A Novena to St. Therese of Lisieux

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The next novena we’re going to pray as a community is one of our favorites, it’s the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena! You can share your prayer intentions with us all below in the comments.

Pope Pius X called St. Therese “the greatest saint of modern times.” She’s well known for her “little way” spirituality of doing small, ordinary things with extraordinary love. She wrote in her autobiography, “What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love.”

We will start praying this novena on Thursday, September 22nd.

St. Therese suffered a great deal in her life. She lost her mom when she was a young girl. One of her older sisters became like a second mother to her, and St. Therese missed her when her sister entered a convent. St. Therese also suffered from chronic illness and depression. Through it all, she continued to look towards Jesus.

She’s a great example for all of us — a reminder to cling to Jesus through whatever each of us may be going through right now. Let’s look to Jesus!

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We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

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  1. This novena is for my adult boys. P’s Return to the faith. Mental health healing and continued sobriety

    M &A, that nothing will get in the way of their sacramental wedding. Conversion for A. FAITH STRENGTH AND COURAGE FOR M.

  2. Prayers for my husband’s future new job. My daughter’s Senior year in HS. My 5 yr old autistic son, his challenges and difficulties. And my peace of mind, suffering from mental illness and chronic pain illness. I offer all of these to our loving and merciful, great and wonderful Almighty Father, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  3. Please pray for:

    – God’s providence for Dalu’s tuition
    – Kamsi’s healing
    – God’s providence of a good therapist for Ada
    – Priests
    -Financial providence for my family
    – Philip Ajezu who is very ill
    – Healing and wholeness of all marriages in my family
    – Spiritual,mental and physical health of every member of my family
    Thank you and God bless

  4. Please pray for and look over our family. May be kids always be safe and make good choices. Mercy to my husbands mom and bring her home to heaven. May I not feel so alone all the time, and financial security for our family.

  5. Please pray for my sister M
    She is struggling with alocohol and her physical body is starting to show the effects
    Holy Spirit intervene and St Therese pray that she seem God and help so she can live to see her grandson grow up. Show her the way Lord and let her know that she is loved. Cut the cords of the wicked around her and surround her with people that will help her grow. Help her to be honest about her doctors visits. Help her with depression and give her a new life in you. Heal her in Jesus name emotionally and spiritually and physically

  6. Please pray that my husband will be more understanding of my feelings and being prideful. He teases alot and it’s annoying. He is starting to drink alot and that’s his problem

  7. Dear Lord, I pray for complete healing for me and my family of our health problems. I also pray that my daughter and her boyfriend’s relationship be blessed. Amen 🙏🏼

  8. Dear St. Therese please take my petitions to Jesus whom you loved so very much and who answered your prayers. Please ask Jesus to intercede for me and continue to bless me with wonderful health, no cancer ever anywhere in my body or any other sicknesses or diseases and please to continue to keep me well and healthy and never need any more surgeries or treatments of the breasts or any where else. I praise and thank you Jesus for hearing and answering these intentions and thank you St. Therese for interceding for me. And for all the people and intentions I pray for each day. Amen

  9. Please pray for my family to have peace in it and protect our family from Erandhi and Sajini. ( my husband’s cousin and her friend). Please keep all their evil plans away from our family. Pray that I will conceive a healthy baby boy soon during this cycle 🙏🙏🙏

  10. That Emily will Return to the faith.
    That Olivia understands God’s love for her and finds a spouse that loves her more and wants her to get to heaven even more than her father and me.
    That the individuals in Our family be the light, truth and have courage for our country.

  11. My daughter who has fallen away from the church that she will come back to the faith & attend Mass & grow stronger in faith & prayer life.

  12. Praying for my friend Kevin for a successful surgery on September 26, for the medical staff caring for him, and for his wife Terry for comfort and strength as his caregiver.

  13. Please pray for my daughter to find a good loving husband whom she can build a family. Please pray my granddaughter Chloey is given peace with the situation with her mother who has narcissism. Please pray for a special intention that my son is given justice. Please pray for peace and strength for my daughter in law.

  14. St. Therese of Lisieux, I ask for your intercession during this Novena for help in doing the important and necessary small tasks of life with great love and greater willingness than I tend to display. Help me to embrace the spirit of humility with which we stoop to do tasks that I would rather ignore or at least postpone. You worked in the convent even when you were ill and prayed to Mary when you were depressed. Thank you for your example. Please help me to appreciate that small sacrifices are not too difficult for me to make in order to be of service to God and others. I also ask your blessings on the journey ahead which I am undertaking with faith that God will see me through.

  15. Please pray for our oldest son to find a better job so that he can spend more time with his little family, our grandson and granddaughter to get easier, our oldest daughter to get healthy and find love, our younger son to find his path and be cured from Type 1 Diabetes, and our youngest daughter to find her way in life. Please pray for them all to return to their faith. Also please pray for peace in this very troubled world. Thank you.

  16. That I totally commit to Recovery… believing, knowing that God is more important than chocolate and excess food and alcohol.

  17. Prayers for blessings of good health and safety for our grandson.
    Prayers for healing graces for our daughter with her anxiety.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Prayers for peace in the world.

    Thank you.

  18. Through the intercession of Mother Theresa may God continue to guide and protect my family and especially provide for me financial help to be able to pay my school fees and meet up with clearing of my huge debts. also help me to conclude my masters programs with ease. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  19. My sister’s vision
    For Hope and healing for my sisters
    A spouse and children for my daughter
    For my children to be able to conceive
    For Faith, Hope and Love for all

  20. St. Therese, today I pray for union and communication in communities and among our families and friends. Bless us with love and understanding in our abilities to get along in peace and harmony. Give grace and humility to our needs and keep us in faith and hope. Thanks for blessings received this day, amen.

  21. Pray my daughter, Barbie surrender herself to God & is Blessed with an earthly St Joseph who will pray with her and serve God with her. Pray my sons Tim & Jeff and Jeff’s girlfriend says YES to God & Catholic Church. Pray Bar, Jeff and Kara quits smoking and Tim quits drinking alcohol
    Pray my Granddaughter Allanah is Blessed with a holy & spiritual confirmation year. Pray all of our grandchildren say YES to God & prayer

    God Bless

  22. Please pray for my grandson he has mental illness. He was just discharged from a behavioral hospital. Please pray for his mother and father who is co dependent pray for his other grandmother. World peace. All the people on my pray list. One of my co workers that us looking for a new job. Pray for all of the managers at my job for better management skills and their attitudes to change.
    Thank you.

  23. Bring my three living children (daughter-in-law included) back to God. Bring my three granddaughters to God. Help us find someone to run our failing business to turn it around. Help our youngest succeed in school.

  24. For a positive outcome of my husband’s tumor; for relief from my chronic pain; for the sage return of my son from China; for the health of my unborn granddaughter.

  25. Have mercy on my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, my love , our son and I for our health, relationships, finances and time with you 🙏 reconciliation , visits with one another , continued love now and forever 🙏

  26. Prayers for my nephew, his wife, and two girls, as they deal with a possible terminal diagnosis for his wife. That she may find God through Theresa intercessions.

  27. Good morning Praying for all of you in the novena
    Please pray that Janet & Neil be reconciled
    Pray for Sara and Austin
    Return to church baptism and conversion for our family members who are not in Church
    Thank you and God bless all

  28. I pray for my husband to become a believer and for my children to stay strong in their faith. I ask to grow in my relationship with Jesus and to become a saint. I ask for healing for my step-father and for his cancer to be healed or to stay in its current state without progressing.

  29. Please pray for my 43yr old daughter Dena who deals with the pain of traumas from her past which she is not acknowledging. Her pain has kept her from being social. She has no friends, was divorced and now is completely alone. She tries to control her life out of fear and will not open her heart to the love of Jesus. It is so sad to see her this way but I know that Jesus is right with her through this very difficult journey.
    Please pray that she will surrender to Our Heavenly Father so she can understand how much He loves her and with Him Dena is not alone.
    God bless

  30. Please pray for me and my ex-boyfriend. That we may be reunited and forgive each other for the past. May God heal the wounds.

  31. my son – all things but especially coming back to God
    my daughter – all things but especially navigating end of high school successfully and choosing right college and major
    my husband – success at work and as father
    myself – success at work and as mother frame of mind
    that none of us are wasting what God has given us and that we have clarity about what our earth is meant to be

  32. Prayers for my daughter and to stop her over drinking. Bringing people pleasing to God in my children and grandchildren’s lives and for their safety and wise decision making. . For my codependency to be under control with Jesus’ help. For all people who are in need of prayer as asked for by my church prayer tree. For my niece suffering from the effects of an overdose 6 yrs ago.I’m Praying for all doing this novena. 🙏❤️St Therese please help
    My son to stay sober and get a job that Jesus knows best for him and motivates him. 🙏❤️

  33. I pray for my family members’ conversion and reconversion to our beautiful Catholic faith.
    And I pray that I might totally trust in God through our Blessed Mother. And that the Holy Spirit grant me the Wisdom to unlock the path to Gods Will for me, so that all I think, say and do might give glory and praise to God.

  34. St Theresa, thank you for your sweet kindness and grace. Thank you for the roses you send! Please keep praying for my parents and for my father’s safety and healing from sun downers. Pray for me to be able to help them, especially during my fathers final months.

    Help me finalize my work contracts for provision and my needs to be met.

    In Jesus through Mary Immaculate and St Joseph, Amen.


  35. Pray that Evan will come back fully to the faint and the church. Help him to find a good and holy wife. Pray that Justin’s eyes will be opened to full understanding of the Lord and for holy friends for life.

  36. St Theresa my patron Saint pray to the Lord for my husband to find work so that he will be able to pay his debts and family commitments. I pray also for my children J & C that they will continue to believe and trust in you.
    I adk this in Jesus’s name Amen.

  37. Pray for a deep healing in our sacramental marriage!
    To love my family in deep spiritual ways especially my adult children and Grand children!

  38. Please pray for my physical spiritual and mental healing body and soul especially the strange feeling I now experience in my mouth. Amen

    Please pray for my husband that he will continue on the road to recovery following his surgery Amen

    Please pray for my son and his family that they may embrace the faith and ensure their daughter is brought up in the church Amen

  39. Please pray for my son who’s applying to a couple of jobs. May the Holy Spirit be with him during the interviews & guide him to the right one to help him progress in his career.

  40. I pray to St. Theresa and Archangel Michael for protection today as our family attends a large family reunion. Relatives coming from all over the US to join in love of family and have safe travels and good health. Please pray for Brody for protection and strength as he has been called to play a football game with older and bigger teams. I pray for the wings of angels to surround him on this very exciting day. Peace and love to all

  41. Praying to resolve in law issues with respect and calmness and they will meet half way.
    That my children return to faith and be kinder and have gratitude.

  42. I ask you dear Saint Little Therese to intercede for our little family that we may soon conceive our first child as well as our financial situation and its breakthrough. Please help my husband Michael to get a better paid job. But most importantly please intercede in praying for our complete emotional, psychological and spiritual healing which we need so much!
    We trust in your powerful intercession, our dear little Friend. May the Lords will be done in everything!

  43. Dear St Theresa,
    Please help my in-laws get through with visa
    and come over here. They apply since 2006
    Please help them, I am kindly asking you. In Jesus Name Amen. Thank you
    Glory to God Glory, Oh praise him Alleluia

  44. Blessed St. Therese I ask your intersession for these petitions.

    Praying for victory in property issue. Let truth snd justice overcome darkness, lies and eniquity.

    Praying for a job where I can use my skills to help others find joy in life. A working environment that is nuturing, peaceful and encourage work/personal life balance growth and prosperity.

    Praying for my relationship that God continues to bless and cover us with his precious blood. That we may always have peace and open communications with each other.
    Thank you for granting my requests in Jesus name Amen.

  45. I pray God to help through this novena to settle my debts, overcome my addiction and genuinely seek God by showing love to everyone income in contact with.

  46. Please pray that St. Therese will intercede for my family. We really need her miraculous healing for my family members and to bring significant financial support through great new employment opportunities. God Bless everyone on here and may all your prayers be answered through God’s great mercy and St. Therese’s miraculous intercession.

  47. Lord Jesus Mama Mary St Therese bless Neha with Bank job govt job, bless Nikita and her friends to face interviews with wisdom knowledge courage strength energy patience peace, bless the interviewers to ask proper and easy questions, place Nikita and her friends in the best Company of Engeering, bless Nikita and her friends to pass all the interviews they face, healNehas Nikitaseyes and uterus heal them from all ailments of body and mind, bless their finances lives intentions prayers studies future, Anoint them with Holy Spirit gifts fruits charisms of Holy Spirit to guide them and to take right decisions at the right time, and VelluJudy to be with you always and with our children sons in law and grand children now and always.

  48. Dear St Theresa, please thank Jesus for me for graces and blessings ! Please ask Jesus to heal my daughters and husband, and my father, from anxiety and fear. Help each of them to shake off the strongholds that keep them from moving forward in peace and confidence. Please help my son find the job God wants for him. Please lead all souls to Jesus. Please pray for me to have a patient heart and kind tongue. Help me resist temptation and stay true to my commitment, and ask Jesus to break the chains that have bound me. Please pray for peace in my husband’s family and that my mother in law will receive the care she needs. We need breakthroughs. And for Mary and John’s children and grandchildren to return to the Catholic faith joyfully. For holy Catholic spouses for my children, and joy in Erin and Kevin’s marriage. Thank-you St Theresa.

  49. That I am successful with some of my deadlines at work, for a friend named Jon, and all the women I know named Teresa/Thereasa :). Little Flower in this hour show us your power!

  50. 1. Blessings of financial breakthrough for me and my husband
    2. For my marriage to be a blessed one.
    3. My process to relocate to UK to be smooth and successful

  51. Pray for good health of mind and body for all my family members,
    Bless the work of our hands individually and collectively that we may never struggle to succeed in whatever we do.
    Bless my daughters RY,RI and niece AA with stressless pregnancies and healthy children.
    Pray most especially for good replacements of all i have lost at work 🙏
    Also blessings on all sides for me and my children and relatives and friends.

  52. Repose of the soul of my cousin Rita W.
    For the repose of the soul of an elderly employee at our local Safeway (Ron)
    For members of family and friends who have alcoholism
    For the conversion of my entire family and people that I know and meet on a daily basis
    For my friend Zenaida’s son
    For Fred N. suffering with cancer and other illnesses
    For Fred R. illnesses
    For Mia who has Krohns
    For Kyle who has heart trouble/anxiety disorder/depression
    Housing for my younger brother Gino

  53. Holy Matrimony for my 3 girls
    Money to pay my debts and also for completing my projects
    My children’s success in exams
    Success of my school open day and retirement day.
    Good health

  54. Please pray for the healing of my pancreatic cancer and another possible cancer in my body, for spiritual and physical healing and conversion of my family members, quick recovery of family members with Covid, world peace , full trust in God and surrender of our lives to Him.

  55. Please help my grandson Adam with his mental health problem. Please let my health improve. Please look after my family. Please let my husband , son and sister be in Heaven with Jesus. Thank You

  56. For a full recovery from my health problems, and for fortitude and perseverance in doing the things I need to do to stay healthy. For favor with getting work and while I’m at work. For help in being a good wife, mother and boss.

    For my husband to get a better job in terms of job description, work environment and opportunities, and reimbursement. For good health and a closer relationship with God.

    For good health for my kids (total healing for my son), wisdom, piety and success in their studies. For favor in all their dealings.

    For a miracle with my mother in law in terms of her health, and good health, long life and answered prayers for my parents, siblings and in laws. Please let my dads business continue to grow and flourish far beyond his expectations.

    For answered prayers for everyone praying this Novena.

    Amen and Amen

  57. I ask God to be merciful and generous in His answer to all those praying this Novena with the help of St. Theresa. I am praying that God will completely heal my dearest friend, Donna, and bring about a successful surgery of her neck and relieve her pain. She has asked me to pray for her friend, Paula, who has stage 4 cancer so I am asking for her healing. Always, I pray for the conversion of my husband and children that we may all be united in faith and members of His church. I pray for Lainey and Mike to be healed from their addictions to nicotine and alcohol. I pray for my sick and elderly neighbors Dick and Sherry, Gayle and Judy. I pray that we will find solutions for the financial difficulty we are in that will ensure our ability to take care of ourselves as we grow old. Please continue to provide my husband with work to provide for us and for his continued health and well being.
    I pray for the people of this country to return to God and live according to His commandments. I pray for the freedom of our country from corruption and tyranny, for moral, God fearing, men and women to serve in our government.

  58. I am asking St Theresa to resolve my mothers trust. And the trust will be acknowledged as it was intended. Help me with peace of mind. My sisters have acted in a very disrespectful way. They appear to not acknowledge that I am one of the 4 daughters. Thank you St Theresa

  59. Pray that I may live fully in accordance with my identity in Christ to bring love and encouragement to others.

    Pray for my sons who are now away in college that God will lead and raise them to follow the path that He has shapes for them and more importantly pray for their salvation.

    Pray for my love life for patience as God is working out his promises.

  60. Pray that I may live fully in accordance with my identity in Christ to bring love and encouragement to others.
    Pray for my sons who are now away in college that God will lead and raise them to follow the path that He has shapes for them and more importantly pray for their salvation.
    Pray for my love life for patience as God is working out his promises.

  61. Oh Lord my God!
    Thank you so much my dear Lord for your unconditional love for me, my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my sibblings and their families, genuine friends and well wishers.

    Help me Lord to have complete trust in your Love for me just like you did for St Teresa Of Lisiuex.

    I present marital challenges in my family dear Lord before your throne of Grace. Let peace reign in my home and in my children’s homes. Help us out of all challenges and let us testify to your goodness in the Land of the living.

    I pray dear Lord for good and Christian spouses for my children. May they, especially my daughter, be happily married this year dear Lord. Nothing is impossible before you. What you can not do Does Not Exist!

    I pray for total healing of my husband, my children and grand children. Total restoration of their health I pray in Jesus Name!. Amen.

    My friend whose husband has been on sick bed, Lord have mercy on him, his wife and his entire family.

    Dear Lord, I pray for completion of our family project. Perfect it Lord before Dec and take all the Glory. My Family and I will surely testify! Thank you Jesus.

    I pray for open doors for all my children and myself. God please bless the work of our hands and perfect all that concern us in Jesus Name!

    I pray for the intentions of John Paul & Annie and those of all the members of this Praymorenovena family, that God may touch everyone at their points of need.

    Thank you Lord for answered prayer for in Jesus most prescious Name through the powerful intercession of St.Terese of Lisiuex, I pray . Amen!

  62. I am writing a proposal for a call. Praying for God’s favour, wisdom, direction and grace to succeed in Jesus Name, Amen.
    St Theresa pray for me.

  63. St Therese (my patron Saint), I ask your intercession for these intentions
    1. For Ava’s congestion to resolve so she doesn’t have to breathe through her mouth when she sleeps.
    2. For my daddy’s soul to continue to rest in perfect peace
    3. For all the men, husbands and fathers in my family. That you will bless them and keep them and strengthen them and allow them to continue to be protectors and providers for their families
    4. Bless my growing family and help us to continue to love and take care of each other
    5. For my job as I abandon my comfort zone and seek partnership. Dear Lord, I know you will be with me throughout. Let this be a successful decision and work move and please continue to increase and perfect my surgical skills in all areas. If it is your will Lord, then let it be.
    6. For all of us to have a good health, long life and prosperity
    7. For this war in Ukraine to end. May the souls of all those lost rest in perfect peace.
    8. For mommy’s cold, aches and pains and all those sick to get better
    9. For success in finding a nanny and my husband finding a job he loves.
    10. For wynston, that this cancer diagnosis is treatable and if not, that he does not have pain.

    Please intercede for us, St. Therese. IJN, we pray. Amen.

  64. >Please pry that three brothers are healed of mental depression.
    >> Healing of family relationships, between siblings, children and grandchildren.
    >>>That Errol returns to the Catholic and comes out of the rutt he’s in, for the last so many years.
    >>>>that all who I am praying for find good god fearing Catholic life partners and are blessed with children,
    >>>>>that all who are looking for permanent jobs find them soon
    >>>>>>that they have their own houses.
    >>>>>>>that God clears all the obstacles that could come in the way of my getting my sale money.
    >>>>>>>>that we get Santa Cruz on our names and build it up
    >>>>>>>>>that i collect all my outstanding monies .
    >>>>>>>>>>that all of us are healed of all our sicknesses, esp. head pain, lump on left side of head, throat pain, knuckles discolourization, lower back pains, psoriasis, arthritis, barrenness etc.

  65. Praying for God’s mercy, his grace, blessings and favours upon my family and I
    Praying for forgiveness of sins
    Praying for Love, peace, unity in our hearts, in our families, in my country Nigeria and the whole world
    Praying for a new job and life partner
    Praying for financial resources in my family
    Praying for those seeking for the fruit of the womb

  66. By the grace of God I am preparing for my Christian wedding, to the Glory of God, but once again, my genotype test result read AS instead of AA, which is what it is from my childhood. My fiancee is AS and this is the sexond time I have this kind of mix up. The first time was when I kinda considered getting married to my then boyfriend, and the mix up made up break up. Funny after we broke up, I checked twice again and it was AA.

    My fiance has said he believes me that I say the truth of my genotype, but the church wants me to run more tests. I am praying that God gives me the miracle of restoring the results to AA in these tests I want to run.

    St. Theresa, pray for me.

  67. Let’s pray for success for all the exams my niece will take.

    Let’s also pray for my sister that people will buy her items and debtors will pay on time and in full.
    Amen in Jesus name.