Answered Prayers from the Christ the King Novena, 2021

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Thank you for praying the Christ the King Novena with us!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We are praying for you every day. Do not give up on hope — the Lord is near! You are not alone.

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  1. I found out I was pregnant half way through the novena, an answer to my prayers. I am now praying it will be healthy and live.

  2. I have been trying to reach a relative over financial issues, he never picks my calls; to the glory of God he responded to me. On the 9th day of the novena,the Lord came through for me. I thank God for answered prayer.

  3. I pray for i job and they called me for a job and iam now working with one of the biggest bank in my country.Thank you God.Also pray for my wife who is almost giving birth.

  4. All praise to Christ the King! God answered and offered me a HR related job here in Canada and I am grateful and thankful to the Blessed Trinity, Amen and Amen 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. I have received light about my very perplexing situation and help to withstand and navigate it. I am so grateful. Thanks be to Almighty God!

  6. My intention for the Christ the King novena was to improve my relationship with my parents. Yesterday evening, on the final day of the novena, I had a great visit with my parents. I did not say a single unkind word to them, nor they to me, we chatted and laughed. I felt relaxed around them for the first time in months. It was beautiful. The Lord has begun to heal the reciprocal hurt between my parents and I that has been ongoing for several months. Thank you Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!

  7. Thank you for answering my prayers for my son’s continued recovery and job success! Thank you Christ the King🙏 and thank you for all his have prayed with me!

  8. My prayer intention was for a holy and peaceful death for my grandfather who had been in pain for far too long.. Yesterday on the 9th day of this novena I held my grandfather’s hand as he took his last breath and his soul left his body. I felt peace, he was no longer in pain. Praise be to God.

  9. In the last novena to St. Jude. I prayed for my brother who had lost his faith. I’ve tried to encourage him to come back to church but it seemed impossible to convince him. After that novena, he just opened up his heart to our Lord. Started praying daily and is now seeking to go for a general confession! Thank you St. Jude and PRAISE our merciful God.

  10. Thank Christ the King for answered prayers during your novena. Thank you for my prayers that I know were answered of protection for my grandchildren, children, my husband, family and me and our changed hearts. Amen.

  11. I praise and thank God for his blessings in my life, for peace in my heart knowing that He is in control. He wants the same thing that I want for my children and that is their salvation. He has all the best plans laid out for them and will lead them to kingdom living and to their salvation.

    He will lead me to job satisfaction and to the place I need to be. Thank you Jesus Christ, our king. Amen

  12. Am so much thankful that my prayer for peace and happiness at work had been answered,I have just received a call that am being transferred to a near my home .I didn’t have peace at working far from home.
    Thank you The Christ the King of Novena

  13. Praise be to Christ our King! One of my clients struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder has decided to quit after I offered this up at the beginning of this Novena. He has a long road ahead, please keep praying for all of those suffering with addictions. One addiction can ruin many lives. Thank you

  14. my turn thank you for MY total healing I believe loiusa 101.5 to 104 thank you radiate jesus thru my Actions i trust thank you

  15. All my children have bipolar disease. My youngest son was not getting better no matter what he did or how hard we prayed. There is a doctor in Boston that has helped my other two children but my son was t ready to get in touch with him I just learned that he finally called and I’m praying for an appointment. My prayer has been answered during this novena and I am so grateful to Christ our King! Thank you for all your prayers. It will be a long journey but I have so much trust in Jesus. He has always come to my rescue!

  16. I have been praying this novena for the intentions of family unification and the blessing of my womb with life. God—in His own way—has answered both my prayers, as my eyes were opened to ways to move forward through what seemed impossible familial conflict and my body began to show signs of fertility again just this week.

    May all things come to fruition for His glorification in His perfect and holy timing; and may we continue to pray without ceasing!

  17. I have realised this week, that I am making progress on my ‘spiritual journey’. This is after many years of guilt, unhappiness, and depression.
    I have always believed that the Lord is with me. Recently, however, I have begun understand that my ‘free will’, must give way to His Will. In other words, I must ‘let’ Him walk beside me.
    My sincere thanks to all of you, whose prayers have helped to guide me along this path.
    Blessed be God forever.


  19. Thank you Dear Lord, St. Jude, Jesus, Mary, and all the Saints for answering my prayers. I was struggling with what seemed like an impossible situation with my neighbor. During the St. Jude Novena, a series of events occured at the right time to help us find a resolution to what could have been a detrimental situation, both emotionally and financially regarding our property. My faith in this novena never faltered and I was ready to accept a result that may not have been favorable, however, so far the solution seems like it will benefit all involved. Thank you Lord for answering all of my prayers. Bless all those who pray these novenas together.

  20. My long awaited COS arrived on the 2nd day of the novena. I thank the Lord and am believing him for my visa approval this week. Amen

  21. I’m feeling better with a stubborn health issue
    My son is improving with anxiety
    Closer relationship with my husband

  22. My prayer request is
    1-visa to America
    2,to get married to white man
    3:unblock my tubes/womb
    4:financial break through
    5:bless my business

  23. Thank you Lord for helping my friend’s dad recooperate from a siezure and sustained injuries to his head when he fell. Also for peace within my family.

  24. I have been seeking an answer to the reason for my hip pain after hip surgery. On Friday, through a series of events that were driven by God, a doctor found the reason and I will have surgery to make the correction soon. Praise Jesus and His holy name ! I love you Jesus

  25. I received a K550 from uncle for my school fees, I’m still praying hard that through His divine Providence, I may clear the remaining balance K1300.
    I thank God for always being there for me.

  26. Thank you Jesus,I was praying for funds for my Masters studies,I got a scholarship for my Masters studies.I also got salary increment for my job.
    My Dad cooperated and we finally put up our village home.I am forever grateful.

  27. Thank you prayer warriors.
    I asked for prayers that a couple of relatives stop their drinking as it was causing problems in the family. One is doing great and has stop. Thank you Lord for answering that prayer.
    Other person is trying hard. All we can ask for!
    In Jesús name

  28. Thank you for the Christ the King Novena. I started praying it alongside the Novena for Financial Help.
    Two of my petitions were to get employment and to settle in God’s will joyously and peacefully.
    I have a final interview for a job position that I have been progressing with. I pray and trust that God will grant this prayer. For the honor and glory of His name and for the good of my heart. Please continue praying with me. Thank you.
    Amen Amen Amen Amen.

  29. I was able to sign a new contract for work recently. God Bless everyone praying this Novena with me. May all your prayers be answered and may my family and I be healthy and happy and stay away from these viruses.

  30. One of my daughters who I asked for peace and comfort seems to have been given peace and comfort with her husband for now. Thank you Jesus.

  31. Thanks God because I finally get my adjustment for my immigration case. Thanks for all who prayed for me. May God keep blessing us and answering our prayers.

  32. Our daughter is 11 weeks pregnant and they think the baby has Downs Syndrome. I ask God to give our daughter and husband strength and guide them through this overwhelming time, help them find peace and joy in their pregnancy.

  33. I prayed St Jude novena and my prayers for my daughter and her husband to find a new daycare for my grandson within two weeks was answered. He has an excellent place and made the transition really well. I am so greatful to St Jude and St Therese. Thanks be to God. The Lord provides🙏🙏🙏

  34. I fell and fractured my shoulder and for a while there was a very strong possibility that surgery would be necessary. I was also in a lot of pain. I prayed this Novena, along with a Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Jude, and also prayed to our Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints, along with departed loved ones, and asked for their intercession. Although I greatly feared an operation, I was willing to accept our Lord’s will no matter what would happen, but miraculously the orthopedic surgeon, after looking at the latest x-rays and scan, decided that no surgery was needed after all. My pain has also gotten a lot better. Thank you my Lord, for answering my prayers and to all those, living and not, who prayed for and interceded on my behalf. God bless you all.

  35. My friend,Lori, has been offered employment / benefits with a major company just weeks after her contract job ended. God is good!

  36. Thank you Jesus, for canceling my brother’s surgery, after attempts to get bed space for him to do the operation we believe it is your doing and have healed him perfectly well. Thank you also that he has drawn closer to you during this time of trial , he now worships you more than ever before. We pray that subsequent reports of the doctors will be a tremendous miracle to the marvel of the whole world and that you will use him to bring many into your kingdom. Amen. Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

  37. On the 20/11/2021, which was the 8th day of this novena,I received a call to submit my banking details and sign a contract for work. This job I have been praying for, waiting for. Though it’s a short term job,I really thank God for it and those who were praying for me. I pray and hope one day I will get a permanent position. Thanks so much. God bless you all.
    Let’s all have hope, faith and love and keep on praying always. What’s impossible with man,is possible with God.

  38. It was a simple but poignant miracle. One of the novenas, I prayed for peace between myself and my co-worker Lupe. That same morning, she called me early and told me she was buying me a Starbucks.

  39. My friend,Gwen, has a very rare form of Leukemia. Her last white blood count was significantly reduced. After she has a bone marrow sample taken, the Dr. Says she could be in remission for as long S 2 years. A great blessing

  40. I would like you to pray that I conceive a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy. May the Lord open my barren womb in Jesus name I pray.

  41. On the second day of the novena, I fell ill and prayed to Christ the King to grant me healing. Today, I’m pleased to say that my prayer request was granted. I’m healthier!!! Thank you Jesus for your kindness.

  42. my son’s operation was a success and he has’nt smoked since please
    continue praying that he would not smoke again
    Thanks for what the two of you are doing please continue

  43. My father is home from rehab center
    Mr Padilla has beat CoVID
    My brother is spending more time with his daughter
    My students 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  44. Thank you Blessed Jesus for allowing our daughter to be in contact with us once more, for our friend’s new heart, for peace & prosperity in our homes, my children’s homes & for my grandchildren. We are truly Blessed!

  45. I pray for all my sons to make good marriages. I pray to get a Conservative gov’t. in power in Canada to clean up the Liberal mess and I pray for the Pope to have a change of mind and heart concerning most of his leftist views. I also pray that I can lose weight especially on my belly. I ask for this in Jesus’ name and if it is God’s holy will.

  46. I thank God so much because I was able to graduate with a degree in economics and also got a temporary job. I’m so grateful my lord

  47. Dear Christ our King,
    Thank you for watching over my son. Please protect, bless and watch over him.
    Thank you Lord.
    Please watch over my sisters, family and those in my healing prayer.
    I pray for Annie and John-Paul and all praying this novena.
    Thank you dearest Lord.

  48. Praise God the Father, Jesus our savior and the Holy Spirit! My wife was in the hospital, on a ventilator – because of all the prayers and Gods great mercy she has been healed, and is recovering (we pray she’s home in 7 days!) Thank you for all the prayers from Gods faithful people, our family is beyond grateful! God bless you all!

  49. I’ve been believing, praying, waiting, preparing for my future spouse. Lord Jesus, King of my heart, cease not your intercession for me until my request is granted to me by my Abba Poppa!!!
    All thanksgiving, praise, adoration, and blessings are yours for this gift from Heaven. I love you, LR

  50. Grateful several prayers God answered. I’m handing it over to God and praying for healing for cousin Millie with covid and pneumonia to come home safe from the hospital and to give cousin Lorraine strength and health too.

  51. I prayed that my sister would be able to recover & heal from the hospital & from feeling unwell physically & mentally & by the wonderful grace of God she was able to come back home & is feeling better.

  52. Thank you my Christ my king forever for a couple worrisome prayers I had are being answered! My anxiety is lifted! Praise Your glorious name forever! I trust& believe that You are continuing to answer my prayers! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! XO

  53. Prayers for humility were answered. Initially my pride/the Tempter tried to let me know I shouldn’t be treated/spoken to in a particular manner. The Lord, however, was answering my prayer. Every encounter of humility throughout my life was bringing me closer to the Lord, but I didn’t see it until recently. What a wonderful blessing.

    Thank you.

  54. My son big test is the day after Thanksgiving,
    I am still praying and fasting,
    I pray that Christ send his Holly sprite to him every day and the day of his test to direct his minds and hands to the right answers.
    Lord Jesus please answer my prayers and hear my cry for help.
    In the Name of the Father and the Son and Holly sprite I pray.Amen

  55. I prayed for success in a job interview I was doing this week, there is hope that I will get the job. I thank God.
    I also prayed that my fiance would get work and a contract he has been chasing, God has been faithful, he got additional work and there is hope that the contract will be signed 🙏🙏

  56. One of the things I asked throughout this Novena was praying for our friend Fernando, I asked for no evidence of disease and he went to the doctor yesterday and God’s answered No Evidence of Cancer. Praise our Lord ❤️🙏

  57. We offer praise and Thanksgiving to Christ the King for answered prayers for part Martin. Martin had suffered a heart attack and was put on several medication‘s. He was very tired and unable to go about his normal activities. Martin saw his doctor for this issue and it was a result of two of his medication‘s. The doctor stopped these two medications and Martin is back to his old self and able to do his activities now.God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

  58. Thank you Jesus for all your provisions in my family. And I’m also thanking you for I know you will provide a good business shop for me in Jesus name I pray amen.

  59. Extremely difficult marital relationship with mmulti-faceted issues//traumas/unhealthy alliances
    and attachments+ appears to be really and truly healed. May Jesus Christ be praised. Tucked safely in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, consecrated to her and fighting under her orders so that the Kingdom of God would come. Living and acting in the Divine Will. Becoming one with the Divine Will. I thank you with all my heart and soul and all who have been praying for us and helping us.

  60. I prayed to God for a Job in a better working environment and where i can be with my son and he answered.. May he be glorified.. Thank you dear Lord.

  61. Praying 🙏 with all my heart my daughter sara m finds her soul mate and husband. Someone that will love and cherish her

  62. One of my prayers was for resolution of a hurt between two of my family members. I witnessed that God has touched both of their hearts as they each reached out to the other today. We are all getting together tomorrow. I will be praising God, my King, for his goodness and mercy in our lives.

  63. My brother came to the realisation of Christ’s love for him and I am grateful to God for that. To God be the glory now and forever

  64. We are so grateful that my significant other is seeing a miracle of the vast improvement with his IBS after numerous years. He asked me to keep praying along with him. Also grateful my cousin had a successful knee replacement-still praying for her to get her lymphoma under control. Praying to locate a little shih tzu dog for my cousin and thank you Jesus that I did not fall victim to a criminal scam online to buy one.

  65. I have been stresses financial and mentally. I had 8 midterms total. 1 one week and 7 back to back in another week. I was beyond stressed. I was studying and cramming material in each and everyday (being that there was a different class to study for everyday). I kept praying and asking God for a miracle. Although I studied some material ahead of time and some material last minute I noticed that there were some questions on the exams that I did not know the answer to. However, with faith I tried my best and God made a way out of noway. WE (God and I ) passed them all. HOWEVER, it was not me, He was working in withing me , but HE did ALL of the work. I am beyond blessed and still in awe. Thank you for these prayers. God bless. ALL GLORY AND HONOR IS TO GOD MY SAVIOR !!

  66. Please pray for my grandson Luke to be free from Luekemia and other forms of cancer. I pray that God will restore him to good health.

    I also pray for my daughter Tanya and family to reconnect with me and her siblings. I pray for her emotional and psychoogical health and for her to have peace .
    Thank you ,

  67. While I won’t jump the gun and say for definite that my workplace attraction has gone away in feel more at peace now. Turns out that no one had even noticed it in the first place, despite being forced to work with the same person for three hours (I know some brutally honest people). Praise the Lord 😇.

    I can sleep easier tonight knowing that I have not let it run out of control but have controlled it instead. Thank you so much kind brethren, I couldn’t have done it without you.

  68. My hands are healing; lot less numbness after I had my covid shots. Also, prayers answered for giving my aunt the courage not be an enabler condoning her stepson’s inappropriate behavior cheating and hurting his wife having a very young, troublemaker girlfriend. After I obeyed you before civic authority, filed discrimination and proved it, I have never been able to get a job for 25 yrs. with my credentials but I am still praying in the name of Jesus for a financial breakthrough and guidance for a job with my high credentials.

  69. I am praising God for all answered prayers through this Novena and all the other Novena said I have said here.
    I am praising God for promotion which happened before I started as Novena but during another one. I am praising God for a new less expensive more safe and clean place to live with a pool I can find joy in and help my health it was a desire of my heart that I didn’t really ask for I don’t think out loud. I thank God for increase I still haven’t gotten my main answered and that’s to be reunited with my daughter and the situation with my ex-husband the diabolical oppression and the abuse of her and I even though we’ve been divorced many years has not completely subsided he keeps us apart even though she’s an adult he threatens her if she has a relationship with me and I’m praying for this to stop in Jesus name I would like a quick precise solution to this problem Jesus have your way with him and bless me and Bridget reunite us and manifest yourself in her life everyday in your holy name I pray Jesus and I thank you for this people here and this ministry and ask that you grant the petitions of their hearts as well heal our world reign your Holy Spirit upon it and your precious blood and heal a world and all the afflicted and you’re most holy name I pray Jesus amen

  70. Thank you Lord Jesus for truly being faithful. I have been praying that I be relieved of the many debts I have and am thankful to God that I have started to pay them. I trust and believe that before the year ends I will be debt free. Thank you everyone for your prayers too. God is good all the time and may he reign forever!

  71. On the first day of the novena–I prayed for the special intention–then prayed for my back to quit hurting (Couldn’t bend over) shortly after all pain was gone. Praise the Lord.

  72. I am going through the hardest separation, and my husband took my children through lies. Lord jesus reveal the truth, Lord please keep me stron as the intimadtion and bulling is unbearable, I love the Holy spirit. I was abandon and broken, please pray that I get my children back.

    Thank you Jesus

    Jesus please help me

  73. Thank you dear Jesus for healing my husband and helping my grandson passed the licensure examination. All the praises and the glory belongs to only you Lord Jesus, King of Kings.

  74. Thank you Jesus, our dear Lord & Savior! Our son has been accepted to play in a summer college bb league that will hopefully lead to further opportunities.

    Sometimes God takes us on a journey that we did not know we needed to bring us everything we ever wanted … TRUST in His plan. Amen thank you Jesus.

  75. I asked for prayers for Mary McKeon who was in hospice care. She passed into eternal life this past week. Please pray for the repose of her soul and for her family, especially her daughter who was her main caregiver. Thank you.

  76. Thanks be to the Lord. After graduating a year ago, my son finally got a job in his career field. A fervant prayer answered.

  77. I prayed that my finances improve. I ended receiving a check in the mail unbeknownst to me that covered my bills. Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ.

  78. The novena to St. Jude brought direction to a situation I needed clarity on and the novena to Christ the King has brought recovery to a dear friend in need! God is great – let us put our trust in Him!

  79. Pray for good health for Ray and Terry and their children and grandchildren
    Pray that our children and grandchildren will practice the Catholic. faith
    Pray for safe travels for Ray and Terry their children and grandchildren

  80. I prayed for my son who was struggling with Chemistry in his RN nursing class.He completed the course with a B. Thanks for the prayers. God is good.