A Novena for Impossible Causes

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We’re really looking forward to this next novena — it’s one we haven’t prayed together before! But it’s been one that has been the most requested :)

The next novena is through the intercession of St. Rita of Cascia.

St. Rita, together with St. Jude, is known as the patron saint of impossible causes. She’s also the patron saint of difficult marriages, infertility and parenthood.

We will start the St. Rita Novena on January 31st.

St. Rita was a wife, mother, widow, and then she became a nun in a religious community.

Her life was full of difficult trials. Her husband was harsh and cruel. Her two sons passed away before she did. And she was not initially accepted into her religious community.

However, St. Rita was known for her strong faith and perseverance in prayer. She often meditated on Christ’s passion, and later in her life, she developed wounds on her forehead, which many associated with the wounds from Christ’s crown of thorns.

We will pray this novena to ask for St. Rita’s intercession in our difficult trials and impossible causes.

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We’re praying for you.

God bless you!

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  1. Dearest St Rita! I beg of Thee to please help my daughter & husband to forgive each other & work on their marriage which is on the rocks, for whatever reason, their innocent kids 7 & 5 are going through a lot of sadness & confused. They has been a female 3rd person involved with her husband wheather or not there was a relationship or just a friendship we don’t know, but that is the main problem right now (she’s a work colleague) He’s now living with his mother but comes home to take his son to school & other sports activities. This has been going on for nearly 4 months or more.
    Please Dearest St Rita please help the two of them Forgive each other & rekindle their love & get back together for the sake of their innocent kid’s future. Please help them Not to separate & Divorce. My daughter is very hurt & holds a lot of anger & bitterness from her previous marriage too. Thanking you in anticipation dearest St Rita. This is an urgent request & very confidential. God bless.

  2. I was extremely short of breath and constantly tired due to my Emphysema. I was advised to take Montair plus one tablet every night which would give me temporary relief and help my sleep. But I didn’t want to depend on tablet fully which only offers relief not cure. I slowly started Ayurveda, and was introduced to Natural Herbs Centre and their COPD Ayurveda Programme, my symptoms gradually diminished including my shortness of breath, wheezing and fatigue. Reach them at naturalherbscentre. com. I know I’ll get negative comments but I’m sharing this perhaps someone is also looking at genuine alternative treatment. I can vouch for this Ayurvedic treatments but you still need to decide what works best for you. Sending prayers

  3. St. Rita, patron saint of impossible causes, please intercede on my behalf to our Lord and through our Blessed Mother, that my granddaughter K can get into a Catholic high school this year, if that is His holy will. And if it isn’t, that whichever school her parents put her in will do her good; that she will thrive and make new friends, and that she will get close to Him and to His Mother. I pray for the same for her parents, that they also become closer to Them, and that they be guided to make the right and best decision for her. Amen.

  4. I am 63 yo, and am in desperate need for housing for my companion cat and I, as well as storage for my personal things. I Think I am having faith, and Im being proactive, but everyone is saying to me, ” Be Still and Know That I Am God.” I fo not know what else to do! I have been given Notice by complex I live in, that I must move for non-pay of rent. Please help me pray

  5. Praying for success in our UK Visa applications for myself and my family to relocate to the United Kingdom at the end of July. Let God do what only him can do, everything else after that will fall into place. House, School for our Children and we will settle down quick in Jesus name, Amen.

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  8. I pray for peace back at home
    To my parents/bro na wakaza mwana Ana my elder sisters…
    2… My husband’s job… He graduated back in 2017 and since then no permanent job the certificates are just lying here without job….
    3.. to remember to pray
    4.. my husband to visit my parents home And to avoid lies..
    5.. my husband is not in peace with his brothers.
    6.. pray for my kids Peter and Precious

  9. 1. Peace back at home
    2.divine healing to my mum
    ,To vacate to a better place
    ,My hubby to visit our home
    ,My hubby to have a well paying job

  10. 1…praying for my husband to visit our home place
    2..my husband’s job , he’s been applying and no response.
    3..to vacate to a Better place
    4…peace back at home