Answered Prayers from the Christ the King Novena, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Christ the King Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. Praise and many thanks to our Lord for answering my prayers for my son and his wife getting back together to rebuild their relationship. Praise and thanks to our Lord for answering my prayer that my husband was able to repair our washer. Praise and thanks to our Lord for taking care of me and my family. Amen

  2. Pray for my career advancement in the leadership position and increase in wages so that I have enough money to pay for bills and help my mom. And to be successful in all positions.

  3. Dear Mother Mary, please help Ryan to find a suitable job soon, Michelle to find a job to suit her new qualifications, Gerry with his future plans and improved and good health for every member of my beloved living.

  4. Oh holy mother of God please help to deliver me from spiritual husband, spiritual children, bad dream and eating in the dream and backwardness through Christ our Lord Amen.

  5. Blessed Mother I pray that you will intercede for me that I may get out of financial debt and be able to provide for myself. That Jessica & Charles will have the strength to turn away from their addictions.

  6. I thank God for answering one of my petitions on the 8th day of the novena to Christ the King. Thank You Lord! I’m forever grateful🤗

  7. Was praying for healed hearts for my children and forgiveness between them for a situation that has lasted way to long. And all has been resolved. Praise Jesus Christ the King. Thank you Jesus !!

  8. I want to praise and thank God for bringing success in a very challenging situation that for the while felt like David before the might of Goliath! May His Holy Spirit reign allowing the team to do their best and be persons after His heart.
    Thank you all for also praying for my intentions. May God hear and answer your heartfelt prayers as only He can.

  9. God is faithful. The novena has made me more patient and faithful to our King, Jesus Christ. My prayers my partially fulfilled but I know God has greater plans for me and my husband.

  10. Shalom my brothers and sisters,

    Our God is forever faithful.. I’ve been praying for the gift of the fruit of the womb and He granted my prayer. When we were doing this novena, my gynae had sent me for a viability ultrasound and I was scared of the results. I prayed this novena and my viability ultrasound revealed that my baby is growing well.. I thank God for His mercy

  11. I prayed that my biopsy would be benign. I just received a call from my doctor telling me that my biopsy was all benign.
    Thank God for His goodness.
    I will continue praying novenas.

  12. Our daughter’s house, which had been on the market for 101 days, sold today, the day after this beautiful novena ended. All praise and glory be to God! So so thankful!

  13. Lord, are King of my mind, heart, and soul..thank you for making it possible for my estranged son and I to be together on Thanksgiving Day.

  14. The Lord has answered one of my prayers. My friends grandson was told his cancer has not returned.
    Thank you to all that prayed.

  15. I am grateful for the Lords merciful favours. this Novena I prayed for a paying Job and God has blessed me with one. I pray for his continuous love and mercy. Thank You oh Lord for all you have done and continue to do for my family and I🙏🙏🙏 Thank you.

  16. Am grateful to the Lord for one of my petitions has been answered my children are back home safe and sound,I trust that in his own time,he will fulfil my heart’s desires,Amen and thank you.

  17. I asked God to spare me a cancer diagnosis in a mass found in my colon and He has done that with the tests that have come back so far. Thank you!

  18. I prayed to God for a better health for my dad,
    And praise God, his health is getting better.
    Thanks a lot God.
    I love you God.
    I pray that God help me and grant my other heart desires in accordance with His will in Jesus name, Amen.

  19. I have never prayed this novena for myself, but I did it this time. I was waiting to make an appointment with the doctor (they are booked farther out) due to a severe case of fibroids and anemia. I had begun having signs and symptoms like difficulty breathing at night, fatigue and very bad migraines, then my periods began just a day before the novena and this really worried me. So, I prayed it, knowing that he is the only healer anyway and four days later my periods stopped! all the signs I had disappeared. I was able to sleep a full night’s sleep without gasping for breathe at night, and felt energized. This issue has been going on for the past two months, I have done all the tests possible and was just waiting for the specialized doctors to either do infusion on me or perform surgery as quickly as possible. Now, I can comfortably wait for that appointment. To God be the glory!! Thank you Christ the king!

  20. Thank you so much for all that you have blessed us with. I continue to pray for my husband’s health-that it will improve, and that our faith and love will grow daily. Please pray that our oldest son will be successful in his job, thank you for bringing his lady friend into his life, and that his faith will grow daily. PLEASE bless that our middle son will find a good job, that he will seek counseling, and find a nice Christian lady friend. Please pray that he will make the correct choices/decisions in life, and that he will come back to us. Please pray for our daughter that this medicine will heal her, that she will be successful in her job, and thank you for her fiancé, that they will be blessed with nice weather for their upcoming wedding. Thank you again-Amen.

  21. Among other things I have been dedicating this Novena to ask God to let my sister find suitable work as she cares for our elderly parents every day and it is taking a toll on her well being, yesterday she met with someone who pointed her towards vacancies she hasn’t been aware of, I hope that this will lead to paid work, thank you Lord Jesus for all the goodness you have brought to my life and that of my family

  22. My twin sons began to relate as brothers once again and to speak to each other. We have been praying for this reunion for a long time. Now the Lord has done it to the glory of His name. Amen

    Second answered pray. On Sunday 17th November the Lord miraculously prevented our home from a fire disaster. I have been praying for God’s protection for me and my family and home since the Lord called my husband onto Himself in April this year. Now an image like an angel with outstretched arms has appeared on part of the burnt wall. I believe the Lord is telling me He is present in my home and is protecting us. Amen
    Thank you all for praying for my intentions.

  23. My youngest son received 2 awards at school last Thursday
    We have been praying for an award since he began school 3 years ago

  24. My son had a Scan on his head to verify if he had a mass causing his peripheral eye sight loss. (Due to a serious accident 19 years ago). Thank God and all you who prayed – the scan showed no sign of a mass. Amen

  25. Thank you Christ for answering my prayer. The novena coincided with the diwnhill turn my mother took. I prayed she woukd oass peacefully. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for opening your arms and welcoming her. She passed peacefully with love surrounding her. Amen

  26. Thank you Christ for answering my prayer. My mother passed peacefully, no pain and her family was able to say goodbye lovingly. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for opening your arms and welcoming her. Amen

  27. Dear Friends,
    it was quite moving to hear a call from an old friend to the effect that the project we had proposed to implement way back and was halted with unclear explanations would soon be revived. Early this morning November 25, 2019, we received a mail calling us for a meeting to discuss the revival of the project, fixed for tomorrow November 26, 2019. This project is crucial for me such that it was my first issue raised for attention of Christ the King Novena 2019.

    Wonders isn’t it?

    Thank you all for continued Novena.

  28. I prayed for a successful permanent residence application and on the 3rd day to this novena, my application was be approved. I am so thankful to Christ my King for this great blessing.

  29. Thank you Lord, for answering my prayer!

    At 42 (turning 43 in April), I just had my first positive pregnancy! My husband and I have been praying for the blessing of a child for more than 5 years. We are grateful and praise Him for His mercy and faithfulness. Honor and glory to the King of kings!

  30. I thank the Christ of King for any answered prayers that I may not see right now but I am sure that he will answer me in his time. Thank you also Christ of King that gradually I am becoming more faithful to God. I am trying to listen to his holy words and put them into action.
    Thank you Lord.

  31. I built up a wall of resentment towards my father and my partners parents/family members and while I was praying this novena, I had the courage and I begged God to give me a heart that does not hold any grudges or goes against the kind of person He has set me out to be. I am so much more at peace with myself and those around me after making amends over the weekend. I feel more free to dwell in His perfect peace and I will continue to fight against the evil claws of the enemy. Christ reigns in my life! Amen

  32. Hello! I have been praying novenas for two friends, for a job. I found out on the first day of this novena, 11/15 (my birthday), that one friend would be starting a new job on 12/2. I found out on 11/23 (my son’s birthday, who was born on the Feast of Christ the King five years ago) that my other friend would be starting a job on 12/2. God is good. Thank you for your ministry!

  33. My daughter, who is accompanying her husband to RCIA, just told me they have set a date to convalidate their marriage in the Catholic Faith!

  34. Good morning everyone!

    Thank you for sharing this online novena prayer. I just want to share my best gift ever . God has finally open my womb. I am now pregnant. I thank God for this early Christmas gift. Me and my husband and all the people around us are very happy. I can say that God’s time is just so perfect. It’s worth the wait! To all the couple who are also struggling for fertility and are continue medication. Please don’t Stop praying just trust the process!

    For now, I’m praying for my healthy and safe pregnancy with my baby, until normal delivery. To God be all the Glory!!

  35. Thank you so much for the prayers to Christ Our King for this Novena!! I have peace and trust in my heart for my marriage and healing for my husband and his conversion. It it utterly a peace that passes all understanding. This peace has been not only in me, but I feel a countenance of peace that I haven’t felt from my husband for over 20 years since we were dating. Thank you, Lord Jesus, Christ Our King and for all the prayers. Amen.

  36. On the feast day of Christ the King I received a phone call from my Son whom I hadn’t heard from in almost 2 years. I know that there will be more “trials” facing us but I now have a “sliver of hope” that we can once again work on having a relationship. Thank you to all who have prayed this novena with me…I feel truly “blessed”!

  37. Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ the King for answering my prayers. You brought peace and forgiveness back into our homes and lives on the 6th day of the Novena and I know that you will continue to shower your blessings down upon us all here on earth. I love you with my whole heart and I know that you are always there for me and for anyone that calls your name.
    At the name of Jesus every knee shall bend. Amen

  38. I thank God that my daughter Bea was successful in her first trial as Lectors and Commentators in our Parish, there was no
    seizure / episodes of epilepsy attack.
    Then may i request to please include her in your prayer to continously serve God despite of her illness. God bless us.

  39. From participating in this Novena to Christ the King, I have renewed my dedication to continually ask Christ to help me align my priorities with God’s will for me, and to walk daily in the Holy Spirit. If I can live this way more fully, I will grow in the love and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  40. Christ the King, my King i want to thank you for the financial breakthrough. I believe that more is still coming and that all my prayers request will be answer very soon. I thank the Holy Trinity and all the angels and Saints who have interceded for me. Mercyful Jesus, I trust in You, let me never be confounded. Amen 🙏

  41. Thanks and praise God for relief of all-consuming itch on my back! Have had skin/itch problems all my life… but had stopped the last couple decades… so I’m convinced this was a tap on the shoulder from above reminding me of the need for giving daily prayers of thanks 🙏🏽 💙

  42. My prayers has not been answered but my lord blesses me everyday. Gift of life he has give me, he protects me, he helps me in many ways.
    Thank you my lord. Great n mighty king.
    Lord increase my faith.

  43. Christ my King I want to thank you for being with me and giving me more peace of my mind heart and body. Although my prayers for fruit of womb have not been answered yet through the novena we received much progress my body is more relaxed and we are hoping this month we will be finally pregnant. We will not give up on God word promise for our babies and thank you in advance for the babies that are on the way. I ask all yo please continue to pray for us that the Lord grant us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies soon in Jesus name Amen

  44. My Lord Christ the King please give a divine family life to our daughter to lead a prayerful life with her two little daughters. Amen.

  45. Christ is KING! I prayed that Jesus guide my brother in my dad’s estate issues. I can clearly see his hand guiding him and me in the partitioning of his estate.
    I talked 4 hours with my sister who was not talking to me for months.
    My son is doing well and thriving in college.
    My other son almost has a job.
    My other son is quitting smoking. I also asked that he find a good woman and this May very well be happening. Time will tell.
    My daughter is working and helping so much in her marriage and her baby.
    My husband and I are working at our marriage – I can clearly see how I love him.

  46. Hallelujah I am the type that feels shy even in the church but today being the end of the novena behold I was dancing and singing in the church without looking back thanks lord

  47. I praise and adore you Christ the King, my King! A financial matter that has been a problem for several months was just resolved quite unexpectedly on Friday. I thank the Holy Trinity and all the angels and Saints who have interceded for me to bring this about and pray that the rest of this matter will proceed without any complications. Jesus, I trust in You, let me never be confounded. Amen 🙏

  48. I prayed for my daughter’s future spouse. If it was her current boyfriend of two years, then to let him attend a Catholic Mass before New Years. If it wasn’t him, then to let the relationship end. We all really like this young man, but though I was saying prayers quietly, our daughter unexpectantly announced she had broken up with her boyfriend. She told us the reason was she had grown stronger in her faith and he was an atheist. Although he said he would become catholic for her- she said no, she wanted him to do it because he wanted to join the faith. I pray for this young man’s soul and his family to become Christians in the future.

  49. I want to thank God the almighty, King of Kings, Lord of lords for answering my prayers. I was praying for a pay of my salary, I was last paid in August 2019 but on day four of Christ the King Novena I received my salary cheque and they had even paid me for December before it even started, God is so faithful and He has Mighty Powers.

    I was also praying for journey mercies and yes I had a pleasant, safe and blessed flight.

    Thank you Father, thank you Lord, thank my sweetie, thank you my everything and thank my King. I love you Lord.

  50. Pls help me to control myself from spending so much. And I pray to learn how to love myself. And show the whole world who i really am.

  51. My sons continued sobriety and he got the job he wanted. Please keep your hands on his shoulders and continue to guide him in the right direction.
    My dil/s are pregnant thanks to you! After years of trying, may she carry and deliver a healthy baby. Amen.

  52. Our son has struggled with brain health due to his birth mom having done meth during pregnancy with him. He just had the breakthrough during this novena in that he has now been clean himself. I thank you all for praying for those with brain health issues and those who struggle with addiction. Thank you all and Praise God!!

  53. Thank you Dear Lord Jesus for an offer being put on our house. I pray that Your will be done and everything closes.
    Amen and Thank You.

  54. Our son made his college decision. He got his acceptance, a generous scholarship, & a spot on the roster to play his sport. He said he found his spot & didn’t even wait to hear from any other school because he was happy. Thanks to be God! Thank you to all of the saints for their intercession! God bless!

  55. Thank you Christ our King for safe journey across the country with all our family members. Thank you Lord for keeping my son in law safe and for all business taken care of this month. My blessings are phenomenal. You are a phenomenal God. Thank you Lord for the blessings you bestow on me and my family every day. Amen.

  56. I Thank you ever so very much indeed Father God and your beloved Son “Jesus Christ the King” for answering my prayer. I recieved an email letting me know that unit 16 will be avaliable on the 4th December. With your Grace and help we will move in before Christmas. All the financial assistance that you gave to our family.
    Many thanks

  57. Finally my husband a retired surgeon’s drs have decided to do an exploratory exam just after Thanksgiving under anesthesia to get to the bottom of the mystery of his infection problems. He can’t continue to get strong IV antibiotics and even the infectious disease drs are stumped. We are getting closer to an answer and praise for that. But please pray he goes through the exam safely, for the results and that the problem can be addressed without too much trauma to his weakened body. I pray the Holy Spirit keeps all wise and skilled!

  58. My intentions were about my menstrual period which have been irregular and erratic for more than 5 years. I was praying that my periods will become regular and my body will start to work cyclically just like God intended. By day 4, my period started and was normal just like it used to be. I’m so grateful. Because I believe that God used this answered prayer to renew my hope and remind me that He is always listening to my prayers. Thank you as always for this novenas. May God answer the prayers and heart desires of everyone who joined in this novena. Amen.

  59. I have been tirelessly praying for my son’s placement at the boarding school. With the grace of God he has been admitted and adjusted well already.

  60. Thankyou good Lord, I prayed that my very depressed and dejected friend got a job and it’s happened just this week after 6 months with no work. It’s really helped her confidence and self worth. God bless all those praying this novena. God is always on time.

  61. Thank you Christ the King for making us find our lost pet cat who just went away for two n half days.Thank you for bringing her back safely without any harm or danger.Please continue taking care of her in her old age safely healthily.Amen

  62. Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing my partner close to you. He has turned away from Islam and is walking towards Catholicism. He came to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King at church on Friday and had an amazing experience in front of the blessed sacrament. You are indeed a mighty God!

  63. By the mercy of Christ my dad’s health is improving and I was able to handle his treatment expenses with ease. My husband survived an accident though he lost his car as it was really twisted but he left unharmed. Our God is a merciful and loving Father. No one comes to him and goes back the same. Thank you Lord.

  64. The Lord blessed the works of my hands, and restored back to me my job that I almost lose. Thank you Lord for I’m happy the conditions of my job has changed for my favor.
    Christ the king, I believe and trust in you that you will still do even more. Amen