Answered Prayers from The Christmas Novena, 2017

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Christmas Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

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  1. I thank God for financial breakthrough, appraisal and my family members good health .May he continue providing and taking care for us.

  2. Please pray with me and my husband for our son who is having test for cancer. He suffers from ptsd and depression after being in the marines and 2 tours to Iraq where 4 of his buddies where killed right in front of him.please pray with us. Thank you for the novenas.You are a God sent.

  3. After 9 months of not hearing or seeing my son’s father, he called me so he could spend some time with our son. My son was so happy after spending time with his dad. Although I never actually prayed for this I strongly believe that this was an answered prayer and I thank God for this blessing during this Christmas season. I pray that he continues to be a part of our son’s life and have a relationship with him.

    Thank you John and Annie; your emails and novenas have truly brought me closer to God. I pray that God continues to bless you and this year may draw more people to join us in prayer.

    Thank you so much Father God for ALL YOUR BLESSINGS.

  4. I was cured of cancer this year and also survived a stroke. My greatest answered prayer is that I was healed spiritually and now have a closer relationship and appreciation for my savior and closest friend Jesus through His divine mercy and sacred Heart. I have gone through much suffering and heartache this year but I am ever so grateful that it has led me to find the treasure of Christ’s love and friendship.. the greatest gift ever. Thank you dear God for always hearing and answering the prayers of an unworthy sinner.

  5. I prayed to have deeper faith in God and a closer relationship with him. I was feeling so lost and making foolish decisions in my life. I now have a better relationship with God and following His word. My life is coming together perfectly with success, happiness, faith and good health. My family members are also doing great. I continue to pray to be out of my financial situation for the upcoming new year. Thanking God for his mercy, grace and favour our my life and my family’s.

  6. I prayed in desperation for our Lord to help me with some financial difficulties, our Lord didn’t give me exactly what I have prayed for but he eased my burden a bit by giving me an alternative which solved a bit of my problem.

    I believe in our Lord’s timing, and I will continue to pray for him to help me, but I am very grateful for assistance he gave me and for hearing my prayers.

    Thank you to John-Paul and Annie for offering all the Novena Prayers which I always pray, it helped me a lot spiritually and being closer to God. May God bless you and wishing you a Happy New Year, all the best for 2018!

  7. If your prayers have been answered please continue to pray all novenas for those of us that are still praying(I am still praying). I continued to pray for all those doctors who try their best that they may have long and healthy lives to continue helping people.

  8. My dad went up to receive the Eucharist. I can not remember the last time I saw him receive the Holy Eucharist. I have prayed for him to resume coming to mass for a long, long time! I am so tha was for the answered prayers and the hope for him to continue attending mass more regularly to come!

  9. I was praying that my daughter and son in law would be able to start a family soon. My daughter told me she is pregnant on Christmas Day
    I pray she has a healthy baby and thank God for everything

  10. Abortionist retired from his practice and has no partner nor has found another doctor to take his place which will likely result in the clinic being closed. Praise God for answered prayers after 7 years praying the rosary outside this facility. Continued prayers for closure after the month of January (as his staff will remain to make referrals to another location).

  11. Bless you both and all who prayed the Novena.

    My requests will take a little time save one, I wished for peace in my home as mum has dementia and can sometimes be awkward but Christmas Day was lovely and blessed and yes, peaceful, it truly was a lovely day so the first part of my intentions were most certainly answered thanks to our Lord and Mary and Joseph.

    Lastly I wish you both and everyone a Happy and peaceful New Year X

  12. Thank you Lord for bringing my family together this Christmas. Though there are interpersonal frustrations , for the patience and kindness each displayed with one another. Thank you for bringing everyone home safely and I pray for their safe returns. Thank you for the HOPE that this new year will bring healing, hope, peace and joy and great FAITH in you. Thank you Mary and Jesus!

  13. Answered prayers:
    1) my younger sister got a positive solution to her long time problem about a job opportunity
    2) next younger sister came to realize that she indeed is a genuine member of our family
    3) got a Christmas gift that I’ve wished so much & prayed for: an electric ukulele…Deo Gracias!


  14. I am grateful to God for the blessings of a joyful and peaceful Christmas in my family this year. After many years if crisis and division, our family seems to be on a good road to healing, thank you, Jesus our healing Lord. May we continue His work, seek His will, and allow His joy in our hearts always!

  15. My daughter was accepted at a top university in the U.S. this novena was requesting success in her exams this first semester. And the results were great. Thank you for this Christmas Novena

  16. My son Casey had a PET scan & it showed no signs of lymphoma or cancer. Praise God! He still has a growth in his jaw & must have some delicate surgery in the next few weeks. I continue to pray for a successful surgery, diagnosis of his problem & healing! To God be the glory! Blessings on all who pray here in the new year!

  17. Praise My Mother MARY. She answered me prayers. I prayed for my brother to get Visa . He got the Visa for medical care. I prayed for him to get health insurance, he just got one. We saw the oncologist today and he said my brother is doing fine. No problems with the lab work… I am very grateful and l will continue to praise Him and mother Mary for their blessings.. My daughter told me she is dating a man.. l have been worried about her dating life but knew the Lord is going to take care of this problem.. The Lord is good.. Keep praying for He will answer your prayers.. l have been praying about this for more than ten years..
    Glory be to God .. Amen.

  18. 1st The burden over the unknown is lifted off my shoulders. I have never felt lighter, with such a clear mind.
    2nd I am able to envision medium to long term plans for my life and career. There is possibility and I am enthusiastic and encouraged for today, tomorrow and eternity. In this life or the next I am feeling at home. Thank you St. Mary, my Mother.

  19. Our daughter had one of the most rigorous semesters of college yet and we were distraught to see one of her professors had entered a grade incorrectly and was not yielding on being wrong. This grade would have made her retake the class. With the power of prayer and 4 or 5 sleepless nights the professor who was on Christmas vacation already checked his calculations and admitted the mistake. I know this is superficial compared to other prayers but it just shows that HE is always there in the large and small things.

  20. Praise you My Lord Jesus I praise your holy name . Thank you I am so grateful for answering my prayer for my husband that he would find a reliable person he could trust in his business. I prayed for a relief for him so he could have a day off. We found a nice man that has all the same qualities and work ethics that my husband has. He just started been a week seems to be working well. I thank you for my patience and not giving up. I started the request during Christ the king novena and got answered during this novena. God showed me patience and persistence for prayer. . Praise be God. Thank you my novena family for your prayers. Blessed is his holy name . Thank you thank you ????

  21. I would like to thank Jesus & give glory to God as well as thank our blessed mother. I have been praying for my daughter to meet a good Christian man, I am happy to give glory to God. During the immaculate conception novena she did meet someone and told me yesterday. So grateful for this answered prayer. Also the wonderful Christmas with the entire family, peace, love and harmony among all. Thank you Jesus

  22. Today Christmas day I received a message that my sister who has not spoken to me in 5 years had purchased a gift for me. The message came to me from my sister who is ill and at end stage COPD. She called me to tell my that Flo had left a gift for me at her house and the gift was a scapula she had gotten for me, herself & my ill sister. God is good and I am so thankful that this prayer is the closest to bringing Flo and I back together as sisters and friends.

  23. THANK YOU FOR your hard work in
    Prayers I had a very happy week a little boy I have been praying for ran to hug me all week Miracle hoping Mama mary is hugging him for me (Anger moments he is tiny six) had a beautiful presence of our Lord at Mass also of MAMA MARY. THE PEACE IS WONDERFUL MERRY CHRIST TO ALL IN YOU NOVENA

  24. We have been praying for the correct information to come regarding approval for benefits from v a . It has come in an email. We are now waiting for the go ahead to look for a house. Time was especially important, we have to be out by May. Health problems I know will also be cured. God ‘s perfect timing. Praise God all mighty! He is faithful. We surely had a thankful Christmas. God’s plan, God’s way.
    Have faith in the Lord He knows what you need.

  25. I prayed that my daughter would come closer to Christ. She stopped attending mass the last 4 years while at college except for Christmas and
    Easter. So at Christmas eve mass, I prayed that the during mass her seed of faith would be renewed in the smallest way. She stood up for communion and received a blessing. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

  26. Thank You Lord God, for a very special and wonderful Christmas spent with all our families, it was filled with love, peace and joy.
    Thank You for answered prayers, my sons received their Christmas presents.
    Thank You Jesus, Mary and Joseph for taking care of our family and our spiritual and financial needs. We are truly blessed.
    Thank You to all for Your prayers,

  27. Thank you God for the healing you have given Jenna. This last week she has seemed to have peace. She is sleeping better. I praise you and thank you for any healing you give her. Thank you also for the healing for M & A and their family. There were so many God moments during our family gatherings. And I praise you for the glorious plan you have for each of us. My prayers will always be for healing for my family, mind, body, soul and spirit. Also that YOU fill each of us so completely that evil has no room to enter into our lives!

  28. Dearest Jesus and Mary, thank you for your Blessing of bringing our son home safe and healthy from his Fall semester in China.

    God bless all and a very Merry Christmas.

  29. My son and his family arrived safe for Christmas. They drove from Boulder , Colorado. I now ask that everyone pray for their safe return in the new year.

  30. I’ve been called to work a job that pays well, although it’s only for about 3 weeks. That’s enough to get me through a few months. This is an answer to prayer.

    I really want to pay off debt that accumulated while I tried to make myself employable through training and education. It doesn’t look like that will be possible, although with God all things are possible. I pray only for His will to be done, and the grace to act only in accordance with His will. If it be His will that I obtain permanent work that pays sufficiently to pay for itself as well as my regular bills and debt, I ask for this. If it is not His will, then I ask for the grace to hope in His mercy, to have faith in His promise of my redemption, to give love to my neighbor in all circumstances, and to be joyful in His plan for me.

  31. Praise God! My husband got the money he needed to pay the bills and have a Merry Christmas! Love you Lord. Thank you. You do great things for us. Happy Birthday!

  32. We prayed for our family and friends who wished to have children, but could not and we found out on Christmas Eve that one of them are pregnant! Continued prayers that baby is healthy :)

  33. Thank you for the Christmas miracle for my sister. She was badly in need of financial help and it came to her in a long awaited way.
    So thankful to the Lord and for Our Lady’s intercession.
    Merry Christmas.

  34. Diane
    I want to thank the Lord for a better relationship with my husband and for bringing my family together for a Christmas get together.

  35. My nephew initiated a christmas greeting to me. This is God’s work at hand in restoring and rebuilding our relationship. Thank you Lord for everything in my Life. I love our God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen

  36. Thank you for praying and my prayers were answered. There was no evidence of disease in my husband’s lymph nodes following surgery. I will continue to pray the novenas as they teach me to accept God’s will and recognize his awe and wonder in sadness and joy.

  37. Merry Christmas to all.
    Thanking God for my family, my mother, father, sister, brother, neices and nephews. Asking God to continue to guide us and bless us.

  38. Many answered prayers and blessings during this Novena and yet I’ll focus on one- FORGIVENESS: I didn’t enter this Novena praying for this and yet I received a huge dose of it! It started out being for others and then ended on Christmas Eve with forgiving myself. Only God and the Holy Spirit could deliver such a gift!!! For this I am glad. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

  39. One of my prayers was for a new job for my daughter Antonia and she got one she wants. Praise God!
    Glory and thanks be to God Almighty this Christmas.
    Thank you all for your prayers. Thanks John-Paul and Annie. Pls Continue praying for a holy FRUITFUL marriage for my Daughter and for my Son too. Thank you all. Merry Christmas Happy New Year.

  40. God answered my prayers for a safe and seemless delivery. He blessed my family with a bouncing baby boy on 19th Dec and the labour lasted only for 2 hrs, 46mins. I prayed for a very short labour and it was granted. I return all the glory to Him alone and I also thank Mother Mary for her intercession.

  41. Praise God, my mother’s health has significantly improved!!! It’s a long story, but just know many are surprised by her improvement.

    God bless you all ????????

  42. My friends aunt had surgery and so far she’s doing good and doctor’s seemed to think they were able to take out all of the cancer.
    Praise the Lord.
    Thank you Baby Jesus

  43. I prayed for my sister to get pregnant. I got news of her pregnancy today, on the last day of the novena. Best Christmas gift. Christ does wonders.

  44. Praise the Lord,

    God has blessed me, good health in this Novena and blessed my womb and I am finding very good joy, peace in me and my family.

    Thank you for all your prayer support.

    With Regards,

    Mamatha Krishnanand

  45. One of my prayers is for a daughter who has a difficult time working due to depression and ADHD. I prayed that she will find a good job, suited to her. She has been working a temporary December job, and her employer has asked her to stay on for two more months. I am grateful because this will help her build a good work record; I continue to pray that this is a steppingstone and she’ll eventually be able to support herself.

  46. I had not had any communication with my in-laws for a couple of years due to a misunderstanding and harsh words spoken. After listening to the talk about forgiveness I began praying for my in-laws. Much to my surprise I received a beautiful Christmas card from them earlier this week. It is a step in the right direction. Thank you Lord for prayers answered. Christmas miracles happen,

  47. I cured from my sickness and also very grateful to Infant Jesus and Mother Mary. I went to the church with my family and celebrated the Christmas together. I hope The Lord of Jesus help me to get good answer other intentions too. Thank so much.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  48. I have been praying to get better. I had h pylori which made me weak and the medication was not really helping me. Last week i went to see a doctor and he gave me drugs for my blocked sinuses as that was the reason for the severe headache. Thank you Lord now am fine and regaining my strength. Merry christmas to all

  49. Healing mentally, physically, spiritually and financially for my family.
    Joy, happiness and prosperity for my family.
    Healing for Olga, Carol and Juliet. Amen ????????

  50. I have been praying for a full recovery of a friend that died and was brought back to life with the “paddles” after a heart attack. She had one totally blocked artery, angioplasty and a medically induced coma and after nearly two weeks is doing much better. Thank you Heavenly Father! Amen

  51. Thank you Lord Jesus for watching over my sister Cindy during her surgery. The doctors removed the tumor in her head and is doing well. Praise be the Lord for being there with her and for all the prayers that helped her with her surgery.

  52. Thank you JESUS. Since the 7th say of the move a my kids got on so well with me and am very convinced the team prayed with me and the lord has heard my prayers.There has been so much live shared at Christmas

  53. Christmas time when others are with their family and loved ones..I feel sad because I miss my baby. I often battle with guilt from an abortion. I walked into the bookshop at the church in another district and found a book I never saw before there…of a mother who had abortions and how she found forgiveness and how it helps mothers increase their faith.I think this book will be helpful especially in times when I feel overtaken with anger and guilt at what I have done. Thankful.

  54. I was praying this novena that my son will get a job after being without one for over a year due to a severe injury to his back. On the 5th day of the novena my prayers were answered and he will start work in the New Year. Thank You Jesus!

  55. Father thank you for this wonderful Christmas Eve.I want to thank GOD for answering my prayers regarding my rent and blessings me to be able to get some Christmas gifts for my kids and my friends daughter.God is Forever Faithful and I thank him for more blessings in advance coming my way.I thank him for making it possible for us to be alive and blessing upon me and my families both here and abroad in Jesus precious mighty name.Thank you Father.

  56. I prayed for my little girl cat Snowball. She was dying of renal failure. I couldn’t stand to lose her right on the heels of my Mom’s death. My grief was heavy. The veterinarian told us to just go home and love Snowball. She was day to day. On the 8th day of this Novena, I received a call from the veterinarian saying that Snowball’s kidney values were back to normal. It is truly a miracle! Snowball is my comfort for the recent loss of my Mom. Praise God.