A Short Guide for Catholics Coping with the Coronavirus

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If churches around you have closed or canceled public Masses and if you are spending more time at home we wanted to share a few online options with you so that you can still watch Mass — and have a fruitful Lent.

Here are a few options for you:

+ You can watch Mass on EWTN’s live feed here. It looks like they have Mass at 8 am EST and 12 pm EST on Sunday. Daily Mass throughout the rest of the week is at the same time. Here’s their schedule. For Mass in ASL or with an Interpreter, please look at the very bottom of this post.

+ You can also make an act of Spiritual Communion by saying a prayer like this one: “My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.”

+ You can find a live broadcast of perpetual Adoration here.

+ And you can watch, listen or read through the video presentations of our online Lenten Retreat here.

Here are some of the presentations that might be especially helpful right now:

Hope in a Faithful God

St. Joseph – Protector and Father

Overcoming Lies of the Devil, and

The Faith and Doubt of St. Thomas – a guided-meditation.

Finally you can join me (Annie) in praying the Rosary here.

We are praying for you and your intentions during this time. St. Joseph, pray for us!

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie – PrayMoreNovenas.com

P.S. Here are some resources for those of you who use ASL:

UR ASL Daily Mass Schedule (during the week of March 23 – March 27)
Monday, 3-23-2020 – Fr. Shawn Carey – Archdiocese of Boston

10:30am ET, 9:30am CT, 8:30am MT, 7:30am PT

Tuesday, 3-24-2020 – Fr. Mike Depcik – Archdiocese of Detroit
10:30am ET, 9:30am CT, 8:30am MT, 7:30am PT

Wednesday, 3-25-2020 – Fr. Matthew Hysell, Ottawa , Canada
8:30pm ET, 7:30pm CT, 6:30pm MT, 5:30 PT

Thursday – 3-26-2020 – Fr. Paul Zirimenya – Archdiocese of San Francisco
12:00 noon PT, 1:00 pm MT, 2:00 CT, 3:00 ET

Friday – 3-27-2020 – Fr. Christopher Klusman – Archdiocese of Milwaukee
8:30 PT, 9:30 MT, 10:30am CT, 11:30am ET
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFehFLYZnpdfkh5-0rmZPoQ (for now)

Friday – 3:00pm ET, 2:00 CT, 1:00 MT, 12:00noon PT
Divine Mercy Chaplet – Kate Slosar/Sr. Kathleen Schipani

Friday – Fr. Mike Depcik – Stations of the Cross and Adoration TBA

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  1. pay that my son who made a mistake on his probation does not have to go to jail, and is given another chance to complete his probation.
    he is trying, needs some help

  2. Thank you so much for this information. This Lent has been difficult without being able to pray in church. I participated in the Sunday EWTN mass and it really helped. You always have great and timely information and I am so glad I can participate now with you in Rosary and Novenas.
    Thank you!!!

  3. • For a swift end to this global pandemic…. that God in his mercy may forgive us all our sins and may peace, unity, love and normalcy be restored to the world once more
    • For my son who has a case next month…. that God in his goodness and mercy…. may allow all charges to be dropped
    • For total forgiveness of a family member who caused me some deep hurt and pain

  4. Thank you so much for this very helpful information.
    Please do you have any information on how to go to confessions virtually in this season of social distancing?

  5. The live adoration link you provided has been a real lifeline since our access to Mass and Adoration is now restricted. I use this link everyday!

    Thank you both for all you do.

  6. I want to give my thanksgiving in advance as we have just completed the novena to St Joseph, Patron of Workers and Husbands.
    I have been praying for a job for over 6 months now. After so many months, this week I attended an interview. I thank God for this opportunity because He helped me to prepare well for this interview and I did very well at the interview.
    I have strong faith that He will grant me this job and they will make me an offer because of His Divine Mercy and Favour.
    I thank Jesus for his loving kindness, St Joseph and Our Lady of Grace for their prayers and powerful intercession in Jesus name, Amen.

  7. I appreciate your service, may the good Lord bless you abundantly to continue his great work

  8. Thank you. I usually say my rosary at 3 or 4 am. Followed by novena(s) mass at the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Manila mass every hour) God Bless

  9. Thank you so very much for this information. I just found out that our Bishop has cancelled all church activities and Mass until April 4 and it makes me so sad. I will be using this information you have provided. Thanks again.

  10. Thank You for all that you do. Those who pray may have a chance to get to Heaven, those who do not pray do not want Heaven. You truly are doing the ministry that Jesus asks of us. We are quite blessed in having you in our life’s spiritual journey.
    God Bless,

  11. Hello John-Paul & Annie,

    God Bless you and your work! I have personally enjoyed and appreciated all you do for Christ and the Church … praying for the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit to guide all to a saving knowledge of Christ.

    Love and Prayers in Christ,

  12. I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a public call for prayer. Where are our church leaders at this time?
    I would have expected that our Pope or major Cardinals would implore their congregations to pray together at specified times so that throughout the world we are heard as one voice. With so many of us sheltering in place, what better time to ask everyone to set aside a half hour or so to pray the rosary or any other prayer offered for recovery from this pandemic?

  13. Thank you so much for providing these options. I am a daily communicant, and the cancellation of Masses in my area have made feel like an orphan in the middle of the current situation. There is a lot of comfort for me in seeing & receiving our Lord, even if from a distance. I know we will come out of this stronger in our faith & truly grateful for God’s provisions. The words that keep coming to my mind is “do not fear”. May the Lord bless you & keep you.

  14. This is a beautiful way for those who are staying indoors these coming weeks to stay prayerful and connected to our Faith and our Church. There are many options available. I am going to share this email with many.

  15. Well Done John Paul & Annie , your helping countless people to pray. John Paul didn’t this all start because of your reluctant ness to pray a Novena with Annie? If I’ve confused my understanding I am sorry but thank you so much for helping everyone!

    Paul William Bentz

  16. Can we have a Priest of a closed church consecrate so many host and let a Eucharistic Minister take them to someones home, where a family or a small group can watch the mass on EWTN, then consume the Body of Christ, during Communion? Or just read the readings the way the Home bound do when the are taken the precious body in their homes?
    Kind of like the underground church? or the early church, St’s Aquilla @ Prescilla.

  17. Thanks a lot,
    I was able to follow the St. Jude novena till the end and am grateful for the guide its was so easy and really helpful, Luckily for us in Uganda East Africa mass is still open for all people, so i will be going for early morning mass as usual

  18. There was a prayer to a saint that helped stop a plague, on EWTN they had a prayer to the female saint to stop the coronavirus. I can’t remember the saint name.

  19. I am so incredibly happy that my friend has given me your website! It has brought me much spiritual strength. Thank you for the wonderful service that you do. I would like to know how I can put a name of a family member on the prayer chain. I understand that this can be done. I really would like to put on my grand nephew who is nine months old and is recuperating from a very deadly virus.

  20. Thank you for all the beautiful ways we can still be close to God. I especially love the prayer for spiritual communion. I will pray this daily. A trial like this can put us all to the teat so we must remain faithful and spiritually open to the goodness God bring us all. Thank you 🙏🏼

  21. Dear Annie….a million thanks to YOU and those working with you for all these helps . I’m usually able to attend daily Mass and I miss the regular routine. THANK YOU for the Lenten talks…they are so powerful and meaningful. You are truly serving Him, and at this unusual time, serving the POOR too. The spiritually poor. Peace to you and to all those anxious or concerned at this time. He is always with us.

  22. Let us pray for Fr. Robert, may God Bless You and surround you with Love, Peace and Comfort.
    Thank you, John-Paul & Annie for keeping us informed and providing us with this information. May God be with you and all of us during this time.
    Immaculate Mother of Jesus. Pray for us.

  23. Many thanks John-Paul & Annie for this very useful information. It is truly appreciated and most helpful!!

    God bless you both for the amazing work you are doing.

  24. Thank you John Paul and Annie for sending all the Novenas, organising the Lenten Retreat Talks and all your prayers for us. I find all these extremely very helpful.
    Please I ask the Pray More Novena family to continue to pray for my son John Paul who has problems with his partner and other court charges that the court will drop all these charges against him.

  25. Please pray for my father Robert, who is 83 and in the hospital with difficulty breathing. He has pneumonia. He is a lung cancer survivor.

  26. My friend of 60 years just texted me your app Catholics coping with CoronaViris—- our Acting Bishop (Buffalo, NY) just cancelled all Masses because of the CoronaViris till further notice. We exchanged texts and we both are devastated. Mass snd Communion is what kept us strong during this terrible pandemic especially since we are in our 70s. I am so thankful she sent me your app. I feel a little better now. Will offer this heartache up in reparation for the world’s offenses to Jesus and our Blessed Mother. We feel so very sad.

  27. Dear Annie and Paul,
    I am a daily mass attendee when my schedule allows. Thank you for providing EWTN’s daily mass schedule and feed.

  28. Dear Annie & John Paul,

    Thank you so much for all that you do with the yearly novenas. I have been doing them for 2 years now. I am so grateful to you both for giving us this information in the event that they close our churches. I am trying to pray daily about this not happening. Thank you again and God bless you both.

  29. Dear Annie and Paul
    Thank you so much for keeping the faith alive especially at this time of need.
    I am grateful for all the spiritual guidance , retreats and prayers you provide as well as that I belong to the wonderful family of praymore novenas. It gives me hope, nurtures my faith and fills me with gratitude.
    Keep up the good work
    God bless Gabi

  30. John-Paul and Annie,
    Thank you, and God bless you for all you do.
    Your Novenas and online Retreats are a wonderful blessing.
    Keep on doing God’s work.

  31. Hi All,

    Thank you for your information. I am self quarantining due to flu/corona? issues. The option of Mass on TV is very comforting, and thanks to EWTN I’m becoming aware of how much more there is to our faith traditions. God bless you for the work you are doing. We’re out here, even if you don’t hear from us normally.

  32. THANK YOU for providing a list of these resources/options during this challenging time. I feel blessed that our church is still able to say the Holy Mass, but realize that could change tomorrow. I am keeping all those in prayer, who no longer have the option to attend Mass, that they will find comfort and peace in God’s presence through these other Catholic resources.

  33. What a beautiful web page you have provided! Thank you for all the Novena prayers! Thank you for saying yes and answering God’s call to you! May God’s continued blessings be upon you!