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Holy Spirit ebookWe’re excited to announce we’re publishing our first e-book:

9 Days to A Deeper Prayer Life with The Holy Spirit!

Of all the things we could write about, why that?

Well, more than a year ago we asked some members of Pray More Novenas what more they were looking for from our community… We learned from them that they were most interested in having a deeper prayer life. They also indicated that their preferred format would be an e-book.

That’s why we wrote this special novena e-book! We wanted to write something more in depth to help you enter more deeply into prayer. This e-book contains a special novena to the Holy Spirit that will help guide you in praying for a deeper prayer life.

Our first e-book will be released on Amazon in a few months, and we’ll let you know how you can get a copy as soon as it’s available.

However, if you’re a Special Member, you don’t have to wait that long! You will receive a free advance copy of the book on Friday!

We do our best to give added benefits to the ‘Special Members’ who support this ministry regularly. This includes free copies of all our e-books. Not only will they receive a pdf version of the book, they will also get all the most popular ebook formats and an audio version!

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  2. Dear John-Paul & Annie,

    Thank you so much for Pray more Novenas and Happy New Year 2015.

    Just today you sent us ebook for 9 days to a Deeper Prayer life with the Holy Spirit to download free but amazon has not favored me really much as i created an account with them. The Amazon link gives me other ebooks to buy instead of the one you have advised us to get free of charge.

    Please send the ebook on my private email address, send it direct to me.

    Thanks once again and god Bless You.

    Best regards

  3. I want to give Thanks, Glory and honor to my God for answered prayers, I have been praying and is still praying for the my boyfriend to commit, am happy because he confirmed his feelings of love and care for me.’s just the beginning. Thanks for all your prayers and for the sacrifice to post the Novenas. May God bless always

  4. Dear Lord,

    Have mercy on me and show me your will. I entrust my life to u…restore my family and convert my hubby to proclaim you as Lord and change his ways in totality.

    Thank you Jesus

  5. I just recently found out that I am expecting. I am very nervous of having a miscarriage. Please pray that our baby will be full-term and healthy. Thank you!!!

  6. good pray. thanks for the pray.
    it hard not to see the bad . when there is so much bad around you when you work at a place that is what they like
    and how the treat there co-worker. st. monica please a ask of your help.

  7. Dear St. Monica,
    Thank you for the answered prayer I would like to thank all the people praying for this novena. Therese successfully passed all the interviews last Friday.
    She will come back tomorrow for briefing before she can start officially.
    She is very excited to become a chef.
    Thank you JESUS, Thank you Holy Spirit, Thank you Mama Mary, Thank you St. Anne and Thank you St. Monica for all the prayers.
    Once again GOD showed HIS love and power.
    I also want to offer my prayer to my husband to be accepted in a new job. Please give him chance to be hired.
    I pray for those people praying this novena so that all our intention will happen.
    I am begging that my contract will be renewed and to have good evaluation based on my performance.
    In JESUS name. Amen.

  8. I just has a misscarrie. My husband has no childeren. Please pray that we will have a child and carrie to fullterm and the child will live. I am 42 my husband is 55 so time is ticking.

  9. Dear St. Monica,

    Thank you for me finally being in a committed relationship with the love of my life
    Thank you that he feels the same about me.
    Thank you that we will marry and become one as a family and live happily ever after.And love each other unconditionally.
    Thank you for removing the fear that was prohibiting him from seeing his future with me.
    Thank you for the Financial miracle to be debt free.
    Thank you that the generational curse has been removed!
    Thank you for favor with my bosses and me being #1 employee in company.

    RUSS. ACE.

  11. Please pray for my son he told teachers 2 kids where doin drugs in the back of class and now they are saying they are going to jump him. I am so afraid for him. He is 15 and already deals with a lot. Please pray that these boys will just leave him alone and God will keep him safe from harm. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Praying for you:
      Saint Michael the Archangel,
      defend us in the day of battle.
      Be our safeguard against the
      wickedness and the snares of the devil.
      May God rebuke him we humbly pray
      and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
      cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
      who prowl throughout the world
      seeking the ruin of souls.


  12. St. Monica, please intercede through our Lord Jesus Christ that my prayers and all of us praying during this novena will be answered. I pray for my children’s education, that you let miracle happen in their lives and let them progress in their education. I pray for good soul mates for my 2 boys and peace of mind for my daughter in her husband home. I pray that all the negative thoughts in my life be wiped out in Jesus Name (Amen). I pray for peace in my home and heart. All these I bring to the table of the Almighty God (Amen)

  13. Pray for me St. Monica the man I love will love me and want to be in a relationship with only me…hoping this leads to marriage and family Thank you and God Bless

  14. Dear through your faith and persistance in prayer to the Lord, your prayers were answered. I presents all these my intentions to the Lord through your intercession that i may find fervor in the sight of the Lord by answering them. For my request to granted to go to school if thou be God’s will for me, for job for Alex, for good catholic husbands and wives for my sisters and brothers whom we have been praying for, for many years now, protection from the evil one for family, for healing for Fr. John and my parents, for purity of heart,mind, intention, thoughts, words, deeds, desires, actions and feelings and patience, self control, peace, perservence in prayer deeds for myself. For me to always talk less and listen more. Above all for God’s will to be done in the life my family members.

  15. Dear St. Monica,
    Thank you for all the prayers you offered to me and my family.
    Help me ask forgiveness from GOD I want to repent to all my sins. I offer this novena to Le the people I did wrong. Please touch his tear hearts to forgive me and to forget everything that happened between me and them.
    Help Therese to receive a message so that she can work already.
    I also pray for me and other people at times when we asked something from GOD we want immediate answer and if there was no answer there are times that we doubt. Those were the days St. Monica but now with all the blessings that GOD had given me and provided for my family I was able to develop my trust faith in GOD.
    I keep on praying ang begging for help so that GOD will bless me and my husband in don’t want us to be separated form each other I want us to always stay together. I want him to feel that I love him so much and I also expect the same to be loved.
    Help me everyday to face all the challenges in life and work.
    In JESUS name. Amen.

  16. Please pray for my marriage. My husband is presently Living with another women . Pray that he returns to his faith and me. Pray our family heals and forgives him. Pray our children return to. The sacraments
    Thank you for your prayers. God. Bless you all.

  17. Please pray for my marriage,my husband is living with another women . Pray that he returns to his faith and to me. Pray that our family will heal and forgive him. Pray that our children return to the sacraments. Thank you for y o it prayers. God bless you all.

  18. Please pray for my husband to return to his faith and to me. He is presently. Living with another women. Pray that our children will forgive him and our family will heal. Pray that our son and daughter return to the sacraments. Thank you. All for your prayers. God bless you all.

  19. I pray for kate so that she learns, feels and embraces Gods Love forgiveness and most of all his grace. I pray that she consecrates her heart, soul, and body to God through prayer. For her to repent and ask for forgiveness.

  20. St Monica please pray for my families addictions and they will not be blinded anymore to conversion and the salvation Our Lord offers them.I pray their hearts will be filled with love for God,their neighbors..and enemies..and for me too.I feel anger when they look at me or talk to me.It saddens my heart because I love my family dearly. Please I also pray for a way to get to Mass on a regular basis and to find a prayer group that I will find community.I pray also for the world that we will change our ways and go back to putting God first and in return we will receive the mercy of God in our lives and all this extreme weather we are experiencing…Amen

  21. great to come on board could I ask where to suggest other novenas. I have in mind st john masius in September and the holy angels as well.

  22. Dear St. Monica,
    If me & him are meant to be together forever, please help us through this difficult time. We want our families’ approval and blessing. I know marriage is important to you, please accept my prayer to make this marriage successful. Thank you in advance.

  23. Dear St. Monica,
    Thank you for letting Therese undergone the final interview still awaiting for the result. Pray for her to pass and receive a message that she will be hired.
    Pray also for my husband to find another job that he will be appreciated.
    I want to continue my cooking business please bless me to become good in cooking a nd baking so that many people will order to earn extra income to support my family.
    Bless my married life to last forever.
    Hoping for positive result of the interview so that Therese van start working.

  24. Thank Lord for mercy,faithfulness and love upon my parents, sisters and brothers and those whom i have promise to pray for above all who have no one to remember them an are in most need of my prayers. Dear St. Monica as prayed for your son St. Augustine in faith and the Lord answered you, i so ask for your intercession that God may grant me purity of heart, intentions,thought,deeds and of mind. I also pray for healing for Fr. John. Job opportunity for my brother Alex, good holy catholic spouses for my brothers and sisters. Protection, peace of mind and heart for my patents and the joy of seening their children settled with their own housbands and wives in christian love of God. Thank you Lord for the gift of St. Monica and for all answered prayers through her intercessions Amen

  25. Dear St. Monica,
    Thank you, Alex has passed the first interview and is awaiting for the second one. Please pray for the success of this interview.
    Please make a way for him.
    I want to ask guidance from the Holy Spirit to help him and touch the hearts of the one who will interview him so that he can start work immediately. He is facing great financial difficulty. Please help him.
    In JESUS name. Amen.

  26. Dear st Monica
    I ask for your help please brake the chain of poverty and struggle in my life.
    I have been struggle of my life come to my aid. And also please help me to get
    The release of my fund. I am asking with a humble heart help me to get
    A job and pray that I am successful in my exam. Give me the strength to
    Continue to pray and to have hope!!

  27. I pray that St. Monica will help me with Gods grace to curb my addiction and also bring my son closer to the Church.

  28. Dear St. Monica,
    Please pray that my dearest friend EC and I are reunited. I have been praying a very long tome and I miss her and love her very much. She is like a daughter to me and I would love to share my faith in Jesus with her. I thank the Lord Jesus in advance for this answer to my prayers. Amen

  29. In the name of the father, and of the son and the holy spirit, I come to you saint Monica to pray for my beloved sister who has been kept in custody for a crime she did not commit, only that she was the supervisor of the those who are believed to have conspired in the theft of a huge amount of money. I have been praying novenas and i still am, believing that in the name of the authority of Jesus Christ, she will be freed soon and that justice will be served! My dearest st Monica, i humbly seek your enduring faith in this interim period that she too have the faith and peace you had while waiting for the comeback of your son, st Augustine. Pray for me and all those who are praying your novena, so that we may get the answers soon, in Jesus name, Amen!

  30. Dearest Saint Monica ~Prayer for my son who is struggleing financially to pay bill and support is family…He needs a second job. For Patricia and Mike who are struggling financially… and Mike who is struggling with health issues as well…. for Mrs. Sears who at 96 is struggling with arthiritis in her hands and joints, for my son who is struggling finanicially to support his family… that my son come to know God is there for him and that my son ask God to help him become close to Him, the Almighty….he needs only to ask…..for my cousin in Florida suffering with an illness and for myself who’s suffering with respiratory problem and I know God can heal me right now. I know that he will in His own time and in His own way. I love and live for You my Lord, God and Savior. Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end Amen and Amen and Amen….. God’s Blessings to all who pray for me and for all persons on this planet. Amen ~

  31. Dear saint Monica ,please pray for me so that my prayer life should be more solid i admit it is very hard for me to pray and i don’t want to live a life without prayer ,i also ask you to intercede for me for the gift of a life partner especially a catholic so that we will be going to mass together to worship on the altar of our lord together ,and there is this boy i was in love and we have not been communicating for some time now and on my greatest surprise he test me messages the first day of this novena and i was so happy ,i wish that he could be the one to propose to me and he is also a catholic i pray that things should work out for the 2 of us please take this my hearth desire to God and i know nothing is to difficult for him ,and let everything be done according to your will Daddy.And for those who have left the church saint Monica we pray together with you for them to return back so that we can be united in one body and one spirit to worship God.Thank you Lord for granting my hearth desire and also to all those who are praying these novena through the intercession of Saint Monica.Amen.

  32. Oh St Monica my dearest saint, please pray for me that the chain of financial poverty be broken in my life. For doors to open to find favour, blessings and grace. Help me to persevere in prayer just like you and above all for Gods Will to be done in my life. Thank you. Amen

  33. Dear St. Monica,
    Thank you Therese successfully passed the second interview she is now awaiting for the final interview. Please pray for her once she passed the interview she will be automatically hired.
    Please make a way for her.
    I want to ask guidance from the Holy Spirit to help her and touch the hearts of the one who will interview her so that she can start yo work.
    In JESUS name. Amen.

  34. St. Monica I pray for my fiancee that his gambling addiction comes to an end. Help me to understand and have patience with this. Please help us get through our struggles. I also pray for my children that they are always safe and this school years goes great. I pray for everyone who is in need of anything please watch over them and that they receive many blessings.

  35. Dear St. Monica,
    Once again thank you for the answered prayer Therese had her initial interview this morning after that she was scheduled for the second interview this afternoon. Please pray for her to pass the interview and be hired. She always pray to become a chef.
    I also offer my prayers to my father who had his follow up check up this morning still he needs lots of medications to protect his lungs. He already stopped from smoking after his hospitalization 2 years ago. He had been a chronic smoker for 50 decades of his life. Thanks GOD he was given 2nd life. He needs to take care of it.
    I pray for my husband to come back to JESUS, he converted few years ago. He was not guided properly regarding religion.
    I believe so much that one day just like your son he will realize what he did and come to JESUS.
    I pray for my son please open his heart and kind to be good always and study hard. Some friends influenced him not study well. Nothing is impossible to GOD.
    Bless also my husband he is no longer happy with his work just like me his is unappreciated . He is industrious and workaholic.
    Please bless our marriage to remain strong and intact. Don’t let temptations ruin what we have started.
    My work please give me enough courage to face any challenges. I am hoping that they will learn to see me and appreciate me.
    I pray for all those people joining me I this novena. May the good LORD hear all our prayers.

  36. St Monica I ask. you to intercede for me to have restoration and renewal of my marriage. Transform Hamisi and I and fill us with the Holy Spirit. Expunge all those whose interest is to break us up with special reference to Hilda. Convert Hamisi to be a practising catholic. We pray that our conversation that Jesus you blessed us with after a long time grows to something tangible and consistent. Bless our family and cover us in your precious blood of Jesus. Amen

  37. Dear St. Monica, Please I pray through you St. Monica that get more jobs and money to enable me pay off my debts/loans and for my business which doing poorly and bless my wife who is sitting her final exams this weekend so that she pass them and get a good paying job. I and my wife we pray through you to God bless us with our own children and for financial blessing.
    St. Monica. Pray for us.

  38. St. Monica & fellow Pray More Novena members,
    Please pray that my wife’s heart will soften as we are in the middle of a divorce that I didn’t want. Her heart is hurt but is so full of anger and hate right now.
    Please pray that I may find an affordable home to stay at during this divorce.
    Please pray that our financial future will not be permanently affected by this divorce.
    I surrendered my marriage to God asking only for the perseverance to await reconciliation or the great strength I’ll need to survive a very painful divorce proceeding – whichever is God’s will for this marriage.
    God Bless You All.

  39. Please pray with me for Tim who’s business is doing poorly and not even making enough to cover his expenses. Please pray for his prosperity and to know Gods plan for him. Also my prosperity and health. This we ask in Jesus name.

  40. ..a little guy named Noah needs some prayer warriors on his side tonight. He is struggling for life after a heart procedure…he has had a stroke as a side effect of some meds he was on while on by-pass(See Noah’s hope for heterotaxi for more details). Please ad this dear little one and his mom to your prayers. Thank you!

  41. Dear St. Monica:

    Thank you for the interesting way I obtained an interview for a job. Through your intercession, please help me to get this job and the answers to my prayers for my own place to live, own car and financial blessings to get back on my feet.

  42. Dear St. Monica I ask for prayers for my son Hansel Gerard to come close to the Roman Catholic Church and believe in the religion he was baptized. I also ask that he may be away from all bad habits and vices and may he attend church and receive the Holy Eucharist. May his friends also change from their bad habits and be good children. This I ask for your love sake Amen.

  43. Our good God said in any situation let us give thanks to him, because he knows it all, st Monica i invoke your intercession to pray for my healing because on my own i cannot make it, so then i invite u, our lady Mary and my guidiante engels to pray for me.
    Thank the Almighty God for his love care and protection for my families and friends who take care for me may they all be bless in Jesus name Amen.

  44. Thank to All Saints that intercede my prayer for refovery of my grandfsther from surgical complications.Thanks to God my grandfather already discharge well from words to describe how great God’s work. Praise the Lord.

  45. I want to thank St Anne and St Joachim as well as St Padre Pio for the unusually quick and safe delivery of my lovely new granddaughter! It was better than a textbook delivery! It was my daughter’s second time giving birth and so different from the first time. The experience was such a grace -I cannot fail to see the hand of God in it! I would like my new granddaughter to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as well as her big sister who is almost 4.
    Thank you also for those who pray for other’s intentions! With Gratitude and love!

  46. Cnt wait to get a copy of ebook…may God bless u n’ protect u always in all ur aspirations. I call on saint Monica to intercede for me b4 God. I need d grace to face my fears n’ worries. D grace also to make d right decision in lyf especially in choosing a lyf partner. D unemployed, we ask for a suitable job. All single ladies, we ask for a lyf partner. For all families.,we pray for ur peace to reign in uniting us wit love n’ harmony. For all nations,we pray for protection n’ God fearing leaders. Finally for all who v devoted their tym in saying this Novena I pray dat u grant our heart desires. Through Christ our Lord Amen.

  47. God bless you so much for helping and making many people pray. people from different countries and places. it has always been my heart desire to find a group that I can pray with and I thank God for finding one in John Paul and Annie. God bless, direct and guide even more on this path of prayer.

  48. Great to know about your on coming ebook and longing to see it out soon. May God cintinue to bless the works of your hands.

  49. St. Monica i pray through your intercessions that my brother Alex may get job very soon as searches for all these while. For breakthrough in family and God’s mercy and favour for all. That request to go back to school from my superious will be granted if thou be the will of God for me or the present mission i am on.

  50. Receiving the novena notices in email is nice and helps me keep track of the day we’re on. Thanks!
    I pray, St Monica, for your intercession to help my wife find a good job as a teacher.

  51. Awesome! I am so looking forward to helping my prayer life. Coming from Anne I am sure it will be Spirit filled!

  52. Dear St. Monica,
    Thank you so much for the answered prayer Therese received the message this afternoon for her interview in the sofitel hotel. We had been praying this for 5 months now. You’re so great St. Monica I cannot express my gratitude.
    GOD is Great!
    I also want to offer this prayer for Therese to successfully pass the interview and to be hired immediately.
    It is her dream to work there.
    This afternoon I have attended a lunch meeting and one of my friends Darren was not treated fairly. Give him the wisdom to understand your plan for him.
    I am not surprised because even for me these people had been so unfair with me. I have served them for long time but never received any appreciation.
    I put all my trust in the Lord I am sure HE will always protect me and will never leave me.
    St. Monica when will they learn to respect and accept me? Until when it will be like this? For me everything is measured.
    There were times that I experienced mild depression. I only have full trust and faith in GOD that is why I was able to survive all the stressful situations .
    Tomorrow my father will have a follow up check up with his doctor please pray for him to become free from any sickness.
    Thank you also for touching the heart of the sister of my mother she sent her money.
    We are really hard up we don’t have enough money to support our needs.
    Pray me, my husband and my family.
    For my husband to love me always and be my permanent best friend and buddy.

  53. My Prayer intention to St. Monica,

    Please pray I will finally be in a relationship with the love of my life. That he feels the same about me. Please pray we marry and have a family.

    Thank You and God Bless

  54. Dear St Monica,
    Please bless and pray for my children who are all dealing with a father who has abandoned us for an affair. We pray for him and his eyes to be opened to his sinful ways. Please bless each of us as we move thru this as a family and help us to trust that God has us in his hands and will protect us. For my son to find a job as a new graduate and my daughter to be safe and successful this year in school. Amen

  55. I pray that all my children and grandchildren (and extended family) who have either left the church for a “non-denominational church” or that have become “cafeteria catholics” have a conversion of mind, heart and soul and return to the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic” church established by the son Jesus Christ himself with the mercy and power of God the Father and God the Holy Spirit who through the Trinity all goodness and mercy flow.

  56. I pray in a special way for my children who struggle with alcoholism. Heal them and bless them with a family. I pray for all my children and husband to return to their faith in God. Amen

  57. I will be glad to receive your Holy Spirit novena prayers ebook.
    And please continue to pray for my family (all areas of our lives).
    Be assured of mine in my prayers and devotions.

    From all my heart may God abundantly bless you.


  58. please pray for my 33 year old daughter lisa she is going into a old folks home because she is severly crippled with a rare disease pray that she will get a miracle and be spared of going into a nursing home at this young age also pray for my daughter tina she is a long time suffering with neck pain and stiffness and also for conversion for my two daughters in law s…… and m…… they are causing a lot of trouble and turbulence telling lies to people about me and my family thank you

  59. I pray for my friend’s father, who is suffering with stage 4 prostate cancer.
    I give thanks for a new job, and pray that I may exceed expectations and experience new friendships and joy in this new position.
    I pray for my son, who is returning to college. May he have a great year, academically and socially.
    I pray for my health and that of my husband’s.
    I pray for my father’s health and for healing in his grief.

  60. I pray for my husbands convertion god open his eyes to see life through gods eyes bring my husband back to me a changed Christian man god please let their be no other woman please bring him back to me I love him so much that we both follow in God’s path together that we get married through the church and for the love that was one there rekindle as love at first sight I rebuck Satan from all my family in God’s name I pray thank you

  61. Please pray for my husband to return to his faith and me. He left and is living with another women. Pray for my marriage and for our children to forgive him, pray for our children to return to the sacraments. Thank you for your prayers, God bless you.

  62. I ask for God and St. Monica to grant my granddaughter’s wish for a specific job that she applied for. She has gone for her second interview please help me pray so she can obtain this position. In Jesus name

  63. Pray for me ,that I will find meaningful work. I am so sad from not been able to function financially. Pray that there will be unity in my home. Oh holy saint Monica these are the true words from my weary heart.

  64. That my son will find true inner peace only found through prayer and thanksgiving. That he finds his soul mate. That my daughter who is starting college continues growing in faith, does well academically and remains safe on campus. Thank you Jesus and Mary for all the blessings in my life.

  65. This is a wonderful idea, so that we can be guided into a deeper appreciation of prayer and how to pray. All success on your eBook.

  66. Please Lord, allow for a speedy recover for my husband’s health. We need him to get better so he can get a job and get back to work. I also ask that you be with me tomorrow during my interview. I so want and need this position. You said ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened. I pray that this happens for my family. We so need to get out of these dark times. Amen.

  67. Today I pray for my husband to be more understanding and for his addiction to alcohol and smoking. Please lord help stop and draw him closer to u. I went to a job interview yesterday, I pray that god will help me make right decisions. May there be peace on the job and my family. I pray today that my children will get into good schools and god will protect them.

  68. Please St.Monica help me with my business so that it will be successful and help me find a God fearing life partner

  69. Please St.Monica pray for my daughter’s marriage. It has failed. Help her husband come back to the family. Ask Jesus, Mary & Joseph to help them become like the Holy Family. Help their twin daughters with their problems. Thank you.

  70. How can I get a copy of this E book. I live in St. Lucia, I have just started parying this Novena and have receive special strength as a wife, a mother, an aunty, a niece. Many thanks to u all blessings always

  71. Please St.Monica pray for me so someone will buy my business so I can devote my time to my family…thank u in advance……..

  72. St monica also pray for my daughter whom I had gotten from another relationship before I got married. Now my current husband does not want to see her, he even threatend to get suck from the job he had gotten for her after graduating from the university. Please pray for her to get a job in a different company where she will be paid well

  73. St. Monica pray for my husband who has become addicted to another woman and has forgotten all about our marital family, children and does not want even to see me or hear me talk.