible because of location. I’m grateful for every minute with him and praying for full recovery.

  64. Dear friends
    Thank you for this beautiful novena. I have found peace!!!!!!
    Thank you Jesus and our Blessed Mother.

  65. I thank my Blessed Mother and all my Angels and Saints I thank you all for being a blessing to me for your prays and novenas in the Holy name of God my father and in Jesus Christ. I thank you for all my blessings received and those yet to come Amen

  66. I need prayers for me to find a good job that will allow me to be a good wife, mother, and daughter, so that I have time for the people I love. And for my husbands business to work. Thank you so much!

  67. Thank you, Jesus, for once again, answering my prayers! My grandson was presented yesterday with a good job offer. He accepted it, and will resume work, after nearly 10 months, come January. Best Christmas present ever!

  68. Thank you for giving us a little girl. Please keep mother and baby healthy, beautiful, happy, and safe thru this pregnancy. My daughter to have a healthy, effortless, happy, and successful pregnancy and deliver a beautiful, healthy, talented, kind, loveable, successful little baby girl. Amen!!!!

  69. In thanksgiving for the safe travel for John Thomas and his father, Michael from NC to LA at the begining of this Novena. Praise God in whom all blessings flow.