A little Easter gift from our family to yours…

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We hope you’re having a beautiful Easter Season!

We know it may not feel like most… But one thing we love about Easter is that we celebrate it for so long… Lent lasts for 40 days, but the Easter season is 50 days long! It’s not over yet!

To continue our celebration, Annie and I wanted to send you our Easter card as a gift for you. We hope it brings you joy! It brings us joy to be able to pray with you. Thank you so much for praying with us.

Just scroll down to see our card :)  

We’re praying for you every day!

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie – PrayMoreNovenas.com

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  1. Pray for my baby sister and both my sons to see the light of the Lord with the help our Blessed Mary Mother

  2. Father I thank you for the round protection and guidance, for food you placed on our table.
    Forgive me my sins and forgive my husband too.
    My God I pray that you untie and stop the bed wetting of my daughter Emmanuella who is of age, so that she will have that confident in her life.
    Let her know there’s God in Heaven, help her and the brothers to have retentive memory, to be focused in their academics and be humble, to also know you.
    Father heal me internally and keep my husband and I alive to take care of our children and continue to provide for us . Help my older children who are in the university in foreign land, protect them from bad friends oh Lord. All these I have asked through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  3. Blessed Mary Undoer of Knots please undo the knots regarding the illness that I am privately praying for Adriana, Suzanne, Barbara Jean and family members. I ask that you also please undo the knots of prayers in my heart and the knots of the coronavirus all over the world. I thank you, I love you and I will always lead others to you through word, prayer and deed. Amen!

  4. Please pray that there will be peace, respect , humility, trust, transparency, and faithfulness in my family. I pray that we will respect one another and treat each other with kindness through the same Christ our Lord and the intercessions of our mother Mary the untier of knots Amen. Please also pray for the end to this Corona virus pandemic and that all those affected will be healed and that the spread will stop in Jesus name we ask and pray Amen.

  5. Please Mary undoer of knots undo the pains my 83 year old mother is enduring from a fractured ankle

  6. For my husband
    Jay and Katie
    Corrie and Jacob Tara Grace and Emma
    That my special intentions I pray daily will finally be answered by my Heavenly Mercifully God Jesus the Christ

  7. Mary undoer of knots please I am praying for wisdom and understanding to write my forthcoming examination,for you to foster love in my family and relationships and for all those suffering in any way or the other that you show them Mercy that they may see the light at the end of the tunnel..Amen

  8. Mary undoer of all knots plz heal my son of his adha & heal all hurts of his past. Bless him to be able to forgive and I pray for his total CONVERSION. Amen I ask this in Jesus name.

  9. Mary please undo the knots of my marriage that we may get married by Church when this Pandemic goes away.
    That my daughter Crystal please undo the knots of her Stopping use Marijuana and find a God of Man of God ! !
    For my daughter Giselle undo the knots of fears and anxiety that she too May found a Man of God as well if her calling is to be a Nun please mother Mary show her the way.
    For my daughter Paris Undo the knots of fear Protector from all harm and evil . Increase her Faith!
    For my daughter, Arianna undo the knots of Learning Disabilities she can and will never give up in whatever situation she encounters Please give her the Will Power and Confidence she’s needs to be Successful in life most importantly keep her Faith in God Always!!!

    Heal my mind and body and soul May ..my faith keep getting stronger day by day for Jesus Christ our Lord !!!
    May we always do your will ,
    Jesus I trust in You and love you!!

    Thank You,
    Gabby Rivera

  10. Mother Mary I pray for financial breakthrough in my sister’s house,my brother’s house and my house. I trust and believe that you are able to restore my sister’s husband faith in God and may he not give up in his life.
    I also pray that you intercede to your son to erase the sleeplessness and fear in my body system. Amen.

  11. Mother Mary undoer of knots

    I asked for the healing of my family all the brokenness of my sons my granddaughters. And I lift myself up for my health. And I pray for all God’s children to hear him to know him.

  12. Praying for knots in my life for lacking in accomplishing plans in my life and achieving daily routine. Pray for all family against coronavirus. For my sons family to settle and succeed in new appointment.

  13. Please Mother Mary pray for VC to untie the knot in his life. Also for everyone affected one way or another with covid 19. In Jesus name. Amen.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  14. I pray for God’s healing and bless me to conceive, help my husband to abstain from drunkardness, Help my Son to perform well and pass P7 well School. Protect the whole family from Corona Virus. Above all increase our faith in him

  15. Please pray for me that our lord Jesus Christ will give me more strength and prolong my life so I can be with my love ones. I have metastatic breast cancer stage 4.Pray for all of us in this world that our Lord will save and protect us from covid-19 Thank you🙏🙏🙏

  16. Praying for this virus to end. Wishing for God’s light in my life, become very fearful, anxious of the world. Am praying to get married and have kids of my own, I believe our God is a God of impossibilities am 42 years old. Am praying for breakthrough for my boyfriend for financial stability for him.Friut of the womb for my sister. I pray these IJN Amen.

  17. I pray for Devine interventions for my nephew Solomon who has troubled me slot
    I pray for my kids and aging parents
    Pray for financial blessings

  18. I pray for coronavirus to be ineffective in human beings. I also pray for son’s life partner to be found and for them to be united ad husband and wife.

  19. Dear Mother’s untier of knots please take away my fear of the Dentist. I need to have a few teeth extracted by next week going into our phase two if the down when the Dentist opens. But I am so petrified of the numbness taking the injections. I become anxious and have panic attacks as I cannot take that feeling it feels as though I am choking and can’t breathe.i pray for courage and strength my mother to be with me during this procedure. Amen

  20. Please pray that an agreement comes readily and a fast resolution in a law suit that is pending
    And that the full fair amount is awarded to me
    Thank you

  21. Please undo the knot of the coronavirus and ask your Son to erradicate all remnants of it! In His Holy Name, I sincerely pray this! Amen!

  22. I’m asking for prayers for my son Marc,( and his family) whom has been effected severally by this epidemic financially. He has lost his job,no support from the government like he was told by his former employer. He’s overwhelmed on which direction to go to. And prayers for my daughter ( who is a special needs 12 years old, stroke victim since birth was supposed to have had back surgery due to scoliosis. But because of what me are all going through it was postponed. There’s days she’s been in more pain and can’t tell me what is hurting. Thank you

  23. We pray for a vaccine to the Corona Virus. We ask our Blessed Mother to help keep us strong until this happens.

  24. Mother Mary undoer of knots, pls help me undo any knot in my family, heal me from the lower back pain, protect us and put an end to this corona virus pademic. Thank u mother for all u have and will do for me.

  25. In particular I ask Mary to pray for those that are gravely ill with the virus and those that are dying from it, but have no loved ones with them. Mary, pray for those that are dying and those seriously ill from the coronavirus, that they not forget they are not alone, that Jesus is with them always.

  26. Husband passed away. In a financial struggle and I don’t know how to get free.
    Praying for guidance 🙏❤️🙏

  27. Prayers for my son , lost his job from virus, please prayers and direct him and family back to God.
    Thank you.

  28. Oh, Holy Mother, Mary undoer of all knots. Today, I pray for all my patients that are sick and suffering from this coronavirus, please undo to knots of their pains and suffering. Ask your beloved son Jesus Christ to have mercy on them. This is my prayer intention for this day. Amen

  29. end virus; protect my family and loved ones; health esp. weight, hip and back; financial security; souls in purgatory; end abortion; family esp. Michael, Dale, Jac, Trey, Mason, Jane

  30. I Pray for my family,Rubén Luis, Evana and Rubén. I pray for their safety, health, well being and happiness. I pray for a job. I pray for the souls of departed loved ones Raquel, Filiberto, Melida and Ruben. I pray for all that need healing and protection from Coronavirus and for those that have died.

  31. Mary Undoer of Knots I humbly ask you to pray for me today for my physical healing, especially my leg which I hurt weeks ago.
    Thank you for all your help in the past
    And Im grateful as always for your help now and in the future.

  32. Mother Mary, I come to you again seeking for your mercy and intercetion. I kind pray you untie the knots of lacking a permanent job and lack of good communication skills. I pray all this also through your son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  33. Mother Mary,assist me in removing the stress from my body,mind and soul knowing that with God in my life all things are possible and faith conquers all. Bless me with your guidance and presence in every thing I do and assist me in performing my daily tasks to the best of my abilities. Bless this world and keep us safe. Open our eyes to see the light and make necessary changes to make it a safer and cleaner environment. Thanks for all favors granted this day.

  34. My prayers are to be reunited with my lover who has been stuck in another state trying to get to me. May the borders open so that he is released to me and may my financial hardship be wiped away. Come home to me my beloved Chris!

  35. I pray for health and wellness especially during this pandemic period. My the good Lord cover us with the cloth of protection all the time. I pray for an abundance happiness,Wealth and success. Amen

  36. Please pray for my son Simon to be converted, to go back to know, love and work for God, dear Mother please untie the knots of drugs and alcohol, personality and bad friends, convert him to work for the Lord to teach and practice God’s love. May the love of God bind the family.

  37. O Mary mother of Jesus Christ, my mother, intervene for the protection of my family from Corona virus. I cover my sons Joseph and Jackson and myself with the blood of Jesus Christ.
    My job promotion together with my professional colleagues has stagnated for 10 years, O Virgin Immaculate Mary mother of God, intervene that the Ministry of Health accepts our request for promotion.

  38. Paul and Anne please pray for me to get a new job. I lost my job two days ago and I was the breadwinner of the family. Am a nurse by profession.

  39. God bless you both I love receiving the reminders and I never pass a novena! I am currently doing the coronavirus novena again my brother in law is in a vent but is doing better! Again you both are blessed and beautiful inside and out!! It’s wonderful what you started and continue to do!! God bless you both!! Michelle