A Gift for You, and A Prayer to All Saints & for All Souls

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As we celebrate All Saints Day and pray for the faithful departed, John-Paul & I wanted to do something special for you and your family.

This is our gift for you: 

We are having a Mass offered for you on November 1st, All Saints Day, at 12:05 pm (central time) at St. John’s Catholic Chapel in Champaign, IL. This mass will be offered for your intentions, and also so that you may become a saint. 

Then, we are having another Mass offered for your deceased loved ones on November 2nd, All Souls Day, at 12:05 pm in the same chapel.

And lastly, we are having a Mass offered for all the deceased members of Pray More Novenas — those who have prayed with us at any point in the past and have since passed away. This Mass will be on November 3rd at 5 pm, again in the same chapel.

Frequently asked question:
“What does it mean to have a Mass “offered” for someone?”

Now please join us in praying these two prayers to celebrate All Saints Day and to remember all the poor souls in purgatory.

Prayer for All Saints Day
Dear God, thank you for the example of the Saints.
I desire to join in their company, worshiping you forever in Heaven.
Please help me follow their footsteps, and yours, Jesus Christ.
Please help me to conform myself to Your image, seeking Your will in all things, as the Saints did.
Please help me to devote myself, and all that I do, to Your glory, and to the service of my neighbors.

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Optional: The Litany of the Saints

Prayer for All Souls Day — the Prayer of St. Gertrude
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family.

If Pray More Novenas is a blessing to you, you can make a small donation to support our efforts here: https://www.praymorenovenas.com/support

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  1. For my wife Bridget …. I am praying that both our hearts reconcile with the Holy Trinity through the Immaculate Heart of Mary…. and I am praying for reconciliation of our marriage.

    Please also pray for our the souls of my wife’s and my deceased grand parents.

    God bless you and all your loved ones. May the Mother of God, our Sweet and Blessed Mother keep you all under Her mantle

  2. Am praying for my loved ones who left us please help me pray for them
    Mary mutheu
    Rose nzivo
    Peter nzivo
    Vivian kivinya
    Nthenya nzivo
    Dennis mutinda
    Beniginnas nduku
    Phoebe monthe
    Brian mulwa
    Eric onsaringo

  3. For my fallen-away Catholic family members, and for their atheist spouses and children, that they may encounter Jesus and come to know him with a profound love. For those who have died, that they may be saved by our Lord Jesus. For the culture of death to be reversed into a culture of life and love and respect for each human person. For Pope Francis, that God may guide him on the narrow path and guard him from the enemy. For the whole Catholic Church, because we have sinned so badly against you, Lord. Please have mercy on us and the whole world.

  4. Please pray for my family(wife aand da ughter) also pray for me for I have go daily mother house(missionary of charity) for pray with rosary.
    Annada Sankar Ray

  5. Please pray for Nancy Christensen, Ray Christensen, Teresa Christensen, Tessa Elder, Joe and John Issa. That they may be healed and cured of cancer and their other diseases and disorders! Amen!

  6. ‘Mamoeketsi Evodia Rasethunts’a
    Liphapang Rasethunts’a
    Moeketsi Rasethunts’a
    Phuthehang Rasethunts’a
    Moeketsi Julias Bulane

  7. Pray for the deceased souls of my
    Granny – Mrs Mariam
    Father – Mr C P John
    Mother – Mrs Leela John C P
    Let’s their good souls rest in peace. Amen.

  8. Prayer for the deceased family members:
    Unborn baby
    Pablo de Guzman
    Susan de Guzman-Santiago
    Jose Monterey
    Raffy Jordico
    Elena Cabalsa

    Prayers is also requested for a peaceful and happy marriage plus financial blessings

    Thank you so much

  9. I pray for the safe delivery of Baby Dobrowolski, the physical healing of Maggie and Thomas. I pray for the conversion of hearts. I pray for the deceased members of the Slavinski, Dobrowolski and Smalarz families and all souls in purgatory.

  10. Please pray for Elena, carmen, Gabi,hanna frank, Adrianne,Eduardito,Isabela,Marcie,Nathan,Hunter,james,Jessica,Megan, and for me. Thank you lord for everything

  11. Please pray for my beloved brother, Dr Walid Khalid Attisha, who passed away unexpectedly in his sleep on September 29 this year at Age 42.

  12. Pray for my Mother, Anna Grace. Naomi, Lucy Marjory, Carol, Elizabeth, Goma, Sarah, Isaiah, Isaac, Florence Janet, Enos, Gabriel.
    May thier souls rest in peace.

  13. Dear John and Annie thank you for the gift.My intentions are a healthy and happier life and marriage and for my future plans of immigration.Pray for my children,my brothers and sisters and my parents.l pray to the saints for continous intercession through the novenas.

  14. May God have mercy on the departed souls and Christ invite them to join him in his fathers eternal glory

  15. Please pray: Godwin O. Miscarried babies, Jonathan, Sunday, Nneka, Ifeoma, Udochukwu, Ethelbert, Joseph & Mary, Julius & Lucy, John, Agnes & Christopher, Doris, Chijioke, Elizabeth, Obizoba.

    Also pray for Love, Peace and Unity Among my Siblings. That the Love of Christ will bind us together as one. Amen

  16. Together we pray for all our dearly departed Benjamin ortese, Teryima Onu, Cecilia Clayton, Gabriel Aku, Julie ortese, kid Mc, my grand parents, uncles and aunts, friends and victims of war and disaster world wide that God will show them mercy, welcome them into his presence and give them saving help, may our prayers unite as one and may God almighty turn his ear upon us and grant our prayer intentions together we ask this through Christ our lord. Amen

  17. I pray for my mother’s soul to rest in eternal peace. May the God forgive her for all that did not go well whilst on earth. Margaret Kyakuwaire you are still loved by your daughters and son; we treasure all the memories and thanks for the legacy you left. I also pray for my son I lost immediately after his birth, grandparents and others that I am not able to mention.

    Annie and John, I am really grateful for my gift. Thanks for the initiative of praying with us the Novenas. I believe my life will not remain the same. May the Almighty One reward you abundantly.

  18. Here are the names of my Deceased relatives to be prayed for on All souls Day.

    Tenson Paul Malata – Husband
    Alex Luphale – Brother
    Stanley Steven Luphale – Brother
    Feston Lester Luphale – Father
    Zita Kampalire – Mother

    Thanks in advance.

  19. I pray for my grandson Collin that his injuries from his motorcycle accident aren’t serious.
    I pray for my daughter Jillian that she doesn’t have skin cancer or a scar.
    I pray Collin and Kylie get back together.
    I pray for my son Graeme to get sober and more patient and kind.

  20. I pray for my father, John Kalede,
    My sister Akulo Leticia
    My Aunt Komukyera Stella
    My grand mother and grand father.
    And all the faithful departed that God my grant them eternal rest.

    For all Saints, I pray that they intercede for me to have a happy marriage and to bless my Job. Amen

  21. I pray for the souls of my dad, grandmas grandpas and my friend Angela that God may may forgive them their sins and grant them eternal rest.
    May God remember my dear son Peter who is sitting for his KCSE exams from next week and favor him with victory.
    May God widen the horizons of our businesses Amen.

  22. Please pray for my family who have passed on being:

    Josephine Kay Shewchuk
    Peter Esposito
    Tomaso Esposito
    Metro Shewchuk
    Frank and Angelarosa Scerbo
    Jack Schenkel
    Lisa Day
    Shirley Campitelli

    Thank you.

  23. Has physical injuries from accident. Please heal him Lord. Also; please reconcile Collin with the love of his life Kylie.

  24. Juan Rodriguez
    Consuelo Rodriguez
    Maria Anita Ramirez
    Julia Hinojosa
    Juan Hinojosa
    Natividad Rodriguez
    Ramon, Andres, Lupe Rodriguez
    Andrea Hernandez

  25. Please pray for my family and that we learn to love Jesus Christ.Pray for my dad who lost his job recently that through the favor of our almighty God he may get another job and continue being the provider of the family.Pray for me that I may be able to get that one person that I can truly love and trust. Pray for the soul of my late mum Eunice Atieno and my uncle Francis.

    Through the intercession of mother Mary.

  26. Praying for my mum and Dad, siblings
    Brothers Derrick,Julius and Joseph who are jointly in the army I pray for their safety
    My grandparents at their old age
    Aunt ann
    Adelbert Samuel
    My uncles and aunts
    Dear john and Ann my intentions are:
    1.My girlfriend Marion whom we have been having issues, may we reconcile, iron out the issues and continue growing our relationship
    2.my business to grow over years and prosperity

  27. For members of this group previously departed.
    Evaristus Awugosi (my dad)
    Ogechukwu Awugosi
    Theresa Awugosi
    Nick Awugosi
    All aborted children
    Nwaka Awugosi
    Rebecca Ifeacho ( my grandma)
    All the faithful departed.

  28. Dear friends

    Please pray for me to get good results as I sit for my exams soon, good health and be of service to God and my neiboughs.

    For the names of the departed souls

    Joseph Mwangi
    Margaret Njeri
    John Bosco
    Samuel Michael
    John Gakuo
    all my relatives and friends


    Thank you so much and God bless

  29. I pray for my grandpa and grandma
    My baby i lost as a miscarriage
    My best friend busingye annet
    And all those i didnt mention
    May they wake up on that day.
    And may the might Lord forgive all their sins.
    Desr john And Annie thanks for the gift,my intercessions are i need a better paying job,a healthy life,a good and strong relationship with my partner,a happy family and bless our union.
    Thanks once again John and Annie

  30. I pray for my late father- Engr Augustine Obah.
    May his soul rest in peace and i pray for an upcoming promotion at work which I have waited for that God in his mercies will ensure my name is included.

  31. Names of the departed souls. Late Cecilia Onumanyi, Nasiru Aminu, Paula Moneke, Maureen Peters, Ify Peters, Bathlomine, Alihaji Aminu Akande,

  32. I pray for my grandpa and grandma
    My baby i lost as a miscarriage
    My best friend busingye annet
    And all those i didnt mention
    May they wake up on that day.
    And may the might Lord forgive all their sins.

  33. Contiune:
    I pray for
    Rocco Di Fancesco
    Giovanni Flacco
    Anna Naccarella
    Franco Napoletano
    Antonio Razzi
    Maria Bucci
    Alfredo Scarinci
    Delia Bilardo

    God Bless

  34. Would like to pray for my grandchild jaelynn and her mother jade her husband Terrence, they going through so much.. Them plz pray for my mom and dad, my mother in law and father-in-law that have died.. Also pray for my son’s wife Merle that also died and pray for my son Grant and his two children Liam and Laiken she is in remission with cancer thank you lord she is well, Pray for my family.. Also pray for my sister that is not talking to me because of money that she owes me so she stays away from me so not to pay the money, it’s a lot of money. Thank you will be hearing from you later…

  35. Would like to pray for my grandchild jaelynn and her mother jade her husband Terrence, they going through so much.. Them plz pray for my mom and dad, my mother in law and father-in-law that have died.. Also pray for my son’s wife Merle that also died and pray for my son Grant and his two children Liam and Laiken she is in remission with cancer thank you lord she is well, Pray for my family.. Also pray for my sister that is not talking to me because of money that she owes me so she stays away from me so not to pay the money, it’s a lot of money. Thank you will be hearing from you later…

  36. Father: Heron Rocha 08-01-2018
    Mother: Amparo Rocha 08-08-2011
    Sister:. Dolores Delgado 11-01-1994

    Thank you for praying for my loved ones! May they rest in peace! ❤️

  37. Thank you so much for your novena and for reminding me to keep praying, but actually i live in Tanzania, and I love praying So much. Thank you, may God bless you.

  38. I pray to be blessed by the saints in heaven especially those I have been praying through for intercession of my needs that I may live to be like them once I die,Amen.

    I pray for my beloved grandmother,mangdalene kaggwa who passed away on 22nd December,2017 that God may have mercy on her soul and guide her safe into heaven,i pray for my uncle Franco who passed away this year and I pray for all my departed loved ones.

  39. Please pray for my family and that we learn to love Jesus Christ. Those who have drifted away from the church return that they return with stronger love for Jesus and our family.
    We are so divided to the point of not speaking with one another. Please pray that we get out of financial debt.

  40. Praying for the souls of
    Gabriel Besong
    Mary Ebob- Tabi
    Matilda Besong
    Joseph Besong

    Also praying for the good health and all the intentions of
    Christine Besong
    Francis Besong
    Ebob Besong
    John-Paul Besong
    Gabriel Besong

  41. Myself
    My late Nephew Gabriel Mosaisi
    My late grandparents:Bathsheba Mong’ ina,Paul ogeto, Kremensia kerebi and Mosaisi Oseko
    My late aunt Nyanchama

  42. Thank you…I want the mass to be offered for my private petitions and for the souls of my departed loved ones…
    Simon Okoye
    Anthony Obiekezie
    Beatrice Obiekezie
    Christiana Nneife Okoye
    Major Okoye
    Christopher Okoye
    Brown Aniekwena
    Georgina Aniekwena
    Chukwudi Aniekwena
    Aunty Brijet
    Oscar Onyiewe
    And all the souls of the faithful departed,i pray that God grant them peace through the intercession of the Sorrowful Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ,My Rosa Mystica…Holy Mary Mother of God………..Pray for us now until the hour of our death.Amen

  43. Praying for a successful wedding ceremony and a blessed and prosperous marriage
    Pray for protection from the evil through the power of witchcraft and family tree curses
    Praying that i will get a good paying job and that my wife gets a good job.
    Pray that i grown in union with saints Luke, john Mary Vianney, jude, Pio and others saints both on earth and after death
    praying for the deceased Annet, Allen, john luke, clemecia, Ronald, Julius that God will rest their souls in eternal peace

    Through the intercession of mother Mary

  44. She is going through hard times in her relationship. May the lord’s judgement fall upon the person responsible and grant her peace

  45. Thank You for this gift!

    I pray for the Mart and Dugie Families.
    Especially for Patrick, Mary Jane, Carol
    Dawn, Kelly , Kelsey ,Alesha , Janice, Justin.
    My beloved departed grandparents for their eternal peace Bill and Ruth Palmer.
    Pauline Dugie. Dot & George Mason .

    For the Robertson family. Especially Perla who has Cancer. Please God bless her and her family.

  46. Please include my cousin who died 12 years ago, Neil Cholo Corum, My grandpa Virgilio Lagman Sr. and Manuel Manansala, My uncle Benjie Lagman, my Bestfriend’s mom Corazon Dadis, and My cousin Gelay Peralta.
    Thank you so much.

    *I Pray that I will unite with the Saints at the point of my death,

    *I also pray that how remember to repent at the point of during

    All Souls Day
    *I Pray for my beloved mum Pamela Mwanza, who died on 20 July 2017 that God may forgive her of the sins she committed while she lived and that God may look at the good she did while living.

    *I Pray for my bro Ken Chisanga who died in 1996.

    Humprey Mwanza
    Gladyson Jilanda
    Kenan Mwanza
    Hunter Mwanza
    Cecilia Mwanza
    Mercy Sombe

  48. I pray for
    Gabriel D’Orazio
    Leonardo D’Orazio
    Peter John Cericuta
    John Cericuta
    Rosa Napoletano
    Maria Polidoro
    Tonino Polidoro
    Gina Di Sotto
    Geatano Di Sotto
    Pino Paolini
    Giovanni Paolini
    Piero Colangelo
    Tommasso Bucci
    Liberata Bucci
    Rocco Nunsiattina

    Thank you so much

    God Bless You All.

  49. My mother mariamobasi my brother Emanuel my Monica and her kids may our loving God have mercy on them and all The solos that have departed from us

  50. I pray for Amaya Duncan, Ozzie & Doris Harris, Bill & Marie Duncan, Alice Berry, Ron Harris, Jan Harris, Bob, Bonnie & Allan Plenderlieth, Flo and Bob Kruikshank, Marilyn Murray, Kathy O’Grady.

  51. Thank you, John-Paul and Annie, for this gift! Kindly include in prayers the eternal repose of the souls of my loved ones:

    Alejandria Dela Cruz-Escobal; and
    Leo Manuel Lazaro Peñala, Jr.

    God bless!

  52. Edmond Varone Grandmother and Varone Family
    All my Aunts and Uncles and cousins.
    All the Saints especially Saint Theresa,Saint Mother Theresa, Saint Anthony ,Saint Joseph,Saint Maria K. Saint Anne,Saint Mary ,Saint Faustina, Saint Michael,Saint Benedict and Saint Jude.

  53. Simon Ndiweni, Buhle, Bigboy, Otilia, Agnes Thandi, Hilda Takundwa, ChristipherChifamba, Zharare, Dominic Gwata, Chifambas, Lindi Bester says:

    For my late husband Simon and other family relatives n friends , Kensie etc that they find complete peace in paradise. Much appreciated

  54. Please pray for Henry and Hilda Peters, Aunty Margie, Aunty Irene, Uncle Reynold, my friend Leeann, Sooseela Jagjivan, Uncle Mervyn Singh, Jennifer Monieram and all the departed…Amen

  55. prayer for my sister who is going to start her primary leaving exams (Nalukwago Tezira,Nantongo Damalie

    mugerwa Paul
    Dad William lukwago
    mum Nakkonde Gladys
    God here our prayers

  56. Sami
    Mom and Dad
    All other family members

  57. Leonard G Bleil
    Ruth W Kill Poteete
    Charles Kristek
    Debbie Keyes Dunlap
    John Brath
    11 Jewish killed in Pittsburgh, PA.
    Most forgotten soul in purgatory.

  58. Prayer that my divorce will end civilly and fairly. That my 2 daughters, my husband and I will all be ok afterwards. That my husband will find his faith again soon.

  59. I pray for the souls of Rita Lucy Pearl Nakalembe, Ssanyu Theresa Christine Nassimbwa and Agnes Nabadda Lule. May God grant them mercy and entrance into heaven.

    I’d also want to pray for Carol , Claire, Rene, Robert, Ricahrd, Vincent, Tamara,Earl and Elaine. May God bless them always.

  60. I pray for my parents Mr Leons Nguma, Mrs Lydia Nguma, My brothers Agaptus, Eustace, Nicodemus, Joseph, my sister Hortensia, my sistes-in-law Stela, and Delphina.

  61. please pray for the souls of the following faithful departed:
    1. Fr Emile Gilbert
    2.Fr Jacques Gilbert
    3. Fr Jim Ambrose Maduh
    4. Fr Samuel Makeki
    5. Fr Masasa
    6. Fr Christopher N Tholoana
    7. Joseph T Lejakane
    8. Florina M Lejakane
    9. Augustina M Lejakane
    10. Letsatsi Lejakane
    11. Julia M Lejakane
    12. Angelina M Lejakane
    13. Clementina M Lejakane
    14. Clementina M Lejakane
    15. Michael Lejakane
    16. Potso Lejakane
    17 Molai Lejakane
    18. Masehlomeng Lejakane
    19. Lenaka Tlali
    20. Colleta Tlali
    21. Tlali Tlali
    22. Patrick Tlali
    23. Lejapoli Tlali
    24. Tsoala Selia lia
    25. Augustina Mbhele
    26. Felix Mahloka
    27. Molai Mashoai
    28. Tsita Mashoai
    29. Monyane
    30. Mo
    nyane Tlali
    31. and all the souls of the faithful departed who do.not have anyone to offer mass for and or on their behalf

  62. Praying for my passing od exams and Joseph to excel too.
    I also pray you for the souls of my parents, relatives, friends, the religious and especially those who died of unhealing diseases of cancer and AIDS, that they may receive pardon and rest in Eternal Peace. Amen.

  63. I pray for the following
    My Dad – Charles Yobe Kamponda
    My mom – Edith Sophie Kamponda
    My sister – Jane Blessings Kamponda
    My uncle – Dave Kanzandu

  64. I Pray that all the saints in heaven intercede for me as I go for my interview this month. This will give me the opportunity to further my education.

  65. Kindly pray for me,Father-Stephen Osembr-Mother-Rose Atieno-Wife-Hellen Akoth-Children-Sospeter and Paulmicky to get the blessings of Almighty God during this time that we undergo stressful life please,Amen.

  66. Theresia muthoni
    Wallace waithaka
    Regina wambui
    Nicholas mbugua
    Moses wambugu
    Janet wairimu
    Penina wairimu
    Mary wathira
    Peter kimuhu