Answered Prayers from the Christmas Novena, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Christmas Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. I have prayed many novenas for my alcoholic son and noticed a real improvement at Christmas. Today was his birthday and we put on a celebration for family and friends.
    My son really enjoyed himself and the company of old friends some of whom he had lost contact with due to his drinking,which led to him isolating himself.
    I contrast today with his birthday last year when he was so down and in the grip of addiction. He is now a different person with much to look forward to.
    Thanks be to God and to all the saints that I have asked to intercede for him.
    Thank you Lord. I know that you will continue to look after him and protect him!

  2. Thank you Father for protecting my unborn grandson Henry and keeping him healthy and getting good news from his MRI results that his brain is good and the excess fluid is gone.

  3. My Grandson Eric (33 yrs old) had stage 4 Colo-rectal Cancer that we were told was inoperable and could never be reversed – on Dec 11th he had surgery with Dr Lee at Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY because of Eric’s size the Dr could not use instruments but after a long surgery Eric is at this time cancer free and we are told that in a few months his colostomy should be able to be reversed. I feel this is a miracle and of course my prays and those who prayed with me have been answered

  4. Glory to Jesus and honour to Mary.
    God answered my prayers in this novena as follows:
    1. My immediate younger sister’s husband who’s been abroad for over 3 years returned to celebrate the Christmas with his family.
    2. Another of my younger sister, who had been separated from her husband for about 9 months, with the marriage almost ending, was reconciled with her husband.
    3. This 3rd Intention which was answered on Christmas eve is one that has been offered to God through several novenas since 2017. Although it wasn’t an intention for this novena, God made the insurance company which had failed to pay my husband for the repair of his vehicle (after his vehicle was ran into by a heavy duty vehicle) do so after a period of 22 months.
    Glory to Jesus!!!!
    Honour to Mary!!!

  5. Dear Lord thank you for answering my prayers as I now have a better relationship with my daughter in law. After a very strained time I finally feel at ease with her.
    Thanks be to God and his Blessed Mother.

  6. I prayed for reconciliation & healing between my friend and her daughter in law and they were able to spend Christmas Day together in a peaceful and respectful manner with hopes of their relationship to continue to slowly improve. Glory to God!

  7. Thank you Lord for my healing and giving me strength to celebrate Christmas.
    Thank you for my family and all the blessings that you have showered upon us in 2019.
    Bless us and keep us healthy!
    Keep me cancer free!

  8. I would like to thank God for what He has done for me during these Novenas prayer. Finally I’m blessed with new land which I’m busy with construction. Thank You you Lord.

  9. Thank you to all who prayed this novena. My son went to confession for the first time in over 7 years! I continue to pray for an increase in his faith and that he will become a leader in the faith for his children.

  10. My warm greetings to all and I greet you all in our Holy Name of our CHRIST JESUS AND OUR HOLY MOTHER MARY.


    Thank you our founder.
    Stay Well.

  11. I have been praying for my brothers to return to the church, and for their families to return/come in to the church. I found out today that my grand niece is attending a Lutheran School and for Christmas she picked out for me a throw with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on it! Progress is being made! Praise God!

  12. Pray that my daughter Victoria gets selected for long enjoyable career with US Postal Service. Second, pray that my oldest daughter Frances will conceive their second child

  13. I prayed for my dog who has had congestive heart failure and recently seems to have signs of kidney failure. She is my baby. When I started this novena, I wasn’t sure there was much time left with her. But she seems to have perked up, and it’s my Christmas miracle to have her still and enjoy her through the holiday. Thank you, God!

  14. I thank God for keeping my family and friends so far this season and continue to pray that he continue to provide for us throughout the season and beyond. God pray that you introduce God fearing young ladies, from good and peaceful families to my sons to start a relationship that could lead them to your alter, Amen.

  15. Answered prayer. My estranged granddaughter (formerly grandson-she’s transgender) showed up for the family Christmas celebration ending 6 months of no communication.

  16. Shalom thanks for the prayers …my answered prayer issue is I have been pushing for a surgery from July 2019 but every times it fails but my prayers have been answered ..I have been given an appointment I hope all will be well during and after the surgery…. Thanks again

  17. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers for my brother who was critically ill . Our prayers were answered & with your continued healing we look forward to him going home soon . We are so blessed . Happy Birthday to our loved Baby Jesus

  18. I have been praying for a heart for a transplant for a friend. It sounds as though we may have a Christmas miracle. It looks like a heart may be available. We are waiting to see if it’s compatible. I am continuing to pray. Thanks be to God.

  19. We saved a baby from abortion this Christmas Eve while counseling outside planned parenthood in St. Paul MN.
    Prayer does indeed work. Jesus is with us and hears our prayers.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  20. After our safe move, we hosted Christmas Eve for 27 members of our extended family. Our 16 year-old granddaughter who had a successful five surgeries in one on her knee is home for a long recuperation. Our other granddaughter has taken positive steps. We pray that through the novena some possible abortions have been prevented.

  21. During the last day of the novena, I experienced a sense of peace with regards to worries about the relationship I am currently in, worries that have bothered me consistently. Thank you Lord!

  22. Thank you and happy birthday, tiny baby Jesus! A close friend of mine opened up to me during this novena about something they struggle with. This is a huge step toward being able to conquer that sin. The power of prayer is often underestimated. I hope that throughout the rest of my life I can always be open to being an instrument for God’s work here on earth.
    Also, in thanksgiving for consolations of my baby brother’s passing last winter.
    Thank you again, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

  23. Dear lord. thank you for the many blessings that you have sent to me and family. in particular i want to sincerely thank you for the annual contract that am about to sign next week .This will go along way in solving my family’s financial problems.

  24. I have been praying consecutive novenas for my son to be healed from his addiction to alcohol.
    He came to the family Christmas celebration and was sober, ate well, engaged with other family members, played cricket with his nieces and nephews (it’s currently hot here in Australia) and generally had a very good time.
    Thank you to the Lord for this Christmas miracle and I pray that it will be his way forward from now on.

  25. I have been praying consecutive novenas for my son to be healed from his addiction to alcohol.
    He came to the family Christmas celebration and was sober, ate well, engaged with other family members, played cricket with his nieces and nephews (it’s currently hot here in Australia and generally had a very good time.
    Thank you to the Lord for this Christmas miracle and I pray that it will be his way forward from now on.

  26. Thank you, Baby Jesus, for answering my prayer. My family came for Christmas, it was peaceful and beautiful, and no one has fought with the ones they love. You are truly the King of Peace!

    Thank you, once more, on your birthday!

  27. Good news, my son is coming home to stay. I continue to pray that God will bless and protect him and soften his heart. That he will be successful in all his endeavors.

  28. I prayed during this novena for my son in law who is not a practicing Catholic to find more faith for him. My daughter told me during the weekend that he will be working and won’t make it to Christmas Eve mass I was crushed but I didn’t say anything. I just prayed and today as she came to my house she told me oh by the way He just texted me that he will probably make it to church. I said to her that is the best present I could of received for Christmas! Thank you Jesus for my prayers that were answered

  29. Please pray for my one year old granddaughter. It’s Christmas Eve and she has pneumonia. Please pray that God will heal her, if it is His will. She is such a darling, precious little girl. Thank you for your prayers.

  30. Thank you the king of the world for helping my grandson get
    Called for a position he applied . He had three interviews and
    Was them offered the job. Thank you for all who prayed with me.

  31. My grandson Myles, have left home for over three weeks. No one really knowing his whereabouts, he called home tonight, on Christmas Eve and ask his grandfather to pick him up from the railroad station.
    Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. Thanks to everyone for their prayers. 🙏🏽
    Merry Christmas. Peace, Love and Joy to all.

  32. Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thank You for all your blessings!
    I continue to pray for good health and financial stability for everybody in my family, my son-in-law to find a very good job and G to heal completely from all his addictions. I pray for my daughters to be blessed with healthy children soon. Amen.

  33. I have been praying for a new job and on 19.12.19 I signed a new improved contract with a new employer, thanks to you all for the prayers and best wishes, now I ask that you continue to pray for me to be successful in my new job. God bless you all

  34. I have been praying, saying Novenas for years that my loving husband would go to confession and return to receiving the Holy Eucharist. On December 18, 2019 he went to confession and we both walked up for the Holy Eucharist together. Praise Jesus!

  35. My prayer was answered and I am so grateful to Jesus! I suffer from bipolar disease and I was in a deep depression since August. My doctor tried several new medications and nothing helped. Then I decided to dedicate this novena to myself which I never do. I’m always praying for other people. So a week before Christmas which is my favorite time of the year, my depression lifted and I’ve been able to enjoy this special feast day! Thank you dear Jesus!! 🙏🙏🙏

  36. I’ve been praying for my daughter’s workplace environment to become peaceful and productive again, without a certain coworker who she trained, and now is trying to get my daughter’s position. This has been going for almost a year. Two days ago, my daughter was informed that the coworker had turned in her 2 week notice. With al the vacation and sick days taken before leaving, her two weeks ended up being 2 days in office work. Alleluia! God is good!

  37. I have received my physical healing. My blood glucose is under control and my eyes feel better. Most of all my constant coughing has ceased.
    To God be the glory great things he has done.

  38. I have Dedicated this novena to a friend to bring her some peace as she is battling cervical cancer, her condition has not worsen, I feel my prayers have been heard. Thank You.

  39. I thank you Jesus&Blessed Virgin Mary for granting me peace.ThankYou also for prayers answered!I WILL KEEP TRUSTING IN YOUS!!!

  40. My son has been offered a part time job which is hopefully going to turn into full time. He has been out of a job for several months. Many thanks for praying with me.

  41. Thank you God for a financial blessing/miracle I received in the mail. Thank God for watching over me and my family with your loving healing arms.Thank for the continued healing of my sister who just had surgery. Thank you for giving us your son Jesus. God we love and need you desperately in our lives and to keep your healing loving arms around us. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  42. Merry Christmas to each and everyone. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the novena of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Many blessings as we celebrate our Lord in this special day. Amen.

  43. Sadly, I have not had an answer to my intentions, in fact, my situation has become even more dire. I keep begging God for some alleviation of this horrific sufferings: financial (we may lose our house due to unpaid property taxes) our house has been infested by pests and my mental health severely compromised. Please, John and Ann pray for some Divine Intervention.
    In Christ Our King,
    Mary Ann Dever

  44. My son who has not been to church in years came to church with me on Christmas Eve. This was his gift to me. Thank you Jesus any Mary .

  45. I prayed for my spouse to go to confession, Mass and Communion for Christmas. This pray was answered on Christmas Eve.

    Thank you Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph and St Padre Pio

  46. The novena gave me such strength an I have now come through cancer an chemo an got my life back. Thank u everyone for praying with me.

  47. I ‘ve never heard of Novena before, my friend referred me and my prayers are not yet answered but for the 1st time I feel peace within, I don’t remember the last time I was so at with myself.

    My life is very messy or should I say complicated but I can allow whatever challenges with a light heart and trust me. Nothing beats that

    Thank You my Father for your undying Love🤗

  48. Thank you Jesus and Mother Mary for helping my son get a high score in his GMAT exam prior to applying for an MBA program. I’m continuing to pray that he gets accepted to a program in Chicago where he now lives so he doesn’t have to move. Thank you again for allowing me to pray this novena with you May you and your family have a Blessed Christmas !

  49. I would like to thank everyone for praying on this hotline. I thought I had another squamous cell CA on my hip, but the PA said it is not. Just hope she is right. Jesus I trust in you. Scoliosis is giving me issues though. I am scared, but trying to trust. Thanks everyone.

  50. My partner cheated on me after 29 years and hadn’t gone to church. On Day 5 she ended the affair and on Day 7 and 9 she went to mass!

  51. Please pray for my family that they will safe at Christmas and maybe able to see all of them. All those who are ill due to addictions and illnesses, that a miracle of healing come their way.

  52. God the father has helped my son to be protected From all evil. He has helped me monetarily physically and emotionally. I love you My God the father amen hallelujah amen

  53. Thank you dear Jesus, my son & his wife’s marriage seems to be stronger, please continue to bless them and watch over them during this rough time. Happy Birthday, Jesus and thank you for every thing .
    In Jesus’s name amen

  54. I prayed that my husband would get a promotion for working so hard this year. He got a promotion on the 3 or 4 day of the novena. His promotion wasn’t going to be until next year but his work let him know early. What a great gift for Christmas.

  55. We received the news during last week that our daughter and her husband are to be blessed with new life – an answered prayer for all of us.

  56. I thank God for good business sales. I thank Him for His faithfulness and guidance for my daughter’s successful Visa application, for His favour with her acceptance to a good university, granting her her heart’s desires and provision for her tuition fee and other expenses.

    Am thankful for the peace and forgiveness I have in my heart for all the wrong done to me.

    All glory goes to God, who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine.

  57. My MRI for brain cancer was completely clear for the third time since chemo and radiation. What a great Christmas present for my family and me.
    Thank You Lord Jesus! I trust in you and your salvation.

  58. My husband and I have been praying the novena’s since September. We both have been praying that God lead our daughter to a husband. I always pray that God will find her a man who will love her and accept her for who she is. My husbands prayers also include that she find a good Christian man. Our 32 year old daughter came home for the Holidays and last evening she told me she met a man and has been seeing him for the past 3 weeks. She also said he is Catholic like us and told me all about the wonderful traits he has. I am so blessed God is answering our prayers.

  59. I am grateful to God that I have got a job now and I am so happy that He has answered my prayers. I am also thankful that every day He is granting me the strength to be able to maintain sobriety for the last 4 months and 2 weeks. He has given me good health and He is continuing to bless me each and every day. May His name be glorified and praised

  60. Our son Robert had a successful robotic surgery yesterday. Thank you all so much for your prayers. Still pray for continued healing. His procedure is causing lots of pain. Again thank you so much for your prayers.

  61. My son who told me once to never mention anything about GOD sent me a text and talked about CHRISTMAS and to enjoy the Celebration of Jesus Christ. WOW

    AND my daughter who has been with the government of Canada, DND dept for like 5 months, was offered a Permanent position today. Amazing.

    GOD is so good. Amen

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.

  62. Thank you most Holy Family, Jesus Mary and Joseph.
    Please pray for my son.
    And my sisters.
    May Christmas blessings come to all saying this novena.
    Merry Christmas and blessings to Annie and John-Paul.

  63. I have been praying for more grandchildren, and my son told me last week my daughter-in-law is pregnant!!! God is good! Praise be to Him in the highest!

  64. This is something I have been praying for for years. My mother left the faith and became “a born again Christian” I tried to reason with her she refused. A friend advised me to offer her every time the priest lifted the chalice up.
    Rejoice with as this time round am not only celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ the King of glory but am also celebrating the return of my mother to the Catholic Church. Glory be to God.

  65. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer April 2019. I started chemo in May for three months. Radical hysterectomy surgery in July and started chemo immediately until November. I’m currently on a chemo blocker drug for two years. December 23, 2019 I went for a Cat scan and doctor called back with results. My cat scan shows NO SIGN of cancer in my pelvis area and the two previous blood clots in my Stomach area left over from surgery are dissolved. Praise the Lord. Thank you all for prayers in this Christmas’s Novena.

  66. My friends Mother surgery went well and her recovery was smooth. She is now at home ready to celebrate Christmas with her family.

  67. Thanks to Almighty through this Novena I have seen wonders of God’s mercy and His presence in our lives as a family. He has retained back peace in our house, He has restored back health to my daughter. He has provided the younger daughter with blessings of two new jobs. My daughter gratuated successfuly.I have recieved increaments in my salaries. Through this Novena I also got clear devine intervention against my enemies.To Him be the the Glory for ever and ever. May the Lord God use me fully as a true Apostle through guidance and mercy of our Mother Mary who brought us our Lord Jesus who leaves and reigns with you , the Father and Holy Spirit one God. Amen

  68. My husband continues to progress well following his double lung transplant . Thanksgiving to God for this Christmas miracle and continued prayers

  69. During the Christ the King novena, I prayed for a miracle in my husband’s career, and he got a surprise promotion a few weeks later. Thank you my Lord and my God! You are so good to us all! I have prayed for this for a long time, but God’s timing is far more perfect than my own. Never cease praying. He is always listening.

  70. God answered a very special Pray.
    My Adult Son had his medical extensive panel come back completely Healthy.
    Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ
    God Bless You All & Merry Christmas

  71. We accepted a contract on our house today. It has been on the market since last May.
    Thank you for this novena. What a nice Christmas present.

  72. I thank God for my brother’s successful surgery and I am very hopeful that God will perfect his healing and thanking God also for answered prayers for my children

  73. I thank God, as at the last novena, I prayed for admission and scholarship in to a university.
    By God’s grace, I have been given admission. Still awaiting scholarship, but I am sure that the Lord that has granted the admission would also grant me scholarship to study there. Amen. Thank you everyone for your prayers.
    Let us keep praying… God is always ready to answer.

  74. Unborn Twin girls, who have had many medical challenges, were born 4 days ago 15 weeks early. They are growing stronger every day. They had their breathing tubes removed. Their parents and friends praise Jesus for their lives!

  75. Merry Christmas!!

    Our family has an answer to our prayer regarding our finances. And, also, I prayed for a family problem to be solved like King Solomon solved the problem with the two women who claimed the same baby. God answered that specific intention exactly like I had asked Him.

    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I will continue to pray for all the intentions in this novena. Thank you for your prayers and for giving us this unique way of praying novenas.

    All My Love,

    Vivian Gonzales

  76. I’ve prayed that my daughter get a job and indeed it has just happened. Thank you God!
    And thank you all for your prayers!

  77. I have been reunited with my daughter after 15years! The promises of our faithful God! Amen and Thank You for praying for me! As I continue to pray for you!