An Announcement: How You Can Pray More Rosaries

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When the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the three shepherd children in 1917, she said to them, “I am the Lady of the Rosary.”  Our Lady of Fatima expressed the desire that we would all pray the Rosary more often.

To help you do that, we’ve created these audio & video podcasts for each mystery of the Holy Rosary! 

Here’s the audio & video podcast for the Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. 

Here’s the audio & video podcast for the the Glorious Mysteries.

Here’s the audio & video podcast for the Luminous Mysteries. 

Here’s the audio & video podcast for the Sorrowful Mysteries. 

We hope these audio & video podcasts help you to pray the Rosary more often. 

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  1. Please pray for my grand daughter that she will get good results following her sickness Please protect us all from this deadly virus.Praise and Thank you God for protecting us all We owe our lives to medical and nursing profession .We cannot forget the the other Health staff ho are all orking hard to save the patients

  2. Let’s pray for all our loved ones: all family members, all relatives and family friends.
    We pray for all the people affected by this virus-not suffer a lot and to come out of it.
    We, also, pray for the elderly and the young people, the sick, the doctors, nurses and paramedics and staff. Amen
    May God bless us all 🙏

  3. Thank you for sharing the rosary with the printing of the words.. I enjoy saying the rosary every morning 📖🛐💖

  4. Thank you so very much for your options. This was very helpful. God is in control and our crazy world has lost its way. We need to turn and focus on him and this will surly help. ❤️

  5. Thank you for recording these! I have been praying them with you for the last few months while I do laundry or dishes, etc. It has been a wonderful way to glorify God in otherwise mundane tasks. God bless you and your ministry!

  6. Thank you for allowing me to participate. I am seeking blessings, graces, and guidance for Our Family.