A Gift for You, and A Prayer to All Saints & for All Souls (2021)

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As we celebrate All Saints Day and pray for the faithful departed, the two of us wanted to do something special for you and your family. If you’ve been praying with us for a few years, you know that we like to do this every year :)

This is our gift for you: 

We are having a Mass offered for you on November 1st at 5 pm at St. John’s Catholic Chapel in Champaign, IL. This Mass will be offered for you & your intentions.

Then, we are having another Mass offered for your deceased loved ones on November 2nd, All Souls Day, at 12:05 pm in the same chapel.

And lastly, we are having a Mass offered for all the deceased members of Pray More Novenas — those who have prayed with us at any point in the past and have since passed away. This Mass will be on November 3rd at 12:05 pm, again in the same chapel.

If you would like to share the names of those you are praying for, you can post them below.

We’re praying for you, your loved ones and your intentions.

Frequently asked question:
“What does it mean to have a Mass “offered” for someone?”

Now please join us in praying these two prayers to celebrate All Saints Day and to remember all the poor souls in purgatory.

Prayer for All Saints Day
Dear God, thank you for the example of the Saints.
I desire to join in their company, worshiping you forever in Heaven.
Please help me follow their footsteps, and yours, Jesus Christ.
Please help me to conform myself to Your image, seeking Your will in all things, as the Saints did.
Please help me to devote myself, and all that I do, to Your glory, and to the service of my neighbors.

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Optional: The Litany of the Saints

Prayer for All Souls Day — the Prayer of St. Gertrude
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.

If Pray More Novenas is a blessing to you, you can make a small donation to support our efforts here: https://www.praymorenovenas.com/support

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  1. Mathilde collie , Philip collie, Roland collie , sally collie Joyce collie , Leroy collie , Johnny collie , Clemence Amar , Johnny little , Harriet little, Marlene little , Norma little Louis little , Darryl Little, Theresa Little , Francis Little , Herman Patin , Mildred Jablan , Milan Jablan, Janice Domingue

  2. Please Pray for the souls of;
    1. Ida Misasi
    2. Giovanni Misasi
    3. Luisa Misasi
    4. Antonio Misasi
    5. Antonio Di Paolo
    6. Gilda Di Paolo
    7. Domenico Di Paolo
    8. Anna Marincola
    9. Aldo Marincola
    10. Guiseppe Misasi
    11. Nicola Di Paolo

  3. Please Pray for the souls of;
    1. Ida Misasi
    2. Giovanni Misasi
    3. Luisa Misasi
    4. Antonio Misasi
    5. Antonio Di Paolo
    6. Gilda Di Paolo
    7. Domenico Di Paolo
    8. Anna Marincola
    9. Aldo Marincola
    10. Guiseppe Misasi
    11. Nicola Di Paolo

  4. I am praying for my Mum Dad ,Uncles and my Aunties ,Brothers and sisters and My Grand parents May their souls Rest In Peace 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  5. Please Pray for the souls of yvonne and louie. Carey. Talethia. Antonia. Antiona Maria. All souls who have passed from covid, a horrible death, cancer, heart disease, mental illness. And any and all sinner in my family and myself. Thank you.

  6. Please pray for our marriage of 28 years. We are very unhappy and are going down different paths.

  7. Please pray for the souls of: Simeon okwara, Louisa okwara, sis. Ifunanya okwara, Agatha okwara,ikechukwu okwara, Margaret ezurike, John ezurike, Fred ezurike, Justin ezurike, Benjamin ezurike, Edmund ezurike,adamma ezurike,surrurnadi ezurike, Anna ezurike,ifeyinwa ezurike,A.K.O. Ademoyiwa, olatoye, all those that died from COVID-19. Eternal rest grant them O LORD,and let perpetual light shine upon them.

  8. Please include Dave, Mike, Josh in my intentions for good health & life, protection from evil, and prosperous, abundance in all things good. Good family relationships with each other.
    May the souls of our departed be welcomed into God’s kingdom

  9. Edward Spencer Paxton
    Mary Lou Paxton
    William George Paxton
    Ann Casino Paxton
    Glenn Paxton
    Keith James Paxton
    Genevieve Fox Paxton
    Margaret Paxton Brinkman
    Herman Brinkman
    Thomas Boswell
    Jay R. Corbett
    Kathryn Stevens Garretson
    George Marsden Stevens
    George Marsden Stevens, Jr.
    George Marsden Stevens III
    Blanche Stevens
    Edward Samuel Paxton
    Mabel Hart Paxton
    James Parrott Paxton
    Thompson Paxton
    Jeanne Perren Stewart
    Thomas Stewart, Sr.
    Francis Stewart
    Dr. Joseph A. Rawlins
    Alice Stevens Rawlins
    James E. Clinton
    Rev. David Donovan
    Rev. Dr. Frank L. Eversull
    Mildred Eversull
    Eugene A. Van Duyne
    Helen F. Van Duyne
    Maryangela Toombs
    Roy (James) Toombs
    Joseph Davis
    Steven Keck
    Robert C. O’Neal
    Robert B. O’Neal
    Tim O’Shaughnessy
    Shelle Kay Bowen
    Melvin R. Tiemann
    Aurelia M. “Kitty” Rueck
    Gertrude Chenowith
    Charles Chenowith
    Robert Riessen
    Helen Gianakouris
    Owen D. Heiberg
    Robert E. Bryan
    Rothwell C. Stevens
    Sharvey G. Umbeck
    Clare Riessen
    Gerald Perkoff
    David C. Dahlin
    Harold Corbin
    Florence Corbin
    Herbert Priestley
    George Ward
    Ralph D. Feigin
    John C. Herweg
    J. Russell Little
    Paul E. Lacy
    Jay B. Barrier II
    Roy R. Peterson
    Allen P. Klippel
    Theodore B. Schwartz
    Colin R. Macpherson
    Romuldo Magsalin
    Hector Fernandez
    Stanley E. Pollman
    Devin S. Emery
    Robert Tinker
    Daniel T. Ryan
    Ward N. Madison
    Frank N. Kik
    William M. Landau
    Paul Hurtubise
    Edward A. Gall
    James Douglas Gay
    George M. Farrow
    Louis H. Weiland
    Bernd W. Scheithauer
    William H. Danforth
    Tibor J. Greenwalt
    Hosoon P. Dincsoy
    Charles S. Hirsch
    Terrence A. Wesseler
    Mari Duncombe Koch
    Edward Soule
    Corey J. Donnelly
    A. James McAdams
    Simon Hakim
    Bradley E. Copeland

  10. Carrie Haas
    Neil Haas
    Jean Jacobs Kennish
    Clarence Kennish
    Evelyn Jacobs
    Ethel Lube
    Florence Haas
    Edward Haas
    Father Lenny Zamborsky

  11. Lloyd J Abadie, Sr my dad,
    Judy Cavataio my mother-in-law,
    Alma and Eugene Angell my grandparents,
    Charles and Elsie Abadie my grandparents, Helen And Jacob Pabst my Godparents

  12. Please pray for the souls of
    1. Anna Ng Moi Far
    2. Augustine Ng Sing Ling
    3. Mr n Mrs Lee Ah Koenig
    4. Mr n Mrs Leong
    5. All miscarriage n aborted babies
    6. Deceased ancestors n members of the Ng, Lee, Leong,
    Wee, Chin, Wong, Ting families.
    7. Deceased Popes, Bishops, Priests n Religious.
    8. All the deceased n forgotten souls in purgatory.

  13. Praying for the souls of:
    Don and Betty Knight
    Sara and Glenn Moss
    Elmer and BJ Kirk
    Rick and Rita Royer
    Gussie Kiser
    Richard and Ann Phillips
    Michael Knight
    Jonathan Smith
    Herman and Mae Knight
    Henry and Dot Gibson
    Edie Johnson
    Jerry and Evelyn Wilson
    McDuff Moss

  14. Rex Lester
    Elizabeth Lester
    Gerald Lester
    Mary Lester
    Paul Lester
    Carolyn Williams
    Steve Davis
    Anthony Denniston
    Ron Bergdorf
    Lola Denniston
    Earl Denniston
    Naomi Bergdorf
    Clint Joyce
    Gary Pettinger
    Mike McClafferty
    Fr. Dominic
    Irene Elizabeth Woolery,
    Clyde Leon Woolery,
    Mary Dorothea Woolery,
    Robert Vincent Woolery,
    Margaret Elizabeth Woolery,
    Elizabeth Marie Woolery,
    Raymond Joseph Woolery,
    Richard Patrick Woolery
    Donna Mae Woolery
    Francis Arlen Woolery
    Ethel Irene Vogel
    Lyle Glen Lester


  15. 1. Grand Ma Felister
    2. Grand Ma Nzera
    3. Grand Pa Joseph
    4. Grand Pa Bikanshanga
    5. Aunts Teressa,Fulgensia,Immaculate(cousin),Robert, Geraldine, John, Banabas, Maudia, Sofia, Didas, John,Evaristo and all relatives and feiends.

  16. For the souls of my parents & relatives

    Jose Tan & Amparo Tan
    Eugenio Tan
    Lorenz Tan
    William Gonzales
    Coring Gonzales
    Ben Ngo
    Letty Que
    Andy Afable
    Jello Leander
    Emilio Etcubanez
    Enrico Tan

    Parents in law
    Vinzenz & Helmtrud Lutz

  17. Please keep my husband, Tim, in your prayers. He’s in the hospital since he went for a lung biopsy last Thursday. He has developed afib, and so is on prednisone and Xarelto. And they can’t seem to get his need for Oxygen reduced so he can come home (it’s currently 6L/hr, the top limit of most regular at-home oxygen supplies.) I KNOW prayers are answered, just that we don’t always recognize or like the answer. And I also know that God is great, kind and merciful. Thank you!

  18. for the souls of randy knight & brenda manda bordelon that they may rest in eternal peace w/our lord & savior & their families may find comfort knowing they are forever watching over them & their families –

  19. Phebean Thomas- Ebegbu, Michael Ebegbu, Michaela Ebegbu, Dinah Decker, Akin Thomas Senior, Akin Thomas Junior,Victor Thomas,
    Sophy Ebegbu, Gaberiel Ebegbu, Cee Cee Cranshaw, Femi Anthony- Williams, Ebegbu Desendents, Thomas Descendents, Johnson Descendents, Cranshaw Descendents, Mummy Chiadikobi, Aunty Babs, Uncle Pete. Those who died from Covid 19
    Eternal Rest grant unto to them, O lord and let perpetual light shine on them . May they rest in Peace Amen.

    My intentions for my health and to be in strong in faith.
    Pray for me and my niece too much conflict. Amen

  20. Thank you JP and Annie!
    Richard Benjamin, deceased
    Martin & Resie Donner, deceased
    Helmut, Kristin & Elisabeth Donner
    Lucille and Michael Benjamin

  21. Please pray for the souls of George & Maxine; George & Elsie; Clarence & Martha; Morris & Pauline; Uncle Joseph; Nancy Arritt; Nancy & Ray; Reno & Mary; All Nitz-Mosko family members; and all Finley-Blankenship family. Thank you.

  22. Nap:
    For the souls of:
    Michael Press
    Sandra Busha
    Manuel Rivas
    Enriquez’s Lopez
    and all beloved family members and friends

    Thank you and God bless you!!

  23. Pray for these people:

    Harry Colman
    The John Ketzner Family
    Bernard Seidl
    Arden Telford

    Thank you,

    Mary Rose

  24. Lord I ask for healing in my Family Tree

    all of the

    ThankYou LORD, heal my entire family of any
    self sabotage, amen

  25. Giovanni Virgona Nicola Feleppa. Feleppa Markezic Virgona Taranto Russo Families so grateful for your gift for our loved ones who have gone before us. Love and blessings Maria

  26. For the souls of my family and friends, and those who have no one to pray for them. Petruccelli and LaCoss families. Cannone, Bartone and LaQualia families. Travostino family.

  27. Ezinne Cecilia Manafa
    Engr Marcel Manafa
    Emma Manafa
    Dr Joe Ifeadi
    Vivian Manafa
    Cecilia Okwunumalu Nwume
    Dominic Nwume snr
    Dominic Nwume jnr
    Fr. John Ogbo
    Fr. Asuzu
    Fr. Okoh
    Dr. Justus Nwaka
    Appo Igwebuike
    Mike Makasi
    Ike Manafa
    Franca Ajakor

  28. Richard Rose
    Kevin Rose
    Keith Bastedo
    George Gross
    Sally Gross
    Gary Gross
    William & Ruth Gross
    Everett Dahne
    Mildred Greene
    Ana Marie Armstrong
    Marie Morris
    Paula Hayworth
    Sandy Dahne

  29. For my daughter who is 16, Mia is struggling with abdominal pain since August! Doctors are slow in their response lack of empathy and these doctors, her primary, gyn, along with hematology are NOT communicating. All while my daughter still suffers in pain every day! she is a trooper while missing alot of school, she goes to school, but then needs a day off because of the pain. She is anxious and depressed. I pray to the the greatest of all physicians every day God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your prayers! GOD has a plan wish I understood it! But I have hope he will reveal it to us soon. With a Greatful heart Shannon.

  30. Please pray for Heather Mac Dougall Maines, Stephan Andrew Mac Dougall and Harvey Dryden. All three died this year. Also please pray for their families and the deceased members of their families. Please pray for Suzanne Cuttle & deceased members of her family and Larry Cheslock Whose Anniversary is today. Thank You and God Bless You

  31. Ray Dumont
    Claire Golembewski
    George Dumont
    Robert Dumont
    Fred Golembewski
    Jerry Remy
    Art Carellis
    Anyone else who really needs prayers
    Dione Dubree

  32. For my late wife Margaret canty my daughter in law Lorraine Canty cousins Rachel Naughton my Parents John and Mary Canty all the naughton and Canty family’s clancy family’s dillon family’s Richard o connell
    Frank nash James Mccabe Martin Veesey
    Terry Ann Foley Louise Fitzsimmons Brosnan family’s Herbert family’s Blackwell family’s
    Niel Foley John and James Keeley
    Thank you so much John Paul and Ann god bless you

  33. Juan &Damacia Sanchez, Richard Sanchez , Sarah Sanchez, Keith Stone, Linda , Henry, Joe and Michael Sanchez, my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends and baby boy grandson

  34. Please Pray for the Souls of Mela, Paul, Joaquin, and James Marrujo.
    Charles and Mena
    Henry, Flossy, Henry Brito
    Alba, and Carmen C’de Baca
    Jose, Rita, Eustaquio, Evaristo, and Jerry Tenorio

  35. Skylar
    Linda Wambaugh
    Bill, Diane, Ginny, Harry, Helen, Jim, Marie, Stell, Bud, Anne, Danny, Lillian, Gene, Peter.

  36. For my Daughter Lisa Marie Caballero and all of my Family members in Heaven.

    Also for my Family , that they may have Good Health & Happiness.

    Thank you,

  37. Pray for the repose of the souls of:
    Madu Ukwungwu
    Eze Ukwungwu
    Comfort Ukwungwu
    Ovute Ukwungwu
    Amujiri Ukwungwu
    Ugwuja Ukwungwu
    Ngozi Ukwungwu
    Kenechi Ukwungwu
    Sunday Ukwungwu
    Amaechi Ukwungwu
    Joseph Ugwoke
    Uche Eze
    Anthonia Ukwungwu
    Theresa Ugwu
    Ogbungwa Ogiri
    Okegwo Oburegu

    Eternal rest grant them O Lord, and may your perpetual light shine on them. May their souls rest in peace, amen.

  38. Simon B Sookanyane
    Tryphinah M Sookanyane
    Tumisang S Sookanyane
    William Makhubu
    Evelyn M Sekgothe
    Amelia B Sekgothe
    Nthabiseng Sekothe
    Samuel Sookanyane
    Boikie Matlhabadie
    Robert T Dingiswayo
    Eric L Senamolele
    Gladys C senamolele

  39. Jim and Jan Drummy and family, for all our relatives and friends in Purgatory, for the conversion of the American people and sinners everywhere, for all priests, especially the Pope, for all pro abort politicians, for the end of abortion, for a holy death, for perseverance, for the many problems in our family, for: Regina and Michael, Maggie, Russell, Miriam, Gabriel, Kerry, Raymond, Chris, Sarah, Nate, David, Brian, Marcy, Wyatt, and Lily, Craig, Diane, Tracy, Carter, Connor, Diane, Mike, Rosie, Katie, Bob, Margie, Dale, Kathy, Neil, Shannon, Megan, Summer, Dorie, Dick, Peg, Kathy,

  40. I am praying for the souls of Dave Loudenback, Tom Hendrix, Generose Mahoney, Claude Bower and Stephanie Morse and for all their loved ones to help guide them to have peace, joy and hope.

  41. For the peaceful repose of the souls of my beloved sister and cousin, Grace and Hazeal ; my Aunty Benedette, my grand parents and every member of my family as well as my colleagues at work. May God grant their souls eternal rest 🙏

  42. Benedict, Joseph, Franco, Grace, Girly, Andrew, John, James, Pauline, Terry, Mervin, Gemma, Melly, Robert, Hazel, Eric, Phillis, Gregory, Maxy, Winnie, Irene, Anne, Francis, Julie, Lynus, Dennis, Luxy, Doris, Charles, Lloyd, Hartley, Elizabeth, Mathew, Catherine, Dan, Berty, Sunny, Maisie, Alice, Flory, Grace, Thelma, Gasper, Jennifer

  43. Please pray for the following family members who have passed away.
    Acosta Family
    Leonardo Jr &Sr

    Chuc Family
    May they rest in peace.

  44. Please include in all your prayers the souls of my departed family members, Casto & Consuelo Magsaysay, Ray, Ric and Wilma Magsaysay. May their souls rest in eternal peace in the loving bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  45. I would like to offer this prayer for all Souls in purgatory and for all the novena of others suffering from various troubles/issues.

  46. For my wonderful husband Chris Eatwell,whom I miss every moment,
    and my dearest mother Edith Ferrans who didn;t deserve the treatment
    she got from my father.

  47. Rose Mary Philomina Benedict
    Anthonipillai Bastiampillai Benedict
    Nathaniel Ramanaden
    S. Balarajah
    Ivon Almeida
    Rev. Fr. Patrick Kerrisk

  48. Praying for those who have passed: Kate, Clem & Lou Weber, Charlie & Addie Weber, Bill & Carol Walsh. Mel & Adeline Brenton, Wm & Margaret Walsh, Ed & Mary Karczewski, Lorraine Weber.

  49. For the souls of
    Father Mario
    Mamerto Sr.
    and all souls in Purgatory

  50. Praying for my late parents
    Teresa Chanje and Ray Chanje

    Abel Chanje
    Maggie Chanje
    Thoko Moyo
    Ponsiano Banda
    Herman Shultz

    Thank you

  51. Pray for my father bobby reilly, brothers christopher and barry, neighbours martha mc cann, marie morgan, marie boyd, louise mc illlwain, nora and tommy Smith, brendan and maureen mcloughan, francis doran liam flynn, Tony cambel, ben mc clusky, joe brady, partrick mc erlean, linda and desy, mcerlean, anorther patrick mc erlain, aunt rosemary, uncle tony duffy, chris charliton, mousey shannon, fra mc cleave, mickey smith, patrick and annmarie mc grath, liz mc cabe, aiden perry, mrs dineen mrs clarke collete brown, mrs eeles, louise barley, mariead stewert, wee maureen, granny and granda reilly and duffy, mr o neil, kathleen o kane jim magilton, gary morris, mr morris, the sargent family, mc mc cann, mrs barr, mr and mrs boyle, mr and mrs rush, mr and mrs mc croyery, patricia carvelle, mr dudley, roisin o neil, eimer mateer, beca slavin, and all souls who have noone left on earth to pray for them, george michel whitney houston and daughter, micheal jackson.

  52. Louis and Helen Lindenmayer
    Lena and Gennaro Chicchi
    Carole Mustard
    Gerry Chicchi
    Frank Chicchi
    Mary Yardley
    Tom Yardley
    Chicchi Grandparents
    Lindenmayer Grandparents
    Chicchi Aunts and Uncles
    Lindenmayer Aunts and Uncles

  53. Farisha O’garo
    Nazarite Ogaro
    Daniel ogaro
    Imnet ogaro
    Tsahai Stdney
    Tafari Ogaro
    Shemeil Ogaro
    Matthias Ogaro
    Zephra Ogaro
    Amora Ogaro
    Aleyha Thomas
    Chris Alexander
    And others

  54. Simeon shimsenge, Agnes Shimsenge, Timothy Shimsenge, John Shimsenge, Grace Shimsenge, Kenneth Akinmosin, uncle Joe, little John, Fr Godwin,Fr Woods, Fr Dominic, Bishop Sure, Bishop Murray, Thomas Gondo, 73 Guma killing, COVID-19 deaths

  55. Praying for the repose of the soul of my dear father, Ezinna Monsiéur Bede Chukwudi Keke and all the souls of the faithfully departed members of my extended families and my in-laws, colleagues and friends. May their souls and the souls of all faithfully departed rest in peace in the bosom of God Almighty. Amen.

  56. Deceased members of the dsouza family
    Deceased members of the Martin family
    Deceased members of the sacrafamilia family
    Philip sacrafamilia, Wilfred sacrafamilia
    Marita, Orlando and Louise dsouza
    Margaret and William Crasto
    Phyllis dsouza
    Casmir Carvalho

  57. Please pray for my deceased.
    Enrique, Dora, Ricardo, Manuel, Miguel Domingo and Celia Fernandez. Alberto Cisneros. Gonzalo, Ma. Del Refugio, Adalberto, Gonzalo De La Garza and Flora Patiño.
    All the Arellano and Espinosa Family.
    All the De La Cruz and Lara Family.

  58. Please pray for:
    Frank Mull
    Oralia Rosales
    Juan Rosales
    Mauricio Rosales
    Biatriz Rosales
    Santana Rosales
    Hilario Rosales
    Celestine Vedia
    Cipiano Vedia
    Guadalupe Gonzalez
    Jose Vedia
    Hortencia Buruato
    Librado Buruato
    Felipe Garcia
    Guadalupe Vedia
    Eleodoro Rodriguez
    Juan Vedia
    Margarito Vedia
    Victoria Vedia

  59. Please pray for the repose of the souls of my Dad, Mum and all those who died in my families plus relatives and friends. May they rest in peace.

  60. Prayers for my husband who has covid and everyone else who is dealing with covid. Prayers for their healing.

  61. Praying for, my late father Hon. SS Saakon, late Hon Donald Iorzer, late sister erdoo tyav, late brother francis Saakon, Denen Saakon, uyila Saakon, vaatyough Saakon, peter Saakon, terwanger tyav, Aondoosoo Saakon etc.

  62. Daniel Ayoung
    Mary Ayoung
    Wolston Ayoung (snr)
    Ursula Geofroy
    Bernard Leacock
    Rogelio Leacock
    Trevor Leacock
    Basdeo Nandee
    Kenneth LaBorde
    Malcolm & Rita Ayoung
    Clyde & Leo Ayoung
    Stephen (Gwenwyn) Ayoung
    Omah & Rosalind Ayoung
    Eugenia Haynes-Clarke
    Dorothy Haynes Clarke
    Lynn & Clara
    Margaret Ayoung
    Gloria DesVignes
    Joyce & Neville Aming
    Grayson Aming
    Paul & Dolores Wong

    Lyall Lyster
    Don Lyster
    Marion Lyster

    Ike Warren
    Elsie Frontain
    Lewis Frontain
    Kristy Laycraft
    Chris Copland
    Therese Hughes
    Ailbe O’Connor
    Rosario Farrell
    Jeannine Fraser
    Tara Berg
    Christy McCabe
    Cherie Bosma
    Lynda Dianne DeSousa
    Pat Plettell
    Chenise Plettell
    Jim Bauer

  63. My friend Becky died a few days ago from cancer all over inside. She and her husband found out only one week before she passed away. It was very sudden and shocking. She was happily married for many years and has two beautiful girls. Please pray for their peace and healing in their hearts. Becky was a kind, fun and had a big heart.

  64. Thank you lord for today
    I pray for eternal rest on this souls
    Agba festus Akwagiobe
    Agba ashidointiang
    Agba ugeh
    Margaret ashibel
    Lord grant them eternal peace

    Lord I ask fory results that u help me.come in flying colours amen

  65. Souls of Melissa,Pat,Jim,Anne,Nick,Gabriel,Mary,Fred,Lorene,Aunts and uncles,Jaun, and all souls that have no one to pray for them!

  66. Benito Di Muro
    Anna & Joseph Riegert
    Anne Davidson
    Virginia Cosenzo
    Marie & Al Di Muro
    Peter Riegert
    Joseph Riegert
    Pat Tonra
    John Tonra
    Maureen Losquardo

  67. Please pray for my family:
    Jackson Nongxaza
    Eunice Nongxaza
    Gift Simon
    Trevor Williams
    Cecil Williams
    Izak Williams
    Elizabeth Kustaa
    Annie Nongxaza
    Morena Ntlai
    Betty Msoli
    Fly Msoli
    Nannie Msoli
    Nomonde Williams
    Mzwandile Williams

  68. Alexander,Nicholas,Alice and Daniel Ntlai, Sylvester,Ignytia,Veronica, Vincent,Cecilia, Michae and Magdalena Sekatle
    All Sekatles who have passed bon