A Novena to Untie Knots

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We hope that each novena we pray together is one more prayer that will bring you closer to Jesus, and the next novena should do just that!

The next novena we will pray is The Novena to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots!

Whenever we grow closer to Jesus’ mother, our mother, we grow closer to Jesus — because Mary always brings us to Jesus. 

We will start praying in just a few days, on Friday, May 3rd!

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  1. Please help my son he is going through some hard times we have a matter to appear in court on Wednesday pray for us that we will win this battle its stresses me out dont want them to take my son away from me

  2. Help me pray please that my family and I win this court battle I’m in that’s tearing me apart and causing me to become weak please father let this battle be on my side and the courts see that I’m a good person I can’t take the stress anymore of worrying please father let me win this battle in court amen

  3. Praying for safe and permanent return of my three children…
    Praying for God’s justice in the court case

  4. special intention for my wife’s safe delivery of our baby in the year after an intra uterine demise in december 2018

  5. I am in palliative care in my home and all my family is dead. I pray that the Lord guides me in this time of suffering. I am unable to join a church and they will not send me communion because of this. I cannot go to confession either. I pray that the Lord will have mercy on me and forgive me of all my sins
    I also pray for the gift of sleep.

  6. My king and my Lord come before you to give u thanx for all the good things i and family enjoy, i say may all glory be onto ur holy name my king please i bring my self and all that concern me in to your bleseed hands help me father as am going to sarv soon put me in the place that is good i shall not die during my service all this i ask through charis our Lord Amen

  7. Thank you people of God, I want God to heal me from the infection in me and give me happiness and joy and provide me with life partner.




  9. My petition: 1. restoration in matrimony
    2. My business is down
    3. My children in school be protected. Heal my ailing husband the devil is coiled on him

  10. Please pray for my daughter for good mental health and to overcome her social anxiety problem. Mother Mary help her to find a good job. Lord Jesus, please help me to complete my professional exams. I thank you and I want to praise you Lord and glorify your name Lord.

  11. Am praying to God to deliver my family from evil forces.
    For academic breakthrough
    Job security
    For God’s intervention in the life of my siblings.
    All round breakthrough and divine turnaround both physically and spiritually.
    Spiritual growth.

  12. Please pray for my daughter, Faith, as she is extremely lonely and depressed. She is 38 and never married, now believing there is no one for her. Struggling to accept God’s will but so angry with Him for her loneliness. I’ve never seen her so depressed. Her heart hurts so deeply. I pray for her peace with whatever God’s will may be.

  13. Please pray for my family.
    My eldest daughter in University will be sitting for her final exam next Tuesday & Wednesday.
    Another daughter who will also be sitting for her exam.
    My husband is trying to find a regular job.
    I had been having breast sickness and do believe it is developing into cancer.

  14. Dear Good Lord, I lay these plea at your feet and believe that you will meet each need in your timing, If I am meant to have a child with Juan – please let it be a blessing for both us and helpJuan to have a soft heart about it, and allow us to be a happy family. Lord please help me to get a salary raise in June to cover my debt. Healing over Georgie leg – may he be healed in the precious name Jesus Christ. Lord please help me not to get a rental increase this year, and help me find a way to get Tracey unit – please plant a seed in her mind/ heart to move out and get something better, I pray, trust, hope and believe Jesus that my needs will be met, I love and thank you in the sweet name of Jesus.


  15. Thanks so much for your prayers and God bless you.
    My prayer intentions include: Peace and divine intervention in my family and other families especially married couples who are struggling in their marriage.
    Fruit of the womb for all married women in my family and all who are seeking for the fruits of the womb.
    Progress in my job and fulfilment and divine break through in my life.
    Thanksgiving and praise to God for his mercy and love and more favours and divine protection on my family. God bless you.

  16. Kindly help me pray for restoration of my marriage. My wedded husband has left us and staying with another woman. My son is 7 years and keeps on asking about the father.

  17. Kindly Help Me Pray For My Family .UNITY IS NOT AMONG US.May God Also Provide For My Family

  18. Help me pray for my two boys who are not employed. One is a graduate and the other with higher diploma. Are married.

  19. I want to start business I already know what to do but I don’t have capital kindly pray with me for breakthrough

  20. Please pray for my depression I already struggle with it but someone did me such wrong and I did not deserve it now it makes depression worse.
    Also for my financial healing so I can live on my own.

  21. TUESDAY 14 MAY 2019 – 10:55 AM
    Our Lady, Please pray for me to bring my sister and niece out of financial debt as this financial debt is ruining their family life and I truly trust and believe in OUR LADY, MOTHER OF LORD JESUS CHRIST that she will hear my prayer and at the same time would like to pray for my son my only child who is suffering from severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – CFS and please guide us to get the best medical attention for our son whether to give Vitamin C injections or whether to accept the Homeopathy treatment by Dr. Jayesh or to get medication thru Ayurveda medicine from the doctors who I am in contact with now – Please make the trip to the Ayurveda Doctor this week be a success for correct diagnosis of my sons CFS and to get the correct Ayurvedic Medication that would cure and heal my son’s debilitating Chronic Fatigue once and for all – Please guide us to be treated by the best doctor to heal my son who is devastated by this sickness – please calm him and stop his depression with anger caused by body aches all the time – please make my son feel healthy and also please heal my right knee that is giving me an unbearable pain due to chronic austeo artheritis – please guide me on the right path whether to undergo surgery for complete Knee Replacement of my knee or to seek alternate medicine. Our Lady, the most powerful please heal my knee pain and the pain on my right breast – please pray that it is not a tumor or a cancer… and guide me in the best path to follow to get the best treatment oh mother Mary please untie these knots for me.I plead and beg u and I truly trust in you and the lord Jesus Christ for healing and undoing our kNOTS. PLEASE BLESS ALL THOSE KIND PEOPLE WHO ARE PRAYING FOR US.

    Our Lady please unknot the knots i see and those that i can not see in my family, myself who is having an excruciating pain on my right knee, my right breast, HEALTH OF my husband, my only son who is suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome , my sister from Diabetes, glaucoma and cataract eye operation still not healed and my niece who is suffering from a workplace injury on her spinal cord and is going thru a court case on 8th May and for the court case to grant her the salaries that she has lost since 2014 due to this workplace injury, and to grant them financial help for their daily living, medicine and food and my sister and niece who are unwell and are suffering from financial difficulties without a salary and my brother who needs good health and sister in law who needs help for her sister who is undergoing severe depression.
    Please,help me and pray FOR the healing of the excruciating pain ON MY RIGHT KNEE through the powerful intercession of Mother Mary the undoer of knots; may these knots of sicknesses be unknotted in my life, through Jesus Christ our Lord and healer, Amen.

  22. My parents are passed away when i was child now i am 32. i am staying in a convent. and still i didn’t find a life partner. also i have a person in my mind call Thilina Jayasundara i would like to marry him. but i don’t know whether he likes me or not. please pray for me that Jesus will be provide me a Thilina or Suitable partner for my life in this year.

    thank you.

    God Bless you.

  23. Good morning people of God,
    Am writing to request that you put me in prayers.

    I really need financial breakthrough. My business has been down and it has affected the stability of my family.
    Thank u for joining hands with me.

    God bless you all.

  24. 1. Pray for my husband to get a job
    2. Pray for me to get promoted at work
    3. Pray for my husband and I to receive a financial breakthrough.

  25. Peace to us all!
    I am humbly requesting your kind heart to please help me pray that our family’s trials be solved. To also pray for the family who accused my son that they will come to realize that what they did is not in accordance with the will of God. That they may value the spirit of love peace and forgiveness towards my son and our family.
    Thank you so much brothers and sisters in Christ!

  26. Peace to us all!
    I am humbly requesting your kind heart to please help me pray that our family’s trials be solved. To also pray for the family who accused my son that they will come to realize that what they did is not in accordance with the will of God. That they may value the spirit of love peace and forgiveness towards my son and our family.
    Thank you so much brothers and sisters in Christ!

  27. Please,help me and pray the healing of the excruciating pain in my heart and all over my body through the powerful intercession of Mother Mary the undoer of knots; may these knots of sicknesses be unknotted in my life, through Jesus Christ our Lord and healer, Amen.

  28. Please help me pray for my son that he will pass the entrance examination in school. God Bless us all and more power, Thank you Jesus.

  29. Please pray for my 26 year old son who suffers from schizophrenia and is homeless. For his healing mind, body, and soul.
    Thank you and God bless!

  30. Please pray for my daughter Viktoria, age 25, she tried to commit suicide a week ago. She has two daughters age 2 and 4. She has manic bipolar. If she doesn’t help herself, she could lose her daughters and her boyfriend. Thank you.

  31. Please pray for my daughter who is undergoing her final university exams at this hour. I pray that the loving mother Mary may intercede for her so that God can send his holy spirit and walk her through her final exams and succeed.

    May the almighty also release her from depression.

    Please pray for her in Jesus name.

  32. I pray that mother Mary untie for me the knot of not being married. I want a husband to take me to the altar. Amen

  33. Please pray for my kitty Sassy and that the Lord will let me have her for 2 more years. She is 17 and has not been well lately.


  35. Blessed Mother I ask that you strengthen me as a woman, wife, mother, and grandmother; also as a sister. Guide me in my relationship with my youngest (26) son
    James. Soften his heart and help him to release the hurt feelings he has carried for several years against his family. Help him to let go of all grudges. Bless my marriage. Help my husband and I to communicate in a living voice to each other. I pray my son
    Bobby will invite me soon to come see our newborn Granddaughter, Saylor soon. Please bless my children, my family, and especially my granddaughter Mia. In your son our Savior’s Name, Amen

  36. Dears in Jesus name,
    This prayer request is for my sister. We are looking groom for her last 5 years. But we can find out a suitable life partner for her. And also get her a job as she wished. Please pray for her to get suitable life partner and job very soon. Thank you for all your prayers. May God bless all.

  37. Please Mother Mary, hear my prayer. Please intercede for me and ask your son, Jesus to grant my son a job now that he has passed his Board Exam. He has worked so hard for this, and the Lord has led him here. I trust in the Lord that he will know the what is the best one for my son. Please let it be very soon, as we are struggling financially.

  38. I need financial assistance to study and afford the things that are very important and provide for my family and those around me. I want to be very good at what I do (career/profession). Please pray for me. God bless us all in Jesus Name. Amen.

  39. Loving Mary, Hear my prayers for my Mother (who grieves the loss of her loving husband, my dear father) and for my Wife (who suffers daily with great physical pain). I love them both immensely and suffer myself not knowing how to help. Please, Holy Mother take and unravel these knots in our lives that we may live with greater ease that we may be more capable to do your Son’s, Jesus’, will. Amen.

  40. Need the knots in my life removed. Prayer for a better job or career, to be promoted and respected in whatever job I am in. Better relationship with my husband with regards to understanding each other and communicating better for the greater good.

    Thank you for praying for me, thank the God above for his intercession.

  41. Undoing of whatever wounds and negativity and un forgiveness in my heart. To die with no sins on my soul

    Removal of blockages towards my finances and debts

  42. cany everyone please pray for nellie sheridan and samantha sheridan family for some help and guidance
    because they have hit some bad luck recently and feel like theres some curse or evil intentions on them and cant come out of it please everyone pray there families please thank you god bless

  43. cany everyone please pray for me and my family members for some help and guidance
    because we have hit some bad luck recently and feel like theres some curse or evil intentions on our family and cant come out of it please everyone pray for magaret and jeremy family and there families please thank you god bless

  44. i’m looking for job the good one that can help me and other helpless to support them…..i need indeed your prayer!

  45. I pray that God will help Laetitia, my daughter to come closer to me and to her father. She is very distant and I am saddened by this. Help her also to keep in touch with the family. I pray Mother Mary to untie any knots that are in her life.
    Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mother Mary. Amen

  46. personal intentions: to grow with tools provide in holiness and wholeness. to be healed in my metabolism and to eat healthy, workout, loose lbs, etc. to be faithful and filled to my prayer life. not to fall into procrastination…healing of my sinuses. for my personal finances to be paid off and to have the financial assistance to do so. patient endurance and not react and over react to control empowerment in a healthy way. to have good results from upcoming pet scan, colonoscopy, and doctors appointment to be truly cancer free. healing and clarity of memory.
    for my mom: her health, clarity of mind, her willingness to cooperate and work with us to keep her safe and secure..blessings on her spiritual life. repose of soul of my dad. for her personal needs and prayer intentions
    my parishes: spiritual, material, financial needs 100 fold. bringing of end to floor issue and justice in that area in upcoming court case. That we can make all expenses and bills. Finances to make need repairs and purchase materials. a greater spirit of volunteerism. For all the gifts and needs necessary for me to be a good and holy pastor. CCD needs and guidance with plenty volunteers and blessings on them
    For spiritual, material, and financial needs and intentions of my personal friends especially for Deb, and Regina

  47. I honestly don’t know what I would like to pray for. I’m just so sad sometimes it feels like God stopped listening to me a long time ago.
    I would love to enjoy Easter,see, feel and enjoy the Joy of the Risen Christ but what joy is there when you are 46 years old,HIV positive, single, alone, lonely and childless coz the only child you had who was born on Easter Monday died in your arms and no man wants to have a child with a HIV positive woman?.. actually once you get honest about your status, everything changes and you know it’s the beginning of the end of that friendship or relationship.
    I have prayed for a life partner,cried myself to sleep coz my heart feels like it’s bursting with sadness and loneliness but… nothing. The same cycle repeats itself each time it’s almost like I’m on permanent replay. I would love to be a wife,a Mom, feel loved, cherished and feel happy but…
    Please tell me where the Joy is? I need help please!

  48. Please I am asking for prayer for my grandson who seems to be getting lost in the world of danger, he is only 15, and is beginning to do drugs and thinking of running away from home…please pray for him…I know where there is more than one in the name of God, god hears your prayer…

    may god bless you

  49. Brethren join me in Praying for God’s mercy upon my family and for God to grant me a good job that will sustain my family and help me serve Him better.

  50. Hello brethren,
    Please pray for my mum, Electine Mary Oketch, who is critically sick and has to undergo an operation urgently to remove gall stones that have blocked her gall bladder.Thank you.

  51. Kindly help me to pray. Am praying for my daughter to get married at 29 she does not have even a boyfriend. My son needs employment he does have the qualifications. Help me to get a breakthrough financially and healthwise, also my husband to get employment. Thank you

  52. Good morning family of god i would like you to pray for my husband and sons to be Delivered from drinking and drugs and for peace in my home thanks god bless and for my financial break through and for emploment for my daughter inlaws and sons

  53. Good morning family of god i would like you to pray for my husband and sons to be Delivered from drinking and drugs and for peace in my home thanks god bless and for my financial break through

  54. Please help us pray in our hardships and trials that we encounter right now. I pray also that my husband can find a job for us to survive in our daily needs most especialy the needs of our son.

  55. I need you to pray for me to get closer to God, and to let go everything that is not of god

  56. Please help me pray for new born baby Ryleigh Eve Platera with a heart problem and is going to undergo operation for brain aneurysm.

  57. Pray for the success of our new business and Gods general protection and favour.We have just started up a new retail business and we are asking God to favours us with customers.My lovely wife lost her job and i have to safe to set up this business so that she can assist me.We are also asking God to protect us from any form of attack ,both physical and spiritual.

  58. Please pray for my sick aunty Elma Sainiana and daughter Nancy. We pray together for Mother Mary undoer of knots to pray and intercede for God’s Mercy and healing upon them. Amen.

  59. Please pray for my mother, Cheryl Simon. She had a double lung transplant surgery and she is having complications, she has an infection in her lungs which is causing Pneumonia. The doctors are saying that they are trying all the medicine they can, but it is getting worse. I’m turning to God and the Saints because I know that they are the only ones that can help us right now. She is all that my 2 brothers and I have left. Our father passed away when I was 12 from Cancer, and our Uncle just passed away on Wednesday with complications from Diabetes. I ask that you pray for my mother and her health, and to keep her faith because she is starting to get depressed with the circumstances happening, and my family so we can make any changes to our life necessary so that I can not only help my mother get better, but get closer to God as well. Thank you so much for everything.
    – Crystal Simon

  60. Please pray for my golfing buddy Wayne. He was diagnosed with full blown leukemia and only has a short time to live. When we played golf, he often mentioned that he did not believe in anything so I never argued with him, but prayed for him instead. Thankfully, his wife is a devout Catholic.

    Wayne is open to prayer and has asked us to keep them coming. I would appreciate if you could include Wayne in your prayers so that he will convert before he dies. At least he has time on his hands to make that decision. I am also praying fervently for his conversion so he may be with Jesus in Heaven when he passes away.

  61. Thank you all for praying for me. Thank you Lord for all the Blessing and graces bestowed on us.

    I pray for my family all over the world especially my parents, grandma & mother-in-law. For my husband and 2 girls that the Good Lord may always guide them and may they always make wise decisions.

    Pls pray for my husband’s business to prosper and the partnership with his business partner grow stronger.

    Pls pray for me to get a job I really enjoy with good people to work for and with.

    For our new home to be built without any issues and for our current home to get a good rental income when the time comes.

    Thanks again for praying for me and my family

    Every Blessing to you all

  62. Lifting my husband (Steve) up and asking for prayers that he finds meaningful employment and out of this unemployment slump. Also, that he remains healthy and free of illness . Has a doctor appointment coming up and praying for a good outcome. Merciful Lord, hear our prayers for Steven and all those struggling through life’s trials.

    God bless.

  63. Please pray for my daughter breanna .she has high ocular pressure in both eyes that require her to put eye drop every day .she I’d only 8 yrs old and it’s very stressful for her.please pray with me that she no longer has this problem so that she can have a normal childhood .thanks

  64. I request for your prayers because it’s not all that simple to excel in my medical course but with your prayers I hope so to excel.
    I offer my studie,my parents and my sponsors and all my relatives.
    Let it be accordance with God’s will in each and every prayer i offer to Him because He’s the one who knows every prayer that is at my heart .
    He knew me before I was born and He knows everything that I request for….Amen.May mother Mary intercede for me to Her son…..

  65. Please, pray for the health of my mother, for conversion and for peace in my family, and for our jobs.

  66. Dear Blessed Mother, I ask on behalf of my whole family for indifference. That whatever your will is for us we may accept it because we know it will help us reach Heaven, to be forever with You! Please solve all of our problems and help me do well (according to Your and Gods Will) on the tests. Thank You for the gift of life! I leave my grandmother and her health in your hands. Help us o Queen Of Heaven!!!
    In Jesus name, Amen!
    St. Ignaceous, St. Rita, St. Debora, PRAY FOR US!

  67. Help me Pray for a life partner, Breaking of all curse’s, barriers and nearly syndrome.
    Unity in my family and general breakthrough.

  68. Petition to Jesus through Our Lady’s Intercession

    That the knots of afflictions, diseases, barreness, poverty, stagnation and near-success syndrome in my life and family be untied by the annoiting power of the Holy Spirit.


  69. I pray for a financial breakthrough to help me with the stress I am going through.

    I pray for family reconciliation

  70. Hello,

    Please pray for me so that I get a great career soon and I get married, I really want to start a family.

    Thank u

  71. Hi please pray for my kids Nasha and Julius to help them in their studies. Help them to take their studies seriously.

  72. Hello family I greet you all please am requesting for your prayers for a break through (financially) in my family and for me to get a permanent job,and to pray for me to for a letter I sent to be confirmed on 7th May be blessed family

  73. Please pray for my dear father, Giuseppe R., for healing of mind, body and soul. My precious dad is suffering from metastatic esophageal cancer. I appreciate your prayers. God bless you, Sue

  74. I really need relief from ptsd anxiety and back pain. I truly just want a good relationship with Jesus and be faithful the rest of my life.

  75. Peace be with you
    Am requesting you members to pray for me get a new strong job which can support me and also pray for my healing (hormonal balancing). God bless you all.
    Thank you