Answered Prayers from the Christmas Novena, 2021

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Christmas Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We are praying for you and your intentions every day. Please do not give up on hope — the Lord is near!

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  1. I prayed someone I love dearly would go to confession for healing. After over 40 years of not going a grace came over them and they went. Their heart soared. Thanks be to God.

  2. My husband got a new job at the perfect time. One of the benefits is up 95% tuition reimbursement after 4 years, which means our son will get partial reimbursement and our daughter will get the 95% except one semester! Thanks be to God!

  3. During the Christmas Novena, I asked God to intervene in my family’s UK visa application. God proved Himself and we got a perfect new year present. My family and I were issued the visa. All praise be to God, a sign that this year will be a great year.

  4. I prayed the Christmas novena for the first time this year. Thank you, God and the Holy Family for answering my prayers and blessing me and my family with a Christmas miracle. I am so very grateful. πŸ™

  5. My friend Markus Muller is on Oxygen in the hospital in UK with covid las 15 days. Kindly pray that he regains his physical and emotional strength and contacts us. Also please pray for all my intentions.

    Thanks for praying and may god bless us all with happy and healthy 2022.

  6. During the Christmas Novena, I won a project which will start early January 2022.

    I thank Our Lord Jesus Christ for His Mercies and I ask him to continue to bless me and my family in 2022 and ahead.

  7. Thank you Jesus. Our Christmas miracle. My great grandson, age 3, lost his vision 11/27. Last week he was able to see shadows and navigate the house somewhat better. We are calling this Our Christmas Miracle and praying that he regains the rest of his sight back. We are also praying that they find a kidney donor for him. They removed both of his kidneys on 11/8.

  8. Thank you Jesus for listening to my prayers. Now I am 8 weeks pregnant . Thank you Lord for showering your blessings.

  9. My daughter and son in law were told that their baby was not forming properly in the womb. For two months they had tests and ultrasounds that were confining this diagnosis. I have prayed your novenas and said the rosary every day. Today they went for another ultrasound and the Dr. told them that they were have by a healthy baby girl.
    I believe that God has answered our prayers.
    Thank you.

  10. We had a VERY blessed Christmas (which was the main prayer for this Novena)! Thank you for your mission! Glory to God!

  11. my grandson did not fail any of his midterms so he will be able to keep financial aid scholarship. Thank you, Jesus. Please continue to bestow wisdom.

  12. My prayer was answered. I want to acknowledge and give you my appreciation for the work you do for the Pray More Novenas. My novena intention was for my daughter who is completely away from the church to go and to take her two children to mass on Christmas Day. I was in complete shock when she told me and my husband that she wanted to attend with us 4 pm Virgil Mass on Christmas Eve. That was another sign that in His time she will come back to the faith and for us not give up and keep on praying for her.

  13. Our son came over. I asked my husband to be patient and not be demanding. So, after 8 months, they can be together without tension or conflict. There was not a discussion of the initial conflict, or any apologies which may have been better, but I am happy and grateful that my family can all be together without animosity.

    Also, my sister, who often stridently espouses opposite political positions stayed away from any of those topics and we had a very pleasant Christmas together.

    Prayers answered! All praise and all thanksgiving, Jesus Christ!
    Thanks also to to Blessed Mother.

  14. Prayers answered: My wife and I were reunited with our estranged daughter and her family this Christmas for the first time in several years.

    Praise be to God!

  15. Appropriately enough, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The Lord God heard my prayers and it was a safe and normal delivery. I praise and thank the Lord πŸ™πŸ½

  16. Thanks be to God for answered prayers. One of my intentions for the Christmas novena was for my husband who hadn’t been called to work since before our wedding in November, making it 3 months now, to be called back to work and yesterday the call came through and today Monday he’s at work! Thank you so much Baby Jesus for this wonderful gift! I love it! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

  17. I have been praying for my intentions during all the Novenas now during this Novena one of my intention has been answered through Almighty God our Jesus Christ. My daughter got an offer letter to join the job which I prayed faithfully through the Novena. Please pray for my daughter’s safety and success.
    Praise the Lord, Thank you Mother Mary and the Saints.

  18. My prayers have been answered. I prayed for God to take control of sons actions. To help bring him to sobriety. So far God has helped in ways only He could do.

  19. My children and their families do not attend church, even though my son & daughter were raised catholic & attended catholic schools through college. I asked the Holy Family that our family would attend Christmas mass together. My prayers were answered! My heart was filled with joy & thanksgiving.
    Thank you to all those who prayed this novena with me!
    Continue to bless & answer prayers of all those lifted up their intentions.

  20. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to receive two offers on one of our property of which we chose the best one. Thank God for answered prayers and God I pray that you will continue to answer our prayers. Our mother Mary, my knees are on the ground for you.

  21. I know the lord is still working on my prayers and requests. I’m praying to mend a broken relationship and that we will be together. I pray for him as my marital partner, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you Jesus πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  22. Thank you so much for all the Novena prayers sent to me each day.
    May God Bless you both for what you are doing. I enjoy my Novenas
    asking God to help me .

    God bless you both.

  23. Dear Lord
    Thank you for granting me the request that I prayed for. You are almighty and everything is possible if we ask it in your name. Thank you to everyone who joined me in prayer during this novena. God bless.

  24. During this Novena I prayed for complete healing of stage 1 ovarian cancer which I had surgery for in May 2021. I did my labs last week for my 6 months check and the results came back normal. This was the best Christmas gift ever. I would like for your continuous prayers so that I could be healed holistically. I would also like to thank everyone who prayed for me during this Novena.

    Thank you Jesus you are the mighty healer…..I will pray without ceasing.

  25. Father I pray that my blood vessels in my brain are in taxt and there is no internal bleeding. That mybeyesight is not failing andvhave a 20/20 vision andvthe stiffness on my neck and headaches will cease. I pray for healing renewal and restoration of my brain. Thank you Abba Father, Jesus and Goly Spirit for the healing. Amen

  26. I want to appreciate God , he has done everything good for me….I had a successful delivery on 23rd of December 2021, I, my son and his dad is doing well ❀. Asking for more of his guidance and strength on this beautiful journey called motherhood Amen

  27. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies,favours,good health,guardiance and protection in the family and praying for same.
    Thanking God for successful burial and journey to the village and back without hitches . May God’s name be glorified.
    For my sons safety and journey back, Jesus please grant them journey mercies.
    For my son and niece’s addiction God please help them out of the situation to turn a new leaf this 2022
    For healing in the family, that those who are sick will be whole again.
    For the prophesies that people made , may it not come to pass through Christ our Lord Amen. Its only you we believe in and may Hod continue to guide and protect us from the eyes of the evil ones Amen.
    For my daughter’s choice of spouse to materialize soon.
    May the good husband you prepared for her locate her soon Amen.

    For the ones in school yo finish soon Amen

    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen

  28. I had prayed for my husband who does not go to church to come with me on Christmas day and today we all did go to mass. Thanks be to God

  29. I had prayed for my Granddaughter..for her heart to be inflame for her Heavenly Father, her spiritual father, St. Joseph and Love and honour for her earthly father, and for a wonderful Christmas season. All attended Christmas Mass together, we had A lovely gift opening and dinner together. I do hope this is the new beginnings for improved family relations and the beginning of regular Mass attendance for all. Thank You for your prayers. I think I have grown in my trust in our Dear Lord as well.

  30. Thank you for healing my sisters hand. Praise God. Thank you for bonus at work. Thank for one of our friends who is out of hospital. We continue to pray for healing. Thank you for keeping us safe and for providing for us this whole year. Thank you for peace in my marriage. Thank you for guiding our children. We pray for a better 2022. May God continue doing awesome thinngs for us. May we continue growing in faith. Amen

  31. I prayed that my college children would do well this semester and they both conquered their classes! Thank you, Lord!

  32. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers for the healing of my brother. He was discharge from the hospital on Dec 15th and is coping at home . We thank you for his continuous healing for him.

    Also thanking you for healing our daughter in law incision from the C-section and for helping her blood pressure to return to normal levels. Thank you Lord for your continuous healing for her.

    Please continue to pray for my Mom to be healed from dementia.

    Thank you Lord
    Amen Amen Amen

  33. Blessed Savior You were born to conquer death and that You did. Thank you for going to the cross so we may have eternal life. Lord one thing is I know I’m haven’t been the best person put please don’t send me to purgatory. I ask for my son to get a much better job this job is taking hours away I also ask for me to fix what is broken in my soul. I have asked for years for a person to love me and Paul, please Lord let this happen
    in Jesus Name Amen

  34. After Christmas has been tough and emotionally intense last year, this year I prayed for a harmonious fiest – and it exceeded all my expectations. Thanks Hl Mary, Hl Joseph and JESUS <3

  35. God is good all the time, not in this novena but few years ago I was praying that God blesses my family with our own house that we will be able to buy our own house and I thank God for He answered that prayer,. May all Glory be only to my sweet Jesus. Amen