A Novena for Impossible Causes

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Our next novena is to a saint who does the impossible.  

That’s seriously what he’s known for — answering impossible prayers!

He’s the patron of hopeless, lost and impossible causes… 

It’s St. Jude :)

We will start praying the St. Jude Novena on Monday, October 19th.

We know that this year has felt impossible for so many, so we’re looking forward to seeking St. Jude’s intercession with you.

You can share your prayer intentions in the comment section below.

Saint Jude was one of Jesus’ twelve original apostles. He is also known by the name Thaddeus, which means sweetness and gentleness of character.

Saint Jude followed Jesus faithfully until His crucifixion, and then later worked on evangelization.

Very little is known about his life, but we do know that he died as a martyr — some say around 65AD, giving his life to Jesus Christ.

He is now one of the most invoked saints for intercession in desperate situations because his New Testament letter stressed the importance of a faithful person persevering in the environment of harsh circumstances.

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And you can share your prayer intentions in the comment section below.

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie – PrayMoreNovenas.com

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  1. For Mercy upon our country, for the souls of all those who have been lost due to violence and the terrible scourge of abortion. For Discernment for our citizens voting and for all elected officials to uphold the dignity of all human life. For my dad and mom and their relationship, confidence, and healing. And for all my students!

    In Jesus’ most powerful and Merciful Name, amen!

  2. Please Saint Jude pray for me, I feel so lost and seems like my a financial distress is impossible being resolved. Please pray God blesses me and my husband with a financial miracle this week. Please pray for our community which has been taken over by covid. Please I pray for protection for me and my family and everyone from the coronavirus and all illnesses and diseases. I pray for healing of the sick comfort for the dying and protection for the health care workers. I pray humbly for a stronger faith that God has plans for me. I’m trying so hard but anxiety and depression takes me over with worries of my future. In Jesus Christ I pray whom I love need and worship. Amen 🙏🙏🙏❤

  3. Thanking God for our lives ,journey mercies favours good health and safety in the family and praying for God’s protection in our lives,journey mercies favours good health and safety in the family.
    Thanking St Jude for his intercessions in our various needs and intentions
    Dear St Jude I come before you to intercede for us in our various needs and intentions especially for my daughter’s choice of spouse that God will lead her spouse to her soon Amen.

    For our tenants to pay their rents and for our vacant house to be occupied soon and our matter in court be resolved do that the tenant will vacate and pay.
    Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers and thank you St Jude and all the saints for interceding for us. God’s blessings on john Paul and Annie for praying for us Amen

  4. Blessed St. Jude I am for your powerful intercession to me the Lord that He grant us the grace of fruit of the womb and pregnancy now. We are trying to conceive our second and are having obstacles but we are standing believing trusting the Lord promises for our babies twins. Most recent attacks of the devil include severe stomach cramps pain and I am in the hospital fir gallbladder stone surgery alone which is scheduled tomorrow. Please pray with us the the Lord give wisdom and grace to the doctors tomorrow fir successfully removal of the gallbladder tomorrow and that I may heal and conceive our babies soon. Please pray that the Lord grant us our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies twins this year.

  5. I pray for peace in my family, God favour in my life and healing in my ear to be open and let my Brian be open to God world Amen

  6. St .Jude please help me to pray for my children especially my son Matthew please enlighten and heal them please that Matthew knows how to control his anger and bad temper Please St .Jude.Amen Please give more knowledge,understanding and wisdom,please guide and protect them please.Amen Please hear and answer all my prayers.Amen

  7. This is my Day 2: I’m a little behind but trying to catch up.

    My intentions are for my friend Brie Wrinkle she was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of breast cancer. She’s a strong young woman but I know that her and her family could use all the prayers for strength for support and abilities to be able to pay for their medical bills as well as for personal needs.

  8. For God’s Holy Perfect Will to be done in our country’s election.

    For repentance for sins.

    For conversion of souls to know JESUS CHRIST.

  9. Dear St Jude, please help my husband Bob with his alcoholism and please bring him closer to you for comfort and peace and stay healthy in the Name of Jesus .
    Also St Jude, please help me in my focus and aim in my life and to feel more energetic and stop procrastinating on moving forward in life. I want to live every moment as if it was my last and stop wasting valuable time and to find my purpose . In Jesus Precious Name Amen 🙏

  10. Dear St. Jude please heal my lungs and my 2 kids lungs and all our lungs & heal us in all needed areas(K,J&J,A,R,R,M,M,M,L,M&all our animals&protect us from covid19, harm,sickness&all evil. Hear all my prayer spoken&unspoken!Please lead me a technical wisdom filled person to help me transfer my precious 7 wedding/ etc videos of my son’s wedding on to a CD and be able to get them all on a CD for their Christmas gift!Please help me get the car loan I need so I can have a nice great working car despite my bad credit! Pray also for me to fix my credit and please us 4 with miracle homes of our own in very safe neighborhood near each other in my sons state &in my heart’s desires- town(C)! Bless&protect my son in his Military career&meet his needs; him&wife to have miracle fertlity/ conception&healthy natural kids(son:daughter)! Bless&protect his &our Thanksgiving family reunion&safe travels for him&all us,keep evil away from us&bless us regarding this&all our holidays! Help my daughter find cheap flight home by end november&find easy Ubers from airports and be able to leave without issues with her boyfriend and easily be able to leave him unnoticed/help her with all discretion&provision to due this&safe travels&get home at end of November&us have no issues (any us-me& loved ones with quarentine,protect us from all evil!I pray this to St.Jude,St.Micheal,Jesus,blessed Mother Mary!Thank YOU(S) for hearing&Answering my prayers! XO

  11. St. Jude, please grant my prayers for J.T.:

    1. That J.T. receive the economic settlement he richly deserves from the CC government before the end of 2020.
    2. That those people who committed crimes against J.T. are criminally charged and sentenced to prison.
    3. That J.T. receive his full grant money before the end of October 2020.
    4. That J.T.’s beloved dog, Scooby, quickly recover from her ailments so that she can live a long and healthy life.

    Thank you and AMEN!

  12. My company that i work for is closing down a bunch of stores, mine happens to be one of them. Many other people have been affected, please pray for them as well. As for me, I’m lost in what direction I want to go, I’ve been applying within the company for other departments and getting zero calls back. I’ve been going to other companies as well and I’m getting nowhere, my ask is that you pray our Lord puts me where he needs me, so maybe I could be the only Bible someone reads at work. I just want to make an impact on people’s lives at work and outside of work. St. Jude intercede for me, may God bless us all. Please also pray for my family to always be healthy and have Christ at the center of our lives. In Jesus name we pray and trust.

  13. For my son to enroll and complete college. For me to get healthy by losing weight and quit smoking. For my boyfriend to move to the same state as me so we can build a life with children and marriage. For my niece who lost her friend in a car accident for her not to feel guilty for her pain to cease. For good health to my mom and step dad. For financial blessings to my sister and brother along with good health and good spirit.

  14. St Jude, please pray to keep my son Gabriel away from temptation. Grant him the spirit of obedience and help him to grow in love and joy with his family and friends. St Jude, take his mind away from things that impedes him from serving the Lord. He’s full of hurt and pain caused by his father who neglected him and left him as a child. He’s emotionally torn because of the divorce and has placed his mother (me) under a lot of stress and torture, when things go wrong or if she’s correcting his behavior.
    He’s an average student in school and refuses to continue online school. He’s rude and not willing to change his attitude towards my parents and sibling while i am at work.
    Please pray for my son Gabriel.
    Thank you ……from mommy !

  15. My two last children – woman and man were dedicated to you St Jude Thaddeus and bear your name. They are both having challenges completing their education. It seems to be impossible cases but I know you are the patron Saint of impossible cases. Help them overcome the challenges and I will make know your loving aid. Amen 🙏.

  16. Please am having problems with my relationship life…I really wanna settle by the end of this year and the soulmate I meet keep on disappointing me..Help me pray for a wonderful and God fearing soulmate by the end of the year..2020 please

  17. I thank God for His goodness and mercy upon my family. Praying God to Grant my husband, elder brother and their friends success in their upcoming job interview and grant them the job that they are seeking for in oil and gas local content. And God Almighty should pls remember us and grant all our positive heart desires. Praying also for peace in Nigeria through the intercessory prayer of saint Jude. Amen

  18. Dear St. Jude,

    I pray for financial blessings, a financial miracle, financial prosperity and a release of my financial burdens.
    I pray for blessings of happiness, success, peace, joy, love, and a sense of calm for me and my family.
    I pray for healing of my son from suicidal thoughts, self-hatred, severe depression, anxiety, anger, sleep apnea, and autism.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from severe chronic pain, severe migraines/headaches, kidney disease, anxiety, depression and autism.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for healing of my neighbor.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray to earn A’s in all of my classes.
    I pray to pass the registries on the first attempt.
    I pray for the sale of my home and the purchase of another one where my family will find happiness.
    I pray for protection over my family.
    I pray to find a way to repair the electrical problems in my kitchen so I will have a stove on which to cook.

  19. WIth all those with cancer and sickness, all who are suffering, for all souls, and for those who need God most. For the poor souls in Purgaroty

  20. Dear Saint Jude,
    Please pray for my younger daughter and her baby to be healthy and for her to heal completely and to be able to breastfeed her newborn baby. Please pray for my elder daughter and her baby to be healthy, for her to have a smooth pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby. Please pray for my nephews to heal completely physically and mentally and to have a bright future. Please pray for my sister to be healthy and her blood pressure to become normal and for my mom not to experience any pain and not to suffer. Please pray for G to heal from her cancer and for N to heal from his addictions. Amen.

  21. St Jude please hear&answer everyone’s prayers through this novena. Please come to our aid-all us praying to You! Please bring the miracles we are asking for! Pray for me&my loved ones-protection from covid 19,danger,harm,sickness&all evil! Please hear &answer my prayers that I sometimes repeat! Pray for us(K,A,J&J,R,R,M,MM,L,M&all our animals! Please heal us in every area that needs healing! Protect my son in his Military career&bless all his careers&heart desires! Bless my daughter with getting away from her boyfriend&all provision needed to get home here by end November safely&provide her with the help she needs to get SSI for her disabilities fast! Please bless me with the financial miracle cash to buy a 2 bdrm townhome near my son in very safe neighborhood where my heart desires,! Help my kids &I have nice homes of our own to own in safe neighborhoods,&financial stability/security/prosperity! Help my daughter,myself,and her dad move near my son in nice safe neighborhoods in homes we own&all help each other! God’s will be done! Change (R) cold heart toward us so he grows up into a godly Christian man who will treat us 3 kinder&better,! Bless my daughter,&I with godly husband’s,/me a kind life partner! Bless my son with a great godly team &lifelong brotherhood friends in Military&in life! Bless my daughter with a kind godly girfriends who is loyal,same with me! Please find a miracle covid 19 vaccine very soon! Help the homeless,the tortured&abused&starving children&animals! Bless my son with a safe fun filled loving reu ion with us&safe travels(both my kids&all us)& help us do right thing regarding quarentine& protect us 4/5 from all evil! XO Thank you St.Jude,Jesus,Blessed Mother!

  22. Please pray for a cure for my cancer, if it God’s will, and help me to know and serve our Lord. Also pray for my family to stay healthy physically and spiritually. Please prayers to solve the refugee problems.

  23. I pray for a divine breakthrough in life, for a divine financial breakthrough, for my businesses to all pick up and for a great paying and peaceful job.

    Thank you.

  24. St. Jude please pray for my following intentions:

    For my son Anth.R. that he finds employment with a good heart supervisor, a good paying government job with excellent benefits.

    For My son Chris. R. that he finds employment in a nice good company with a good heart supervisor. That he recovers from insomia.

    Ernesto finds a good paying job in his career field of producer. In a good heart supervisor.

    Pray for all my Family and my sons protect them from the coronoavirus, keep them healthy away from getting infected.

    Pray for the recovery of the economy of the United States that it maintains being the #1 powerful in the world. The spread of the pandemic stops and the world can recover from the economy and the virus drops down to 0 for the whole world.

    Pray for Tere Viramontes who is hospitalized in life support due to the coronavirus. That she recovers soon and be healthy again.

    For Margari. R. pray healing for sleep apnea, headaches, depression and anxiety, hear and panic attacks, painful arthritis on legs and hands. The w.c. case with the lawyers closes soon and ends fast before the end of this year.

    For my sister Conni R. protect her the virus and from any accidents falls, she is weak and of age and lives alone. Heal her knees.

    I pray for Blanca Reyes and Mrs. Luna.

  25. I am asking St. Jude to intercede on our behalf in a desperate situation as we are in danger of losing our home. Special prayers for all who are plagued with financial burdens. Money is not everything, but when you don’t have enough to meet basic needs, life can certainly become very difficult. Thank you, St. Jude for you have never failed me. Jesus, I trust in you!

    To all who have posted intentions, remember that “Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.“

  26. A most dear friend of mine must soon leave her marriage. She has hung on for 20 years trying to hold it together but in that course of time she went off on her own as well into another relationship and it seems that the reason was at least partially for revenge.

    At this time there is hatred between the two. They must split for some peace of mind and to save their family. Life is a war a zone for them.

    She has no monetary support nor can she afford housing of any kind. Lawyers are very expensive for her and she is desperate.

    If our Lord can perform a miracle that would provide her living expenses housing and money for her children she could go on her own and start fresh.
    Without she can only return to be the 2nd relationship she got herself into and that will be without don’t another toxic and destroying venture.

    She has lost most of what spirituality she had and blames God and marriage vows , and the church because for so many years she hung on and prayed and prayed for God to rescue her and in her mind she is DONE .

    She is angry with God.
    Can you please pray that a miracle bolt of lightning should provide her with the financial means tob move out with her children and save what is left with their lives.
    Thank you for your prayers.
    I love her with all my heart and I see no hope in the horizon.
    Please ask God for a miracle.

  27. Please pray for me as we need to build a new office for the Ma’a Fafine Moe Famili Inc (Women and Children non- government organization). We believe that there is power in prayer. Thank you all.

  28. Please pray for my mother (93 years old) who tested positive for COVID-19, that our Lord will cure her and provide her with many years of life.

  29. Praise God,

    I am struggling alot in my career. Very actively looking for job. Some times i am loosing hope and faith.

    Please pray for me and especially for my job. Most importantly I should never ever lose my hope on God.

  30. Saint Jude, I pray for an outcan posting and career advancement for my husband. I pray for our va award. I pray for new friendships and a spouse for my brother. Amen

  31. That our country will get back on track, and no hatred and meaness in this world and that Pres Trump will get re-elected. I pray to St Jude that he will help us thru the hard times and it is not hopeless. Amen.

  32. ST.JUDE,please pray that covid 19 stays away from my family that my husband,son and daughter and myself will be safe from catching it.

  33. Dearst St Jude , pls pray for my husband’s good health as he been taking diabetic medication for 15 years .Please keep his other organs healthy as long term medication might cause other health issues.

  34. Please pray that I get back into college for my RN. An that I will do extremely well in my studies an pass all classes an my NCLEX. Thank you all!

  35. If it is your will, may Dominic and Chele conceive, bear and raise a child to come to know You and do Your will.

  36. For GOD’s Perfect HOLY WILL to be done in our country’s election.

    For a turning back of our whole country to God and to His commandments and turning back to prayer.

    For repentance to God our Heavenly Father for our sins and the sins of our country.

    For conversion of people hearts and lives to JESUS, God’s Holy SON.
    Thank you.

  37. Dear lord and saint jude I beg for you to fix my relationship with Andrew please let him realise how amazing I am please erase all the horrible things we have done to each other please let me forget and him completely so we can start again I beg of you please

    And please help me get my son back and please help me stay clean please lord and saint Jude amen

  38. My cousin had a motorcycle accident the other day and was improving, but they found no brain activity yesterday. I know it’s impossible, yet here we are with St. Jude. Pray for Austin please! He is just 20.

  39. I pray St Jude intercede and pray for my daughter. Her anorexia has taken control. Please let the medicine help control her OCD and anxiety so she regains confidence and returns to school. She’s not thriving here. Help her God. Please pray for her to get well. She is not the mean, nasty, evil person that the disorder turns her into. Let her return. For all children to return to faith in God and church. Help S reach out to us with kindness. For families, including ours, to resolve problems. Help me to manage these difficulties with strength. Help me me manage.