A Gift for You, and A Prayer to All Saints & for All Souls (2021)

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As we celebrate All Saints Day and pray for the faithful departed, the two of us wanted to do something special for you and your family. If you’ve been praying with us for a few years, you know that we like to do this every year :)

This is our gift for you: 

We are having a Mass offered for you on November 1st at 5 pm at St. John’s Catholic Chapel in Champaign, IL. This Mass will be offered for you & your intentions.

Then, we are having another Mass offered for your deceased loved ones on November 2nd, All Souls Day, at 12:05 pm in the same chapel.

And lastly, we are having a Mass offered for all the deceased members of Pray More Novenas — those who have prayed with us at any point in the past and have since passed away. This Mass will be on November 3rd at 12:05 pm, again in the same chapel.

If you would like to share the names of those you are praying for, you can post them below.

We’re praying for you, your loved ones and your intentions.

Frequently asked question:
“What does it mean to have a Mass “offered” for someone?”

Now please join us in praying these two prayers to celebrate All Saints Day and to remember all the poor souls in purgatory.

Prayer for All Saints Day
Dear God, thank you for the example of the Saints.
I desire to join in their company, worshiping you forever in Heaven.
Please help me follow their footsteps, and yours, Jesus Christ.
Please help me to conform myself to Your image, seeking Your will in all things, as the Saints did.
Please help me to devote myself, and all that I do, to Your glory, and to the service of my neighbors.

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Optional: The Litany of the Saints

Prayer for All Souls Day — the Prayer of St. Gertrude
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.

If Pray More Novenas is a blessing to you, you can make a small donation to support our efforts here: https://www.praymorenovenas.com/support

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  1. John CARILLI
    Kenneth SCOUVART
    Antoinette Sharkey
    Frances Speca CARILLI
    Jack CARILLI
    Constance Speca
    Mary Speca
    Bernard Speca
    Nicholas CARILLI
    Antonitte Carilli
    Frances CARILLI
    Fred Junko

  2. Can u pls pray for my mother
    Lucia Jacobs
    My son
    Marion Jacobs
    My brother
    Patrick Jacobs
    For my late father
    Willem Jacobs
    My late son
    Mornray Jacobs

  3. I am working in al wagan dubia as ateacher and baby sitter.the children am taking care of are so unruled and dnt want to eat..
    I pray for my kids back home in uganda so that they be healthy bright and good children and God loving.
    I also pray for my job’s safty and calmness of the children that am taking care of..

    I thank God for here my prayers through st antony,st theresa ,st jude and all the saints for i have recieved what ever i prayed for .thank too for the constant novas

  4. I would like you to include Clarence, Patricia and Michael Snyder also Charles and Dorothy Winters and Anna , Walter and Gregory Winters and all members of the Winters, Hawkey and Snyder families Thank you

  5. Lim Hong Won
    Chua Lai Huat
    Dionisio de los Santos
    Carmen San Juan
    Rosita Uy Lim
    Mariano A. Lim
    Benito A. Lim
    Paciencia Millar-Lim
    Paul Millar-Lim
    Lim Eng Tong
    C.C. Hwang
    Judith Lim Hwang
    Rodrigo de los Santos
    Nancy de los Santos

    Anthony H. Wang
    Tan Siok Tuan
    Francisco Dee Bun Un
    Antonio Uy
    Uy Po Tin
    Betty Huang-Co
    Johnny Huang
    Ki-Ah & Oh-Ah (in China)

    Mary Uy
    Catalina Yap Depante
    Pacita Diaz Santos
    Rosario Yap
    Dr. Thomas G. Tan
    Pedro Espino
    Gabriel O. Yuching
    Ernesto Uschold
    Dr. Franklin P. Apostol
    Bernardino I. Barlaan

    Samson Chan
    Liza Chan
    Johnny Tiu Han Suy
    George Taylor Simpson
    Proceso Chua
    Cua Ang Cho Chan
    Amparo Carmona
    Juliet Bravo
    Juliet Yang-Chua
    Juanita Siy

    Hermenegildo Rapanan, Jr.
    Sonia Belludo
    Lemuel Sarvida
    Fe Domingo Simbre
    Lorenza Cua
    Gwen McCarthy
    Basil Yap
    Querubin Trias
    Beda Chua Pua Yap
    Frank Douglas

    Austin Hemmings
    Joan Layson
    Ching Kiat King
    Tan Siok Ha
    Jerry Johnson
    Nonie Kiely
    Cinzia Daly
    Allison Waldron-Daly
    Dionisio Cifra
    Rosady Turay

    Wilson Turay
    Luisa Go-To
    Bienvenido To
    Mariano Victorino
    Chong Isay
    Yu Soo Lian
    Bernadette Dolores Yu-Tan
    Mrs. Clarita Manrique
    Amelia Esguerra

    Audrey Climaco
    Shirley Zhou
    George Ji
    Augustine (Rey) Torres
    Mary Mead
    Annie Selak
    Theresa Brophy
    Eugene Pascual

    Trevor Webb
    John Dionisio
    Lawrence See
    Norma McIvor
    Murray McIvor
    Andrew Gerard McIvor
    Loma Metherell
    Barbara Bato
    Patrick Smith
    John Toland

    Peter Lau
    Noel Cosio
    Alexander Martinez
    Pia Pacia
    Beatrice Valdez
    Peter Vernon Rudd
    Mercedita Catacutan
    Evangeline Puyat
    Heinrich Yumul
    Lauren Grana

    Leah Toguay
    Fely Regala
    Profetisa Natividad
    Carmencita Beltran-Valles
    Adelaida Clarete
    Rosabella Mina
    Basilisa Palmiano
    Estela Lomibao Sy
    Susana Sanidad Ching
    Christopher Dunn

    Farida Valencia
    Tan Siok Yan
    Petronila Peralta
    Lourdes Villapando
    Henry Penalber
    Peter Salud

    Msgr. Peter Tsao, SVD
    Rev. Fr. Peter Yang, SVD
    Rev. Fr. Charles TcChou, SVD
    Fr. Thomas Cassidy, SVD
    Fr. Aedan McGrath, SSC
    Fr. Odilardo Arceo, OSB
    Fr. Patrick McHugh (in California, USA)
    Fr. David William Mullins, S.M.
    Fr. Densil Mueli
    Fr. Patrick Ward

    Msgr. Brian Arahill
    Sr. Geraldine, S.M.
    Sr. Clarindis, SSpS.
    Sr. Alei Leilua
    Fr. Frank Roach
    Fr. Martin Bugler

    Former residents of St. Catherines Rest Home
    Former residents of Lexham Garden
    Former residents of Little Sisters of the Poor

    Those who died in the September 11 terrorist bombing
    Those who died in typhoon, earthquake and natural disasters
    Those who died in domestic violence and fire


  6. Please pray for the following family members:
    Mary Hankievol Mafefe (mother)
    Nchaabo Gladys Moitse (maternal grandma)
    William Olehile Moitse (grandpa)
    Theresa Irene Katz (aunt)
    Joseph Mafefe (brother)
    Joseph Nzimeni Roro (uncle)
    Leclerce George Katz (cousin)
    Baba Agnetha Roro (cousin)

  7. Praying For the dead
    Fintan chizaram
    Okeke Francisca
    Ikoro Augustine
    Olehi Maria
    Olehi iheanacho
    Olehi christian
    Olehi mary
    Eze Nnaka
    May all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen

  8. Please pray for Miss Sandra Nwauzoh, Mr Stephen Nwauzoh, Mrs Victoria Nwauzoh and Mr Dennis Amadi.

  9. Eric Leahy
    Marie Leahy
    Therese Leahy
    Vicki Swan
    Vincent Bristowe
    A friend’s son
    A friend’s daughter
    Mary Bristowe
    Frank Bristowe

  10. Rhianna has been having up and down mood swings that has cost her dearly especially in school……Depression and anxiety. Despair and lonliness must be and will be eradicated . I am praying OFTEN. For this young lady…..Her f as with in God has been shaken….please pray that she comes back and gets closer to God than ever before. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Thank you.

  11. Pray for the souls of Nattie Nagel, Paul Nagel and Edwin M Nagel all members of my family that passed away in 2020.

    Sr Shipilika, MC, Sr Loretta, MC, and Sr Marie Vittitoe
    May there souls rest in peace.

  12. Eldridge Campbell
    Emma Campbell
    Salvatore Giglio
    Cecilia Giglio
    Mary Campbell
    Don Campbell
    Doug Soboxinski
    David Schraeder
    Bruce Lunsford
    Anng Fajardo

  13. Please pray for Peter-John and Vanessa Paulse who are going through some difficult times with the Business and also personally.

    Thank You and May God Bless and Love you.

  14. My Mom, Bernele Schultz, died last year on this date, Nov. 3rd. Please pray for the repose of her soul, as well as all my deceased family members. Thank you, Annie, for the masses offered! 🥰

  15. Please pray for the peaceful repose of these souls:
    NGALEU Polycarpe,
    Leo NTOH,
    AYUK Nicole,
    Rev Father Manfred EJONG,
    EWODO Annaelle
    EWODO Clément
    Lydie Verleine
    Peter Martins KEPE
    Charles ATEBA EYENE
    MASANGO LISONGWE Benson….and the souls of other family members and friends I have not mentioned.

  16. The repose of the souls of ,My dad Joe, grandad Joe,grandad Jim,granny Bridget,granny Mary, Ernie,Nora ,Monica ,Maureen,Mary, John melody,Margie,Bella,all those souls who have died world wide of coronavirus. For their souls and those of the faithfully departed,may they see the face of Jesus in heaven.

  17. I am praying for the repose of Regina ohagwu, Jacob ohagwu, anastasia okoli, nwakor fchidiebere, grace mmadubueze, uzorwaku Godwin, anwara emeka.

  18. Please Pray for the souls of:
    Basil Ijie
    Dr Otibho Dawodu
    Nike Ojeniyi
    Fehi Ojeniyi
    Mr Ade Alabi
    Mama Jeremiah
    Mama Ojeniyi, all the departed legionaries
    Uncle Dogo and Ugbakadu

  19. Prayer for the souls of Baby Evangelista, Simeon Sarmiento Sr, Dina Cabanas, Nelia de Veyra, Rosendo de Veyra, Elvira Espinosa, Pia Angela Evangelista. Amen 🙏


    Aston Njuma Mukuni

    – Judith Njuma Mukuni
    – Angela Namusamba

    – Malita Mayota
    – Mr Mukuni
    – Christina Namwinga
    – Evans Simusamba

    – Helen Mukuni
    – Ann Mukuni
    – Loveness Mukuni
    – Esther
    – Bana Joyce
    – Eric Musonda
    – Regina Simwinga
    – Josephine Namusamba
    – Kelly Simwinga

    – Micheal Siwale
    – George Siwale
    – Frank Siwale
    – Barbara Musonda
    – Charles Musonda
    – Nakawala Nkonde
    – Those from Dads’ side

  21. My daughter passed away from asthma. She was only 30 years old March 19th 2019. Her daughter ( Mariah ) She is know 12 years old. Her deadbeat dad took her to another state to start a new life. Against Mariah’s will. No grandparents rights in Florida

  22. Please include these one’s of mine, encarnacion and Aquiles Bacle. Carine Bacle, Joseph Picard, Pedro Sanchez, Frederick calbes, Pedro Sanchez Jr, leonito acuzar, Gracie lim, dionesia tapales and Rodolfo tapales, ruby tejano, conding tejano, nognog Sanchez, Carolina patricio, nanay patricio.

  23. i pray for these souls:
    My late son Ainemogisha Manuello
    the late grand father Kajubi Martin
    my late grandfather iemakolo john baptist
    my late grand mother kingorodia muthuba
    my late friend Stella
    My late cousin sister Rita Mbambu
    and all the other souls in purgatory

  24. Pray for my father , wong Lok yong, auntie Mary, grandparents, peter and elizabeth and grandma may their souls be saved from

  25. Lazaro Ndung’u
    Paul Ndung’u
    Magdaline Ndung’u
    Lazaro Makara
    Mary Njoki
    Peris Nyambura
    Susan Wanjiku
    Samson Muchoki
    Irene Kiania
    Michael Kiania
    Francis Kiania
    Dominic Karanja
    Rev. Joseph Mwatela
    Rev. Kusare
    May their souls rest in perfect peace 🕊🙏🏾

  26. Praying for cancer patients Royce Clayton, Carrie Hernandez, Shelby Roos.

    An end to covid pandemic

    Hunger on our homes soils as well as the Madagasgar Famine, Haitians


  27. Please pray from Robert O’Connell Jr, Robert O’Connell Sr, Ann O’Connell. John Askey Esq. the babies who never made it to live on earth. Amen

  28. I am really praying for Agnes Kwamboka, my grandmother she passed on earlier in the year,our lives haven’t been the same,life is just sad sad sad for us not the same anymore,please pray for the repose of her soul and May the Almighty God forgive her all her sins🙏. I really miss her 😭

  29. Fr.Miniter, Michael Kennedy,Teresa Corbett, Mrs Shannon, PJ O Loughlin, Michael O Looney, Mary Bennie, Mrs Kelleher, Chrissie Kennedy,all deceased.

  30. Souls of
    Amulike Mwambopo
    Ndekwisa Mwakapala
    Tukusuma Mwambopo
    Mele Mwambopo
    Julius Mwambopo

  31. James Kasonde
    Maureen Chanda
    Grace Kasonde
    Rita Kasonde
    Matildah Nambeye
    Wilfred Pengele
    Mubanga Ngosa

  32. Engr & Mrs Alex Ajuyah
    Mama Alex
    Richard Ajuyah
    Uncle Uyoyo
    Uncle Jos
    Mama Salem city
    Justice SA Ajuyah
    Mrs Paulina Ajuyah
    Chief Begho
    Justice Ogbobibe
    Chief and Mrs Ofoni
    Chief Willy Edema Ofoni
    Mama Asaba
    Charles Ajuyah
    Ajuyah (soldier)
    Mr and Mrs Dediare
    Chief and Mrs B.Uku
    Bede Uku
    Samuel Ajuyah
    Majemite Ajuyah
    Mr and Mrs Bimino Ajuyah
    Uncle Gbubemi
    Madam Oritsejafor
    Mrs Apoyowaree

  33. Here are the names of my beloved family members whom have dearly departed that I would to like to dedicate Wednesday’s (11/3) mass to. Thank you for offering this act of kindness. God Bless You and Annie!

    Teodula V. Perez (mother)
    Ceferino Perez (father)
    Dorlene Williams (mother in-law)
    Ralph Lee Williams (father in-law)
    Doug Williams (brother-in-law)
    Consuelo Mercado (close friend of family)

  34. Please pray for the souls departed for the mercy of God on them to rest in peace in Jesus Christ Mighty Name. Amen
    Dennis Echeazu
    Patrick Echeazu
    Stan Nwamba
    Agnes Nwamba
    Mathias Ezea
    Cecilia Ezea
    Marcel Ezea
    Emmanuel Ezea
    Marcus Ezea
    Mary Rose Ezea
    John Ezea
    Ego Okeke
    Chidera Onyeka
    Mama Ossie
    And may the souls of all the faith Departed rest in peace. Amen 🙏🏽

  35. Deceased members of the Mendonza, D’Souza, Pereira, Nazareth, Fernandes, D’Costa, Saldhana, V. Nazareth, Murzello, D’Silva, Cordeiro, Pinto, Sequeira, Oliver, Godhino families and all deceased members of our family trees

  36. Deceased members of the Mendonza, Pereira, Nazareth, D’Souza, Fernandes, D’Costa, Saldhana, Pinto, Sequeira, Oliver, Nazareth, D’silva, Murzello, Cordeiro, Ticlo and all members of our family trees.

  37. Pray for the repose of the souls of my Mom Lilial Dizon , Virginia Nera , Benjamin Muya and all d souls of the faithful departed

  38. Hello Annie and Paul, Please remember my mum Jenniffer Juma May her soul rest in peace. My grandmom Lucia Atieno, Grandfathers Joseph and John . My Cousin Lydia, and My aunties
    Gorreti, Millicent, and Florence.

  39. Please pray for Peter Kamau, Doricas Cherop, The Ebichondos, The Imbatis
    Thank you for the Novenas and prayers. It keeps us going.

  40. Please Pray for the FF:
    Mr & Mrs Pedro Domingo
    Mr & Mrs Lorenzo Domingo
    Mr. Paquito Domingo
    Mr & Mrs Filemon San Pedro
    Mr & Mrs Ernesto Sanchez
    Mr & Mrs Juanito Domingo
    Mr & Mrs Lorenzo Buenaventura
    Mr. Rutelo Buenaventura
    Mr & Mrs Arturo Cruz
    Mr & Mrs Efren Santos
    Mrs Esther Buenaventura
    Mrs Angelita Buenaventura
    Mr Oscar Buenaventura
    Mr. Gus De Leon
    Mr. Ernie Gudoy

  41. I will like to pray for my siblings
    Larissa and my self Rita
    Not forgetting my nieces and nephews
    Also for my deceased parents and my elder sister
    Not forgetting the one who introduced me to Pray more Novena late madam Henriette

  42. Pray for these souls in purgatory:

    My Dear Father Alfredo M.
    My Grandfather Felix M.
    Carlos Salto
    Felix Patiño
    Obed Arreola
    Manuela Salto
    Anita M.
    Maria A.
    For All the souls that do not have anyone praying for them

  43. Please pray for the souls of my deceased dad,brother Morris Kimathi,my twin sister Doris Gacheri,my Grandfathers,my grandmother,my aunts,cousins and all friends.

    Pray also for the healing of my son,the grace to do my job accurately and responsibly,for financial breakthrough,divine upliftment-promotion,peace love and unity in my family,my husband to get abetter job-to be employed by TSC,God’s care,providance,protection,mercy love and grace to be upon me,my family and my loved ones.AMEN

  44. For the souls of Michael, Christiana , Regina , Christian and all the faithful departed and all the souls in purgatory rest in peace Amen

  45. for the soul my father Vicente Atienza, grandparents on Aquino Family and Atienza, and Estela and virgilio sr. tabboga may departed soul rest in peace.
    Intentions: God and our lady of Fatima give strength and power to guide our children to be more closer to you, prayers for son Zildjian, Craig and Shane to finish school and my eldest daughter Nikki to be mentally healthy and my granddaughter Lauren pls always be with her always and blessed her with good health and study well. Me and husband always shower us with good health and always hear our prayers Amen.

  46. Pray for the repose of souls of
    Vitoria, Francis, Benson & Emeka Egbuonu
    And all the souls of the faithful departed.

  47. Please pray for the conversion of our family members. Holy marriages. Healing of mental illness & addictions. Following God’s will. Greater devotion to living our Catholic faith.

  48. Please pray for Shirley Hundt
    Hansi Hundt
    Christina Hundt
    Margarethe Greta Hundt
    Norbert Hundt
    Colin Hundt
    Karl Hundt
    Beryl Scott
    Edna Scott
    Norma Scott
    Trevor Scott
    Doughie Doughlas
    Eddie Doughlas
    Doreen Clews
    Cecil Clews
    Elsie Bingstrom
    Cecil Bingstrom
    Molly Stewart
    Peggy Follet
    Len Follet
    Dolly Visser
    Ulie and Val Ludwig
    Herbert and Ruth Ludwig
    Tuttie and Fritzie Ludwig
    Hilla Benda
    Peter Benda
    Mathilda Anne Clews
    Ouma Douglas
    And all my deceased relatives that have died.

  49. I pray for the souls of:
    – my mother CHRISTINA Who passed away on 23/09/2010
    – my brother CASSIAN Who passed away on 09/01/2009
    – my brother CHARLES Who passed away on 08/08/1994
    – my grandparents, relatives and friends.

  50. For the repose of the souls of Amalia Hume, Antoine Khoury, Naeem Ayya, Isaac and Mary Tashjian, Noel Casino, Mabel Lombrano, Judy Betlach, Johnny Lyons, Joe Kemna, Jean Marasso, Sally Cherre, Sister Charlotte Struckhoff, Sister Therese Marie, all the faithful departed and souls in Purgatory,

  51. Pray for the repose of the souls of my dad Dr EC Okolo, Mrs Theresa Uzokwelu, Mr and Mrs Uba, Mr Cletus Okolo, Christian Alia, my grandparents and all d souls of the faithful departed

  52. Praying for the souls of
    Mary Mandah
    Fosi Tamufor Raphael
    Veronica Silum
    Ballick Fedelis
    Ngwe Elizabeth
    And all who have die in the Ambazionain crisis of Cameroon
    Also praying for my family members, love ones and friends
    Chimewah Ignatius who is sick
    Catherine Chimewah
    Bertrand Chimewah
    Nora Mangwi
    Jude Thaddeus
    Bertilla Silum
    Giselle L
    Gean Fosi
    Yannick Chou
    May God continue to bless and keep them safe from all hidden dangers.
    May God bless the works of my hands and may it prosper in Jesus might name we pray. Amen

  53. Joseph dick Peggy ciminera Tony ciminera Dorothy gualberti Donna gualberti Ed Quinn Steve Pasquarella Saverio ACCARDO. Baby Johnny Bergman CHARLIE and Margaret dick Anna and Vince foglio uncle Joseph ciminera
    Anna and Frank Sam uti
    All those I have lived and left. Anna pace
    All my aunts and uncles. Friends and relatives
    Mill and Jack calvello Henry Krieger
    My 2 cherubs from my Arionna. Please pray for them and kiss them for me. And for all whom I can’t remember
    I pray for them with love for their release from purgatory to see the face of Jesus and you Mother. Amen. Thanks you

  54. Pray for the following who passed on both recently and earlier:
    Beatrice Kaligirwa Nyamutale
    Ignatius Nyamutale
    Peter Nyamutale
    Veronica Tinkamalirwe
    Charles Mugurusi
    Paul Nyakahuma
    Susan Batanisa
    Hedwige Kiiza
    Michael Kato
    Leo Kaija
    Andrea Kwebiiha
    Yodadabu Bidandi Nsubuga
    Annamalia Mukaaka
    Boniface Ruhweza
    Rose Bigirwa
    All my friends and relatives that have passed on still in purgatory

  55. For my Mother in law Karri Drake, Remijia “Rae” Cacho, Damashata Washington, Lupe Sanchez Escudero, Grandma Pat Sanchez, Grandma Procesa Lopez, Grandpa Jose D. Lopez, Grandpa Peter Gonzales, Fernando Lopez, Chrissy Sanchez, Karen Baumgartner, Jenny Sanchez Martinez.

  56. Georgina Hock
    Delpha & Boyd Nyflot
    Donald Joseph Hock
    Edna & Harold Hock
    George & Pauline Law
    Garry & Carol Flaherty
    Donna & Ronald Gottschalk
    Patricia & Duane Pohl

  57. Tony and Antoinette Gonzales, Enrique and Margarita Delgado, Tony Spence, Jan Pence, Alice Larsen, Malinda, AND all the souls who have no one praying for them!

  58. I would like you to remember:
    Gilbert Machona
    Ellen Murakwani
    Anisto Machona
    Tawanda Machona
    Regina Machona
    Tendai Machona
    Henrietta Mugeji
    Johannes Alarcia

  59. Please pray for
    Maggie Dhlamini
    Andrew Dhlamini
    Sipho Masango
    Happy Shangase
    Za Hlophe
    Maria Mbanjwa
    Mfaniso Mbanjwa
    Elizabeth Hlongwa
    Makho Mbanjwa
    Trevor McKenzie
    Teddy Maphumulo
    Zoleka Dlamini
    Pinkie Mzolo
    Parker Lepera
    Dolly Lepera
    Tryphosa lepera
    Joyce lephera
    Josephine Khunou
    Nomonde Lubelwana
    Chris Mashiane
    Vinny Mashiane
    Puleng Motshumi
    All forgotten souls in purgatory
    All departed priests and bishops

  60. Praying for all my children to have a close relationship with Jesus
    Praying for all my deceased family members and love ones.
    Praying for healing of Floyd, Pat, Dena, Jackie, Tom, Gary.

  61. Please pray for the souls of
    Jose M. Ilagan
    Ma. Celina Ilagan
    Arsenia Ilagan
    Alfredo Javellana
    Purita Javellana
    Freddy Javellana
    Albert Javellana
    Judith Cansino
    Shiramil Go

  62. fOR ALL MY ANCESTORS, Paternal and maternal ancestors for me and my ex-husband also that they also will be set free from their sins and those passed down to me and my family. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

  63. Eleazer Guillen
    Jose Guillen
    Valeriano Guillen
    Gilbert Guillen III
    Juana Guillen
    Luis Guillen
    Jesus Guillen
    Esther Silva
    Ramona Rodriguez Gonzalez
    Ismael Gonzalez
    Manual Flores
    Richard Suarez
    Donna Guillen
    Fred Estrella
    David Estudillo
    Ignacia Estudillo
    Juan Estudillo
    Rodolfo Vargas Sr
    Eustoliia Vargas
    Renee Vargas
    Angelo Hernandez
    Joseph Olivo
    Josephine Olivo
    Martha Cordova
    Robert Cordova
    Enedina Guillen
    Ignacio Guadalupe Guillen

  64. Paul Solis Jr (husband). Porfirio & Consuelo Morales, Tere Morales, and Solis and Morales deceased family members.

  65. Adrian S
    Bill & Pat K
    John & Cecelia S
    Peter & Margaret S
    Norbert & Marion S
    Harold & Rose Ann S
    Delores & Gene A
    Rudy H
    Bohumil S

  66. Deacon Paul Rooney
    All Deceased Deacons and wives/ our family members.
    Healing of families


  67. Please pray for the souls of Lourdes Ramos, Danie Andre, Maria Arzadon, Juan Arzadon, Esther Arzadon, and Boy Arzadon.

  68. Niceas and Teresita Barcinas
    Kathleen Naff
    Daniel Naff
    Alfonso Barcinas
    Nick Haughey
    Paul Kuzia
    Benedicta Barcinas
    Gaspar Barcinas
    Nick Mastromarino
    Robert Ferarrini

  69. Please pray for our priest
    Pray for all the Catholics who don’t follow our faith

    Pray for Ryan complete recovery
    Pray Veronica

    Pray our youth
    Pray for families to bring children up in the faith
    Pray for our teenagers
    Pray for the souls of priest, nuns, bishop ect

    Pray for all the departed Boccasini and Villani family

  70. >Please pray for the beloved souls
    Yolanda Velasquez
    Margarita Mendez
    Rene Gomez
    >Our deceased forgotten ancestors:
    Argentina Mendez
    Irma Mendez
    Agustin Gomez
    Norma Mendez
    >All miscarriage/aborted babies
    > All the deceased and forgotten souls in purgatory